Bulls vs Pacers 7pm on WCIU/NBATV

Go back two months and this game was circled as an easy win on the calendar, just another game in the stretch of weaker games on the schedule that the Bulls should romp through.

Today?   It's a game vs our closest division rival, and a team that's gone on to exceed expectations.   The Pacers may be put into a tough situation though as Danny Granger is questionable with an ankle sprain from Saturday's game.

If Granger can't go the game goes from one the Bulls should be favored but might have a tough fight on their hands for, to a game where the Bulls should smack them around like the Timberwolves.


Keys to the game

Defend the three point line

If the Bulls have one weakness that has plagued their defense it's finishing off the later part of their rotations and defending the three point line.  The Pacers shoot an utter crapload of threes, and the only way the Bulls lose this game is if the Pacers get hot from beyond the arc.

Make a defensive adjustment to honor the three point shoot, and play a step closer to the three point line than the paint against this squad.   Take your chances with Darren Collison driving on the Bulls or Roy Hibbert in the post and don't let them crush you from the outside.

Pound them on the glass

The Pacers are a terrible offensive rebounding team and an average defensive rebounding team as Roy Hibbert can box out on the defensive end but is too slow to position for offensive boards.   They have no other particularly good rebounders on the team.

Force the issue against them by attacking the glass hard on both ends.   The Bulls should get tons of second chance opportunities and limit the Pacers second chances shots fairly easily.   The extra work on the glass should mitigate any damage the Pacers can do from the three point line as well as give the Bulls efficient offense and demoralize their opponent.

Time for Boozer to shine

Who defends Boozer in the post on this team?   No one.    Boozer is going up against Josh McRoberts, Solomon Jones, and Tyler Hansbrough.   He should crush these guys.  

Derrick Rose needs to draw some fouls on Roy Hibbert

The Bulls can easily extend their interior advantage by drawing fouls on Roy Hibbert which shouldn't be all that difficult given the speed at which he plays.   Once Hibbert is out of the game, the Pacers become exceptionally small and the Bulls advantage in the paint becomes even more pronounced.

Final thoughts

This Bulls team shows few signs of complacency, it's a home game, and the Pacers may be without their best player.   The Bulls should win this one regardless of whether Granger plays or not, they just need to press their advantages in the paint and the law of averages will work for them (ie, three feet from the hoop is better than shooting 23 feet from the hoop).


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  • You know the schedule is soft when one of the tougher games is at home to a team that based on a "hot" start to the season has managed to post a .500 record.

    I'll be interested in how Hibbert goes against Noah since that's a real size vs athleticism match up. Noah's struggled to finish a bit lately (possibly his thumb bothering him?) but if there's anyone he should be able to run around it's a guy like Hibbert.

    Boozer no doubt can steam roll the guys he'll be up against but I hope we'll see more of him passing out for threes like we've started to see the last couple of games. If this team can establish a reputation for being able to hit threes during this stretch against weaker opponents it'll help hugely when the tougher competition rolls around. Who do you leave to double Boozer if Rose/Korver/Deng are out there and shooting 40%+? Another month of that kind of shooting and teams are going to have to respect all of them, not just Korver like they do now.

  • Good analysis Doug!
    We are on a roll let's keep churning out these wins! GO BULLS!!!
    Start Brewer Thib!

  • The Pacers are 2nd in the league in 3pt attempts and 1st in made 3's. They shoot 30% of their shots from beyond the arc. 51% of Dunleavy's shots are 3's and Posey shoots 3's 80% of the time. It looks like guarding the 3pt line is a good strategy.

  • In reply to guypithecus:

    They should. They seem to have trouble defending the 3point line as shown by the losses to the Knicks and Magic, and the surprisingly close game against the Cavs.

  • In reply to guypithecus:

    ESPN never talks about chicago though lol

    But anyways, like many of you said, Mayo has the talent, i think he averaged 18ppg last season. To me he was one of those guys that got everything during High school an college but then a lot of players started getting better then him. So now if he got traded into a better position....he could kind of change his act a little bit an try to proove some people wrong.

  • I am curious on what's wrong with the Bulls 3-pt defense based on Thib's defensive philosophy. Most of the players on the wing(Deng, Brewer, Rose, Bogans,Taj) have decent size and athleticism for their position. It is one thing to get beat because of a lack of strength like Bosh(slow death) but it can get bad real fast when you get beat on the 3-pt line especially when you are not a good 3-pt shooting team to counter.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Seems to be a matter of rotational defending being just a bit too slow. You teach a defensive philosophy by addressing issues one at a time. Thibs seems to have stressed interior defending early on, he probably wanted to build a solid base for the D, and will progress towards a complete product as the season goes on. Makes sense, it's more important to stop the easy layups than the long range shot, of course the goal is to defend both well in the end.


    Deng vs. Granger and Noah vs. Hibbert...Those guys are fighting for All-Star bids.

    How they do in their head-to-head match-ups could decide who gets the nod.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    So a single game matchup in December is going to sway millions of voters in the entirety of a NBA season.

    FACT! Your posts on this BLOG are like day old diarrhea.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    +2 troy...an if we wait until the deadline (i think)the players we just signed can be traded too....watson,korver,brewer,thomas. So we can make a decent package for them. I LOVE what taj has done, he has make big strides in his game, so he will be missed, Luol will be replaced by Melo so thats no problem, a couple draft picks that will be mid to high 20's isnt a big deal either. Charlottes draft pick is a good 1 but who knows when will use it. Get Melo in here with a core of Noah,Booz,Rose an Melo and year in an year out you have A SHOT TO WIN THE TITLE. PLUS year after year we see free agents sign for less just to play with title contenders....we will be able to find decent players to fill out the bench. You have to do it...or you just sit there and help create a monster in New York.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    "head-to-head match-ups"

    I think I'm getting your CLUE.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Injury update:

    Granger can't go.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Nice to see the Bulls start hot, Rose & Deng dropping threes and the Pacers barely getting a shot off.

  • Let's keep the streak alive!

    Also I found this interesting on ESPN.com: "Tom Thibodeau is just the second coach in Bulls history -- joining Phil Jackson -- to post a winning record in his first 20 games in charge. Jackson went 13-7 to start the 1989-90 season; Thibodeau is 12-8 entering Friday's home date with Jackson's Lakers. Doug Collins (1986-87) and Rod Thorn (1975-76) got off to 10-10 starts."

    Is Thibs the next Bulls coach of the decade?

  • Let's keep the streak alive!

    I know this may be a little old, but I found this interesting on ESPN.com: "Tom Thibodeau is just the second coach in Bulls history -- joining Phil Jackson -- to post a winning record in his first 20 games in charge. Jackson went 13-7 to start the 1989-90 season; Thibodeau is 12-8 entering Friday's home date with Jackson's Lakers. Doug Collins (1986-87) and Rod Thorn (1975-76) got off to 10-10 starts."

    Is Thibs the next Bulls coach of the decade?

  • Come on Bullies....this is a game we should win. Keep the streak alive and GO AFTER MELO!!!!! We dont need to worry about the Knicks,Boston,Orlando, AND Maimi for the next 5 years...we wont sniff a championship. Get Melo in here an go from there. Chemistry might be a problem at first, but we have enough Winners to work it out. Plus THibs is great with star players....he wont settle with no nonsense players. If Melo doesnt work, trade him for another stud. GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Uh-oh...My Happy has a psuedonym. Do you want to trade James Johnson for Nick Young too?

    Melo to the Bulls is over. If it was even really starting in the first place is up for debate. Move on. Bulls are 4th in ESPN power rankings. Be excited about who they are, not what they could be after some highly unlikely trade.

    We have no idea what this team is capable of. They are off to a great start despite missing their second best player for extended time, having a brand new coach/system in place, and facing the toughest schedule of any contending team. Isn't anyone at all interested to see what this current group can do over a full season???

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    "Oh dont be CLUELESS and COMPLACENT" Thats what Happy and his associates will call you for being realistic and positive about the Chicago Bulls.

    Absolutely agree, this team has only begun to scratch the surface.

    Some people need to face reality and be positive. All signs point to this team being on the rise, all signs point to improvement.

  • In reply to DanFrystak:

    That's the most overlooked thing for us.. people just know that we.play against teams like every other team .. but were not playing just avg. Teams like Miami,Boston,l.a and etc.. and now people are saying miami is better how? There not.. that's just people sucking miami's d!ck.. because they beat 1-2 good teams? Really.. Miami is way overhype now.. they will never be out of the top 8 in power rankings.. people are always making excuses for them.. but in reality.. bosh is just a shooter.. wade is bound to get injured at some point in this contract and being 28 already doesn't help.. lebron is our only concern.. and with this team and their interior? No way Miami is better.. in all honestly.. this is a 2-3 ring team without injuries.. but they will have some.. Chicago is just time and two role playing spots away from being unquestioned "title" contenders.. not just top 3 in the east..

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Great point again Csharp! Look at all the role players the Celtics and Lakers...also Miami to a lesser extent have added around the super stars who want to win a championship before they retire!
    We could be a team like that too with Melo and would be able to add quality, although old talent to complete the team top to bottom!
    I wish we had Shaq here this season and Matt Barnes, but they both went to established teams like the Celtics and Lakers that are built to win now!

  • In reply to smiley:

    Shaq and Matt Barnes both went to established teams, but neither were courted by the Bulls in any way shape or form(according to what was documented), so you really can't say they wouldn't have signed with the Bulls. However, I agree championship ready teams are attractive to free agents, but there are many other factors at play. Most players want a situation that will allow them to contribute over a winning situation. Players want to win, but they also want to play; when balancing fiscal and championship decisions, fiscal decision making almost always trumps winning. I will admit there have been some prominent examples that would lead us to believe otherwise, the obvious case being the "Big Three"(sour face) taking "less" money to play together. As for our case, we can offer a shooting guard the ability to start, thereby not risking their minutes, which might seem greedy but if a player isn't getting minutes he is hurting the likelyhood he can continue his career with another contract as well as losing the amount of cash he'll be offered. Plus we are definitely on the upswing, and we have a core that can contend, so we have the possibility of being part of something special. Add the fact that this is Chicago, I'd say this team markets itself to free agents as well as all but 2 or 3 teams in the league.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Dan Frystak.....Do you know who New York would be trading to get Melo? A bunch of scrubs and nobodies along with draft picks. Soooo if your okay with having another Eastern Conference team land a All Star for nothing....thats not a good thing. If New York gets Melo.....This is our competition for the next 5 years....

    Knicks....Felton,Amare,Melo...they still have cash
    Orlando....Nelson,Howard,Carter,Lewis etc...
    Atlanta....(to a lesser extent) Joe Johnson,Horford,Smith...STILL TOUGH

    If your okay with having a mediocre team...then ya, stay put. We might make it to a eastern conference finals once or twice. An our team is good enough we just snuck past the Cavs the other night, we will be okay. OR you do what the most sensible thing is and get into the trade talks for Melo. Dont let the Knicks come close to him. Become a LEGIT CONTENDER EVERY SINGLE YEAR and possibly win titles. I know we all love to see Rose an we all would love to see him lead us to the Title (including me) but HE CANT DO IT HIMSELF. Bulls need more then that imo.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    You are assuming the Bulls haven't been "in the trade talks", do you honestly think Garpax haven't spoken with Denver repeatedly? The problem is, that while our trade package is likely better than the Knicks, the Nets package trumps ours in mine as well as virtually every well informed NBA analyst's opinion.

    I'm not against the trade, moving Taj and Deng will have a very detrimental effect on our defense, but a core of Noah Melo Rose and Boozer sounds like the real deal. The fact is we really aren't in a position to get Melo, and all signs point to reluctance on his part. The unknown of the collective bargaining agreement as well as how he fits with Boozer and Rose has to give any realistic fan pause. Deng really fits the mold at SF for us, he can shoot the three as well as Melo now and he plays excellent D on anyone from superstar SF to SG, our real problem is at SG. Keeping who we have and grabbing a SG with our draft picks + a player not named Taj or Luol honestly may work out better than adding Melo at a cost that, as of now, no one on Denver's side is considering worthy.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Excellent, Excellent, example...I really don't think most people on this blog realize how you just broke everything down as far as the other teams in the east that will be that much better than the Bulls. Even though I am starting to give up hope on Melo cause there are too many reports saying he wants the Knicks and the Bulls if they are interested aren't making any noise about it at all. Bulls still need to make a move on a shooting guard cause it is desperately needed for the Bulls. This team as sharp said will be mediocre til they fix the gaping hole at the shooting guard position.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    This team is NOT mediocre. Shit. We have a good team, a fringe title contender as long as we miss Orlando in the playoffs. We put this together by Rose's 3rd year in the league. We're real close and still very early in our window. GarPax can't pull off a trade overnight, it's going to take some time we're still only 21 games into the season.

  • In reply to Dileg:

    Ok... as long as we don't play Orlando or the Lakers in the playoffs, OK. That's not exactly a title contender either, and let's not forget about Miami and Boston.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    A fringe title contender... not there yet. I like our chances against any team but Orlando at this point.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    SportsGuru you made some good valid points....ya I havent heard anything really about us getting back into the conversation either....BUT i dont know if your familiar with the website Hoopshype.com, on the site there is a couple articles about Melo saying okay to the Bulls an maybe the Nets depending on some circumstances or something. ESPN does a lot work for New York an so does a lot of their writers. So thats where a lot of the hype is coming from an Melo just played in New York last night. So thats kind of their big story right now. IMO, no doubt would he consider coming to Chicago. But if we dont get into talks with Melo....I agree, going after somebody like Mayo makes sense. An i would hope they would look into that too. Bulls do a lot of their trade talk under the table so we dont hear about it....so hopefully the bulls are thinking about it again.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I couldn't agree more about ESPN and its New York affiliation, I'm bothered by it more and more every day.

    You've got to think the Bulls have the best idea out of anyone besides Melo himself as far as whether or not Melo is interested in signing with the Bulls. The big problem is that I don't think he prefers Chicago over New Jersey, who IMO has the better package. A lot would have to happen, a lot of luck would have to come our way, for Melo to arrive in Chicago.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Again, as much as getting Anthony sounds great, it's just not going to happen. Taj keeps getting mentioned in virtually every scenario. While I love the guy, he's been injured virtually since he came into the league, and up until now. I just don't see teams pursuing him until he can show he can stay healthy for any length of time.

    No one is likely taking Deng's contract. Trading Noah(heart and soul) or the coveted Big in Boozer? Come on. There's just no scenario I can think of where the Bulls get Carmelo. And to be sure he does have some character concerns i.e at times overweight and disinterested defensively and in certain games period.

    Of course I'd still like to have him, but so far fetched it's not even worth debating about IMO.

    What does interest me is whether the Bulls would try to go after a Courtney Lee which I've heard mentioned here and in the media, or O.J. Mayo. I just don't have time at this moment to look up all their stats and scouting reports, but winning character wise/personal makeup standpoint Mayo to me looks laconic/lazy minded. If he had the drive with his skills he could be an all-star IMO. Could he be in a bad coaching environment, and possibly turn on the desire/light bulb with a Thibs? And again if the Grizzlies dont want an injured Taj then what do they get out of the deal that they couldn't do better elsewhere? We're talking a No.3 draft pick. He still will command a fair amount with the numbers he put up last year.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I agree. We see a lot of people trying to reinvent the team, but I really don't see the point. We have excellent chemistry and are doing very well with what we have. And this is still early in the first season with a new coach and a bunch of new players. We should be looking at smaller moves to improve our weaknesses and building on that chemistry, not making a huge move to replace our 4th best player who happens to be foundational.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    That got bad quick. We scored 20 in the first 6 minutes, and 7 in the next 6.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    RW, when you say Taj is injured...do you mean Plantar Fasciitis? I am not sure if it is some other injury you are talking about.. If it is not anything else other than PF , I think Taj is tradeable.

    I agree about OJ Mayo though. He might be acting like he is a stud because of no alpha-male characters on that team(I don't think Gay, Randolph are that). With the Bulls, you have three guys(Noah, Boozer, Rose)who are probably better than him in reputation atleast. So, he might mentally accept a lesser role and obviously it is more of a winning situation, bigger market etc...

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Chicagosportsguru...+2 i agree, I actually think the Nets have the best deal on the table, but i think Melo has said no to a trade to them in the past. So who knows what will happen lol

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Just wondering what you guys think....but Can OJ Mayo be that type of player? Doesnt need the ball, Can hit the three an space the floor, decent defender. I know he can shoot and play decent defense even though he is still a little small for SG, but his athleticism will help him. Ive always looked at him as a guy that needs the ball so im not sure. But then again, i could see us forming him into a guy like Ray Allen. That would be awesome.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The Bulls are just beginning to scratch the surface. The Celtics will fade before the playoffs, the Heat still haven't beaten another great team, & the Magic may never win with Howard not a closer & the team's only player anywhere near all-star level. Step back from the ledge & have a little patience.

  • I agree the next 13 games are very winable. I would be surprised to win them all, but winning 10, 11, or even 12 should be expected the way this team is playing. Go Bulls!!!

  • Agreed, I am actually more concerned about Bogut getting a spot over Noah if he continues to play like he has this past week

  • Great point Csharp! Thibs got great respect from star players with big ego's like the biggest trash talker of them all Garnett!
    Very hard to let Gibson go because Boozer isn't as tough defensively and athletic so its good having Gibson off the bench but if you can get a young HOF'er like Melo to match up with Rose and Noah...you do it! Even shipping Noah off...but this obviously would kill me and most people here!

    We have such sporatic offensive spurts and go down by so many points we can't just have Rose carry us...we need a player like Melo and shooters like KK to space the floor and Noah to crash the boards for rebounds!

  • Think Courtney Lee will be available?

  • I have at times in the past, yes. If I were GarPax, I would call OK City and see what it would take to get Harden. If it's not doable, I'd move on to Lee. I'd be looking at Taj or Asik and a pick for Harden. For Lee, more like JJ and a pick.

  • It would be difficult cause of the Lakers size and depth of their bench, and Kobe is a killer in post season, so yeah it would be great cause it would mean that the Bulls are that much closer to getting to the championship.

  • And I don't think the Knicks with Melo and Amare are better than the Bulls.

  • My thoughts exactly. We don't need a great scorer, just a smart basketball player who plays hard nosed defense, can shoot, and handle enough to take a little pressure off Rose.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    I've liked Courtney Lee since his rookie season Finals play with Orlando. And he's definitely on my short list of SG's I'd like on the Bulls roster.

    But I can't imagine why Houston would want to trade him - he plays 20mpg. What would it take to entice them?

    Is the Charlotte pick enticing to teams as a trade asset? Rose is SHOWING he is ready to compete with the elite teams so Bulls should use that Charlotte pick to get the best young SG they can. The Charlotte pick won't be 100% unprotected until 2016 and Bulls can't make Rose wait that long - he's ready now!

    I really don't want to trade Taj, but should the Bulls trade him if it means getting a very good SG?

  • In reply to Edward:

    Houston is 9 and 14, it's time for them to rebuild. Lee isn't the kind of guy you build around, and we can give them some nice assets in picks, and a young talent like JJ who really needs time on the court that we can't give.

    I don't know if I'd even give the Charlotte pick for Lee, though. For Harden definitely, but I'm not sure about Lee. I probably would, but I'd try to switch out JJ for Bogans.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Houston have played a fairly tough schedule and are only 2.5 games out of the playoffs. They're also without their best player (Brooks, not Ming). I expect they're going to keep aiming for a playoff spot.

    Even so Lee is nice and cheap and they have cap space coming that he doesn't really eat into, he's a good piece for them to keep around if they do decide to let Battier & Yao go and make a FA reshuffle.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Lee isn't really any better than Korver/Brewer IMO. Obviously he brings a bit of a mix somewhere between the two but I see it as more of a lateral move.

    I certainly wouldn't give up Taj for him, as Taj is miles better than having Asik as your primary big man backup, and having Asik as the starter with Kurt Thomas as the backup should Boozer or Noah go down with an injury would be a disaster.

    Basically if you trade Taj you better really upgrade the SG position because you've downgraded the big man rotation a ton. Problem is I don't see any SGs who do that who you could get for Taj.

    The Charlotte pick is something you just have to keep in the bank and hope it has value down the line, right now its unprotected status is so far off it has little trade value.

    I really think this season the Bulls don't have the pieces to make a big move. Maybe in the off-season or next year, with the new CBA coming there could be a lot of players available on the cheap, and the Bulls will have players on expiring contracts (or with team options) to take advantage.

  • Rose is hitting threes like they're layups now.

  • Yea give me a break with the whole "oh we'll never be as good as Boston, Orlando, etc" argument. I look forward to seeing how Rondo's assist numbers hold up as he loses 3 HOF's in the next 2-3 years.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    excatly. Calling us mediore just shows how out of touch you are as well. I want to see our team with Brewer & Korver starting, and if that doesn't look like problem solved, then a tweak at the 2.

  • In reply to jgingeri:



  • Yea, they have espnchicago, espndallas, espnla, etc. I was somewhat dumbfounded when they added an espnnewyork url, considering espn.com IS espn NY.

  • Bulls somehow manage to score only 8 points in 12 minutes of play after 25 points in the first 7:30.

  • Two offensive rebounds and two made free throws for the half makes it kind of hard to score.

  • Just tuned in, that second quarter was brutal.

  • That was a big 3 by Bogans. Let's get a run going and finish them.

  • I think the Bulls hired Asik to be their free throw coach.

  • Can I get an 'oh shit'?

  • Quality win, bit of a struggle from the line but the defense was good. Also good to see the trend of the Bulls way outshooting their opponents from three continues.

  • twice

  • Another reason why bulldozing into people pays: you land on their soft body rather than the hard floor.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    That doesn't seem to be how it's working for Wade.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Wade doesn't drive into people, he drives 5 feet away from them, falls over of his own accord then glares at the refs until he gets the whistle.

  • Credit to the Pacers, they're a good defensive team that kept the Bulls off the boards, which is how we've usually got going again when the shots aren't going in.

  • Yeap, selfless game by Derrick. If you didn't watch, you wouldn't think he played all that well from the stats. Yes, he's insanely fast. And yes, his shot has to have other teams worried. But breaking down defenses is becoming formulaic for him, and when that turns to second nature, he's going to be terrifying.

    Good job making the right pass, and not the one that gets him an assist.

  • At first I thought he landed on his face. Good thing, because you know, he's easy on the eye.

    I hope his wrist is as ok as it seems, because even a minor wrist injury can really nag and hurt his shooting.

  • nnnnnaaa na na na na na na na


    They happen when you don't take a team seriously.

    Rose never should have been in the game during the 4th Quarter. This should have been a BLOWOUT. Plus, after his initial ankle injury Thibs should have pulled him from the game. The Bulls were up by 13 with just over 2 minutes to go.


    An UPDATE on Rose's wrist/ankle are coming soon.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    No need, we'll read about it on twitter and see it on ESPN just as soon as you do.

  • Yes, yes I do. That's going to make an MVP candidacy tough for him, though.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    The fact that it makes him likeable might help him in a season where there's no clear candidate based on their play. I doubt Nash would have won his MVPs if he's not someone who is a good guy that basically everyone likes.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    very true

    We'll see in a few years when he's in his prime.

  • In reply to msalivar:


    X-Rays negative.

  • Orlando is more than deep enough to absorb the loss of Carter. That would probably be addition by subtraction. I wrote this over the summer & you said I was crazy. The Magic need to dump Carter's expiring deal, start JJ, & play Petrius more at the 2, Lewis more at the 3, Bass & Ryan Anderson more at the 4.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Orlando isn't going last long.. that's why I always felt like Howard is the next legitimate star to leave behind Paul & melo..

    Richard Lewis...old..
    Vincent carter....old..
    Jammer nelson? Not good enough..
    Supporting cast? Has depth..but all of their players have 1-2 roles and that's it..

    Howard is really the only reason for them..

    And something to watch for is the melo deal..especially for us.. our search for a two guard is coming closer.. if melo is dealt to ny.. we can now use the picks we are.holding back..

    1st and or James Johnson for arron afflalo or rudy .. then Watson,bogans and 2nd for Luke ridnour.

    I know.why the bulls.the were so.interested.in rudy.. its not just shooting but the off ball effect..the athleticism on breaks and back door lobs,the energy,and the playmaking along with range. Rudy will def be better in our offense.. he can play the Hamilton role as a speed off ball guy.. but a guy we can lib the ball too..

    Afflalo... it speaks for itself.. this guy is good on both sides..

    And is Watson ever going be good for us? Honestly.. it took korver just 1 reason game, it took brewer to just heal up.. it took booze just 2 games.. and Watson is still getting excuses? Why? We have to let rose rest for some games and watson's producion isn't letting him.. there's no reason for rose to be out there today that late with that lead.. stop making excuses for cj Watson..

  • Mitchell,

    Teamwork. Just helping make this blog better.

  • correction:

    even better

  • Speaking of internet links, even the normally Heat crazy ESPN is taking notice of the Bulls, Marc Stein has them in 4th on his power rankings, one spot ahead of Miami.

  • We played well on a very tough road trip, while Miami has mostly pulled their collective head out of their ass against less dangerous teams.

  • With a healthy Andrew Bynum the Lakers will be a better team - and one the Bulls will have difficulty matching up with. Granted that's if Bynum can stay healthy through the playoffs.

  • The Bulls are rocketing up the defensive rankings right now, I think they should be up to 4th after this game. Funnily it's the Celtics/Heat/Magic ahead, the game plan in the East is based on D by the looks of it.

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