Bulls skate by on the road again

The Bulls haven't lost any road games to crappy teams, but they sure have made a few of them interesting.   The Bulls had opportunities to put this game away, they started the fourth quarter with an 11 point lead, and you figured the game was over, but then Tracy McGrady happened.

I wasn't a fan of getting McGrady in the off-season, but it seems like a bad idea to have passed on him now.  Not because he'd go off like this on some other team for us, but because we'd probably have McGrady riding the pine by now because he can't defend, and if he did play at least he'd give us a little extra shot creation.

Carlos Boozer crushed the Pistons, especially early

I wouldn't say Boozer disappeared in the second half, but the Pistons were able to adjust somewhat and keep him off the glass, and did most of his damage in the first half.  He still hit a couple big shots in the fourth quarter to help stop the bleeding and gave us some offense in the OT.

Early on, the Pistons seemed hopeless to contain Boozer though, and he single handedly was beating the team.   It's great to have an offensive option like Carlos down low as he does a lot of damage and allows Rose to rest some.

Speaking of which, I wonder if part of what's up with Rose is Boozer

I don't know that it has anything to do with Boozer, but you notice that the team seems to be going slower now?   Part of that is probably Boozer walking up the court slower.  Rose is slowing the offense down, not breaking as much.  

It's probably just my imagination though. 

Either way, Rose hasn't played at the MVP level he was earlier, he's settled down from playing like a top 5 player to more of a top 10 player.  Which, really, is still pretty awesome.  It's also worth noting his defense and rebounding which were weaknesses in his first couple seasons have shown great improvements.

Rose is becoming a guy who can help you in more ways than just scoring which is obviously the best case scenario for the team.

What the hell is wrong with Kyle Korver lately?

Just doesn't seem like he can hit anything recently.  For such a great shooter, he's just really struggling out there.  Nice job knocking down the clutch FTs tonight, but 0-3 in the game.

Tom Thibodeau isn't going to get coach of the year this way

Who the hell subs in Brian Scalabrine for Kurt Thomas on a defensive substitution?   After doing so, who then bitches out his team for not getting the rebound, especially when one of the offensive rebounds given up was due to a bad Scalabrine box out.

After this, with .6 seconds left, why on Earth do you have Kyle Korver throw the inbound pass?    Think of the guys on your team who could be a threat in this situation, and I want Rose, Watson, Korver, and Boozer on the floor.

Boozer to set the screen, Korver, Watson, and Rose because they can catch and shoot off of a screen.  Of all of these guys, Korver is the one who makes his career catching and shooting quickly off screens though, so don't you want him in there as a scorer?

Keith Bogans knocked down a couple threes

Hopefully it's the start of some better shooting from Bogans, but I fear it's just going to buy him more time to play 18 minutes of relatively ineffective basketball a night.

Final thoughts

Well a 2-1 mini-road trip isn't bad.   I would have loved to get that game against the Knicks, and this game wasn't pretty, but in the end, the Bulls won, and 2 days from now no one will care that it was a sloppy OT win, it will just count as a win.

The difference between average teams and good teams is that good teams find ways to win games even when they don't play well.   Without Noah, the Bulls are forced to do that, but more times than not they've been successful.


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  • i was trying to figure out why korver wasn't the on shooting. More than anything i was wondering why scal was being subbed in for his defense. Why not asik? JJ? anyone but scal.

    Also while mcgrady was lighting up the game, i couldn't figure out why we didn't sign him. imagine a bulls line up of rose, deng, boozer, noah and BREWER! korver , taj, watson, and asik would be coming off the bench. it sounds like a thing of beauty.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    Mcgrady has no pressure on him in Detroit, that's why he is able to put up 10 to 15 points in some games for them this year. Trust me if he was with the Bulls I really don't think he would be much of a factor and the pressure would probably be too much for him.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    that's the idea. if we had mcgrady, bogan's wouldn't be on the team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Thibs is a dumbass

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Should not have needed OT...

    Scalabrine substitution was horrible... think Thibs did it to allow Scal to defend the inbound pass. No reason why Thomas couldn't have done that.

    Not sure why Rose took the 3pt shot with time on the clock... he made up for it though with his ensuing defense. He should have gotten Boozer the ball or taken it to the hole. We need our MVP to make a better decision there.

    Nice idea about the .6 secs play... hadn't considered that Korver was inbounding there.

    Still should not have come down to that play cause if Thomas had been in on the earlier play, he certainly would have got the rebound over Villanueva.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Yes, overall I like Thibs a lot but enough of Bogans already and keep Scal out unless its a blowout...cmon TT get it together!

  • Ugly win... that's all I can say about this one...and I will be glad when the trade deadline gets here, maybe more scoring help will arrive.

  • I love the fact that he is hitting the boards, something that I suggested he needed to do for over a year now.

    However, his shooting percentage is dropping, lately hovering around 40%. is it just a slump, or something else structurally on offensive due to the return of Boozer.

    Again, his ballhandling was horrific and he just as likely to have a triple or quadruple double that includes turnovers than assits at this point.

  • They better get their act together against the unpredictable Bucks.

  • I actually drove down from Toronto to Detroit to watch the game. It was a tough game to watch because both teams didnt have a flow to their offence, however even during the Bulls 4th quarter collapse I knew they had the game in hand. Its sad to see how Detroit has fallen. Even though I hate the Pistons because of the 80's rivalry, I cant help but feel sorry for the Pistons fan. They are some of the best fans in the NBA and Joe Dumars has really paralyzed that franchise. At some point the team really needs to relieve him of his GM services. For example, Ben Gordon doesnt even play in the entire 4th quarter. Why?. Even put him in the final seconds of regulation as a decoy. I understand he was in foul trouble, but game him at least some playing time. The Coaching staff is horrible, the roster is so unbalanced and who is to blame, Joe D. That Darko pick should have been a big enough hint that he was starting to mess up. Also I have to say Carlos Boozers offence is really sound. Seeing him up close really shows how good his footwork in the post is. The only thing he needs to get down more consistently is his defensive rotations and coverage on pick and rolls. I cant complain though, as he has been terrific.

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