Bulls in discussions for J.R. Smith?

Per ESPN New York:

A league source told ESPN.com that Denver also is in discussions with Chicago regarding a J.R. Smith trade

J.R. Smith fits interestingly with the Bulls.  On the one hand, he provides the shooting, athleticism, and size to make an ideal shooting guard next to Derrick Rose.  On the other hand, those skills are packaged into one of the more undisciplined players in the league, both on and off the court.

Smith isn't exactly the type of player that screams Bulls, however his skillset is intriguing.  Though he's not the shooter that Korver is or the defender that Brewer is, he's more of a shot creator than either player and can provide solid offense with enough size and athleticism to still be active on defense.

Still, given the types of player the Bulls like to bring in historically I'm skeptical of the report.   If the Bulls were to make a trade, then there are the basic possibilities:
1: Korver (possibly with a pick or James Johnson)
2: Brewer (possibly with a pick or James Johnson)
3: Watson + Johnson (or Bogans/Thomas) possibly with a pick
4: Bogans + Johnson + Thomas (possibly with a pick)

I don't see the Bulls moving Korver, Brewer, or Watson in such a trade which makes the final trade the most likely of any scenario if a trade were to occur.   Brewer/Korver are similarly talented with better attitudes, and the Bulls would need to find another backup PG in order to trade Watson.

The final scenario gives the Bulls a nice talent upgrade, but I'm not sure if the chemistry downgrade is worth it.  I'm filing this one under "not buying it".


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  • Two Words: Nick Young.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    - He's on the other team.
    - He's friends with a guy named Geoff.
    - He's a CUP to be. (Civil Union Partner)
    - He can put up with 10-15 Happy comments per day.
    - He can probably be had for a nice dinner and two glasses of a nice Pinot Noir (HINT)

  • In reply to MrHappysBoyfriend:

    Get lost you dim-witted bigot.

    Doug, can we bounce this clown?


    - He's on a losing team.
    - He's friends with Taj Gibson.
    - He's a RFA to be.
    - He's can put up 10-15 ppg for the Bulls.
    - He's can probably be had for JJ or KT and/or a pick.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I have asked you this question repeatedly in the past and you have yet to address it.

    If Nick Young is SO GOOD and "Dickey Johnson" sucks as bad as you say why would they ever let such a GEM get away. Why take a scrub in return for their prized Nick Young?

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    Is his team CLUELESS?

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    Perhaps you haven't been paying attention, but Mr. Happy is totally asking for comments like this.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    - He's clearly unhappy in Washington since he keeps on posting on a Bulls blog about how the Bulls should trade for him.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:


  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    I dont think this is a realistic trade, vut if it were for option #4 that Doug mentioned I would give it a shot.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    TO BULLS: Nick Young and Hilton Armstrong
    TO WIZARDS: JJ, Kurt Thomas and a draft pick

    It's saves Washington money and gives them two pieces for the future.

    And the Bulls UPGRADE at SG and increase their BENCH SCORING.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    What a brilliant idea, Washington play two rotation guys for two guys who don't play and a really bad draft pick, why haven't they done this deal already? It saves them money ... except for the fact if they really want to save money they probably don't want to be paying JJ next year and a late first for two years.

    With GM moves like that Washington can consolidate their position at the bottom of the East for years to come.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    TO MR. HAPPY's BOYFRIEND: How was your day?
    TO MR. HAPPY: Good. How was yours?

    It saves us both an awkward night together.

    And our cat CORNELIUS will not be scared, eat better and not POOP in BRUCE the dog's dish.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    UNLIKE THE CLUELESS on here, I actually want the Bulls to WIN.

    And I have PROVEN that I know more than most of you FOOLS!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Apparently Ernie Grunfield wants the Bulls to WIN in your world too.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    So we should have taken your advice midway through left season and traded Rose for the pick needed to draft Evan Turner?

    If you don't get that I'm insinuating that you're a moron, perhaps I'll start giving erroneous nicknames to the players you bring up constantly.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    A) Mr. Happy is a joke.
    B) My problem w/ this rumor is that Paxson acquired JR Smith as part of a deal a couple years ago, and waived him because his personality doesn't fit the mold Pax wants at the UC. If the Bulls didn't want him then, why now? I don't see why they would go after him in a deal.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    this is exactly why i say there may be something else going on here.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    There isn't because first of all its a ESPN rumor.. two things with that is..1 its not real & 2.. how many deals rumored on ESPN.actually happened? It's like searching for rumors on bleacher report

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    This season and last year J.R. shot .414 and .399 from the field. And on threes last season he shot .338.

    With the attitude problems he displays he could be a cancer to a still formative/burgeoning team. There's no way in hell I'd want J.R. Smith on this team.

    It will be interesting to see if the Bulls make any moves once all these free agents they signed last summer are tradeable. But like everybody else I'd guess they aren't moving anyone.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Wow... first time in a long while the Bulls have been mentioned in any trade deals that may actually mean something. Now...are they really considering J.R. Smith or is there something else going on with Denver... Who knows,while J.R. Smith would be an exceptional upgrade at the 2 position I just don't see the Bulls willing to take this guy on with his baggage, it just does not fit. Like I said maybe something else is going on cause we all know how secretive the Bulls are.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Im willing to bet once the melo thing looks officially out of bulls reach even from far.. they will use those draft picks.either one. On their sg of choice.. anyone of them.. bulls were hoping melo.didn't say only nyk and the nuggets were convinced with deng.. but nope.. melo isn't happening..

    What I wanna know.is.who.is.Mr happy goina say after melo gets traded..

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Because of his 35 and 11 effort tonight in a win vs. Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic, the Bulls are now in 3rd place within the Eastern Conference.

    For the record....

    Melo is 7-4 vs. Dwight Howard.
    Deng is 7-10 vs. Dwight Howard.

    It's CLEAR, if the Bulls want to beat Boston, Miami or Orlando in the playoffs, they will need Melo to do it. Rose and Deng have sub-par records vs. all 3 of those teams. Melo on the other hand has a winning record for LBJ, DWADE, DHOWARD and is 500 vs. PPIERCE.

    GET A CLUE, then GET ON BOARD!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Ok so we want Melo... now what oh clue"ful" one? How do we get him, and dont give us any trade machine crap. Fact of the matter is if the Bulls, Denver, and Melo are not on board with making it happen it will not.

    Just because I want my wife to give me a BJ and we know that would be a great idea doesnt mean its automatically gonna happen. All parties have to be in agreement.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    You do know none.of.these records mean 1 one 1? And I'm hoping you do.know that this is our best and legit playoff team since Jordan last year?

    So why the f@#& are you blaming Deng and rose for anything.. I'm sorry you think the bulls should win by landslides in trades.. but unfortunately jerry west isn't a g.m anymore and stars rarely get traded.. the free agency been finished..

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    For the record Melo has a 100% LOSS rate against PAUL GEORGE. Since INDIANA is a likely first round opponent we CAN NOT RISK adding him to the team.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Jr smith isn't happening.. No way..

    Chris Sheridan = Sam smith

    The only other two way player available both salary and is actually obtainable wise besides smith who isn't realistic.for.us is.rudy..

    Whatever the bulls are so called rumored for.smith should be given together rudy.. we don't need to try hard to.match salaries,then extend contract,worry about chemistry both on court & in the locker room.with smith..

    Far from.worth it.. this is a deal.Minnesota does.

    Rudy or afflalo.. either one .. no need to match salaries for players who aren't worth it.. we just need a real "productive" 25+ minute starter.. not like bogans

  • In reply to MrHappy:


  • In reply to MrHappysBoyfriend:

    I'm sorry about the ALL-CAPS. My boner for Happy typed that.

  • In reply to MrHappysBoyfriend:

    You GUYS have ME rolling ON the FLOOR. Best THREAD yet! Hmmmmm hint hint

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    So I see Happy bring Nick Young up all the time and wonder have you ever heard anything about his intelligence? The reason I ask is I have heard two different NBA analysts, I believe they were Sam Smith and David Aldridge, suggest that he is not the brightest. That for all his athletic gifts he is not mentally capable of being a productive player. They said this with a lot of kindness, suggesting that he is close on the scale to a Forest Gump type (this makes me think of Doug's rant about "types" over the summer, but I digress). Anyhow, I thought I'd share that. I have never met the man or heard him speak, so I don't know this to be true, but it seems pertinent to the conversation.

  • In reply to Hoover:

    Well we know Thibs loves yelling out instructions from the sideline ...

    Shoot Nick, Shoot!

  • Completely implausible rumour to me. Forget the financial aspects, the only way the Bulls are in discussions about a JR Smith trade is if it's a three team trade with JR Smith going elsewhere. The Bulls didn't want him back when he was a throw in to the Chandler trade. I guess him killing a man hasn't done a ton to endear him to the franchise since then.

    Also consider the source, Chris Sheridan. He's the Sam Smith of New York when it comes to making up trades.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Spot on on Sheridan.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    wwow we think.alike with Chris.Sheridan lmao..

  • No, he'll say if we had Nick Young then Melo would have demanded to come here.

  • This MAN has more ESPN TRADE MACHINE knowledge than any of you ROGUES combined.

    YOU all WISH you were in my POSITION. (Hint...mmmmmm)

  • maybe he wants an Armstrong.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yes - Rose's Agent.

  • He ran a stop sign and the passenger in his car was killed, he was convicted of vehicular manslaughter.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:


  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    If this is true, I imagine this is how the 'discussions' have gone:

    Masai Ujiri: "Hey, GarPax, seems like you need help at your 2-guard spot. Any interest in JR Smith?"
    GarPax: "Are you out of your @#$%ing mind?"
    Masai Ujiri: "I didn't hear a no. I'll call back later after you've thought about it some more."

  • In reply to saigman:

    yep - that sounds about right

  • In reply to saigman:

    fwiw, Sam Smith emailed me back and said there is no truth to this rumor at all.

  • In reply to saigman:

    Couple names im hearing are....Stephen Jackson, Courtney lee, and JR Smith. Ill take any of them as long as they keep thier act together. All i want is a SG that can consistantly knock down the 3 ball. JR Smith would be awesome but his attitude problems are a concern. Stephen Jackson can still get it done and Charlotte would probably ask for thier pick back.

  • In reply to saigman:

    OR you just play with what we have an shoot for a SG in the draft or free agency in the next couple years.

  • In reply to saigman:

    Nick Young is a volume shooter and makes worse decisions than Tyrus Thomas. J.R. Smith is a volume shooter with some one on one skills but we had him before and traded him for cash, so bringing him back now would be rediculous. Did you watch the Laker game last night Mr. Happy? He made Tyrus seem like a Genius lol he is so stupid, takes horrible shots, and is a walking turnover. I don't want Young anywhere near Chicago.

    O.J. Mayo or Xavier Henry I would like because they are young and have a chance to be difference makers. Unfortunately Memphis won't take Gibson and Thomas for either of them so the Bulls shouldn't give up too much for them.

    I love this Bulls team and if the bulls can't get a difference maker without losing their bench guys than they should stay put.

    And yes Melo would make our team better and the only players I would not trade are Rose and Boozer everyone else can go. I agree with Happy on that one.

  • In reply to saigman:

    What about jumping in on the potential trade for Melo and getting Arron Afflalo? We could help NY out and send along a 1st to Den for Afflalo and JJ if we need salaries to match.

  • In reply to saigman:

    Ehhhh im not sure i would give a 1st for Afflalo. I think he was a 2nd rounder himself. Bulls need to learn how to just draft better. There have been plenty of players over the years in the 2nd round that are quality players but yet we have done nothing about. Jodie Meeks has been killing it for the Sixers this year. DeAndre Jordan was ours for the taking a couple years ago but we didnt trade up 2 spots to get him i believe. The list goes on....Monta Ellis is another 1.

  • J.R. is a guy who has been suspended by the NBA for his driving record and who last summer choked a D-League player during a pickup game at the team's training facility. The Bulls have done well to steer clear of such players in the past and I'd be very disappointed in them if they now changed course for this guy.

  • fb_avatar

    A lot depends on the final dimensions of the trade. A couple questions for you CBA savants:

    1) For salaries is it necessary that Watson be included? (trade machine seems to think so) For example: Bogans, Johnson and Thomas doesn't get it done from the Bulls' end financially.

    2) Does a pick add value from our end (preferably a 2nd rounder of course)

    3) Same question for that Veseenko guy or whatever his name is who the Bulls have rights to who'll never see the court.

    4) Any chance Sheldon Williams gets sent to Chicago, especially if Thomas is included?

    This could be very good for the Bulls so long as they don't include Brewer or Korver.

  • they cut him before just to avoid his attitude..this rumor is nonsense

  • and how much is bogans shooting?

    The reason im for rudy is because his stock is down.. at the moment though.. this is clear a situation where a guy isn't dedicated to playing hard like he use to.. and even if he stays like this for the rest of his life..I still wouldnt care

    2 reasons are..1 we don't have to do much in a trade like giving up a lot of pieces,giving up key pieces,trying to match salaries,and hoping we don't lose talent wise.. a rudy trade for a bottom 1st rounder and jj is perfect because in all honestly.. jj isn't playing so his worth is nothing for a guy that will start on most nights and that 1st round pick seriously is goina be around the bottom.. we can then worry about city Watson and if he can avg more than 2 pts and 2 ast for us.. if not then cj and bogans need to be improved..other than that.. I reallyyyy love this team because of their potential and they all have perfect roles that suites their teammate..so its more of a game where everyone has to step it up..unlike lebron in cleveland where they can just watch..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    It is true what you say about pursuing a player whose stock is down. There is something to be said for that.

    Courtney Lee's stock is up right now and I've heard Houston is asking for both Taj Gibson and the Charlotte pick - no way Bulls will pay that much.

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Doug you seriously wouldn't do #4? Trade away two guys who never play and another who should never play (bogans) and get a shot-creator in return. What's the problem? Worst case scenario, you gave up bogans and jj for nothing. Not a horrible worst case for the potential upside of that trade.

  • He really doesn't have leverage like he did in the summer.. rudy is playing like he did in the playoffs and brandon is really 2-3 years away from dropping off talent wise..and wes Matthews is too underside to continue to play sf.. and because he's been good and plays the 2..rudy is even more buried.

    Another name i would throw out there is courtney lee ..the rockets traded their first for Williams yesterday.. are they living up on bidinger

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    *budinger or lee?

    Courtney lee,rudy fernandez and arron afflalo..1 of the 3

    Other guys are piterus,rush,& parker. That come to mind..

    Nick young isn't happening.. that's a piece they want to love toward with and not go backwards with James Johnson all because of some kid name happy

  • Agreed Doug!
    Rudy is no longer on my short list of SG prospects for Bulls. Top of my list is Courtney Lee.

    Maybe what this JR Smith rumor indicates is Bulls are at least shopping for a SG and having initial conversations with multiple teams. That is a positive sign if its true. Because until Bulls make a trade I'm afraid Thibs is committed to Bogans for the duration.

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