Bulls Beat #170 - We're streaking!

Bulls Beat #170 - We're streaking!

The Chicago Bulls are on a five game win streak with statement wins against Oklahoma City and Los Angelas as Derrick Rose looks like a legitimate MVP candidate and carries the Bulls whenever they need him.

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  • does anyone know that song they play right before the tip off at bulls games? they only play it for like 20-30 sec, it's like some guy yelling and has a nice beat, im not talking bout that cheezy bulls through the 90's music where they show all the former and current players.

  • I know you're kind of just playing devils advocate for why Bogans playing isn't a complete disaster and you want him out of the lineup too, but I just had to say this.

    Bogans IS playing the important minutes. The 3rd quarter is the most important quarter of the game, you've seen what the other team is doing, you've had half time to talk it over and make adjustments and both teams have their best players back out there to go again. That's where you either put on a run to build a lead that you can milk during the 4th, or you make a run to get back in it. The stats back this up: winning the 3rd quarter correlates more strongly with winning the game than winning the 4th quarter.

    Also everyone wants Rose/Deng/Noah playing fewer minutes and getting more rest. The best way to do that is to come out with your best unit in the third and build up a big lead so they can sit most/all of the last.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Bogans needs to sit with Scalabrine and Thomas for awhile. I hate that he went 2/3 from the arc during a blowout loss. Any reason to keep him in the SL is a bad reason. He is a liability shooting from 3 point range, and that is the only facet of the offense he seems able to fill at this point. He cant fastbreak like Brewer, and his on-ball defense is ultimately ineffective, all this for a guy that has been named a starter mostly because he was supposed to provide some perimeter defense.

  • In reply to KingOfCrumbs:

    Nice pic of Krause....he looks like he just had a busy day of eating frogs and carbon freezing Han Solo.

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    I think he just took a giant Dalibor Bagaric crap before this picture was taken.

  • In reply to KingOfCrumbs:

    Its very clear now that melo only want to play for new york

  • thanks, but those aren't the ones, i think they just recently started playing it, since i didn't hear it last year

  • You're my boy, Blue!

  • Doug, up until a week or so ago I agree with your comments on Bogans not hurting you, or missing key assignments. But in a few games he has missed 2-3 wide open 3's in the first quarter while not playing all that great D. Prime example was against the Lakers. Kobe got by him twice eary on with no effort for a dunk and a layup. Meanwhile Bogans missed to wide open 3 point attempts. This helped get LA out to the 18-4 (or something like that)lead they started the game with. I know you are saying Bogans isnt playing the "important" minutes, but getting out to a good start is very important as well IMO.

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    Bogans has been an utter train wreck this year. Every game he starts is a game where Rose, Noah, Deng and Boozer need to expend more energy than necessary to make up for the fact they're playing 4 on 5 basketball.

    The Bulls have a top 7-at-his-position guy at every other spot on the floor. At SG, they have a 'probably-would-take-half-the starting-shooting guards-in the NCAA field-over-him' guy.

    If a title is the aspiration, this needs to be addressed.

  • I tweeted before the Lakers game if the Bulls beat LA they will win at least 10 straight overall. That win gave them confidence and momentum heading into this stretch. They have a good stretch of below .500 teams coming up. I think they will get NY on Christmas day. After what NYC did to them from the 3 point line in Chicago, you know the Bulls will close out hard on their shooters. Their other road games are Toronto and Washington. They should get those. Also CNNSI is reporting as a rumor that OJ Mayo may be traded by next week, and the Knicks seem like the most likely destination. The Bulls need to get on that quick.

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