Bulls active in trade talks

Per Chris Mannix (SI):

Team execs say two teams are most active right now: Orlando (looking for size) and Chicago (scoring guard).

Well, unsurprisingly, the Bulls are aware of the same problem fans have been griping about all season long.   However, I don't expect a considerable upgrade to come through.   The primary problem is simply a lack of trade assets worth spending on a useful target.

The Bulls basically have draft picks to trade.   That's not really a whole heck of a lot.   They can absorb a little bit of salary and match salary mostly with two year commitment players, even if those players are on reasonable contracts that might not be appealing to teams.

We'll see what they can make happen, they're clearly trying, but my expectations are low.  They spent a lot of effort getting in position to improve the team this summer.  They went out and significantly improved the team.   The Bulls should win 50 game for the first time since the Jordan era, and have a considerable improvement over the past three seasons.

However, now that they've done that, fans want more.  However, it's simply not that easy, they bled a lot of assets to improve the team as much as they did.   If every team could simply improve by wanting to improve there'd be 30 championship contenders every year, but it's simply not that easy.


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  • Doug, I don't know how you can still be thinking this is a 50 wins team. We are 0-5 agains winning eastern conference teams. We still have a lot of games to play agaisnt them.
    I must tell you man, I hate every bulls lost, but loosing to NYK twice hurt me the most. I hate every sport team from Boston and NYK

  • In reply to bobhot:

    Don't forget:
    Prior to Knicks game Bulls played the toughest NBA schedule. We are still 18-10.

    After the Knicks game they play the easiest schedule in the NBA.

    We are now a 55 win team.

  • In reply to bobhot:

    There are many SG options that teams are looking to dump. The Bulls MUST be willing to move the Charlotte pick if they want a fairly significant upgrade.

    Bulls blew their opportunity this summer after signing Boozer. They EASILY could have gone out and snatched a SG with the remaining cap space AFTER signing Boozer and Korver. Ronnie Brewer and CJ Watson were not good pickups.

    Bulls have more than enough to get a SG like Steph Jackson, Anthony Parker, JR Smith, Courtney Lee and possibly OJ Mayo if they would be willing to move Gibson.

  • In reply to Dajody10:

    sorry my friend, gibson is untradable. If we trade Gibson, we'll scoring off the bench at 2 but will loss scoring at 4. And don't forget that boozer will certainly be injured again !!

  • In reply to bobhot:

    FINALLY... its good to see that some of you guys are realizing what some of us Bulls fans have noticed for some time now. The Bulls desperately need to make a trade cause of the shooting guard woes and I believe it was Mitchell W that said it best, the Bulls have about a 3 year window to try to turn this team into a contender. I don't want to give up any of the assets the Bull posess either but in order to improve this team, somethink has to be done and as I have said before, if a trade is made I'm sure it will not be a popular one to some Bulls fans. I think the final straw was the interview with Thibs after yesterdays loss, he pretty much said that the other guys are too inconsistent in scoring when Rose and Boozer are not effective at times during certain Games and it is hurting the team. All i can say is... this is a critical time for management to try to make the right decision if a trade is going to be made cause the success of the Bulls may be defined with their decisions. And even if they can't manage to pull off a trade, at least put Brewer in the starting lineup cause Bogans is really causing this team some good scoring opportunities.

  • In reply to bobhot:

    I'm keeping my expectations low. . . .like Roger Mason low.

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    I know you're probably not specifically talking about Roger Mason cause the Bulls shouldn't give the Knicks nothing, they don't even need to deal with them.

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    Match made then.. thy either depart with reddick or richardson and we solve ours.. people get so picky with what they want but guess what.. we did that and went from wade to ray allen to joe johnson to anthony morrow to jj reddickand ended up with keith bogans starting.. richardson is easy to get given his lack of mintues and being from chicago already helps feel comfortable with.. a shooter and defender.. if we wont go for jr smith and put all our marbles in.. then we need to go a role route with a really quality player in q rich.. jj is who i want but orlando doesnt wanna help any eastern team at all.. bulls need to move cj watson seriously.. asik and jj to orlando q rich and luke ridnour to chicago and whatever orlando sends and cj to minnesota..sign a quality backup center til joakim comes back

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    I like Quentin Richardson, because he is from Chicago, I don't like him as an option. Richardson can't play shooting guard, he is more of a small forward. JR Smith has the skillset needed. Richardson has nothing close to the skills needed.

  • In reply to Houston:

    why richardson is more a SF ??

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    i think the bulls will be able to swing something to where we can get a quality starting guard. You have to remember Pax's and "Gar's" track record on making deadline trades. They get it done somehow. Like when the traded for Salmons and Miller, and were able to shed those contracts (Salmon's and Thomas') last year. Our execs seem to improve our team when it comes to a trade. Look for us to revisit with Portland for Fernandez, Go after Jackson (pending Charlotte going on fire sale) or just a Nick Young sort nothing huge but upgradeable. With our injuries it will be harder to swing a deal now but we have til February and by then more teams will know if they are in the race or not. Which will open or close some doors for us to make a heads up trade or swing a 3-team deal but even if not i like the team the way we sit just need to get healthy.

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Richardson isn't a much better defenser of shooter than bogans !! his FG% = 0.37 and 3pt=0.32%. Bogans' numbers is 0.38 and 0.30

    There isn't a lot of difference. Richardson doesn't worth watson or asik. Asik at least gives a lot of rebounds and blocks.

    nevertheless, i'll take ridnour over watson. Watson doesn't run the offense well = falste PG.

  • We all notice that Bogans is not the answer for our starting SG. I know you included a few names in an earlier article, but I am going to throw 2 more out there.
    Anthony Parker - a career 40% 3 point shooter and averaging 3 3-pointers a game. Imagine Anthony Parker knocked 2/5 or 3/6 of those open 3 yesterday. If we can't get him through a trade, may be we can get him after this year since he is going to be a free agent.
    Rip Hamilton - I don't know if this can work via trade with the salary match, but I think Rip Hamilton could be our final piece. Another veteran presence, able to go one on one on a smaller guard, able to go off screen, and play some decent defense. If we can get the salary to work, I think we should try it

  • In reply to handushk:

    Rip hamilton is a good idea but we can't matchs his salary as u said. I wouldn't give up deng for hamilton even of they have almost the same numbers !

  • I'm just hoping they do something cause yesterday loss was very frustrating cause Bulls could've won this game.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    we couldve or shouldve but at the end of the day.. the bulls.miss joakim regardless.. hes a all star,an emotional leader and our anchor around the rim.. say what you want but kurt thomas play is just a reg. For joakim which means it shouldve been extra for us to get that from our "bench". Which gives us nothing..this bench needs to be retooled.. and at the end of the day.."these" knicks arent the same from last year.. they could be top 5 or 7 in the east.. its a good team..not as mad as i wouldve been last year..

  • WHERE IS [Bold] MISTER HAPPY? [/Bold]

  • luol deng is 25 .. if were worried about luols age then the same should be said about noah and taj

  • I actually didn't realize anthony parker is that old.

    About Rip hamilton, I know that he is pretty expensive, but he will only have 2 years left on his contract after this year. So that means if he doesn't work out, he will be a good expiring contract soon.

  • Our upgrade at SG is on the bench, but Thibs is too stupid to realize that.

    Start Brewer, get Melo...problem solved.

  • We should try to get crawford from atlanta and the bulls are losing because they commit to much turnovers

  • In reply to Richy:

    i thought about it. but i'm asking myself if crawford isn't a kind of player like Mayo or BG, I mean a ball hogger. will he accept to be our 4th scoring optionbehin Rose,boozer and deng ?? I don't think so. This guy shoot once he got the ball, he rarely look to assist !

  • In reply to Richy:

    JR smith is the best option. It sad the fact that we don't have enough to get him.

  • In reply to Richy:

    Hi Doug,
    More a question for you? Could you do a post/analysis on DRose's crazy-high usage rate? I love him, everybody loves him, but my eyes tell me that he flat-out shoots too much. I emailed this question to Sam SMith and he responded something along the lines of "nobody else is stepping up, so Derrick steps up. MJ used to do that too." Maybe. One big difference between MJ and DRose is that DRose is the pg. There are so many possessions when no one else touches the ball.

  • In reply to Richy:

    It's tougher on D. Rose with Noah out. Noah has a bigger impact on offense than many realize. His ugly mid range jumper, ability to attack the rim if defenses don't close out quick, advance the ball in transition, and ability to pass, all make him their secondary play maker. He regularly gets 4, 5, or 6 assists and allows Rose to play off the ball more often. And he often makes the pass that leads to the assist. It's easier for other teams to defend the high pick and roll with Gibson setting the screen. Now that Noah's out Rose is trying to do too much. He has to re-find that balance between scoring and passing again.

  • In reply to Richy:

    There are a lot of deals that would improve the Bulls but how many put them over the top? They don't need an over 30 not-quite all star or a past his prime star for a quick fix. They're not that close to a title. They need a young impact player to establish the kind of consistency over several seasons that championship teams need - or that perfect piece to put them over the top without giving up too much, like the Lakers getting Gasol for garbage.

    I don't know that either scenario is out there right now. People can throw out all kinds of trade ideas but right now no one is giving up a real impact player without Noah in the deal and Noah is too high a price to be included unless the Bulls can replace his defense and rebounding. I'd rather see them get healthy and see how far they can go than see them make a rush move that improves one area and weakens several others for the same or less net result.

  • i know that thats not my point.. its just the fact that if melo name were brought up people wouldnt say a word about his age.. luol dengis here to stay.. our changes need to be made at sg,backup pg, and backup c.. we shouldve been the ones who got gortat and pietrus.. not saying how it couldve happend.. but thats the type of players.. eveyone keeps saying scoring. I say no.. because first of all it gets solved when we stop playing 4 on 5 with bogans and wasting ime with him even playing.. cj watson has to be a scorer if every other bench mate is playing a specific role.. those two alone wih a threat of a shooter spreads the floor for most games.. our problem has been perimeter defense..and if bogans is suppose to bring defense then why are we so bad at it right now.. but last but notleast this group is the only group thats hasnt played 15-20 games together.. the rest of the league has.. its perimeter defense,time,and production from the supporting cast.. i bet just two of those changes eveyones mind about worrying at all..

    Im still for jr to play our ginobli if they feel they can control.or contain him.. if not then seriously.. we need to make a move and stop wasting time.. while eveyone is adjusting to someone new.. dont wait til crunch time to throw someone out there..

    Jr or afflalo w luke ridnour and some center idk..

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