Boozer dominates the Thunder in Bulls victory

Carlos Boozer scored 29 points on 13 of 21 shooting from the field fulfilling my pregame key of the game that he'd crush the Thunder inside the paint. 

The Thunder had no answer to Boozer, and quite frankly, it's ridiculous that he only went to the line four times as the refs bailed out Durant frequently while Boozer got a technical foul call for pointing at his face after Krstic leveled him in the head on a drive he had to the paint.  

Boozer couldn't be stopped in this game and completed several circus shots around the rim, some tough fadeaways, and scored all night long against the Thunder.

The Bulls wouldn't have won this game a week ago

Derrick Rose struggled to get much going on, and maybe if the Bulls needed him more, he wouldn't have struggled so much.  Rose hit only three shots on the night, one of which was a half court heave that wasn't in the flow of the game.   Otherwise, he struggled to find his way into the paint.   Had some questionable decisions on pull ups, and overall, played rather poorly.

However, as he said after the game, all he had to do was pass the ball to Boozer, and he managed to do that plenty tonight.   No player has it going on every night, and it's nice that Rose didn't have to expend as much energy tonight in the win.

Joakim Noah was reffed out of the game

If the game were in Oklahoma City, I'd say it was home cooking.   Noah fouled out in six minutes and had a few really dicey calls go against him.   To add on to the previous point, the Bulls had Noah and Rose play among their worst games this season, and they still basically blew out the Thunder.

The Bulls need to keep it going, but you can see the pieces coming together of a great team.

Carlos Boozer's a bad ass

Okay, the whole intro was about him, what more is there to say?  Great game by Boozer, let's hope he can pile up a few more.

Luol Deng had a nice night that was lost inside the Boozer madness

It was Deng who stepped up into the second scorer role tonight to help out Boozer.    He did a nice job cutting to the basket, forcing early offense and getting all of his attempts at the hoop without settling for long jumpers.

As a team, the Bulls did an excellent job of attacking the Thunder's interior.  I noted before the game, that they have no interior defense, and Tom Thibodeau must have made a point of telling the players, because I can't recall the last time I saw so many non-Rose shots taken in the paint.  

Keith Bogans hit some shots

Okay, so he had a few gimmies, but at least he hit them and was only blocked from behind on one of his layup attempts.   He knocked down 1/2 from the three point line, and for one night, he wasn't a liability on the court.

Kyle Korver found his groove

The game really started to turn in the second quarter when Kyle Korver found his three point shot and knocked down two threes inside around 30 seconds.   It had been a two point game for most of the night, then Korver hit them with a couple daggers.   The Thunder had to play catch up the rest of the night, and Bulls fully blew it open in the fourth quarter.

Korver had a quality shooting night, but his threes came from kickouts not from the crazy running off screen plays, which is why I feel he needs to be on the floor with Rose more where he gets more kick outs and less shots off of double screens.

Ronnie Brewer was just called for another foul

Kevin Durant is still in the same zip code, the team plane hasn't left yet.  You can't do that Ronnie, you can't be in the same zip code as Kevin Durant.

Omer Asik had two points, two boards and two fouls

That's a pretty mediocre stat line, and you'd think he was fairly lousy if you read it, but Asik looks really good on the court.   The more I watch him play, the more quietly I'm excited for when he fully adapts to the NBA game and has a year with a real free throw coach.

Final Thoughts

Rose played poorly, Noah was reffed out of the game, the Bulls played 5-8 in a horribly officiated game, and they depants the Thunder anyway.   How can you not feel good about that?


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  • Sounds as though Boozer is ready to put the Bulls on his shoulders for awhile so Rose, Noah and Deng can catch their breath. WOnder what a rematch with Orlando and Boston would look like now?

  • "You can't do that can't be in the same zip code as Durant." Hilarious. You just made my morning.

    By the way, groove = what Stella lost and grove = where orange juice comes from. I don't like ragging on typos cuz I know you have seventeen jobs and write the blog instead of sleeping, but you keep talking about the players' trees.

    I got home from work just before the halfcourt heave; Noah and Rose had three points combined when I turned on the game and Bulls were up double digits...unbelievable! Good game!

  • Tonight is a perfect example of why Korver isn't starting. The bulls started the game with Bogans on Durant because they knew that Deng would have to guard him later. That saved Deng energy and fouls and he quietly had a very effective game. Would you even consider doing that with Korver? And if Rose plays 36+ minutes, more than half of Korver's minutes are with Rose anyway. So still a big NO to starting Korver.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Thibs starting Bogans on KD was good gameplanning if it was indeed to save Deng from exhaustion. But seeing as Durant was blowing by Brewer and Bogans, I don't think you lose much by starting Korver as long as you have guys rotating over to help, along with Noah down low to stop drives. I really want to see how things function with Korver starting. His defensive liability is really overstated. He has length and isn't oblivious on D.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    I didn't see him blowing by Brewer until Brewer realized that no matter what he did, he was getting the foul.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Deng defended Durant well, Brewer didn't defend him well at all. I'm sorry but Brewer isn't the excellent defender many make him out to be. He's a great slasher, strong rebounder, and can defend mediocre players. Deng is light years ahead of Brewer defensively. Outside of Chicago Brewer isn't known for defense, that should tell you something. John Hollinger specifically said about Brewer when we signed him "he's not known for his defense". I agree he isn't a bad defender, but he isn't a smart one either.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Brewer isn't a strong rebounder, he's actually got a pretty poor rebound rate for a guy who splits time between SG and SF.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    I don't understand why Brewer isn't in the starting discussion more. I like Korver's offense coming off the bench. And his D is really pretty bad. He tries, but he either has to foul or just gets blown by. Brewer rebounds hard, plays the baseline well, slashes and creates space for teammates, plays solid D, can penetrate better than the other SGs, keeps a lot of plays alive, and his explosiveness is mostly back. His mid-range shot seems to be getting a bit better too.

    The Thunder just sort of gave up last night. By taking out Durant and Westbrook for most of the 3rd, Brooks was basically saying lets just get home and get some rest after the roadtrip. At least that's how it felt.

    Really cool to see Rose beat Westbrook on that jump ball in the 2nd half.

    Taj Gibson is the epitomy of heart. He did all the dirty work last night. Fighting for boards, tipping balls in the paint and keeping possessions alive, just hustling hard. Love that guy.

    Boozer seems to be a real supportive teammate. He's always the first to congratulate guys for playing well and seems to be a good fit chemistry wise. Hopefully, its not all for show. I don't think it is.

  • In reply to Crowned:

    Good eye on that jump ball, Crown, he went WAY high. Um, has anyone noticed that Jo wins like, ALL the jumps? I've seen every game, I think he's missed three, maybe four all season long.


    "The DUKIES dominate the Thunder in Bulls' victory."

    Deng's effort was HEADLINE worthy. Just throwing it out there.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Lol, coach K's boys did handle this victory.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Free-Throw Attempts:

    Holding R. Westbrook to only 1 FTA was very good defense by DRose and the Bulls.

    That said, the refs were a joke in the 4th Quarter. KD had 5 FTA's through the first 3 Qrts., but got 9 FTA's in the 4th Qrt. thanks to the refs calling too many ticky-tack fouls, which put the Bulls in the penalty early that quarter.

    * I guess the refs got a memo from Stern letting them know that KD needs to win the scoring title this year. The officiating these last two nights has been absolutely absurd and one-sided.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It doesn't make sense to me, I get why KD gets calls, the league wants him to keep that superstar status. Drose is in a basketball hungry market, don't they want him to achieve the same level of stardom? Noah is another story, he just isn't that likable to lots of people, he'll always have certain refs screwing him over.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Does Thibs have to be screaming at them without rest the entire game? I like the intensity, but he doesn't look like he's having any fun out there and it must be a little distracting or difficult to find a rhythm when he's screaming at you from the sidelines 100% of the time. At some point he has to let them play.

  • In reply to adamlweber:

    I agree, take a page from Phil Jackson, & just give it a rest, for at least part of the game.

    In a related note, if I was a throat lozenge company, I would be contacting Mr. Thibodeau's agent for a marketing idea.

    I also would be contacting Boozer's agent if I was part of the facial hair grooming market

  • Did it? Korver was only +3 for his second quarter stint. OKC was able to adjust and get back into the game by halftime. It was only a 5 point game.

    The Bulls broke the game open in the 3rd when they had a relatively rested Deng to check Durant and frustrate him out of the game.

    I think we'd agree that this bulls team is going to win 60% whether they start any of Bogans/Brewer/Korver/Asik at the 2. If they want to be legit contenders they have to match up with Orlando, Boston and Miami. Against Boston and Miami, how can you start Korver? Do you put Rose on Wade and do you really want Korver chasing Ray Allen? No. You want him as a second quarter changeup so that a tired Wade has to choose between chasing him or trying to stay in front of Rose. Maybe you could get away with it against Orlando, but even that is questionable.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    i am not agreeing or disagreeing about where to play Korver, but did you watch the game last night?

    "The Bulls broke the game open in the 3rd when they had a relatively rested Deng to check Durant and frustrate him out of the game."

    Durant sat 9 of the 12 minutes in the third. When was it that Deng had a chance to guard him?

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    They took him out because Deng was beating him on the boards and making him work hard to get his shot. Durant got frustrated and stopped playing hard. Deng had the energy for a quick start to the third quarter because he was checking the offensively shy Sefolosha for a lot of the first half.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    So who was checking Durant the whole first half to allow deng to rest? I am asking because i dont know

  • In reply to bcz1980:


  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Could have done the same with Brewer starting, and likely not have the truly horrific misses that Bogans has become known for.

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    Just a thought I had during my lunch break...I was a little disappointed with how Rose played last night, seeing as he was only 3/13 with 11 points, and I was a little frustrated because other superstars are scoring 18 pts during an "off" night. But then I realized that Derrick had the self-control to pass the ball. Other stars are still putting up 20+ shots a game during an off night. D-Rose still continues to amaze me at how good of a ball player he is (and how much better he is going to be). It will be difficult to match up against the elite teams, but come playoffs, anything is possible with Rose and Noah (and the addition of Boozer).

  • In reply to bpmueller:

    Rose last night basically played the USA team role he played over the summer. He had a couple of tough shots that almost went in, but I would not say he had a bad game, just a low scoring game.

  • In reply to bullshooter:


  • In reply to bcz1980:

    The bulls went on a 12-4 run to start the third. Durant was taken out at the end of that run and the teams played even until another run at the end of the quarter.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    The Thunder played very well in Durant's stead recently, maybe that had some kind of effect directly or indirectly, on coach Brooks sitting him almost all of the 3rd?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I think Bill Simmons analogy of "Avon" Durant to "Stringer" Westbrook might be on the money.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    More like Scott Brooks taking him out of his game than Deng, although I did like Deng's defense. Everyone was puzzled why Durant was out so long though.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    good point about matching up with Orlando & Boston though. Its probably why I would start Brewer & have Korver be the 1st sub after about 6 min

  • Boozer Stinks on Defense

    Now that I have your attention, let me say, "I don't care."

    In past days I saw comments that Boozer was not good on defense. Today, I don't think anyone is saying that.

    I can't remember the last time a Bulls power forward had 29/12 and did it so easily. I can't remember a Bulls forward who could finish so easily around the basket. I don't think Rose was worried about Boozer's defense last night, do you?

    I can only imagine that if Boozer is wearing out other power forwards offensively, they might be a little worn out themselves and unable to press Boozer's defensive lapses, if any.

    Yes, the Bulls aren't perfect and need more muscle under the boards for playing the Celtic/Magic/Heat. And it would be nice if they had a SG threat from the outside.

    But for the first time since I've watched the Bulls, they have a power forward whose pretty darn good. Let's hope the trend continues.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    I think Boozer has looked better defensively each game since he came back. Im not saying he is playing good D, but i think it is getting better and will continue to do so. As he gets back to top form he will use his strength to defend the post and the overall team D is going to be tough the more they play together. Lets see how everything looks at the end of this month. I figure the team will be around 20-11 and looking really tough.

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    He struck me as pesky last night, which isn't a bad thing to have next to Noah, Asik, and Taj.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    like Boozer says, everything you do on the court is so much better when you are in game shape. The only way to get in game shape is to play against NBA players at game speed. Consequently, his D is now better.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    I think Rose is is own worst enemy when it comes to getting the calls. As Stacey King says: "He's too strong, too fast, and too good." And I'll add to that: he's too honest! With his strength, speed, and body control, he can absorb contact without it looking like the contact affected his shot attempt.

    If he were to do a little acting and flail seemingly out of control when he feels contact, he might get a few more of those calls. I think he focuses so hard on making the shot that he doesn't think about flopping to draw the whistle. It looks to me that he'd rather make the shot and not get the call than miss the shot and still not get the call.

    In that replay that got King and Funk bent all of shape, the one where Rose was hit 3 times on the way to a missed layup, you couldn't even tell there was any contact if you just looked at Rose. He didn't scream in fake discomfort, he wasn't knocked off stride or slowed at all. It was just enough contact to make him miss the shot. In fast motion I could see where the refs would think there wasn't enough contact, if any, to affect his shot.

    Superstars still get those calls, though. They get the anticipation calls sometimes even before the contact is made. They often get the benefit of the doubt if it looks like the barest contact was made...even when the shooter isn't even touched! Other than flopping, which I hate like sin, I don't know what it's going to take for Rose to start getting those calls.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    I'd say the last time a Bulls PF had a game this good was when Noc put up 25/18 against the Wizards in the first Bulls playoff game since Jordan.

  • AS FOR THE NBA REFEREEING PORTION OF THIS COMMENTRAY I WELCOME ANY AND ALL COMMENTS AND YES CRITIQUES. I apologize for all caps, but I don't know how to use the boldface features on this writing software/blog. Maybe somebody could give me a head's up.

    You could say Rose played poorly(twice)... but looking beyond the stat line he really did some good things for the team.

    At least one if not two of those turnovers were not his fault. With 9 solid assists that's a 3 to 1 A/TO. And his assists really fueled Boozer's game with him being rewarded for moving without the ball. That just energizes a player's game even more instead of just dumping the ball off to him in the post or picking and popping, and saying go create soemthing. Easy baskets like that several from Derrick's efforts and cunning are important to Boozer's big night.

    Also, Derrick for most of the game IMO played solid D. He had a nice block on Westbrook and took a big charge in the lane showing how it's really done instead of Harden's late/phony/floppy one that was rewarded by these horribly indcotrinated/"trained" refs.

    And I here what Doug is saying when a now seriously bandied about MVP candidate puts up 11 on 3-13 with five T's, but yet he still did a lot for his ballclub. I just don't think it does him justice with all the important things he did out there esecially for Boozer that he be labelled as playing "poorly."

    But again an honest disagreement, and I undertand where Doug is coming from.

    But back to these god damn refs. I mean what has the NBA become? Basically the way the game is officiated now is that any wing/guard who pump fakes on the perimeter, no matter how fricking far away the defender is even half a body length or more, if the shooter can get you to leave your feet, even if you are completely vertical/not encroaching, then all he has to do is dive into you, and you are called with a foul, and he gets a trip to the line.

    That is f-ing ridiculous. That pump fake I think it was Durant made on the perimeter I mean the defender was a mile away from him, and went straight up. Yet the shooter/Durant lunged so far forward(with no chance in hell/legit motion of actually attempting/making a shot) that he plunged into the defender, and got a foul call for that. Later in the game Durant did the same thing just ran into Boozer or whoever in the lane, and through up this crazy, B>S. "shot" to be rearded with a foul call.

    I'll tell you do to the rewards by today's NBA refs for phony flops on moving defenders for bogus charges, and these ridiculous pump fakes and lunging into far away defenders who are penalized for simply jumping straight in the air when the shooter is so exaggerated in his lunging that he has no legit claim to shooting the ball, and guys pump faking and defendrs barely react/touch them, but then the guy flops/falls down, "Oh my god I've been shot" Stacy King. And yet this is how the game is "officiated"/players are rewarded for this sh*t?

    I mean you have to be f-ing kidding me. And that's what today's NBA has become. A place where phony acting and posturing and ridiculous lunges(really fouls by the offensive player if anything) are consistently rewarded.

    I'll tell you, the fact that NBA refs training/execution is so unjust and suspect I honestly believe if it wasn't for the fact that the U.S. Congress is equally as screwed up/corrupted I would say investigate this perversion of what has become a very major national past time. What on earth would be wrong with making all refereeing training, guidelines, rules, and in season communications or even pre-game communications public?

    The phony, contrived, and unjustly rewarded tactics of today's players due to the absolutely perverse version of officiating that passes for today's NBA refereeing is beyond attrocious. What they, David Stern, VP Stu Jackson etc. have done is create a creepy, really cheating culture where players are so caught up in these phony flops, fake charges, and lunging offensive foul/manufatured perimeter fouls(often on threes) that it's just sickening.

    When you make a rewards system for such really dishonest methods of playing basketball you lessen the players and you lessen the game.

    I'll tell you whatever success the NBA has had with marketing stars like M.J.(even though he was allowed to be raped by the Pistons and Rodman), changing the way the game was officiated for Shaq(who nonetheless was a great player, and I really think the changes hurt him as much as helped him early on in his career), and the moving screens where bigs literally walk right in front of struggling/pursuing guard defenders and sometimes even get away with holding them.

    It's bad enough that today's players make so much money(which is great for them, but inherently with many people has a corrupting influence/potential) multiplied by the NBA advertising hype machine including ESPN. And I'm not saying I'm any better then these guys/wouldn't be corrupted somewhat by obscene loads of cash and ego stroking heaped on me. But then on top of this self-aggrandizing cauldron you have a phony rewards system which without doubt the more name players and stars even get more of these calls on faked lunging fouls, flops, and phony falldown charges.

    It really encourages players to spend much of their time being phony actors. I don't know, but to me it lessens the game big time, and it just creeps me out. Maybe Stern is afraid if they don't allow all this crap then without all the foul calls the scoring will fall the way it did for a while in the 90's/read Bill Simmon's "Book of Basketball."

    It would be interesting to see with all of the games I've been watching lately with players getting into foul trouble if the increase in these phony foul rewards/calls has elevated the total number of fouls called in games and for NBA seasons in recent years.

    Either way it's wrong. And Stern whom I've always held in low regard/do nut trust one iota, is undoubtedly at the head of all this where profits and team values had risen(before the economic collapse), but at what cost? These players think they are being given the keys to controlling the game, but actually what the are getting is an artificial, corrupted league of which they will be lessened by, and regrettably spend their prime years in.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Street Ball

    Years ago I played a street ball game at a park on Ashland near Lawrence: 3 on 3. A big guy owned the court, he was perhaps 6'3" and 270, at the time I was 6'1" and about 220.

    Twice I took a charge on the big guy who came driving to the hoop like it was a layup drill. Twice the guys told me they didn't count charges (something about it was suburban basketball).

    The third time the big guy came rolling into the lane I went up strong to block the shot and collided with the big guy. He was surprised and complained about me fouling him on his drive. My response? "It's street ball. If you don't call charging, you can't call fouls in the paint."

    Basically, I said "come and get it". The stud didn't drive on me again for the rest of the game. Turns out he couldn't hit an outside shot to save his soul. And yes, my side won the game.

    Moral to the story, if I had a guy jumping into me in street ball (Reggie Miller, where are you now???) as soon as I saw him leaping into me I'd curl up into a ball and let him fall all over me. Intentional? You bet.

    I'd force the refs to actually do their jobs. (Somewhere Norm Van Lier is smiling...)

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    Interesting take. So the next time Harden does a phony flop on a charge he walked into/wasn't set for you then what..? Next time you drive right through him, knock his ass to the floor, and say hey you want a charge, there's your charge!?

    I'm not sure I totally get you, but I agree wthere are times when the refs don't call things fairly and someone takes advantage of you then you take care of it yourself with a hard/physical play you do punish the guy and make it clear to everyone including the refs that you are not going to be victimized by their phony B.S> calls/no-calls.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    The Rules of Basketball

    RoadWarrior, in street ball, the players enforce their own rules. That's what makes it such a great game.

    But in the NBA, paid referees "kind of" enforce the rules of basketball based on the marketing aims of the NBA.

    Shaq was good for basketball so give him the "Shaq a bump". Reggie Miller was constantly given the awkward jump shot kick where he kicked people and fouls were called against them (weird).

    The European school of "flopping" was planted firmly here with Vlade Divac and now is an art form in the NBA. (Although Bill Laimbeer was pretty good at it long before Vlade.)

    On defense, the phrase giving a "hard foul" is understood. You don't hurt anyone, but you force people to make free throws instead of layups.

    If offensive charging is called cleanly by referees, it's a good technique. If you can't sky to block a layup, you take a charge long before the layup is made. If a defensive player constantly gets underneath people trying to take a charge and endangering the offensive player, perhaps it is time for a hard offensive foul.

    I don't have the solution RoadWarrior, but I think Norm Van Lier would have one.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    WOW... Let me sum this up for everyone who did not want to take 15 minutes to read this rant... the refs are ridiculous & horrible.

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    The crazy thing is they allow these absurd foul / non-foul calls, but decided to not let a player complain anymore. Boozer gets slapped upside his head.. no call... tech foul! Durant pump fakes get Luol in the air (2 feet in front of him) and lunges way forward to create the contact.. foul! What the hell!!!

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    That Boozer no call was un-f-ing real. And then to call a tech? When he simply without any violent getures or exaggeration/overly emotional response then stated, hey that was a foul??!! Stern's Speech Police at their finest. But I'm sure if that happened to Durant, Wade or Kobe they would have A) not called a foul and B) then called a tech..? Right.

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    its lazy officiating, they aren't looking for fouls, they are looking for those who react as if they are being fouled, and rewarding those who seek out foul calls. The system is totally ass backwards

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I read in an article awhile back that refs are biased towards teams that are losing. You could tell that the Durant endless freethrow parade was an effort to keep the game from becoming a blowout. The beginning of the fourth was ridiculous- putting the Bulls almosty in the penalty in one possession! I also think the refs tend to favor the Thunder (Why?- we are young and scrappy too with a budding superstar?). Boozer in the face, Noah's charge, just bad. Yet our defense shut them down and we didn't let it affect the way we played D- props to our guys for pulling this one out - AND the Houston game. I like that - no excuses- no matter how bad the officiating is, find a way to win.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    The Thunder are a soft team .. No bulk. No D .. Boozer like any other guy that moves around will score on them.. Im not on Boozer bandewagon at all.. He did absoluetly nothing against Orlando and Boston,, Boston and Orlando bigs score at will , shooting short shots over BOOZER..
    Lets see what Boozer does againt Orlando, La, Milwaukee,and Boston next time.. I think it will be the same NOTHING. Utah people sware that BOOZ is Soft.. I havent seen anything to change that at all.. The thuder is a weak D team.. theres a reason he sits in the 4th and Taj is in there .. Its called D

  • In reply to mikem:

    You may end up being right on Boozer but for now give the guy a break. He's only played a couple games so far, w/o any preseason. I liked the way he supported the team while he was hurt and he looks to have a nice PF offensive skillset and intensity.

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    Dude, just because it's long does not make it a rant. I tried to explain through reason why I felt the NBA refereeing has created this phony and game injuring culture.

    And an issue as general/encompassing as several different aspects of officiating that has gone horiibly wrong takes a little time to address.

    If you don't like long posts I understand that. I try not to have too many. But on the other hand I hope you're not labelling this a rant simply because it's long. I do have dislike for what I think is a corruption of the game. But if somone addressing something passionately and with some depth can only be labelled a rant I think you're mislabelling my thoughts and being a bit simplistic yourself.

    But I did ask for responses, and yours is still welcome. Sorry if you did feel it was too negative or subjective i.e the subject didn't warrent it. We will have to disagree.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Whoa. It was just a little humor. And as you could see from my next post I agree with how bad things have gotten. If I used a poor choice of words, my fault.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Mitchell, I think you're on the right track. It's not conspiracy, the refs are just busy, so they read the headlines instead of looking for themselves. Compare the difference between our own sportscasters, or any team really, compared to the networks. Time and again, the network broadcasters bring up the same old saws, tired episodes from ancient history, or yesterday's "big story", because they think they can sound smart that way without actually doing REAL research into how a team is playing. I think the refs are the same way sometimes - huddle before a game and decide what they're gonna watch out for, based on recent reports. That said, if it's true, I wonder what they keep saying about D Rose to keep from giving him foul calls!

  • In reply to petert23:

    You hit it on the head as did Mitchell.

  • In reply to petert23:

    The story to me of the game, beyond Boozer's return to all-star level & the crap officiating (what's new?), is the return of the defense, intensity, & the way they controlled the glass. The Bulls looked very energetic and if they play this way all the time they would win b/t 50-60 games. They really can beat any team with this type of effort. Before the game against the Rockets, I read Rose's lips in the huddle right after intros & he said 'no f***ing around' or 'no more bulls***' to start the game. I love it.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Easier to dominate the board against a tandem of Ibaka and Krystic.

  • In reply to Crowned:

    yeah in comparison to Garnett & Shaq or Howard & whoever, but most other teams have a frontline closer to the Thunder.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I'm looking forward to people finally coming to the realization that Rose can be an excellent distributor when given the proper tools. Rajon Rondo gets all the blessings in the world of media because of the ridiculous assist numbers he posts, and while he's a heck of a passer, he's also passing the rock to three future HOFs. I predicted in the preseason that Rose's assist numbers would skyrocket with the addition of Boozer, and now that Boozer has arrived, that premonition has started to come to fruition. I honestly believe Rose, barring another Boozer "bag trip", will average 10 assists per game by the end of the year, we shall see.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    This is why I loved the W last night. It was the first time D.Rose could just look to get teammates going and not worry about scoring the rock. D.Rose wasn't the man last night, but he didn't have to be because of Booz. He was allowed to take a night off of worrying about scoring enough individually. His shot was off early and so he just started distributing. Yet another way the Bulls proved they can win ball games.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Here's a thought on Rose and fouls. If the refs are acting out "the word", as it were, that's what's going to have to change. Somehow, the newscasters are gonna have to start talking about how he never gets calls, for all the reasons listed so well above. When they hear THAT talk is when they'll watch for it.

    How does the "sound-bite conversation" change? Please, you tell me, usually it takes lotsa T's or your head office sending high profile video to Rod Stern... I think Thibs should speak up, surely Garpax would cover the fine! But really, I wish we could do something... someone want to set up a You-Tube collection of DRose getting hacked? We can forward it ourselves to the NBA!

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    This post just proves you are clueless to what you are saying. Rose will get some assets from Boozer in the post but in the motion offense where the team plays a inside outside type of game, the wing players would give Rose the majority of his assists which we all know that is the Bulls weakness. Know what you are saying next time before you start to ramble.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Not to throw cold water on a very nice effort, but I'm not sure if the Bulls defensive success was from more intensity by the Bulls or OKC shooting horribly from beyond the arc. The fact that OKC was in the bottom 3rd of the NBA last year 3 point shooting makes me lean toward the latter.

    I think the Bulls' Achilles' heel is still their inability to consistently challenge 3 point shooters. While I like to think it was the Bulls' defense that was the difference last night, watching the game I remember cringing several times at wide open looks from 3 - where the Bulls' rotation was late - that OKC just missed.

    The Bulls have a good shot at beating the Lakers at home for the same reason. If the Bulls continue to clog the lane as well as they have most of the season and LA doesn't shoot well from long range, the Bulls should get that W...assuming the Bulls don't shoot themselves in the foot.

  • In reply to magestew:

    The Bulls Achilles heal is fouling. They're above average in all the other defensive categories (opponent shooting percentage, three point percentage, forcing turnovers, rebounding).

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I agree, though I have to admit, I didn't read your whole rant. There has to be some common sense in officiating. In general, calls should go against whoever initiated contact. Like when Reggie Miller would stick that leg out & trip a guy....that is a foul!

  • Well Durant and Westrbook both get 9-10 foul calls a game so I'm sure when your FTA's are that high it's justified, and not somewhat based on flops, lunges, and phony sales jobs let alone rep for getting to the line. No it all just naturally happens within the confines of that particualr game. ;)

  • I believe its 2 against Orlando, another home next, then a road game towards the end of the season.

    I also have to believe that Thibs has some wrinkles in his game plans & play sets for when we go against the elite in the East that he won't break out until the playoffs. He won't show his full hand, or even possibly some of his best ideas against Orlando, Boston, Miami, or Atlanta (maybe)

  • What are your other jobs Doug? What neighborhood do you reside in?

  • Good observation Bullshooter, but I agree with Doug. Its similar to the mentality of taking a guy out with foul trouble. If the guy is not tired, let him play, & if the refs froce him out, at least you got every possible minute out of the guy. Points at the beginning of the game count just as much as the ones at the end. Plus, you're putting pressure on the refs to keep making borderline fouls on 1 guy.

  • very interesting perspective, results in a vicious cicle. Clearly something is at work here beyond the black & white. I am not sure if they scout the teams, but I would imagine they do. It would make a lot of sense for what we see sometimes.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    cycle. sorry

  • I understand your point, but no flailing D.Rose please. The league and refs are catching on that the reason it doesn't look like Rose gets fouled more is due to his strength and body control. I think he starts getting the benefit of the doubt soon. The league wants aggressive penetrators and I think the words out that D.Rose should get more respect from the refs. He's slowly but surely getting more and more calls it seems.

  • Good win for the Bulls but I'm not going to get excited until this team proves they can beat an elite team. They are rounding into form and the game against the Lakers on Fri. will be a big 1 considering the Bulls did play them tough for most of the game in L.A. I know this team still needs time to gel and I mean I know it's just me, but until this team beats some of the elite teams and prove that they are really trying to contend for a championship, I wont get my hopes up cause this team still need to fill some very important positions that stick out very noticeably.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Reese dog I think your CD is skipping again. We need Melo - skip-We need another scor-skip-we need another scor-skip-we need melo-skip

    Give it up.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    I feel like you really need to stop replying to most of my posts cause I have read a lot of yours and... I will leave it at that cause it really is a waste of time reading your posts. As I said this team is rounding into shape but they do need to prove they can beat the elite teams now that there's no excuse cause the team is healthy.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    nor should you, but they will be a lot better of a team the next time they face the Magic

    Bulls gonna beat the Lakers Friday though

  • I agree. I'd rather see him avoid the contact and try to make the shot rather than bait the refs.

    Now, he may do this already and I simply haven't noticed, but if he isn't, I'd like to see him in the refs' ears more. Not bitching, just talking to them respectfully about looking out for all the contact. I think he'll eventually start getting calls but a nice little chat with the refs once or twice a game might expedite the process.

  • You'd think Thibs would have pretty solid relations with the refs given his 21 years as a respected assistant. So he ought to be able to draw more attention to the atrocious no calls. Then again if he's been yelling up and down the court for the majority of those 21 years he may

  • I don't think premadonna or entitled are in his genes.

  • Don't know how old you are, but you must have missed the Detroit years and the Knicks years. Jordan took as much physical abuse as any player not named Shaq.

  • The difference between the truly elite point guards is the accuracy of their passes, getting the ball to each guy exactly where he wants it.

    Right now Rose is still wild with the ball, as evidenced by how often the Bulls fumble passes rather than fielding them cleaning and making a play.

    Never mind that pass that he sailed into the Madhouse on Madison. And his ballhandling still has me on the edge of my seat on nearly every play, and not it a good way.

    This brings up something else that is becoming bothersome to me. Collecitvely, the Bulls appear to be the worst hands team in the NBA. They get their hands on a lot of balls in every phase of the game, but fail to coral the ball or fumble it away an awful lot.

    Not sure if this is an idication that we are somewhat athletically challenged or if there is something else at play.

  • The Refs were as horrendous as Boozer was awesome. They really seem to be as bad as they have ever been this season, horseshit in my opinion, don't know about David Sterns.

    I did not get that big of a thrill out of this victory, the Thunder played a typical crappy second game of a back to back on the road type of game. We certainly did not get their A game.

    It really was a game that falls into the "should have won" category.

  • The VDN era Bulls were actually below average at giving away fouls, and nearly average at drawing them (above with Ben Gordon, below without). The foul situation has gotten worse on both ends this year so I don't think you can say it's a hang over from a previous coach.

  • MW you do realize my response was sarcasm don't you? I meant just the opposite: that all the things I stated reputation, flopping, lunging etc to draw fouls that these guys use all these tricks and live off of the rep/priviledge of drawing fouls that they've established with help from the league who see Durant as an elite player/top draw.

  • I respect your views, but you really believe that theory that many in the media have pointed to the anticpation theory is the central problem? While I think there is some truth to that it's far from the whole story. And that the refs have no agenda when it comes to an elit player like Durant and his pal Westbrook?

    Granted Durant and Westbrook both do a lot of pump faking and lunging and flopping(taking advantage of the misguided officiating as it is currently applied), but still I mean they see a 21 yera old averaging 30ppg, and there's no agenda there to be much more sensitive with him when it comes to contact?

    Like I said before, IMO the problem is really more rewarding flops, shooters lunging into guys going straight up etc. And to say that the refs don't realize they have any sensitivity to contact with a star/moneymaker liek Durant or that they are not capable of judging contact correctly on thumps to the head like Boozer's, but simply don't call some of those because he is not on a team of priviledge such as Kobe, Durant etc.

    Essentially your saying there's no agenda, no bad policies on foul calls like the current way perimeter shooters are pump faking and then ridiculously lunging forward into defenders who are often going straight up, and being rewarded?

    OK if you feel that way, but I have to disagree.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Please disreagrd this post after I read your comments/explanation below.

  • M.J. rarely got hit hard? He only got the crap beat out of him by Detroit and New York over and over again. I respect your views Mitchell and you are a very knowledgable contributor. I don't know, I just think Derrick unless he becomes more outgoing like Wade, Kobe etc. who make themselves a very verbal/complaining presence with the refs for a reason(even now Wade and Kobe are still complaining just more restrained) he will not get the calls much of the time. And the fact that he doesn't use any pump fakes, hesitations etc. to draw legititmate, not phony flopping fouls, but just legitimate fouls is a huge flaw in his game.

    The argument that rather then getting a call you'd rather see him earning his living/points on some incredibly difficult shots(sometimes that he does miss in critical situations) I just have to disagree. Sure, no phony flopping etc. I'm fine if he's not down with that. But with his athleticism and speed not using hesitations and pump fakes to draw contact/get to the line he's just not going to reach his potential as a great scorer which I think he has shown he can be. Because that's what great scorers do. Plain and simple.

  • Last post was meant for chicagosportsguru wanabe.

  • The Bulls should win 10 of their next 12 games. The rest of December is very easy, and even the borderline good teams they play at home (Indiana, Milwaukee). Can't wait to see them go after the Lakers at home and with Boozington.

  • That's OK. And your views on refs anticipating contact I agree. I just think some of that is heightened greatly for elite/money players, and regardless of that issue they are also just plain getting officiating instructions to reward/call fouls for lunging perimeter shooters that is just plain the wrong way to call that play/rewarding someone in essence who is committing an offensive foul. That one last night that Durant pulled I mean he lunged so far forward there's no way he was really trying to shoot the ball but simply innitiating contact with a player(Deng) who was going straight up. That sure as heck shouldn't be a foul on Deng/the defender. It actually should be an offensive foul on the shooter/Durant.

  • Cool. I agree with you that he has to be careful about drawing contact, and not doing so when going airborne/he's vulnerable and/or against bigs like Howard. The savvy guys stay pretty much on the ground when using pump fakes and hesitations, and they also brace for contact, and just flip the ball up rather then extending trying to make the shot, and leaving themselves off balance/vulnerable to be knocked down/slammed hard.

  • Deng tried something like that where the defender back peddled out of the way and got called for the travel. I suspect Durant would get better treatment.

  • I heard on the post game wrap up on ESPN 1000 the other day that teams are able to send tape to the league for review to make their point on certain calls or in this case no-calls. They said after the past several games you better belive the bulls will have a tape full of Rose plays

  • I would go so far as to say he has elite ball handling. Most of the time he loses the ball it is because he is doing something with a large degree of difficuly like splitting a double team.

    Ball handling is different than ball security

    Also, I am still amazed at the lazers he fires from under the hoop out to the perimeter. Everytime I see it I have to rewind the tape & study it. He has such great hang time, if the shot isn't there he fires the ball out with extreme strength to the outside where is teammate is usually wide open, its so incredible. I have no problem with his pass accuracy by the way either.

  • Derrick Rose has the lowest turnover rate of all the guys averaging 8+ assists this year. There's no problem at all with his ball handling, he turns it over because turnovers are going to happen when you're asked to create with the ball.

  • Nick Young with 19 already in the first half on 15 minutes! Where's Happy?

  • In reply to ChiRy:


    vs. Kobe and the Lakers too.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    his shooting is impressive, what do you know about the rest of his game?

  • In reply to ChiRy:


    I was busy watching my guy E'TWAUN MOORE of Purdue light up Valpo tonight.

    Another guy to keep an eye on. Just saying.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    he's part of that impressive high school class of 2007

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    NICK YOUNG is on FIYA...haha.

    THRU 3 QRTS: 27 points on 9/12 FG shooting, including 5/6 from behind the arc.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    In the words of Doug Thonus, "None of your guys would be an upgrade to James Johnson."

    Care to revise your statement?

    Nick Young > James Johnson

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