Talking Bulls tonight on TKB Radio

I'll be on TKB Radio  (The Knicks Blog) tonight to discuss the Bulls and Knicks game coming up as well as some general NBA and Bulls and Knicks stuff.

Presumably more info will be added to the link later with the actual stream information to listen live.  It's hosted on blogtalkradio, so the stream will probably show up here at showtime.  

The show is 9-11 CST, I'll probably be on around 10PM CST. 


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  • Any word on why DRose stood up the "Good Wife" crew. I know he is painfully shy and still has time to mature into a man comfortable in his own skin. But he has just supplied some ammo for trash talkers like Kevin Garnett :(

  • In reply to claytonabigsby:

    I'd say breaching a contract with CBS in the manner that's been reported ( is the opposite of being shy. Sounds a bit "hollywood."

  • In reply to claytonabigsby:

    will you be discussing whether Boozer or Gallinari is the better actor?

  • In reply to claytonabigsby:

    South Park just clowned Bron Bron's Nike commercial.

  • In reply to Jmax:

    I gotta see that lol

  • In reply to Jmax:

    Good post Wiggins....ya while growing up in the city, it wasnt like their were fouls being called so thats why D Rose stays away from the contact.

  • In reply to claytonabigsby:

    I loved the story you pointed out about Thibs getting on Deng for taking 2 point shots from just inside the three point line. But I think you can blame Skiles for that. When he first came into the league he loved to take 3 point shots and then Skiles kind of weeded it out of him. Thibs has had to reprogram him back to what he was ;)

  • In reply to claytonabigsby:

    Yeah, but now it's Scalarine who keeps shooting 22 3/4' jumpers with his toe on the line. All I have to say to Scal is 'COME ON, MAN!'

  • Agree. Those were definitely, "I see the light" qoutes. Plus he made the paralell of seeing his game being like Wade's - a scorer.

    If he follows through on that quote/sentiment then he needs to watch tapes of Westbrook, Kevin Martin, Deron Williams, Wade, and Chauncey Billups. Honestly, the "King" of drawing fouls was A.I. back in the day(as they say) at 9-10 FTA's pg for nearly a decade.

    If Derrick can do this consistently the Bulls will have gaurunteed points during tight late games and offensive lulls particulalrly on the road where those can be deadly/embolden the other team.

    It's amazing to watch a guy who shoots 39 and 41% like Westbrook get to the line ten times a game this year and John Wall straight off the bus/rook getting 14 FTA's against Philly. Plus knowing you can get to the line takes the pressure off your jumpshots and the rest of your offense which in Derrick's case is already terrific.

    If D-Rose can get to the line 7-8 times a game we're talking a 26-28ppg stud. The kind teams need to at least contend if not eventually win a championship. I'm convinced that Derrick's consistent ability to go off especially in fourth quarters is the hallmark of not just a PG but an elite scorer. Will see if Thibs and the Bulls agree. But he's got to use pump fakes and know when to brace for contact on drawing fouls to do it safely like the guys who make their living that way. Not running full bore into people, and hanging in the air where bigs can slam him down.

    There is a right way and a wrong/dangerous way to make a living(as elite scorers do) drawing fouls.

    It is funny that someone had to come to the door like his dad or uncle, and tell the car/driver for his appearance on "The Good Wife(?? lame sounding show anyway) "Derrick won't be coming with you today." I guess nerves got the best of D, but then again he's barely comfortable now in interviews let alone doing T.V. shows. B.J. Armstrong what were you guys thinking?(ha, ha). I do think eventually with enough growth and success D will make some good commercials. He's already looking comfortable and fun to watch at times in his locker room and press assembeled/event interviews. he'll get there.

  • Earl Barron's Next Move: Last season, Earl Barron had his coming out party with the New York Knicks with just seven games left on the schedule.

    After spending much of the season with the Iowa Energy in the NBA Development League, Barron inked a ten-day contract with the Knicks and then signed for the remainder of the season after putting together a string of impressive performances.

    He averaged 11.7 points and 11.0 rebounds after being thrown into the starting lineup. He was able to make an impact each and every night playing alongside teammates he had just met days before. The general consensus around the league was that Barron had played himself into a nice contract.

    But one week into the regular season, the seven-footer is still looking for a home. Over the offseason, Barron was overlooked by many teams. Executives believed the sample size was too small and they were afraid to throw money at a relatively unproven big man who came on when most teams were resting starters for the playoffs or planning vacations.

    However, a deeper look shows that Barron had some of his most impressive performances against high caliber competition. In his best game, he totaled 17 points and 18 rebounds against the Boston Celtics with Kevin Garnett covering him for much of the evening. He also had solid outings against fellow seven-footers Dwight Howard, Chris Kaman, Roy Hibbert and Andrea Bargnani during the seven-game stretch.

    It's very rare that a talented, seven-footer gets ignored in the NBA and Barron isn't sure why he hasn't gotten another opportunity to prove himself. Rather than signing overseas, Barron is waiting for a call from an NBA team. He recently fired his agent, Mark Termini, and is now represented by Derrick Powell, according to sources. Powell could not be reached for comment.

    Several teams remain interested in Barron's services as they evaluate their rosters and weigh their options.

    The Phoenix Suns, CHICAGO BULLS, Los Angeles Clippers, Toronto Raptors, New Jersey Nets and New Orleans Hornets have expressed interest in the seven-footer. With other free agent big men such as Erick Dampier and Fabricio Oberto now off of the market, teams looking for frontcourt help are expected to turn their attention to Barron.

    With more than just seven games to learn a system, jell with teammates and get comfortable, Barron could become a solid contributor. He has made the most of every opportunity given to him and it should be just a matter of time until he has another shot to turn heads around the league.

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