Rose leads Bulls in come from behind victory over Kings

For the fourth time this year, the Bulls came back from a 12+ point deficit to win the game, and like usual, it was a combination of team defense and Derrick Rose offense that brought the team back.  The Bulls finish off the road trip with a win that was closer than the final score, after Derrick Rose returned from a stiff neck to lead them to victory and complete the first winning circus trip since the Jordan era.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), I only caught this game from the mid third quarter on.  I happened to turn it on when the deficit was roughly at it's worst and then saw the Bulls shut out the Kings for the rest of the night.

As such, no overall player reviews on the night, as I only have about 1/3rd of a game to go by, but a few general thoughts and observations.

Derrick Rose can do anything on the court.   His confidence has gone to a new level and when he wants to get to the hoop, he has no problem doing it.  He averaged 30 points on this road trip, and his assist numbers have been consistently higher as well.  The sickest play I saw on the night was when he broke Tyreke's ankles and left him lying on the floor like Andre Miller.

The team defense was absolutely stifling to close the game.  The Kings didn't do themselves any favors with the way they played offense, but the Bulls team defense was ferocious.  They switched well, man defended well, played the passing lanes, blocked a crapload of shots, and dominated the glass.   They basically completely shut down the Kings offense in the second half, the fourth quarter in particular.  

The Kings scored only 9 points in the 4th, and 16 points over the final 17 minutes of play, and the game went from a Kings rout to an easy Bulls win.   Once the Bulls tied this game, you just felt it was over for the Kings given that they simply couldn't get a good shot off.

Bulls did a great job at getting to the line and knocking them down.   The bulls have struggled in both areas this season, but their success in them was the difference in the game.  

Bulls stepped up when it counted.
  They've struggled to put together many complete games, but the team has also learned to play from behind and that they're never out of a game.  The vibe around the team has to be outstanding as they don't ever appear to feel out of a game, and they've backed it up by overcoming significant deficits in half of their wins.

Final thoughts:
Great road trip guys.   The Bulls come out at 9-6 which is a game better than I thought they'd be able to accomplish.   The schedule doesn't get any easier though, as they may come home, but they've got Orlando up next followed by Boston on the road again.


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  • I can't say it enough, big game from Brewer. He helped keep us in the game with his rebounding and creativity. It was a little sketchy watching him put the ball on the floor like he did at times, but he was a spark tonight.

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    When Boozer returns to the starting lineup(which will not be day one of his overall return) I believe that Thibs will use that as his excuse to finally bench Bogans and start Brewer.

    Brewer is somewhat of a helter skelter type player, which is not what Thibs is looking for, but he definately makes more things happen on both ends of the floor than Bogans, who barely beats a dead man in the makes things happen department.

  • should be 5-2 on the trip, but I'll take it. The next game we play should inlove Boozer in some capacity. Things are looking good. Just need to figure out how to play every minute like we did in the 4th quarter of this game.

  • Doug man, I've heard you say way too many times that you've missed some of the games, invest in a DVR of some kind my man

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  • In reply to ChiRy:


    Nick Young had another good game.

    vs. Orlando - 21 points on 8/15 FG Shooting.

    Who still wants JJ over him?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    most likely the wizards dont want JJ over Young. so quit with these pipe dreams

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    You never know.

    If the Wizards keep losing, they could start trading guys. A draft pick, cash or JJ could get it done. JJ makes $1 million dollars less than Nick Young.

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    The Bulls could have only 9 losses by January 1st.

    I'll say 10 though just to be safe.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'm goin to take it a step up, Bulls will win at least 14 in a row starting December 11

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Way to be bold ChiRy. 14+ in a row will be a great accomplishment. They are all .500 or worse teams over that streatch so it is possible. But I wouldnt be surprised to see them have atleast 1 off night and go 13-1 or 12-2 during that stretch.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    That prediction is rather safe. The Bulls have 16 games in Dec and 12 of those are against .500 or sorse teams. Lets assume the Bulls can win 4 of 5 against these types of teams and they can go 1 of 2 against the better teams. That would be 5 losses. Thats only 4 losses approx. I agree with you that they should have only 10 losses by Jan 1, but please dont come back here in a month when it happens and try to make yourself out to be "Carnac the magnificent" (sorry everyone for the spelling).

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    Great job Doug with that busy schedule!
    I love DVRing games as well! Then you can cut through all the timeouts, halftime, commercials, etc and just see the game and rewind what you want to see again like awesome Rose poster moves! :-)

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    The most promising thing about the Bulls and Rose is that they're playing this well even though they're still works in progress. I once complained that Rose should start games in the attack mode he showed when the Bulls were down big instead of deferring so much in order to knock opposing defenses back on their heels and open up more scoring opportunities for his teammates. He's done that this season and the result so far is NBA career highs in points and assists. The Bulls should follow his lead on both sides of the ball.

    The Bulls need to start games with the same focus and intensity they display after they fall behind by double-digits in the 2nd half. That way they can play with a lead more often instead of having to fight from behind so often. Then they'll have to learn how to maintain a big lead without suffering huge letdowns. Veteran teams know how to do this and I'm sure Thibs is working on it with them. I look for the improvement to be evident just before or just after the halfway point of the season.

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    for writing a pretty popular bulls blog you seem to be missing a lot of games. I'm not writing a blog and I never miss a minute, it's called a DVR....

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    and cherry picking every guys once in a blue moon good game(or should I say good box score).

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    Great Night Bulls win and Heat lose!!!!!! We are taking the 3rd spot in the east!!!!

    But is anyone a little worried about Droses shooting percentage, Noahs rebounding and Taj's injuries so early in the season!!

    I was reading the other day that Thibs said he is happy with Bogans starting at the 2 how much longer do you think it will be until Ronnie gets his job back???

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    Mr Happy said: FYI:
    Nick Young had another good game.
    vs. Orlando - 21 points on 8/15 FG Shooting.


    GO BULLS!!!

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    I forgot. Bulls' fans who SETTLE don't care.


    TREND: This trend of falling behind by 15+ points and trying to make a comeback really needs to be fixed. I'm happy they won, but they can't keep doing that.

    PREDICTION: As everyone is aware of, I predicted the Bulls would be 10-5 at this point. That didn't happen, but I believe I still had the best prediction compared to some of the CLUELESS predictions that were out there.


    6-2 before the circus trip (The Bulls went 5-3...didn't see the NY loss coming.)

    2-1 in Texas...that happened.

    2-2 out West...that happened.

    Overall, I'd say my prediction was pretty accurate. Thibs and Rose messed it up.

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    Can you give me the next lotto winning numbers, please?

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    Even after the circus trip, the next 5 games are tough, but then its on to the cream puff part of the schedule beginning Dec 11.

    When Boozer returns I hope Taj's minutes don't evaporate. I'd like to see Thibs balance playing time by reducing Deng's and Noah's minutes and even finding some time to develop JJ since Bulls picked up his option.

    Bulls have 3 of the top 8 players in the NBA for minutes played (Deng, Rose, Noah). I'd like to see some 30-34 minute games for Deng and Noah once Boozer is integrated and the easy part of the schedule begins.

    What a great season already! Bulls could climb towards .700 in the next 2 months.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    "Thibs and Rose messed it up." What??

    I can understand the issue with Thibs subbing Lucas in at the end of the Denver game, but how can you make the case that Rose has messed anything up?

  • next 6 are tough: Orlando, Boston, Houston, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, & the Lakers

    but then home free for the next 14-18 games

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    As usual it's pretty easy after that all the way to the end of January when they go on the next West trip. Between the trips the 04-05 Bulls went 20-10 after a 2-10 start, the 06-07 Bulls went 22-10 after a 4-9 start. This team hasn't dug itself into a hole, so hopefully we get to see them build a great record instead of just claw their way back this time around.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I gotta say, Taj was way off last night. I think the ref's got into his head with the early foul calls and then when his jumper stopped falling he tried to take it to the hole. Only bad thing was that in my mind is it resulted in some turnovers due to traveling calls, even though at least one of those was crap because after the first couple I was watching to see if he was indeed traveling, and one the dribble happened before he moved either foot.

    I just wish we could get a fair shake from the refs. They call a million fouls on the Bull's in the first quarter putting the Kings in the bonus early and handing them the lead. Then make it up by making so many calls on the Kings at the start of the second that the Bull's were in the bonus like two minutes in. And at that point they stopped calling any thing on the Kings. D.Rose got rapped a couple times going to the hoop and there was no call. Noah got knocked to the floor and hit with a technical for showing emotion, even though Ronnie Brewer was also making gestures at the ref like "WHERE IS THE CALL". I would love to just get a consistent game from the refs. I am not usually one to complain about referees because I watch FIBA and Euroball so I know how bad it can be. But in some of the Bull's games this year the refereeing is almost as bad as in Europe, and that is saying some thing.

  • I love the comradere of this team, love when the camera cuts over to the bench and they are all going crazy, cracking jokes, high fiving, jumping up and down...its cool to watch a team that is just that, a team. Its why a group like the Kings folded tonight & can't really call themselves as such. We have it, & it should get even better as we go along.

  • one of the hidden keys to the game: Deng stayed aggressive like he has done the past couple games, really taking it to the rack, shot 14 free throws! & made 10

  • It was pretty terrible in the first half, didn't put enough pressure on them and they ran what they wanted. They only had two turnovers (both charges) in the half which was a big part of it.

    Second half we forced turnovers right from the start and once they couldn't just run their sets it all started to break down for them, they couldn't get easy shots and they sort of fell apart. They had some bad 24 second violations where they just kept passing up shots because nobody was sure whether they were supposed to shoot.

    Noah did a great job in the second half after a pretty average first half, even though he didn't grab a lot of rebounds he was challenging shots well without fouling and also got 4 steals.

    Gibson getting into foul trouble and being sat also helped, I'm not sure if he's still not right with his foot or what, because Deng at the PF was more effective.

  • As good as 9-6 feels, it feels even better knowing that it came during such a difficult scheduyle (and w/out Bosser). We have had wins against quite a few quality teams - Dallas, Portland, Denver, ets. i just looked at both Boston and Orlando's schedules so far this season and I have to say theyve had quite soft schedules. They have both played Miami twice, but lets face it, they havent looked great so far. Boston is 12-4, but have played 12 of their 16 games against the East. Orlando 11 of their 16. the Bulls have played 11 of 15 against the WEST! And we had a great chance to beat the Spurs, and let Denver out of our grasp the second time around. I am very happy at 9-6 and think we are playing as well about as well as anyone in the East right now.

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    Sorry for the horrible typing in the last post :(

  • i had been too, but the way they are playing, they've got me greedy, I want 4-2

  • but they are falling behind early often right? Seems like they should try to start off with the more energetic Brewer

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I agree, start off strong defensively with Brewer. Bring in Watson at the 2 for the last few minutes of the 1st quarter, and then move him over to the point when Rose comes out for his rest. Bogans needs to be situational until he pulls his head out.

  • Doug you're nuts, don't know how you do it

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    or why :)

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    have to agree, doug gets some undeserved abuse for doing a great job allowing all of us to vent and cheer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Especially from the TRULY CLUELESS ONE.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Just sayin, but Rose had almost as many shots blocked as he had field goals made. And most of those blocks lead to fast break opportunities the other way.

    Rose is awesome, but he is still young, and probably just a bit undersized to be what many already think that he is. Look, Kobe wasn't quite yet Kobe in his third year either.

    I am anxious to see how Boozer affects Rose's game.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yeah, I don't think Rose will let a big get away with cheating over like last night once Boozer is back.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Rose played a game in three parts. He started and finished really well but during the middle he was awful, made some really bad decisions to drive right into a packed paint and give Dalembert block practice.

    I think it's great that Rose can play so badly for half the game and still put up 30 on reasonable efficiency.

  • dougy this isnt your ben gordon lead bulls.. this is d.roses team.. its 4 & 2 with loses vs l.a and orlando..

    we just need to find a tag team partner for brewer at the 2 with both players able to start..knowing that cj has to play uptempo.. i think our bench should get out and run before they worry too much about d and speed up the pace.. because they are the bench anyway.. and bench defense means nothing compared to bench offense..

    mickael pietrus anyone?

  • You are right. Orlando doesn't scare me. We'll see what they are made of come Wednesday, and then 3 more times throughout. We got some guys who can stand up to Howard now if he gets a little too physical with D Rose.

    I am fully convinced Boston's regular season will mirror last year's, & that they will tail off going into preservation mode. They are just too old to be playing 100 % for 82 games.

    Miami....I don't think there is anyone out there that believes they'll win even 60 games, heck they might not get 50 unless their interior play improves dramatically. They might be a different beast come playoff time, but for now we are better, a lot better

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    about Brewer/Bogans though, I am not ok with it, because when Booze returns, the rotation is going to be 10 deep, too many. Bogans absolutely cannot hit an open shot right now, and the domino effect of Boozer's minutes should land him on the bench, but I don't think anyone expects him to even lose his starting gig.

    I love our finishing lineup w/ Rose, Korver, Deng, Gibson/Brewer (soon to be Boozer), & Noah, but its not the way we finish games that is concerning, its the way we start them, and it seems as if Bogans is regressing.

  • I remember the 10-5 part, not so much the breakdown.

    I can certainly never root against the Bulls, but at least today there is some relief that we are 9-6 and not 10-5. The arrogant condescension that would have followed today would be unbearable.

    Sometimes, in life we have to make small sacrifices for the overall good or in this case sanity.

    Then again, when you make outlandish predictions on a daily basis about everything and anything, you are bound to get one right or come close every now and again. Something about the law of large numbers, I believe.

  • I hope to see everyones(Deng, Noah, Rose and most of all Bogans) minutes drop substantially.

    I wonder what will happen to Asiks minutes, they could dissappear altogether, I would like to see him play enough to be usefull in the playoffs.

  • Kudos for keeping it all going, never-the-less a DVR is indespensible for waching the game(all the games properly). I'd have to change jobs just to watch the Bulls without one.

  • He's been practicing in non-contact drills for awhile now, so I think he'll be ok as far as knowledge of the offense. He'll just have to get his timing down with game speed, which I figure will limit his passing ability for awhile, but not affect him a ton. It's more a matter of strength and endurance in that hand.

    The other thing is, this defense is very reliant on timely rotations of help defenders. I fully expect some blown assignments from him for a couple of weeks.

  • Kudos to you. Great blog, great podcasts. I read and listen to them always. However, please get a DVR. I have a family and a busy practice and the DVR makes it all work.

  • I don't really understand why Miami was so down on Beasley, what he's doing now is really just what he would have done in Miami if they gave him the ball more. You have to feel like Miami should have traded down from the #2 pick in that draft if they didn't feel like Beasley was a guy they could have being a high usage player next to Wade.

  • From memory they tried to bluff how much they love Beasley and would take him at #1, but obviously nobody fell for it. I don't get why teams don't just pick their guy if they can't manage to find a trade down, I guess no GM wants to be responsible for not taking the obvious pick in case they turn out to be a star.

  • I imagine Thibs expects everyone to play defense if they expect to play. Look at the effort CJ has put in on that end of the floor, there's something I sure didn't expect when we signed him.

    Good link, I hadn't seen that yet.

  • If Boozer buys into Thibs's defensive system I don't think there will be much if any drop-off on D. He's a widebody, he's strong, he has quick hands and he moves better than a lot of people give him for. He won't be the shot-blocker Taj is but he'll clog the lane, get strips and push opposing bigs out of their comfort zones. And as the Bulls' defensive reputation grows, the refs will probably let them get away with more physicality.

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