Derrick Rose blows off people asking him about blowing off 'The Good Wife'

Per KC Johnson:

"Oh, my God," Rose said when asked about it. "I overslept. It's nothing
big. You can ask anybody I work with, was I a problem on set or did I
have a problem showing up? I always show up early.

"We had a game (Monday) night," Rose said. "We went to go eat. After
that, you have to wake up at 6 a.m. to catch a flight? That's tough,
definitely tough."

"I really don't know," he said. "They were saying it was a good show
and I was supposed to fly there and it wouldn't take long and I could
fly back and be back in Chicago. But by the time I woke up, it was 10
a.m. So if I went there and went back it would've been 10 p.m. coming
back here.

"So I missed it. I thought it wasn't nothing big and they would
understand. But I should've known something was going to come out of it.
If anything, people know I'm not that type of person. I apologize."

I think the only thing even potentially disturbing about the story is the flimsy excuse that he decided it was just too much hassle followed by the fact that he doesn't think his actions were a big deal.

He held up work for a whole ton of highly paid, hard working professionals, it really is a big deal when you don't show up to these kind of things to them.

After making the commitment, he should have sucked it up and gone.   Yeah, you had to get up early, but just roll out of bed and into the car they have waiting for you and go back to sleep, then when someone wakes you at the airport, go to sleep again on the plane.   He made the commitment, and yeah, he should have honored it.  Really, he probably just shouldn't have made the commitment during the season at all.

All that said, I think people using this as an example of Derrick's views on commitment are way off base.   In life, most of us make commitments all the time, and while I'm sure there are some people out there who always keep all commitments, most of us balance which ones are really important to us.

In reality, we weigh how important we think the commitment really is in determining whether we could break it.  Would Derrick Rose break a commitment to his teammates?   I don't think so.  Would he break the commitment to himself in terms of practice and improving?   I don't think so.

However, a cameo on a TV show on the fringe of his consciousness probably doesn't feel like that big a deal to him even though it involves other people.  His own quotes show that he didn't really think it was a big deal, that he figured no one would really care much.   I think part of that is simply his own naivety in terms of his own fame and the workings of creating a TV show, but there it is.

I don't think he realized the consequences of his actions, and they're too far out of bounds of the things which are really important for him to worry much about, and quite frankly, I prefer his focus on basketball anyway.

This doesn't excuse his actions per se, but it does shed light on what's important to Derrick, and the Good Wife isn't it, nor should it be. 



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  • Slow news day, huh?

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    This story was posted yesterday on other sites. It wasn't much of a story to me yesterday, and it still isn't now. It is kinda funny that the New York Post were the ones who broke the story. Seems like they tried really hard to demean derrick for some odd reason.

  • In reply to JordanFanatic:

    No, nothing personal. That's just how business runs with the media and all things gossip in NYC or LA.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    Yeah, I know. Business as usual for media.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    C'mon guys. Let's not give him a pass because we love all things Derrick Rose. He messed up and doesn't sound too contrite about the situation. To those who livelihood depends on making that show happen it IS a big deal. To those who would consider giving him similar opportunities in the future it's a BIG deal, too.

    Sure, his focus is should be basketball but star athletes have a lot of opportunities available to them to build their personal brand and wealth. The fact of the matter is he blew the show off and it hurts his brand and reputation. We love him in Chicago for what he means to our Bulls. That doesn't mean anyone else has to love him. He wants to be a superstar and even talks about acting after his career is over. He's gonna learn the hard way if he misses the small lesson in this.

    It's just common courtesy to a) show up when you say you're gonna show or b) give a heartfelt apology if you d/won't. His representatives deserve a bit of the blame too for not making sure he gets a wake-up call and makes his flight, but it all comes back to him.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    I understand everything you're saying, but at the end of the day that's Derricks problem. I know he's barely a grown man but he has to live with his own desision, and whether that desision has tainted his future acting gigs or not. Maybe he doesn't want to be as commercialized as everyone thinks.

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    In reply to jamatokwu:

    He definitely owes a steak dinner to everyone on that set by way of apology, no doubt. But there are people here who are saying that Mama Rose just didn't raise the kid right and that's waaaay out of proportion.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    He shouldn't be flying around on off-days to do shit like this mid-season. Good on him for blowing it off.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    I don't know if we can draw strong conclusions about his dedication to basketball-- but the man overslept. I would argue that he does seem apologetic, even if he's making excuses. But the fact that he qualifies his apology makes him seem like a little kid, not like a professional. You can sense his immaturity-- but I wouldn't draw any conclusions from it. Dwight Howard and KG are just as dopie and sheltered, it doesn't stop them from doing good things on and off the court.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    DRose=Baller / Dwade=ACtor. (remember he is the one who acted like he wanted to play for the bulls? Mabye they should of booked him! hahahahaha

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    Well people, in life character does matter, although less so every day in today's America.

    At best this shows a lack of maturity on his part, at worst who knows. Given his age and upbringing a little lack of maturity is understandable.

    However, I bet you Nike stock that Jordan, even at Rose's age would never have made this commitment and blown it off.

    It seems to me that this was a very stupid commitment to make in the middle of the season, this is offseason crap. I hope that Rose learned his lesson, and will not accept such opportunities in the future. His excuse sounds pretty much like a slacker teenager, which he cannot be as a highly paid professional athlete.

    Grand scheme of things not a big deal if it is a one time event, we all screw up once in a while, just don't do it again, and again, and again, or you become Randy Moss.

    There is more to being a winner in life than just showing up for the games and scoring points, just ask Ben Gordon and his Pistons.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    "I'm play when I wanna play, Imma do what I wanna do, pull your 84 jerseys out, pull your 84 jerseys out"

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Jordan wouldn't have done what Rose did because Jordan LOVED acting and being on TV beyond basketball. The dude starred in Space Jam for Christ's Sake.

    The difference between the two has absolutely nothing to do with basketball, nor moral character. Rose is a quiet kid who thrives due to focusing on what he loves. Jordan was beyond dedicated to basketball, but he also was very savvy business wise. I would never argue that Rose cares more about basketball than Michael Jordan, but I can definitely say with conviction that Derrick Rose cares a whole lot less than MJ about all the other crap, and I like it.

    It was a dick move, but hey, he is who he is and I'm not going to waste my time worrying about it being somehow meaningful to who he is. Everyone has been a dick before, and if you think you haven't, my condolences.

  • In reply to BigWay:


    DROSE got stage-fright or he was holding out to be on an episode of CASTLE.

    Great show...Stana Katic is from Aurora, Illinois via Canada.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    All anyone should care about is The bulls crushing the Knicks tonight, like back in the glory days of Bulls basketball! Where any of us getting paid along D.Rose for his appearance on the show? No. Who cares about his stage fright, or when he'll reschedule his appearance on "The Good Wife", or any other sitcom for that matter. 7pm please get here already so this crap can go away.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Well if D Rose learns as quickly off the court as we've seen him do on the court, I'm sure he'll handle similar situations in the future in a different manner.

    Didn't like the nature of his answer though.

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    In reply to BigWay:

    Oh really? And at what age or maturity level exactly does anyone with a schedule as busy as his show up for everything, always, 100% of the time. And by the way, the upbringing're treading on real thin ice there.

    Any person who has any kind of tight schedule is going to sometimes be late and sometimes have to reschedule. It's not a big deal until a bunch of lame asses who have nothing better to do than sit behind their keyboards and bitch (yeah i said it, and i'm one of them too!) start trying to pass judgement about character.

  • An unidentified person comes out and says "derricks not going to new York". Too funny

  • I understand people are on set, etc and they are highly paid, but if Im being a selfish Bulls fan, Im glad he chose sleep instead. I could care less about this show and truthfully, Derrek doesnt strike me as Marlon I dont think its a big loss for anyone involved.

  • yeash!

  • What has this story got to do with BASKETBALL??? He doesn't need an excuse for these particular actions...not for us, anyway. That's between him, his agent, and the show's producers. He was too nice saying what he said. His response to any questions about this should've been a chuckle and three words: "Basketball questions, please."

  • In reply to magestew:

    I totally agree! Slow news day and the story has nothing to do with Basketball. Leave the kid alone and let's just worry about the game tonight :)

  • In reply to magestew:

    I think Derrek missed an opportunity here. I was really hoping to get an Iverson press conference response.

    "We talking about Primtime.....NOT A GAME...Primetime."

  • In reply to magestew:

    Kevin Garnett called that wuss charlie Villanueva a cancer patient, but yet to me it seems like Derrick is being demonized just as much as K.G for not keeping a commitment to a CBS show. How logical is that?

  • In reply to magestew:

    My GF was upset

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