Bulls Beat #168 - Rose is a clown killer

Bulls Beat #168 - Rose is a clown killer

Derrick Rose led the Bulls to their first successful circus trip since the Jordan era, willing them ot victory on multiple occasions. The team anxiously awaits the return of Carlos Boozer from injury and has a chance to top the Eastern Conference standings at the end of this season.

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    - Derrick Rose is a clown killer (figuratively speaking).

    - LeBron James is still an IMMATURE JERK-BAG!!!


    Pat Riley should grow a pair and suspend his arse!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I would like to see Spolestra suspend him

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'm with LeBron in this one. He's pulling a punk card, but Sepoelstra is the one that has to step it up. Lele is just trying to make him do it. Picture Phil Jackson with that team, they might be really chasing the 72 record then. Right now they're all trying to "figure it out". They need a dominant coach.

  • In reply to Galvatron76:

    No. It is not an act. LeBron just really can't be coached. I would love to see him fold under the demands of Riley, which will happen mark my words.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I feel like a pyromaniac, I'm just dying to watch this whole thing go down in flames.

  • Maybe Bulls unknowingly dogged a bullet in July?

  • In reply to Edward:

    it may have been sour grapes when I said it in July, but now I can say with conviction : I'm so glad we have the guys we have, & so proud to root for them, Rose & Noah especially. I'm glad we didn't get LeBron, Bosh, & Wade.

  • Unlike, Miami, the character of the Bulls team is now among the better in the NBA. Thibs may be Bulls best off-season acquisition - without Boozer playing he certainly has been.

  • In reply to Edward:

    As I've said time and again, character and chemistry do matter in life and even in pro sports.

  • In reply to Edward:

    He's a heck of a lot better at using the players he has than VDN. Even when the execution hasn't been there at least you can usually see what we're trying to do makes sense now.

  • Never been a Bosh fan, always thought that he was a petulant pussy, no Lebron is another story. You put up with some stuff for a transcendant talent.

    The Bulls would be killing it with Lebron and Boozer.

    They would be a legit challenge to the Lakers.

  • Despite a few miscues, Thibs is the best thing that has happened to the Bulls since the 1.7% ping pong balls.

  • Cant wait to listen to podcast tonight, I was wondering what are the chances Boozer does play vs. the Magic?, and do you see Brewer coming in to Start soon?

  • They've bought into their own hype about how they're the greatest trio ever and they no longer think they need coaching.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    exactly....and people so soon forget just how awful all those national teams were for years before the redeem team won. This is the same thing. High level top end talent, that have no clue how to play as a team, and are not willing to learn.

  • Its really going to be a blessing in disguise for Spolestra though. That collective pile of mental crap that they have festering there in Miami, calling themselves a team, will never have what it takes to win. Coach Spolestra doesn't deserve to be around those quitters & prima donnas.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    And when Riley does finally step in, its not like LeBron will all of a sudden change into a humble (learn the true definition LeBron) respectful player. The only way Riley will be able to get through to James & the others is to break them down, and they're all way to big of prima donnas to let that happen. Bosh & LeBron will never win a championship, they just don't have the mental makeup.

  • That would be a perfect world, where the modern player buys in 100% all of the time. Unfortunately, most of the time leadership has to persevere through adversity. Even Jordan and Phil Jackson had moments, certainly Scottie Pippen did, Kobe, Shaq, Dennis Rodman (the list goes on).

  • Exactly Boozer needs to play in a actual game and get his feet wet before jumping in head 1st.
    This Bulls team is sure fun to watch!
    Come on Boozer get in there a little and take it slow but we need you big guy! :-)

  • Absolutely. Its an attitude of not making excuses, which leads to players showing accountability and giving 100%

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