Bulls Beat #166 - Winning Ugly

Bullsbeat #166 - Winning ugly

After two well played losses, the Bulls pick up two ugly wins. I
discuss the last week of Bulls basketball as well as the upcoming circus
trip, the possibility of trading for Marcus Thornton and more (side
note, couldn't remember who said it at the time of recording, but the
idea of NO's tanking Thornton's value to resign him was Sham's)

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  • Once again perfectly timed for my workout. Thanks Doug.


  • So apparently this isn't available here or on iTunes. Not sure what the issue is but I thought I'd give you a heads up.

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    i've got the same issue. I'm fiending for my dt fix.

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    Try http://www.bullspodcasters.com/bullsbeat/bullsbeat_166.mp3

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    Hey Doug,

    Is this up on iTunes Store yet??

    Thanks Doug!!

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    The year before when Ben Wallace arrived was when we went 3-3. We only finished with 41 wins that year, in Ben Wallace's first year & in Gordon/Deng/Noc's first year we went 1-6 on the trip but won 49 and 47 games. So I think the moral of the story is even if we get smashed on the circus trip don't give up hope on the season.

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    Interesting comments on Thornton being in the second unit, got me thinking about the problems that would pose for the rotation.

    If you run with Watson/Thornton/Korver that's scary bad defensively, so you probably want to go Watson/Thornton/Brewer, but then where do you get Korver his minutes? Do you start him and bury Bogans? There's already going to be a bit of a minutes reduction at the SG/SF when Boozer gets back as Deng has been sliding over to the 4 a bit which wont happen so much. Adding another player into the rotation is going to get really hard, I think we'd need to lose one of our current guys to make it work. Even so, the more I think about it the more I worry that even if on an individual level Thornton is an upgrade the groups of players we'd be sending out wouldn't be.

    I was in favour of Thornton but thinking about it I'm not so sure now, maybe hang onto our pieces and hope something bigger comes up that lets us consolidate a bit, but as you say there might not be much else on offer. Even so, Bogans is starting to grow on me in the poor man's Bruce Bowen, Brewer is looking like he's overcome his injury and is contributing and Korver is the best shooter there is, so I think I'm leaning towards giving them another month and seeing how they're doing.

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    Thanks Doug!

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    Doug I still think you may be misconstruing Thornton's skill set. See my thoughts at the end of your post on him.

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    Call me crazy. but I think the Bulls have a realistic shot at beating the Lakers, and not in the sense that they'd have to have a crazy shooting night, or the Lakers would have to play terrible.

    We have 3 days off before that game, & while LA isn't cmoing off a back to back that game, they will only be on 1 days rest. LA has now lost 2 straight, and this will be a great barometer game for the Bulls to see where they are at. Should have no problem getting up for this one, bringing the energy, & I really really like Thibodeau gameplanning for 96 hours.

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    The NY loss wasn't well played, the bulls lost because of how poorly they defended. NY is on a five game losing streak including losses to such notable powerhouses as Philly and Minnesota. That was an embarrassing loss.

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    If we played the Knicks during any of the five games they've lost it'd look like the Warriors game, we'd win by 30. We just got real unlucky to get them on the one night they shot well, they're shooting under 30% from three outside of that game.

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    Doug, love the podcasts, listen to 'em on my IPod as I go out for a run...but in this latest one you talked about Hinrich getting a video tribute, standing O, etc, while Gordon didn't. Well, the Pistons game this year wasn't Ben's first game back in Chicago in an "enemy" uniform, as he left the year before...unless of course you're saying that in his first game back in Chicago in the 2009-2010 season he didn't get the video tribute or the standing O...if that's the case I agree with you that he should have, cause you're absolutely right that he had many more dramatic moments for us than Kirk did.

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