Bulls annihilate Warriors

The Bulls got off to a blazing start in this game thanks to some early Warrior turnovers, and they never looked back.   Derrick Rose just dominated the game early throwing down his patented ball behind the head monster two handed slam a couple of times and getting all kinds of shots in the paint.

When the Warriors attempted to shut down Rose's drive, he hit the open man with the pass and the Bulls knocked down their jumpers.   A special nod to Keith Bogans, whose early defense was instrumental in getting the Bulls off to their hot start that sealed the game.

In the end, the Bulls were well rested and the Warriors were playing their fourth game in five nights.   The difference in energy was obvious, and the Bulls simply won using Golden State's game plan against them.

Derrick Rose dominated when it mattered which was really only the first 10 minutes
Most people probably won't notice that Derrick Rose went 2-8 to end the game after starting off 8-9.   However, really the whole game was garbage time after the first quarter, and Derrick Rose simply dominated the hell out of the Warriors while it mattered.   As the game progressed he started throwing up a lot of jumpers and passing the ball rather than working the drive as much.
Obviously no complaints on Derrick there, and if the Bulls had needed him, then I think he could have kept driving, but with the game well in hand it's probably best for him to not force the issue and potentially injure himself.
Luol Deng played an awesome game
His shooting percentage doesn't do justice for how well he played, because out of his 10 misses, I believe four of them were put back in for made baskets on possessions where he got in the paint.  He did look a little shaky in the first few minutes with his finishing, but he got an open dunk on a fast break, and then his confidence seemed to raise back up and he started playing at a very high level.
Deng knocked down threes, drew fouls, rebounded, and passed the ball well.  He probably came about as close to a triple double as you're likely to ever see him do again.
Joakim Noah's double/double streak ended
Blame the Bulls guards for stealing the ball so much and blame the Warriors for running a hectic offense with lots of quick shots, but Joakim Noah didn't manage to pull down 10 boards this game which ends his streak of double doubles.  
He had another outstanding game overall with 17 points, a mere 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 blocks, a steal, and only 1 TO.   I would say there was a stretch where Noah struggled to box out and allowed GS to get a few offensive rebounds, but really hard to argue with much Noah does these days.
Keith Bogans defense set the tone
It seemed like half of the offensive possessions the Warriors had early ended due to Keith Bogans making a defensive play.   His early defense set the tone, created easy baskets for the Bulls and put this game away before it started.   
He went on to shoot the ball well overall after a slow start from the field and chipped in 14 points on 10 shots.
Taj Gibson had another solid game 
Boy, Taj just looks like a starting caliber PF in this league the way he's played so far.   Maybe not a star PF, but 14 points, 7 boards, and 3 blocks in 25 minutes is a pretty great night for him.   When Taj missed a few shots early, he took the ball into the paint and forced GS to foul him.  I liked his mentality in making the adjustment.
Kyle Korver knocked down a bunch of garbage time shots
Sure it didn't mean much, but I still love watching Korver shoot.  He's definitely one of the best pure shooters in the game, if he was athletic and could handle the ball then it wouldn't be fair.
C.J. Watson plays well against his old team
Everyone likes to have a standout game against an old team, and C.J. didn't exactly have an incredible game rather quietly adds to his steady play over the past few games.   2/3 from the field, 7 points, 4 boards, and 2 assists and no turnovers.   Over the past three games, Watson's 6/8 for 16 points, 8 assists, and no turnovers. 
The Bulls experimented using Watson with Rose for a few minutes out there, and if he continues to play well, we'll see some more of that on the season.
Ronnie Brewer managed to play 21 minutes and only have a +1
Really, how does that even happen in this game?    Brewer was pretty quiet out there which was surprising given the type of game it was. I would have expected a bit more of a defensive impact from Brewer and a few more points off fast breaks, but it just never seemed to happen for Brewer on the court tonight.   
Omer Asik plays really well in garbage time
Sure it's garbage time, but Omer played well, and it's nice to get the big guy some developmental minutes.
Tom Thibodeau still doesn't trust the bench
Tom Thibodeau left the starters in for a pretty long time in this game.   They were up by 31 at the start of the fourth and kept the starters in there until they were up by 32 or so with 7:25 left.  
It looks like James Johnson and Brian Scalabrine are completely out of the rotation at this point, and given their play, that's a good thing for the Bulls.   However, Thibodeau is still experimenting with what to do with the bench.
It looks now like it's Korver, Brewer, C.J. Watson, and Omer Asik now make up the bench rotation with Thibodeau moving away from the five bench player rotation and always keeping a starter out there. 
As noted above, we saw a Rose/Watson rotation for the first time in my memory this year though Thibodeau said after the game it was because GS has a tiny backcourt.
Final thoughts
What do you make from a game like this?   Probably not a whole lot.   We played at a high level, Golden State played at a terrible level.   We were rested.   They were tired.    They were also missing David Lee (though we're missing Boozer).   It was just one of those things where everything fell into place, and the Bulls had a trivially easy win.
Hopefully the Bulls don't have a let down game against Washington on Saturday


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  • Big surprise.

    Who didn't see this coming?

    The Warriors had no front-court, due to injury, and playing their 4th game in 5 nights.

  • Obviously it's always a solid win when you take a game by 30, even in the first quarter as soon as the Warriors started just throwing us passes to let us score about 8 points in a row on fast breaks you got the feeling they were tired and would just give up if they got a bit behind.

    I thought for sure Noah would eventually have a night where he couldn't hit anything and end the double-double streak on points not rebounds. Oh well, it was one of those games where we didn't need rebounds anyway.

    Rose was awesome of course but he's still not looking good from three, how many more games do we let him shoot them before telling him to dial it back? He might hit the occasional three but he just doesn't look like he's going to be a consistent threat from there for at least another year.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Give him til the playoffs.
    You can't get better if you don't take them in games

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Shooting is something you can get better at outside of games. How else did Deng come back with a three pointer over the off season?

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    first off, Deng has been shooting at 40% the previous 2 seasons, he is just now taking more attempts b/c the coach told him he wants him to. Deng no doubt has worked on it in the offseason, but guess what, so has Derrick. Derricj has 2 years of experience, Deng has 6, & in his 3rd season he shot poorly from 3 pt, but he kept shooting it.
    Any shooter will tell you its different shooting when the lights are on compared to shooting in practice.
    Do you think a)That Rose is not practicing? & b)That if he was shooting poorly from 3 in practice, that he would be taking them during the game? Come on.
    Shooting is just as much confidence as anything else, and while you build the foundation for that confidence during practice, you have to shoot them & make them during the games. Derrick is not making them at a high percentage right now, but he has to have the confidence to keep taking them. So far I don't think him taking 3 pointers has cost us a game, in fact, they won us at least one game, the Detroit game where he hit 3 of them to lead a comeback.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    The bulls win big and the heat lose bad its a good night overall

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Noah had a frustrating night, he just couldn't seem to get his hands on any rebounds. Maybe playing against a guy similar to himself(Beidrins)bothers him.

    With all the shots that GS missed he should have easily picked up 10 boards.

    Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I wanted his streak to continue.

    Anybody notice what a pussy Rue Paul Bosh is, perhaps Mappy Pelosi has. Taj is outstating the guy, can't wait for Boozer to kick his skinny little ass.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He didn't seem as light on his feet as he usually is, but also Deng & the guards grabbed a lot of the boards. Bogans is such a great rebounder for a SG, the numbers are good, not great, but he makes the ones that grab your attention, the ones in traffic

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    They call him Mr. Thibs (tibbs)

    Up 25 points at halftime, I told my wife and son, "Thibs won't let this game slip away."

    To which my wife replied, "So you like this new guy."

    Yep, and I like his defense and professionalism. Up 25 points at halftime, I felt confident he wouldn't allow the Bulls to let the other team slip back into the game.

    I like the killer instinct in a coach.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I'm just wondering why coaches leave Deng in when they are up by 35 points. He played 38 of the first 40 minutes in a game the bulls were up by 20 most of the way. It wasn't a particularly rough game, but I just don't see a need for those kind of minutes in November in a blowout. I couldn't even tell you who he was guarding.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I'll go back to my point about the goal of the season being to put yourself in position to be successful during the post season.
    Games like this when you are playing great team ball, great defense, you want your guys in there to build the chemistry, cohesion, & confidence. You are still preaching playing a full 48 minutes, which the Bulls have not done yet. You are still (among the regulars) finding out who plays well with who.

    That being said if they are blowing out the Wizards, I think Thibs will pull them earlier.

    But you want to bulid that confidence before the big road trip.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I'd agree about building chemistry, but the chemistry was there in the first quarter. Thibs didn't play anybody but Brewer really until well into the fourth. There was no mix and match. Maybe they were looking for an opportunity to run different sets, but it didn't look like they were trying to do anything new.

    There's definitely a reason for it because this is the second guy to do it now. I just have no idea why.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    The win was nice, BUT I killing a team thats hurting and leaving your staters in there almost the whole game sucks. The coach sucks. THe bench deserved to play. I see Jj and Asik, and Scalabrine all energy and clapping guys sitting on the bench pretty quiet.. I know they were telling themselves " If I cant get into this game alot I never will" JJ came in the last 3 min and juyst went thry the motions. He won a game earlier with really good play with Asik and they both preety much sit. Even Korver couldnt get more than a couple minutes till the last 4 min in the 4th.. I was really embarrassed by the coach
    piling it on while the bench just sat and watched.. IN a game like this you have to play the bench.. When the tired type injuries occur with a 30 point lead and Noah and Rose are hurting , maybe that will wake up this DUMB coach. I dislike him already.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    If Korver was athletic and could handle the ball, he'd be Durrant.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Rearding player minutes, in Deng's three best seasons(PPG) he averaged over 37 minutes per game the same as this season. Granted he has the injury history, but I doubt nursing his minutes to 32 is going to protect him. If he's going to be (relativelY) healthy, he's going to be healthy.

    I look at stars like Kobe, Shaq etc., and see championship seasons where they played 38 and even 40 minutes per game.

    I'm not saying players have to play heavy minutes to be successful, and some guys just can't handle that load without wearing down. Plus with Boozer back, and as the bench emerges minutes will likely go down slightly for starters at times.

    But I do woner if a player's game sometimes emerges when they can feel a more consistent environment to stay in a groove and build their momentum, energy, and confidence by staying on the floor longer when they are excelling.

    I mean what about that? Sure you eat bench when you're stinking/not feeling it, but what about going for long, long rides when your playing at a high level. I for one feel Derrick has definitely fallen off when he's been rolling, and then taken out for a long break. Especially with D-Rose I say when he's playing excellent ball you DO NOT take him out of the game. Let it ride and ride until there's a slight lull. Then he gets the break. But in general I say he gets extra minutes that game to see if he can amplify that awesome play. They say you ride the hot hand, and why not ride the hot game. I bet Derrick would improve overall on a nightly basis if he got to stay in games for extended minutes when he's going off. That's just my take on him. I remember was it last year at home against the Lakers. He was going off, and Vincenzo sat him on the bench for an extended break. When he came back in the game he was never the same.

    Certainly in the playoffs when defenses and pressure ratchet up it's not the role players who win the majority of those games. It's your stars. So does Deng need star time(on the court) if he's going to build his momentum/play to a (near)star level? Of course your stats will be higher ppg etc. when your on the court longer. But if your FG% remains high with those higher production totals then what's wrong with that?

    Maybe Deng needs 37-38 a game likewise Derrick Rose. Let the stars be stars with playing time of other stars and building the energy that other stars do. Those were essentially the same minutes Rose and Deng played last year anyway.

    But yeah Deng played two extra minutes last night in a blowout. But if he's excelling, and the purpose beyond maintaining team dominance, is to feed into that excellent play/amplify it then maybe that's not a bad thing.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    So you're saying that if the game had been close, Thibs would have sat him down for longer? Deng is averaging 37 minutes out of 48. In a typical game he plays over the full 48, so he gets 37 minutes over 48, not 37 over 40.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    The Warrior announcers were especially impressed with Deng. They showed a special "Deng highlight" clip during Half Time.

    The announcers were full of praise for all the Bulls

  • In reply to bulls6:

    A lot of people outside of Chicago actually are

  • In reply to bulls6:

    I liked that the Bulls came out with what seemed to be a 'no f--king way you're winning tonight' attitude. As mentioned, I liked seeing Rose in all out attack mode. Hopefully, he's out to prove he's better than John Wall on Saturday, too.

    Just read that Yao is out for the Houston game. Hopefully, this gives the Bulls a chance to stack some W's.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    The point of the regular season is to put yourself in position to be successful during the playoffs.

    Derrick Rose developing his all around game falls into that stated goal.

  • he often goes 2-5 a night. It's not turrible.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    He's shooting under 25% on the season. If he was shooting 2-5 (ie 40%) I'd be all for it.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Yes he is, but that's a very small sample size. 1 hot game & he can be near 40%

    His 3pt shooting has not cost the Bulls a game so far.

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