Boozer scheduled to return roughly on Dec 10th or 11th

Carlos Boozer Dec 10th Target return date:

Tuesday will mark eight weeks since Carlos Boozer had surgery
on his broken right hand, and that's the optimal target date the power
forward said the team doctors have established for him to begin
participating in contact drills during practice.

But even if Boozer practices Tuesday -- which isn't a sure thing -- it's doubtful he'll be ready to play against the Magic.

Boozer will need several practices to develop a rhythm after being
idle for so long. It's likely he won't see any game action until at
least Dec. 10 or 11 when the Bulls host the Los Angeles Lakers and
Minnesota Timberwolves.

I don't know if this is being fed via Bulls management, but if not, I think it's odd speculation.  It's pretty rare for a guy to miss time with an injury and then need four full practices prior to getting game time.   Typically as soon as a guy is physically read to go, you let him go.  

If Boozer isn't physically ready until Dec 10th then so be it, however, if he's physically ready on Dec 1st, then let him play 10 minutes and get his feet wet even if he has limited practice with the team.  Is it really going to be worse than whomever else you would put on the court in his place?  I doubt it, and even if so, you still never gain a game rhythm from practice, so you might as well take your lumps.

Either way, good to see that Boozer is progressing and getting close, but as Utah fans warned us, the latest news seems to be that he'll take an extra 10 days more than the expected recovery time to make it onto the court.


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  • This is exactly what I've been saying Doug, glad you agree. As soon as he is cleared, you play him in a game & work him in slowly

  • What was the original projected return date?

  • The original 8 week projection was 8 weeks ago from tomorrow the 27th

  • How about Rose being a gametime decission tonight?

  • They said 8-10 weeks. IMO there's no need to feed into the soft/unwilling to play through pain/discomfort specualtion. If the Bulls clearly state that Booz can play/is cleared, and then he further delays it himself then yes by all means shower him with some criticism/scrutiny, but not until then.

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