Apparently Boozer didn't trip over a bag afterall

Not bad, I thought it was pretty funny the first time through.  

Who are you taking Boozer or Rose in a commercial? 

Rose only gives us a wink.  I think he's still got to work through some acting classes in the off-season to hit the big money endorsements, but this commercial still cracks me up.

Seriously though, it's nice to see some Bulls getting exposure.  I think it does actually help to build reputation around the league to be marketed as a star.  As much as they shouldn't, I believe stars get special treatment, and sadly enough, part of becoming a star is the marketing angle (which obviously only exists if the talent angle is there first).


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    I'm going with Rose...he's freaky like a lady pyramid.

    (That Slim was better than Galinari.)

  • DRose already has a cameo in "The Good Wife" that's supposed to air sometime next year.

  • Going with the Boozer commercial, love his first reaction to no hot sauce.

    And that Rose commercial isn't even his best one. Love the one with Jake Stevens, fantasy owner. "Maybe you should draft someone else", funny stuff

  • Dontcha all remember, he's got dreamy eyelashes, sexiest sports star in Chicago or some such... didn't he win last year? Don't worry, he'll have some better commercials made soon... bring on the LuvaBulls!

    P.S. Is it just me, or does CSN ALWAYS pan away from the LovaBulls when they're wearing sexy clothing? Or put something up on the lower half of the screen, so you just see the plastic smiles? Jeez, it's the 21st century already...

  • Unfortunately this biggest part about being a star is bitching to the refs constantly, a la Dwayne Wade & Brandon Roy

  • why is he jumping out of the bus? to get hot sauce? lol thats great

  • Boozer's much more charismatic and entertaining, but it's kinda' in the creepy politician sorta' way, so it's a push.

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    Awww man it ain't even close. Dude has a butler cleaning bills off the lawn with a solid gold leaf blower y'all!

  • what we gotta do here is trade the acting skills both rose and boozer for Sam Young... also prediction time
    im the near future the bulls are gonna get a win. and although thats obvious im gonna take full credit for it. also, noah going to have a sub par game offensively soon, but even if he gets a double double ill take credit for that prediction.
    and lastly, rose is gonne get 50 assists in one game, and when i sayt 50, i really mean 11...

    i am the oracle, better than that octopus that went with germany for every game.

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    Kevin C,

    Line 1 - Good idea. I'll call up the Bulls' management right now.

    Young > Johnson

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Oh yeah, keep kissing Dickey's ass...see where it goes.

    Maybe you and Doug can meet him at Gurnee Mills and hang out.

    When I'm RIGHT, I'm right...don't be jealous.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    who's Kevin?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Dude... I don't even know WHAT you call yourself... That one actually cracks me up! But yeah you gotta dig on his Lady Pyramid! Glad to see DRose and the Booze gettin' some endorsements.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Wow I have always thought KG was a douche now I hate him even more!!

    Haha I love those commercials but I like the FAST DONT LIE one with Dwight and Drose better I have that as my ringtone!!! I bought the sweet home chicago shirt that goes with his shoes. And I am going to buy the shoes hopefully in 2 of the 3 colorways

    So his commercial must work haha

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Honestly, I think Derrick's commercials that I've seen are not very good/funny. But that's just me. That's no knock on him. As his confidence grows, and he keeps getting more mature and comfortable in his own skin like many 21 yr olds I think his confident smile and actually appealing personality as a genuine good guy will hopefully shine through.

    On a side note: You know the more I watch NBA League Pass(which by the way I was told I would see all Bulls games, but yet so far some on NBA TV which is blacked out during Bulls games in my area and local TV have only been appearing on some local channel WCFN and not on League Pass). I thought I would be able to see all non- national - WGNAmerica, ESPN, ABC, TNT, and Comcast broadcasts so that I wouldn't miss any Bulls games. That's why I bought the damn thing!?!?

    Anyhow, watching all these other teams I see that Russell Westbrook and John Wall are getting to the line at an extremely high rate. Last night Wall had 29 points with 14 trips to the free throw line. Westbrook meanwhile is averaging 10 FTA's a game! In his first two seasons Westbrook shot 39 and 41% from the field.

    Watching these guys it's clear they are going into the lane/to the basket intent on drawing fouls, and not trying to avoid contact or soaring unprotected to the basket waiting to get slammed down and injured. They simply punmp fake right in front of a retreating defender like a fishing lure baiting them for the foul, hang and wait for the contact, or run with their body braced for the impact, absorb it, and then try to get the shot off for a chance at converting the basket/three point play.

    Derrick while he is getting to the line more just absolutely could be scoring 26-28 ppg, and producing offense when the Bulls as all teams do hit offensive lulls especially on the road. That's what winning teams have is a scoring star that can do this(Kobe, Wade, LeBron, Michael etc.)

    The good news in my view is that similar to Westbrook's situation with Durant, when Booz comes back teams simply will not be able to double team Derrick. At least not a lot of the time. Which means he absolutely should get many opportunities to penetrate for his deadly mid range game, but also for many initiated contact fouls/trips to the line. And if he takes advantage of this, then ocassioanlly things will break down, and he will get his dunk opps as well. I'm thinking if he uses this creating contact strategy he should get one nice dunk in almost every game sometimes multiples. Not to mention in transition.

    Just a thought because there is no way Wall and Westbrook(who can't even shoot) should be getting 10 FTA's a game, yet Derrick who can drive and shoot with incredible hang time etc. gets only 5 or 6. The competitor in him and smart player can not stand for this advantage in winning being used so well by his peers while he remains relatively idle. I'm just hoping Thibs and D-Rose recognize this because it is the winning/smart play.

    As I said recently 8 out of the last ten chmpionship teams have had a scorer who gets to the line 7 or more times a game. And I do think with Thib's system, D-Rose, Booz, and Noah and if Taj, Brewer, Watson, Asik etc. get rolling this could be a top five NBA team with a solid chance at the ECF barring a premature collision with the Miami(Wade/Lebron coop Lovin' Spoonfulls) Heat.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I think your absolutely right!! Man is there seriously a way we could just mention it to thibs?? Like through Doug or Sam Smith?? But I thought in the Detroit game Drose did alot better job of getting to the line.

    But then again I worry about him getting hurt like every time he tries to drive in on Dwight


    It speaks for itself.

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