A letter from Carlos Boozer

A few times a year, the Bulls have various players write letters which they send out to season ticket holders.   I glanced at the Bulls website and didn't see the letter up there, so for those interested, here is this year's letter from Carlos Boozer.  

When I signed with the Bulls this summer I couldn't have been more excited.  To play for such a globally known and storied franchise--a team I grew up watching as a kid--is a dream come true.  I
have so many childhood memories of watching MJ, Scottie and all those
great Bulls teams--the first championship against the Lakers, both Three-
peats, the 72-win season-to me, Jordan is the best player ever, and to watch him dominate the '90s was awesome.  I
knew I was joining a great young team, and the opportunity to play
alongside a true center in Joakim and a great young point guard like
Derrick is truly amazing.  D-Rose could be the best point guard in the world when all is said and done.

Before I got here I already knew Bulls fans were the best in the NBA.  You
work your butts off to pay for tickets--true hardworking, blue collar
fans--and I know how loud the UC gets when things heat up.  I've been so impressed with the city since moving downtown.  There's so much going on:  the restaurants, the people, the electric atmosphere just walking around.  It's so alive.  It's right up my alley. 

I've been around some great coaches in my career, but Coach Thibodeau is more prepared than anyone I've seen.  His playbook is huge!  He was a big reason why I came to Chicago, and you can already see the passion and energy he brings to the game.  After
I signed I made sure to talk with Coach Thibodeau, Gar Forman and John
Paxson about getting my former Jazz teammates Kyle Korver and Ronnie
Brewer on board.  Kyle is a dead-eye shooter who
can spread the floor, and Ronnie is a freak athlete who can get
important stops on "D" in the last five minutes of a game.  Both guys are going to open it up for me and Derrick so we can go to work in the lane.

Watching my teammates from the bench is tough, and I'm so anxious to get back.  My recovery from a broken hand is progressing on schedule, and I hope to be back on the floor very soon.  When
on the court I'm a ferocious competitor who's going to mix it up in the
paint--I'll be doing a lot of posting up and high pick and roll with
Derrick--but for me it's the intangibles.  I bring leadership, focus and a big-time hunger to win.  The great thing about our team is we have a group of guys with that same hunger.  It's contagious.

When I'm away from basketball I enjoy watching movies, drawing, spending time with family and friends and traveling the world.  Over the summer I was in Italy, Rome and Florence.  If I had to give you my top three movies of all-time, I'd go with Braveheart, Gladiator and Coming to America.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with old school Eddie Murphy.  When
it comes to music I'm Jay-Z all the way.  In the morning when I wake
up, to get hyped for a game, I'm a big Hip Hop and R&B fan.  In the food department if it tastes good I'll eat it, but I'm a big barbeque chicken guy.

Finally, my goal is to win an NBA Championship.  I was on some great teams in Utah that went deep into the Playoffs, but I don't have the ultimate prize.  That's why I came to Chicago, to bring the championship back to Chicago where it belongs.  My
teammates and the entire organization all have that championship DNA,
and if we stay healthy I believe we have the pieces in place to win it

See you at the UC soon,


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  • I think I speak for Bulls fans when I say, we're pretty excited to have Carlos!!!

  • What is interesting is that because of how articulate he is with the media, I can see him writing that letter himself. Unlike a lot of pro athletes who you know didn't write some of the press releases using 4 syllable words that the athlete seems incapable of saying most of the time. Look forward to seeing Boozer on the court.

  • Love the dunk at 1:11 where he just gives the "why you stupid enough to stand in front of me kid" stare down. Boozer is one of the few guys who could have such ridiculously over-groomed facial hair and still look damn scary.

    Also really nice play at 2:50, first time I saw it I immediately thought "damn, that will be great to see Boozer and Rose run that pick and roll" then I realised it was against the Bulls.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    lmao! yes he somehow pulls off that over-groomed facial hair, and looks nasty while doin it.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    That was thanksgiving last year I was there sitting about 12 rows behind that hoop :( Sad Sad TurkeyDay lol

  • Boozer's nasty! Nice mix tape.

    Love the swagger, the skills, the attitude, & the heart...should fit in great soon, can't wait!

  • Nice link. This dude is seriously skilled. And besides being one of the premier scoring PF's in the NBA again he's a stud on the boards with nearly 12rpg last season.

    Seriously the more I think about it if he still is a little sore I'd probably wait until this weekend for him to play as much as it hurts to say that. But if there's no pain or swelling come game time Wednesday then let er' rip. Course his minutes will be very limited most likely like what 8 per half or something, but Taj did practice today so maybe he can pick up the slack. We need to kick Orlando's ass. And Derrick needs to draw contact/fouls and brace for impact against cheapshot Dwight. Unless there's a breakdown/clear path or fastbreak opp. then slam it with authority.

    I just think having a skilled big like Booz will give Taj and Jo some easy basket opps. and nice space to operate. Not to mention the D-Train(?).

    I don't know, but somebody as awesome as Derrick needs/should have a cool nickname. His hang time is crazy, but we already had Air Jordan..? In this artificial commercial hype age is there some way a befitting nickname for D could evolve spontaneously? You'd think with all these NBA paid talking heads someone could have a lightbulb moment, and encapsulate some awesome, inspiring on court moment with an awesome tag line. And not Dennis Scott's, "Skates?!" How lame is that?

    If people aren't into the nick for D that's cool, but for those that are I wouldn't mind hearing some. If people like the idea maybe Doug could have a contest. If not/a nickname doesn't emerge I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

    Some cool to decent nicknames: (H)Akeem the Dream, Air Jordan, the Matrix, Dr. J, Magic, the A-Train(Artis Gilmore), Larry Legend, Clyde the Glide, the Rain Man(?)(Shawn Kemp), Sir Charles, Mt. Muotumbo, the Iceman(George Gervin), _ _ _ _(Derrick Rose). DR-3, Lord of the Ring(s)(ring=hoop), the Destructor, Kid Crossover, D-Bomb, D-Train, the White(home uni) Lion, Kid Rose..

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    When I think of DR I think Smooth and Freak, he used to be nicknamed Poohdini but I think that one needs to go.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    A nickname is coming. I think both he and Joakim will earn them in the playoffs when they're busy knocking "contenders" off!

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I like his somewhat self/family imposed nickname of Poohdini I even have the shirt lol

  • Hey, I think Kirk had a degree in basket weaving, no fair picking on the guys no longer on the team.

  • Looks like a ball-hog to me, shoots every time he touches the ball.

    LOL - this was a great video to get us pumped for his return, thanks. For those of you that are clueless about me joking, I was doing so in the first part of my comment.

  • Well he was the expert in weaving his way right under the basket and back out the other side.

  • Looking forward to his debut but I don't mind waiting a little longer if it means he will be 100%. I also wonder what effects his injury will have on his shot.

  • @roadwarrior I now its not really a nickname but I usually call Rose "Ignorant" when he does something jaw dropping. Lol. That's just me.

  • If he stays healthy, I don't think there will be much question that he was the best PF available this summer.

  • He actually mentions Dr. J before he mentions the A-Train.

  • Great scene - that movie is just filled with great lines! He plays one hell of a Doc Holliday

  • You know, so many peopla talked about how well Booz can finish with either hand... well it really showed in this clip. Actually, more of his dunks were left handed than right.

    Cant wait to see what this team looks like in a few weeks. I think by mid to late December we are going to be amazing

  • Awesome letter! I can see Booz saying the stuff in the letter! He demands respect and is a comanding presence something we have missed for some time at PF...no dis to Taj he did awesome and I liked the partnership he had with Noah but I think we are all ready for the next level and to kick it in a few more gears and leave the other teams in the rear view mirror! Go Bulls!! Time to blast off! Too bad we play Miami for the 1st time in Chicago 1/15! I want the Bulls to feast on them now!!!!

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