Rose hires chef, Heat won't win 72, preseason PER/TS%?

Per KC Johnson:

The idea, Rose says, is to lead a disciplined lifestyle so that he can stay healthy throughout the arduous NBA season.

"I just got a chef, so eating right, getting rest, not going too many
places. ... If I'm in the house, just laying around the house after
practice, not going out .... things like that," Rose told us Thursday
following the annual Bulls Luncheon at the Hilton.

Another KC Link:

"I just don't think that's a record that's
going to be touched," Kerr said in a conference call. "Those were very
unique circumstances with Michael Jordan coming back after his playoff
failure after his return from baseball. He was so motivated and it seems
like he won about 10 games on his own that year because he decided he
didn't want us to lose. He had such an incredible edge."

"I do think LeBron (James) will have an edge this year based on a lot of
the criticism that he's received. I think they are going to win a ton
of games; they are too talented not to. But there are so many variables
and so many things that can go wrong. We're seeing one already before
the season starts with (Heat guard) Mike Miller being out for at least a
couple of weeks. Dwyane Wade has missed most of camp with the hamstring

While there's not much to say about Rose hiring a personal chef except "awesome".  It shows he's taking his job really seriously and doing everything he can to improve.  The fact that he's looking to put so much focus into basketball is great news for Bulls fans.

As for Kerr's quotes, I agree with him.   The circumstances surrounding Jordan's rise to 72 games were fairly unique.  On the other hand, James, Wade, and Bosh, purely from a talent perspective, might be the three most talented guys to play together in my basketball watching lifetime.  I think their top end talent was better than the Bulls.

However, Kareem, Magic, and Worthy had as much top line talent and couldn't win 72.  It's simply not just about the top line talent.  The NBA season is a grind, and it takes an incredible singular focus in order to chase down a record like this one.  While I do think these guys have the talent, I don't think they have the singular focus and need to beat everyone they face every time.  

This isn't a criticism per se, I think the Heat will win multiple titles, I think they'll be focused during the regular season, but I'm just not sure they can stay as focused to win 73 games.  That's not even considering the fact that any injuries could easily derail such an effort.

Magilla Gorilla via RGM compiled a list of preseason PERs and TS%s along with traditional stats for all the Bulls players.  

Unsurprisingly, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Luol Deng are playing at a high level.  Deng's sporting a 60% TS% largely due to his awesome shooting.   While Noah/Rose don't have great TS%'s they've made up for it in PER by doing all kinds of different things on the floor while they're there.

Unsurprisingly, Taj Gibson's preseason stats look eyepoppingly bad on the whole.  Taj simply doesn't look healthy so far.  He hasn't been knocking down shots, getting boards, or playing particularly good defense.   So far, he looks like early rookie season Taj rather than late rookie season Taj.

C.J. Watson also looks like a train wreck with the advanced stats sporting a terrible PER and extremely low TS% for someone who's been a volume shooting.

Thomas/Scalabrine have fairly similar statistical profiles in terms of numbers, but Scalabrine's been doing it more with passing/scoring while Thomas has been doing it more with rebounding.  Both have been fairly bad though.  It will be interesting to see which one wins out the battle for minutes in the rotation until Boozer is back.

Omer Asik is playing well, but he's fouling at an incredibly fast rate and won't stay on the floor for more than 15 minutes a night which means the Bulls are playing small or playing Scalabrine or Thomas.  Right now, I think Scalabrine probably wins the battle.  When he's on the floor, the ball moves well, and the Bulls run their sets better.

Rose called him a coach on the floor, and I have to admit, for a guy who's got no shred of NBA athleticism, he's heady enough to somehow still bring something to the floor when out there.  I've been ultra-dismissive of him in preseason, but he's better than I thought.   I do worry that his veteran tricks won't work against more disciplined / athletic rotation players who have continuity relative to the preseason scrubs who are trying to make a team, but so far I'd say the team looks better with him than Thomas on the whole.


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  • Was Brad Miller athletic in any way? He was effective when he was awake.

  • Well this will step his game up even more. Pretty sure he can still kick in some of his sweets in his diet and as long as he is not cutting his own apples anymore. We dont have to worry about another freak accident. This is just great news for me, since I am a puuuure D-rose fan. This just shows his dedication to greatness. GO BULLS!

  • Granted Garnett was out, but it says something that Scalabrine got significant minutes in the playoffs with Boston. He's going to have off nights/look bad sometimes, but he can shoot the three and stretch the D at times as a big which makes him somewhat valuable considering he often uses team strengths defensively to not always be a liability(though he often is anyway on D).

    I know C.J. Watson has won no firends with his play so far, but in the second half/down the stretch of that second Toronto game, he showed some flashes to me of handling the ball and penetrating effectively. I know he can get to the line, and for more then one college season he had an above 2 A/TO. I just think in a sharing offensive system like Thib's runs he will get it eventually, and at least possibly will surprise eventually as an acceptable role/bench playmaker. Once he gets to taking aadvantage of offensive openings I could see him getting to the bakset like he did with G.S. which emboldens his jumpshot. I know he's looked bad, but something tells me he's going to find his game, and he'll be alright.

    James Johnson. James to me is starting to show some signs that he may be a viable NBA player. I still say he will do better as a slasher against guys trying to be hybrid fours i.e slower in between bigs and bigger guys. He does have some moves with the ball, and will prove to be a good passer/has the ability. But the question remains can he/will he develop a reliable jumpshot? I think the bllk is still out on that one, but at least we are seeing more and more signs that he could fit in as NBA player/contributor of some caliber which is good either for us or in trade value. Something's starting to tell me he might turn out be more of an assett then what he appeared in his first season.

    Finally Luol looks good with his new three game. Real good. Derrick has to continue shooting three threes a game. Hopefully he will start hitting more then one in a game, and raise his percentage to 33-34/5 percent. I like this team if Booz can get back and stay healthy. Also, I still think Ronnie Brewer has too many NBA backers league wide, and a solid record on both ends not to end up being a big contributor on this team. But again Derrick will have to learn how to dominate games which means getting to the line when things are stagnant/dominating the game. So far I don't see him creating contact, and playing a safer game. he's still an injury risk the way and times he chooses to drive. This aspect needs to change in this his critical thrid season. But his defense does look much improved to me most of the time. Which is very important. I like Thibs despite the questions as head coach which will have to be answered in the coming season.

  • This is great news, we don't have to worry him getting injured when cutting his own apples during his rookie year. Pure commitment from D-Rose, this is going to help big time during the season and during the playoff season. Diet is key for anyone, especially for a young athlete like himself. GO BULLS!

  • So much for that Skittles vending machine.

  • Good points...A few observations:
    1. The Bulls had a hard time against fast and small PGs like Damon Stoudamire(Toronto) and I am not sure who were the PGs on the other teams against whom they had their losses
    2. If the Heat get eliminated in the playoffs because of a home-court advantage issue with Orlando/Lakers/Boston, they might be more motivated to get towards 72 wins next year. Plus, they will add some piece to address whatever deficiency they have this year through MLE or trade. Some young guys might look appealing to some other team because of the superstar effect.
    3. I was watching the game yesterday little bit and Bosh is thinner than Noah. If Asik develops his offense:-), he and Noah can put chairs and play inside. I think if Orlando's 3-pt game is clicking, Miami will have a tough time stopping Howard/Gortat together inside as LBJ/Wade have to be on the perimeter.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Our toughtest team won't be Miami.. It's Orlando.. With Miami yes they have two incredible players(not including bosh because boozers better when healthy) joakim gets abused by Roy hibbert in the post.. we got depth at the bigs but just not size to last long..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Except for Dwight Howard, Noah can be effective against almost everyone. Even if he gives up bulk to Shaq, Perkins etc.., he makes it up with his quickness and other things. You can't have an "ideal" player with the "ideal" basketball brains.
    Yeah!, Howard might dominate Noah but hopefully Asik can give a decent 15/20 mins against Howard. And Dampier if added will be just a fouling machine against Howard. It is the same as Miami..we have nobody to match-up against LBJ(not Deng). You have to use your other strengths and game plan. And Noah is smart not to get abused by Hibbert every time(it might happen once or twice).

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    RYAN THOMPSON ENDORSEMENT (from Deron Williams and Coach Sloan):

    I think the Bulls' brass you steal another Utah Jazz player right from under them.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    should steal

  • I could careless about the Miami Heat. Let's focus on the Chicago Bulls.

    And if DROSE doesn't need the Skittles machine anymore, I'll take it from him.


    RYAN THOMPSON (combo-guard, who was waived by the Utah Jazz)

    He's also the brother of Sacramento Kings' Center/Forward, Jason Thompson.

  • The problem is watson is being ask to shoot.. He can't.. Decent isn't good enough..ask luol. Teams will play zone and load up all day.. A backup is or should be the exact opposite of the starter so teams schemes and defenses can get broken down by just subing.. Example.. Deng and korver are up shooter and slasher.. Both off ball both extremly accurate when given space.. Cj and rose.. Both slashers with iffy range.. We got boozer and taj right.. One defensive one offensive.. One more of a shooter the other more of a aggressor.. One pick and rolls the other pick and pops.. We need a starting two guard who defends and shoots.. We don't need a spot up shooter like korver just a good 3 point shooter at any moment with of without the ball..

    I still don't like the cj Watson deal because he isn't different from our starter,doesn't fit our rotation give. He needs a fast pace & a wide open court.. Cj won't translate into a shooter because that's just not what he does..he had shooters everywhere in gs.

    We need two shooters..

    Move Watson,jj and our 2nd for Daniel Gibson and Anthony Parker.. You can play Gibson with rose.. Not cj. Because his strengths are aken away with this team because we already have non shooters and want to only push on turnovers or long rebounds.. Cu isn't a true point guard to play half court.. And when your not a true point guard in a half court system you need to have range to fall back on to space the court and have your surroundings be able to spread it open for you as well.. Unless rose ,brewer and bogans become shooters overnight then what we see from cj now is what were going to get..

  • But Miller was hurt so much and missed his shots at crucial times. The only difference is he could foul Shaq better by wrapping him up than Scal ever could and I guess that's where you are coming from. Asik + Scal >>>Miller

  • Thanks for the link to Ryan Thompson Mr. Happy.
    How can we go wrong if Jerry Sloan gives Ryan props?
    I say bring him in. We need more then CJ Watson.
    Too bad we didn't keep Acie. Not bad to have 2-3 backup combo guards.

  • In reply to smiley:


    He looks like a good versatile player. He had some nice games in the SL.

    It's all about getting an OPPORTUNITY. The Bulls need a combo-guard.

    Why not Ryan Thompson?

  • It's crazy...we are going nuts over a player who couldn't find time on even with players who are out of the league right now. It is not like he is a missing championship piece or has proven anything like even Rudy Fernandez. These kind of guys are always available for a 2nd round pick anytime the Bulls need one.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


    You and Mitchell are missing the point.

    Acie Law, who makes $800,000 is outplaying CJ Watson, who maks $3.6 mil.

    The same can be said for James Johnson. He is being outplayed by a handful of guys that were drafted after him (S.Young, C. Budinger, W. Ellington, J. Jerebko, etc.), guys who make in some cases $1 million dollars less than JJ.

    Simply put...

    That's BAD TALENT EVALUATION and MONEY MANAGEMENT by the Bulls' brass.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Watson has proven something in actual games albeit with GS. Watson is a way better shooter than Law and you don't seem to understand in NBA...a little bit of extra talent makes a difference most times under similar conditions of coaching, hard work.
    James Johnson is a draft pick and he is atleast playing while Jerebko is out for most of the season. As I said, Law can be obtained anytime if needed....what's your point...

  • I think while Wade is talented and is a great player, he is given too much credit(even from Doug) for their one championship. Shaq is discounted a lot for that accomplishment. He has not done anything after that.
    This means, Wade will defer a lot more to LBJ and they can be success-full. That's why it will work a lot better IMO. Plus, LBJ probably understands like MJ did in 1991 what it takes to win..(small details like when to defer, when to pass, when to relax)..

  • I think the main point with Derrick's hring of a personal chef is that he is going to stay home often, which will keep him focused on basketball, which he has always seemed to be. This will take it to the next level. Nutrition will be a part of it, but I think it is mostly about staying at home, staying disciplined, getting in a regimine like he mentioned.

  • I think another factor of the Jordan/Pippen vs. Wade/LBJ dynamic that is getting overlooked is that Pippen and Jordan would routinely go at each other hard in practice.

    There is a term that applies, 'iron sharpens iron'. Jordan and Pippen benefited from going up against a fellow top 10 player doggedly in practice.

    I'd be curious to read whether or not James and Wade square off in practice, and if so, what the intensity is like.

  • vs. INDIANA:

    Joakim Noah is out w/ the flu.

  • I believe that Brad Miller was undrafted out of college. Asik has played major Euro ball for several years. So Miller has come a long way in his NBA career, nobody thought he was an All-Star on draft day.

    Asik may never be the shooter that Miller became, but he is likely already a better rebounder.

    He looks to be at least as physical as Miller, and he is still young and developing.

    He is likely more athletic for a big man than Miller ever was.

    To say that Asik might hope to approach the ablility of a 34 yr old Miller seems to me to be selling him way short based on the little that I have seen of him.

    The fouling will recede to the norm as he learns the NBA game.

    I said all last year that we were F'd if Miller didn't come back, and we didn't find a legit 7 footer to replace him.

    The early results look like Asik will provide us exactly what we need(rebounding, defense and physical play) as a backup to Noah, as long as Noah stays healthy.

    I was one of the few Noah fans from day one, I haven't seen Asik enough to make a definitive statement yet, but my gut likes what I have seen so far.

    You have certainly watched Asik more than I have, but neither sample size is large enough or relevant to the NBA game enough to make a true judgement on Asik, but it seems to me that you have a natural predisposition to downgrade him, not sure why.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agree...I don't see the love for Miller from Doug. Asik has not even played one reg season game. Defensively, Asik seems more mobile at a minimum and a good rebounder.
    If Taj could do well as a rookie(I am not saying Asik will do as well as Taj), why not Asik do a little better than we think. It is just not Doug, but most media guys seem to stereotype European big men as soft 3pt types or plodding types.

  • Good analysis, but I not sure that it matters.

    I watched the Heat play last night, against Atlanta, and I have to admit that Lebron looks to be playing with an edge, even an anger that I have never seen from him.

    Is is as powerfull as JOrdan's was in 95-96, I don't know yet, but I am starting to worry that it might be. Bosh is a pussy so he doesn't worry me. Wade is at least the competitor that Pippen was, so it all comes down to Lebron.

    If he has indeed discovered his inner Jordan, then our record could be in trouble. My hope is that we see him dancing and clowning around again as soon as the regular season starts. Let him have his fun, so we can have our record.

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