Ronnie Brewer to miss Bucks game

Per KC Johnson twitter:

Ronnie Brewer out for Bulls-Bucks game. Keith Bogans will start.

I don't want to make a bigger deal of it than it is, which is probably mostly irrelevant.  However, Brewer missed most of last year with a hamstring injury and is suffering another hamstring injury.

That's not a good sign when considering a few things.

This injury might linger around all year.  If he already tweaked it and had injuries after the off-season, then odds of him tweaking it with regular playing time seem worse.  I don't know that it's so severe that he couldn't play through it, and in fact, I suspect if this was a regular season game he'd go.

However, that brings up the second point.  Brewer's primary skill set is based on his disruptive athleticism, and if he's playing a sore hamstring he may be limited at what he does best. 

Nothing to get into a panic about, but it is something to monitor.  If Brewer is struggling with health through preseason when the regular season starts then the Bulls depth will be pushed right out of the gates considering the Boozer injury.


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  • I know James Johnson is so much in the dumps right now. I would start him in the pre-season at SG and see how he performs with Rose.
    I think the best line-up is Noah,Taj,Deng,JJ,Rose...This gives him confidence and maybe he can resurrect his career rather than starting Bogans who we know is average.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I'm really rooting for JJ, but that would be a bad idea for the team overall. You already have two starters out due to injury. You don't add a project like JJ to the starting lineup when this team already has so many new players and a new system to learn. Bogans is a stable veteran that you can plug in and keep the ship going. JJ should see time if Brewer is out longer or frequently, but not as a starter in this advance stage of a new system. It adds disruption to the other players.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    1. JJ is not playing as a big man. The learning curve should be less for him as a SG.
    2. I am hoping one year in the NBA has advanced his on-game thinking and skills. Both Bogans/JJ are new to the system anyhow. Bogans would be better to step in if JJ falters(which probably will happen)
    3. We need offense and I don't trust Bogans on that..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    If we need offense, why is Brewer starting - he is all about defense and thats why we signed him. Bogans is far and away a better shooter than Brewer (though that doesn't take much). You start Bogans and JJ earns his minutes as they come.

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    Brewer starts if Boozer picks up the slack on offense. Since Boozer is out, we need offense from the starting unit now...and both Brewer/Bogans are bad fits. That's why JJ is a better option.

  • I know everybody, including myself, is anxious to see the new Bulls play tomorrow but i rather see people out now in the pre-season than on National TV against the Thunder in the season opener. Plus, Nick Friedell said Brewer is working with Scottie Pippen as we speak, which is always a plus..

  • I dont know why I keep forgetting about the non-guranteed guys but i definitely agree about Kyle Weaver. He was one of Kevin Durants' favorite guys, I hope he makes it along with Lucas.

  • Ya Kyle Weaver could step up to the plate....he is a big defensive guard with long arms. Lets see what he can do. Same with JJ....he needs to calm down an just let the game come to him an the coaches will notice. Pipp is working with Brewer....thats great to hear. Bogans is solid...i liked that pickup by the bulls.

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    That's hot!

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    I know we're not supposed to panic, but sorry, I'm freakin panicking. I want all remaining Bulls players (and what the hell, staff too) bubblewrapped until the regular season starts. This is getting ridiculous.

  • you did it Doug. Thanks!
    "Noah admitted the ongoing collective bargaining agreement negotiations played a factor in his decision to sign for less than his camp first requested, although sources said incentives can take the package higher."

  • In reply to Dileg:

    Thanks Doug!

    Now that Noah's taken care of, could you do something to convince Denver to trade Melo for Deng and JJ? Have them throw in a draft pick, if you don't mind...


    He better get use to the SG position too.

  • Yep +2

  • I don't hear much about serious hamstring injuries like Brewer's torn hamstring. Once you tear it can it become chronic? Is this the same hamstring that's injured now that he tore last year( I believe it is)? I saw Thibodeau quoted as saying Brewer's hamstring injury was "different" then where he tore it last year.

    Really Brewer's health status to me is completely up in the air. I'm not going to worry about something I just don't know much about. If he can't play we'll have to deal with that by hoping at least offensively C.J Watson can shine and Kyle Korver leaning on Thib's defensive schemes maybe can be viable at the two. Also Bogans could add 15-20 solid defensive minutes with ocassional threes on any given night.

    There is no way IMO that James Johnson can handle the ball at the two nor cover upper tier SG's defensively. I hear people going the other way saying with Booz out J.J. should get some minutes at the four where he can definitely use his quickness and ballhandling/drive abilities to his advantage. Of course with his lack of height and weight loss will see if the martial arts balance and strength will help him guarding 4's.

    I could see Taj averaging 12-13 ppg with nice interior D between he and Noah like last year if he doesn't get shafted again by the refs. He's a good mid range shooter when his defensive energy flourishes.

  • I think it's worth noting that K.C.'s Twitter that about an hour after practice, James Johnson was still there practicing with Scottie Pippen.

  • excuse my grammar on that last post....forgot to proof read.

  • In reply to Everitt:


  • In reply to Everitt:

    Boozer is a total dumb fuck.

  • Interesting. I would love for Pip to take him under his wings

  • Every year, right off the bat, in training camp & pre season we always have a ton of injuries and can't get everyone learning the new system

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