Noah and Bulls agree to contract extension


Per Sam Smith:

While the team learned that free agent power forward Carlos Boozer would be lost with a fractured right hand, league sources confirmed the Bulls have come to an agreement with Joakim Noah on a contract extension.

Sources said the deal is for five years and is worth about $60 million. It would go into effect after this season.

Per KC Johnson:

The exact amount of the extension is unknown but believed to be in the
$12 million range annually. Incentives can take the deal higher, and a
source said the inclusion of these incentives represented the
breakthrough in negotiations.

First, and most importantly, hooray!

I'm psyched that the Bulls and Noah came to terms on a deal.  He's one of the most fun and exciting players in the league IMO.  He provides so much personality for the team and has become one of the vocal leaders.

Granted, similar things were said about Tyson Chandler at less money per year, but it never proved difficult for a team to get out of Tyson's deal, and if the Bulls need to the same is likely true of Noah's new deal (apart from a massive injury of course).

I've said for a long time that I love Noah, and fans will be initially excited to have him, but a couple years into a 12 million dollar per year extension and he may not be the quite the popular guy he is now.  Just look at how Bulls fans feel about Luol Deng.  There are a lot of similarities.

Guys who aren't quite max players, but clearly much better than non max players are the toughest guys to negotiate extensions with.  If Noah mentions the new CBA in his rationale for accepting the extension then I'm taking credit. 

Despite my fears of the salary hurting the Bulls down the road, I'll hope that the Bulls take a stance of being willing to go into the tax in the future and wipe those fears aside to be excited about the Bulls keeping a player we all love.

It will be interesting to find out what type of incentives are in the deal.  If they are things like health based or all-star game appearance based and how likely they are to be met.  One would think they're at least somewhat reasonable if they pushed the deal over the edge.

Now onto other things.   The extension virtually guarantees that Noah will not be a part of any trade for Carmelo Anthony.  Noah would count as 12 million in salary for the Nuggets, but only 3.1 million for the Bulls.   Thus to combine him and Deng in a trade it counts as 23 million for the Nuggets and only 14.4 million for the Bulls. 

There are a couple of permutations that still make a trade possible.  If my calculations are correct Noah + Deng + James Johnson would match Melo + 1 of Afflalo, Lawson, or Balkman + a minimum contract guy.   However, the window of things that can be done shrinks by a considerable margin with the extension and Noah taking on the "poison pill provision" tag.


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  • Best Bulls news Ive heard in years...

  • "There are a couple of permutations that still make a trade possible. If my calculations are correct Noah + Deng + James Johnson would match Melo + 1 of Afflalo, Lawson, or Balkman + a minimum contract guy."

    Ugh...this quote killed my excitement...I thought the Poison Pill would mean the deal could not get done...effectively creating a no trade for Noah...

  • Ok now we have Boozer,Deng and Noah making HUGEEEEE money with D Rose about to get his next then what!? We have no money after that? Is that team going to win us a title? In my opinion....i dont think so. This could be the same thing we saw with Luol Deng a couple years back....he had a great playoff series an got a fat contract. Noah has played 1 great year (where he missed a lot of games due to injury)and we pay him big bucks....whats the rush? Why couldnt we wait until mid-season to do something like this.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Because the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement says that extensions have to be signed by October 31 (although I think Mappy gave a link that said the deadline is November 1st this year).

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I trust Noah's personality way more than I trust Deng's to make us never regret this deal. I regretted Deng's deal the second it was signed.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Noah is my favorite Bull, and has been from day one, but he got every penny that he could have, I think that he signed at a premium, but I also still expect him to get better.

    In the NBA it seems that if you are a 7 footer and can walk and chew gum at the same time you can make $10-$13 million per, so barring injury we are not likely to regret this signing.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    ditto Bigway! I say the same thing! I so wish I was a 7 footer!!!! LOL
    $12M/yr is fair for Noah he is the face of the franchise along with Rose!
    We will be in the luxury tax though as we need to sign Rose to big $ to lock him up as well and I agree with Doug that no team can match Miami as far as their Big 3 but we should have a fun run and a good hard nosed team to watch for years to come!
    Sucks that Boozer went down already I wanted to see him play as I'm planning to go to Milwaukee tomorrow to see the preseason opener against the Deers.
    GO BULLS!!!!

  • In reply to BigWay:

    lol +2

  • In reply to Csharp:

    i love jo ..but 12 million a yr?
    plz people dont think this is a good deal at all..

    he surpassed ben gordon and luol deng for overpaid..noah isnt as good at what ya label him as .. as great defender.. hes just a weakside if the incentives said for jo to gain atleast 15 pounds or so of muscle then i could say he gets a pass because unlike deng and gordon..he plays hard every play and brings a skillset that brings championships unlike the other overpaids.. & thats heart and will..

    but happy for him..just hope he puts on weight serioulsy though and deng shoots the 3.. i do think we need a shooter now that boozer is gone.. the court and pressure on rose just got maybe a little bigger with boozer out didnt it?

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Wait what am I missing here? Noah is overpaid and "just a weakside helper" yet he also "[has] a skillset that brings championships"? Sooo to make sure we're clear, a skillset to win championships can consist of solely weak side help ability? Gotcha...

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    ok.. heart and will isnt talent first of all..
    luol deng and ben gordon arent known for giving it their all.. thats what wins championships.. so when the season comes around and bogut lopez howard duncan jefferson gasol yao bosh shaq kaman randolph and etc come around watch how noah gets pushed..we seen it in the playoffs and now you want to ignore how badly noah looked against shaq and we had to have more of brad miller because of it? what i said were totally differnet so YOUR not making sense..

    noah doesnt get 2-3 blks & holds low post guys all.. because he would dive on the floor and grab a rebound doesnt make him a defensive presence at all.. kg duncan and etc were known for not letting guys get in the paint,get beat on pick and rolls and especially not getting backed down... so what your saying and trying to prove makes no sense.. think next time.. talent and hard work are totally different.. theres no doubt chicago paid more than expected and gordon and deng were talented..noah is just a effort guy and a hard worker..

  • In reply to Csharp:


    If I were Paxson and/or Forman, I would have held steady at $57.5 with bonuses (All-Star game, rebound title, all-defensive-team) taking to $60 million.

    But, in the end I'm happy Joakim Noah got extended.

    Now, it's time to go after Melo and become the best team in the NBA again.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    check check...let's work on the Melo deal...oh wait Boozer went down already so we "need" Gibson now and can't trade him for Melo...darn!
    I agree that bringing on Melo and keeping Noah is prob our best sniff of winning it all but I'd like to see what this team can do now and if Melo is still in Denver baby blue around trade deadline then try to get him.
    Trading Deng and Noah for Melo is a very scary trade given Deng and Noah aren't allstars themselves, they also aren't that far from it and it makes me sick to have over $20M/yr in 1 player! Wasn't Melo offered over $20M/yr from Denver and he didn't sign it? Heck Lebron, Wade, Bosh each make around $14.5M/yr now.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Glad he's signed, but it seems management expects him to be an all-star this year. That's another big jump. Not sure I see that happening. Noah is now officially the next most likely to get injured...

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I liked that we re-signed him but all this talk about Noah becoming a All Star is crazy imo. Hes a big 7footer that can play D and sometimes score easy buckets. But like Happy an Troy are we need to start thinking of moves to bring in Melo. I love team ball with all of our players we have now....but in the NBA talent wins out. Bulls need to keep adding to it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    with what money? thats the part you guys dont understand.. the trade has to be dollar for dollar when in tax.. rose will get his max and dengs only gets bigger.. taj will need one and we just signed boozer.. no one wants deng straight up.. thats our problem..its dengs deal.. nothing else you think these guys dont want to improve like how we want them.. you think the f.o doesnt have any affection towards winning? that they arent human? melo isnt coming unless jo's in the deal and melo said send me to chicago only sicne new yorks deal isnt working.. but now with joe's contract whos to say denever doesnt think we overpaid for him either? melo-chicago is dead now..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    You are wrong. If Denver wants Noah and the Bulls want to trade him(both assumptions)...this is good. Noah didn't want to go to Denver but now he has a no choice but to go and play for 6 years in Denver. This is a good deal either way(Noah is in Chi or dealt). What did you expect them to pay? 8 mil? Even Haywood in his 30s is getting 8/9 mil/year. I agree Noah was pushed around a bit in the paint by big guys like Howard/Shaq. Except for Howard...others couldn't defend him in the paint on his quickness easily. He is going to bulk up a little bit. What do you want them to do? Wait for the new CBA and destroy chemistry and handcuff the Bulls from making a trade if required..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    no that wasnt my point.. it was whos to say denver doesnt feel we just gave joakim a contract that they dont want..

    "He is going to bulk up a little bit. What do you want them to do? "

    my answer is when? dwight howard did it in two offseasons.. mainly the begining of his 2nd..
    if we can say rose needs to work on 100 things then why not joakim on just one? thats all i ask for.. because thats they only reasaon guys like rodman, & wallace.. they couldnt be moved.. effort is one thing and he has that.. but that ability is another and he doesnt..just like the saying talent wins out..then so does size..ask l.a how they got a good defense with non defensive players but one..yes kobe isnt..far from it..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    "thats the part you guys dont understand.. the trade has to be dollar for dollar when in tax."

    NO Yungn915, the trade ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT have to be dollar for dollar when you are over the cap. In fact "in tax" has absolutely nothing to do with any trade rules, it's being over the CAP that matters.

    And trades don't have to be dollar for dollar, the salaries have to be within 25% +$100k of each other.

    i.e., if the Bulls send out $20 million in salaries, they can take back as much as $25.1 million in salary.

    $20 million + 25% = $25 million + $100k = $25.1 million.

    If you are going to call people out and say that they don't understand, you really should understand what you are talking about.

    You weren't even close with the "dollar for dollar" talk.

  • This is awesome news.

    And like Doug mentioned, the difference between this deal and Deng's is that there are ALWAYS teams willing to trade an expiring contract for an "overpriced" big man.

  • I hope the Bulls made sure there wasnt any signs of Plantar Ficiatis in his foot anymore.....because that would be a real bad thing.

  • When the negotiations were first reported I felt that $12 mil per year should've been the Bulls' ceiling. I was nervous because some of the initial reports made it sound like that 5yr/$60mil deal was the Bulls' starting point. I'm relieved that this deal is done and that Noah isn't grossly paid.

    Noah can be a game-changing rebounder and defender in the mold of Rodman and Ben Wallace. Even if he falls a little short of their rebounding and shot-block stats he has an edge offense. If opposing defenses don't pay attention to him, he can make them pay with that ugly short-to-mid-range jumper or by attacking the rim.

    Under the current CBA, his deal pretty much matches the market value of a 7-footer with those traits. He may look a little overpaid when the new CBA hits, but the Bulls were smart to lock him in now so that they can concentrate solely on Rose next summer.

  • I meant to say I'm glad Noah isn't grossly "overpaid."

  • If Ben Wallace was paid 13 mil when he was 32 and couldn't shoot a FT/make a 10 ft shot....I think this is a fair deal for a 25 year old. Rose has to tuck in his ego in the future because he might be the best player and the lowest paid amongst the top 4 players for the Bulls if the new CBA has what we expect.
    The other issue is we all know that the Bulls need a good perimeter shooter. The Bulls with all this deals cannot make a mistake. They need to hit a home run...

  • If Noah stayed the same player he was last year & esp. the player he was last year in the playoffs, didn't even progress which I'm assuming he will, still no one will care that he's making 12 mil per so long as Jerry is paying the luxury tax. It would only be a problem if the Bulls were a mediocre team stuck in NBA purgatory under the cap. I think most Bulls fans are smart enough to get that, however there will be some who just won't, but those are genreally the jealous types who still can't fathom how some people in this world are making 200x the amount they are making & doing it playing a game. Screw those people anyways, haters.

  • Best news since the Boozer signing! I love Noah as much as anyone since he's a Bull! Really really happy!

  • I have a question if anybody can answer it....So if the Bulls can find a way to unload Luol Deng....will we be able to sign Melo outright in next years free agency? Luol Deng for some we did with Kirk. Just get cap space for him.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Probably not...I don't think we can do that because of the Noah deal and depending on the cap. I think we might have 7 to 10 mil space if we dump Deng and assuming 58 mil space. So we need to dump Deng and another player or two.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Doug congrats, Noah mentioned the CBA as a reason for signing.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    We need to find a way to get rid of Deng....his contract is killing us right now. If we can somehow get Melo with Booz,Noah an Rose still on the roster we would be golden.

  • really cuz "bogut lopez howard duncan jefferson gasol yao bosh shaq kaman randolph and thats off the head.. they dont need to back him down and do hook shot every play dumbass.. its clear noah gets pushed and now cause the season isnt on you guys think it changed? brad miller was our best back down defender and it was only cuz he wasnt small..all of a sudden because hes one of us and now signed everyone thinks this he has no weakness.. its crazy how ya say rose needs to do this and do that.. but when noah gets called on hes perfectly fine.. just yell and rebound.. no not for 12 million a year.. watch in 2 years.. we will all be complaining and mr happy will be saying get dwight howard..

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