Derrick Rose needs to draw contact


In the season opener Derrick Rose took 31 shots to score 26 points.  If you add up the two trips to the free throw line then he used up 33 possessions to score his 26 points which simply isn't good enough.   However, as much as I'd like to criticize the amount of shots he put up, there is no one else.

The problem is a lack of help but help isn't likely to come until Boozer gets back.

The thing is, while Joakim Noah scored 18, he's not scoring his points
through creating his own offense.   We can't just get the ball to Noah
and watch the points fall in.   Same thing with Taj Gibson who had 16
points, but mostly off of open dunks.  Luol Deng struggled on the night
even though he chipped in 13.  C.J. Watson did a decent job creating his
own shot and went 4 of 8 from the field, but we're not counting on that
are we?

Anyone else?   Forget it, it was a disappearing act for the rest of the team.

That's why, as unfair as it is, Derrick Rose needs to play better.  
Quite simply, while Boozer is out, there is no one else.  Gibson and Noah
will score in transition, Deng will find open spots in the offense, the
other guys can get garbage points, but no one else can generate anything
in the half court with the possible exception of C.J. Watson.

For those criticizing the volume of Rose's shot attempts, and I think it
was too many too, the problem is who else could you go to?  Who else
could create their shot?   The Thunder played great defense in the half
court shutting down the points coming out of the system.  Derrick was
our best and only option.

So here's the thing, we've been saying it for two years already, but
Rose needs to stop driving to avoid contact at the rim.   We love the
highlight reverse layup where Rose jumps from four feet from the basket,
goes underneath it then throws in a crazy reverse.  However, this play
is usually a crazy difficult shot which could have been an easy foul
drawn if Rose didn't go out of his way to avoid contact.

When the opponent crowds the paint it's time to force the issue.  Go
watch some tape of Corey Maggette.   Lower your head and charge!   Get
the Ben Gordon football hold on the ball if you have to.  

As unfair as it is, the Bulls need more from Rose, because they're not
going to get more from anyone else.  The only way for Rose to deliver
more on a consistent basis is to get to the line, and while we love to
blame the refs, it's the way Rose drives that results in the lack of
calls.  This is the one adjustment that Rose can make to impact the game.



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  • I agree Rose needs to be more direct and force the issue like you said about Corey and Ben. Deng & especially Brewer need to raise their games...everyone needs to step up because Boozer is out for awhile and he has a history of being out a lot.
    With Rose making the All-Star team and getting on TV...did you guys see those 2 Rose commercials! Pretty funny stuff!!!
    Rose will hopefully be getting more love from the officials who will give him 50/50 charge calls and get him to the line.
    It is so important for him to draw contact and make the other team pay from hitting his free throws. That really hurts the other team because they have to watch their fouling and don't want the Bulls on the line all night.
    I'm fine with Rose drawing contact but not just from Shaq & Howard when he is flying in the air trying to dunk over them and comes crashing down the the hard wood floor...we don't want Rose hurt!!!

  • The bulls need Rose to be a point guard. They need him to create shot opportunities for others, not just himself. He needs to double his assists, which I think he will against the Pistons.

  • I don't know if Rose driving to the basket to make contact would be healthy. We have seen him get hurt twice in the past and miss games. I think other guys just need to step up and do whatever to help rose out. It's not a good situation cause the Bulls don't have anyone else that can create their own shot. Until management figure out what they are going to do to address this problem, the other guys that play on the wing need to try to get to the rim some kind of way. Coach Thibs need to try and run plays to get these guys to the free throw line. Asking Rose to drive to the basket too many times will eventually get him hurt and I'm sure nobody wants that.

  • GOALS:

    In my opinion, Derrick Rose should have three individual goals.

    - Get 8 to 10 assists per game.
    - Get to the FT-line 5+ times per games.
    - Score 10+ points in the 4th quarter.

    That's more than fair.

  • HOW TO:

    Derrick Rose can reach those goals by...

    - Driving to the basket and making sure his teammates are in positions to score.
    - Driving to the CENTER of the rim, instead of the SIDE of it.
    - Driving to the MIDDLE of the lane and getting fouled, using his floater and/or his pull-up jumper.


    Why doesn't Derrick Rose get to the FT-line?

    - He has great BODY CONTROL to where he can AVOID guys when he has the ball.
    - He takes bad ANGLES to the rim. For the most part, he comes in from the SIDE, not MIDDLE/CENTER.


    Watch Deron Williams and Chris Paul.

    * Deron Williams finishes at the CENTER of the rim, thus trapping the defender in the circle.

    * Chris Paul comes in from the SIDE, but finishes at the CENTER of the rim for the AND 1.

    Derrick Rose NEEDS TO WATCH VIDEO on those two guys and see how it's down.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    CASE STUDY (continued):

    Watch Dwyane Wade, another guy who gets to the FT-line a lot.

    * Again, he finishes at the CENTER, not the SIDE of the rim for the AND-1.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    CASE STUDIED (continued again):

    Derrick Rose LOVES the REVERSE LAY-UP,which showcases his great BODY CONTROL.

    * If he went to the CENTER of the rim, he would have had the AND 1 on Boris Diaw.

  • Most of MrHappy's comments are of the funny variety.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    chicagosportsguru +2 i agree....give it time....i was just listening to the radio an espn1000 had Thibs on and they asked him about Melo and Thibs just started laughing lol He knows Chicago wants him.

  • In reply to bullshooter:


    True, I'm a funny guy, but my posts are mostly serious and honest.


    Look what happens to Isiah Thomas when he takes a BAD ANGLE.

    He didn't attack the CENTER of the rim, thus allowing Karl Malone to SLIDE OVER and TAKE HIM OUT. That's the same thing that happened to Derrick Rose vs. DWIGHT HOWARD.

    * If they both would have finished at the CENTER OF THE RIM, they wouldn't have gotten hurt.

  • The Bulls and Rose need you as an Asst Coach Mr. Happy! :-)

  • In reply to smiley:

    1. The whole coaching staff and FO will stop coaching or doing their jobs. They will be all on ESPN's website working on "The Trade Machine" the whole day.
    2. There will be no analysis or coaching...just tell Rose that he has to score 20 points in the next 20 minutes or he will be traded for Melo or Wade
    3. Make Rose wear "Batman" costume for tomorrow's game

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    1. I think Mr. Happy thinks this is what they should be doing already.

    2. You've just described Doug Collins' offense here with MJ, except for the whole getting traded part.

    3. Seeing as how DR doesn't get enough assists for some people as it is, the mask cutting off his peripheral vision isn't an issue. Of course, the whole bat sense thing of using radar to avoid contact with anything is a wholly appropriate metaphor for DR.

  • In reply to rifle13:


    Watch DWILL, CP3 and DWADE play. My analysis is spot on.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


    I'm not the one who said, "I want to be MVP." That would be DROSE. I'm speaking the truth. Just watch those other guys play. They all know how to get to the FT-line. Rose doesn't. It's because his TECHNIQUE is bad.

  • In reply to smiley:

    I disagree that he has to take contact every time like a Maggette or Wade. He will be hurt all the time. It has to be a smart decision on his part. If he feeling it and the jumpers are going in, there is no need for contact. And he has to be careful against whom he is going to make contact. There is no point being out for 1/2 weeks all the time. He needs to make smarter decisions of passing. If he doesn't trust his teammates, then whatever he does...the team is doomed anyhow. Hopefully, Brewer and Deng can convert better when he passes. Those two along with Korver were the culprits against OKC. If those three do not improve, whatever Rose does will not help the Bulls win. The only thing he might learn how to make contact and be injured. We cannot say do it like the other guy. Each body is different and wouldn't Thibs, Pax know already know about this and advising him on what to do..

  • In reply to smiley:

    Thanks Doug - A Trifecta of Good Blogging

    Today I read 3 blog entries, all by Doug Thonus. Thanks Doug, inciteful articles.

    I do my own blogging and I know how difficult it is to write a good article. I appreciate talent when I see it, and read it.

    Even if the guys and gals who read this blog might disagree with some of your posts from time to time, we should all be grateful for the fine blog articles that you contribute.

    Thanks again.

  • In reply to smiley:

    Having seen almost all of Derrick's game since he's been a Bull, I don't see Rose throw a lot of alley oops. Why is Rondo and Chris Paul good at doing it? I believe that Rose is not good being patient dribbling in/around the paint. I believe that Derrick is good attacking the pick and roll driving towards the lane and breaking down defenses but when it comes to being patient and setting up his team mates, I kinda question his patience and court vision. Since Rajon Rondo doesn't have a good mid range game, does opponents sag off of him and just let him dribble around setting his team mates up? There's one assist that impressed me during the OKC game when Derrick was in the paint and he passed the ball behind his defender's back to a cutting Taj Gibson (I hope you guys can remember which pass it is because it was the only pass that stood out). Jameer Nelson is another guard that is an underrated passer in the paint setting people up. I think Derrick is used to drive and kick and just drives to the basket to look for his own shots but he hasn't really been playing a calm game roaming the paint with the ball trying to set people up ala Steve Nash. The way Derrick breaks down defenses, he relies so much on his speed and this is why Chauncey Billups was telling Derrick that PG is not all about speed. I want to see Derrick dribble inside the paint and go out of the paint if there's nothing there. I'm kinda worried about Derrick's pick and roll game when Boozer gets back. Last night I saw Derron Williams play a nice pick and roll game with Al Jefferson and it made me question if Rose has the same court awareness/court vision/patience to play as a pure PG.

    I still truly believe that Derrick's strength's is playing as a scoring guard instead of a pure PG. Once the game slows down for Derrick, with his ball handling abilities, I believe Derrick will be a better guard. I can't wait to see Boozer and Derrick play together.

  • In reply to smiley:

    I don't think there is any problem with the way Rose is playing as far as not drawing contact, because he is. If he changed the way he played to draw more contact, he would have to go slower to the hoop & not elevate as high.
    The problem clearly is the officiating. Rose doesn't seem to be getting the pattented NBA star treatment yet, which is very frustrating as a fan, can just imagine how Rose feels. He is getting hammered at times, but he is such a blur who goes so fast & gets up so high (as Sam Smith notes he gets hit low in the body often where officials aren't looking).
    If I'm Tom Thibodeau I am making tapes of Rose getting molested and sending them to the NBA & head of officiating

  • In reply to smiley:

    "Championships(practice)?! We're talkin' about Championships(practice)!" A.I.< modified. Seriously, if the goal is a championship then look at the championship teams of the last decade. Only Detroit and Boston did not have a player with 7 or more FTA's per game. And in both of those cases one guy had 6 and the other star nearly 5. So 80% of the time teams have one(and the other 20% two) that can get a team through offensive lulls and end of game situations with gaurunteed points/trips to the line. Which of course builds the winning invulnerability critical to winning it all. So the Bulls have Derrick with 3 and 4 FTA's and Deng last year had 4.7. But again almost all of those teams had one guy getting at least 7 trips to the line a game, and we know Deng is not a fourth quarter guy anyway. So unless we are getting Carmelo if the Bulls want to contend most likely Derrick Rose will need to get to the line at least 7 times a game. Now do most of the guys getting all those FTA's have a big size advantage over Derrick? Yes. But beit Kobe, Duncan, or Shaq you also have A.I who at 6'0 or whatever had nearly 9-10 FTA's for nearly a decade. Last year Chauncey Billups no young colt had 7 FTA's pg. The fact remains that these championship teams relied upon foul line "warriors" who were almost always SG's and bigs. But it certainly can be done(Billups and A.I.* Finals appearance not champs). Of the guys who had 7 or more attempts and led their teams to championships Kobe, Duncan, Wade, (Iverson - Finals) all immediately displayed their ability to get to the free throw line. Derrick so far has 3 and 4 FTA's. Doesn't sound like a guy who's going to get there without the pedigree or the normal associated height. Yet, I have no doubts based on his ability alone he could easily average 7 or more trips to the line a game. And here's the thing. If D-Rose simply improves his game defensively, and ups his assits and rebounds with a better cast around him he will be an excellent player and several time All-Star. But unless he lucks out with a Melo/prolific second star he's not going to win a championship. And he is the one who if I am not mistaken says, "Why can't I be M.V.P." Here's why Derrick. You don't take your non PG ability of dominating the game as a scorer to it's fullest potential. M.V.P's score at a prolific rate what 25 or usually upper 20's and beyond ppg. You wanna do that? Then you better learn how to get your butt to the line. And Chauncey, A.I. did it along with many other shorter SG's like without being taken out on a stretcher. The intent is to get fouled(and try to convert). Not go full bore with no pump fakes and hesitations into Dwight fricking Howard. Look at the tapes Derrick. Kevin Martin, D-Wade(not a tall guy himself), A.I., Chauncey. It can be done. And you could be dominating the game with 27 ppg without a doubt. And possibly winning a championship some day. Yes, I believe not just talent but that indefinable quality that D-Rose has that he could do it. But you've got to go through that window of execution and knowledge while it is open. Two more years of 4 or even 5 FTA's, and the opportunity and your rep will be irrevocably going down a different lessor path. Even if we get Melo it's never good karma/destiny to deny within you the player/person you could be. And IMO right now Derrick is not just a PG. He is a prolific scorer very near or at M.V.P. candidate in waiting. A 7 trips or more to the line team leader in winning. But it's up to him. And this the critical third year is the time. Destiny's calling. Anybody home?

  • In reply to smiley:

    Also, obviously very small sample size. Rose was getting more calls in the preseason than his 1st 2 years in the league, much more. Several factors at work here against the Thinder:
    1) Most importantly, your playing on their homecourt, just look at the disspaity in team free throws, something like a 2:1 ratio
    2)Westbrook was mainly gaurding Rose, & he knows his moves & game very well from their summers spent training with one another
    3)A couple of new or young refs working the game
    4)The Thunder has a great team defense & can play on a string at times. Unlike our Bulls, they have pretty much returned all their team, and guys are not as often out of position to have to commit a foul

    Still, Rose did not get as many calls as he should, which is such a shame b/c he doesn't really complain to the refs

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I agree. If this is happening in February..when Boozer is back and everyone is kind off in rhythm, we need to start analyzing this.
    We will also know when they play a good team in the caliber of OKC on how where this team is ...Boozer or not...

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    What Mr Happy is trying to say is that Derrick Rose needs to draw contact. Someone should really make that the title of an article...

  • In reply to CN71:



    I'm saying that Derrick Rose takes bad ANGLES to the basket.

    He should watch more tape on DWILL, DWADE and CP3.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I counted at least three bad calls that went the Thunders way.

  • In reply to smiley:


    My application has already been sent in.

  • Inciteful malapropism. :)

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    Flamingo/Flamenco, GO BULLS!!!

  • Doug I think you make some really good points, but truthfully should ANY of us be telling Derrek how to play basketball?

    Seriously guys, I think he knows what he's doing at this point...

  • In reply to Dmband:

    That's what fans are supposed to do. Think they know more than the coach, FO or the players and find faults. But that said, it doesn't mean Rose knows exactly what to do either. Every profession has a learning curve even for the best. We are supposed to nitpick, complain and panic..

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Rose was fouled a couple times the other night without anything being called but the other player who needs to draw contact is Luol Deng. Rose's foul calls will come this year...a couple times against the Thunder he got a couple calls an even got away with a big travel in the middle of court lol BUT anyways....this is where having a guy like Melo on your team can really help. Luol Deng doesnt attack the players he goes against....Melo does. But im not trying to turn this into a Melo convo again.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I have asked this question before and I am asking it again cause a lot of people say that the Bulls are one good scorer away from being a championship contender, I say try to trade for Melo without giving up Noah, but other people have other opinions. My question is... what good player would make the Bulls a legitimate championship contender since they are 1 more good scorer away?

  • In reply to Reese1:


    Melo gives the Bulls the best chance at a championship.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    1 that isnt out there and 1 thats not available....we Bulls fans get to attached to our players and put WAYYY to much value to them....i love taj gibson...but the truth is when Boozer gets back he becomes a bench player for us that scores about 6-8ppg an gets 5-6reb imo. You can find a player to do that for you. And if were talking Deng,Taj and 2 draft picks for him...your looking at a Bulls pick in the 20's and a Bobcats pick that could be decent but your getting Melo in return so its all good. Not many picks in the 20's even turn out to be anything...Taj is a rare situation.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Everyone is for that trade. The Bulls would do it in a heartbeat. Its not like they are refusing to pull the trigger on such a trade. Right now the Nuggets are holding out in hopes that the Knicks will somehow get them something better. Give it time.

  • In reply to Dmband:


    Probably not, unless our observations are accurate and advice is valid.

    I provided video of how DWILL, CP3 and DWADE make their way to the FT-line.

    If I were Derrick Rose and part of his coaching staff, I would definitely be showing him video of those three guys and their techniques.

  • Yea, Mappy takes care of the inciteful part.

  • In reply to BigWay:


    Aren't you late for therapy? Or were you going out to the male strip club again?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    UtahBullsfan....ya i see Rose getting more confident too...the way he plays, can tell.

  • In reply to BigWay:


    I can't help it if I know basketball. You should take a lesson.

  • In reply to BigWay:


    Guess who gets the bucket and the AND 1?

  • In reply to BigWay:


    Game 1: Donte Greene - 1/7 for 6 points.
    Game 2: Omri Casppi - 2/8 for 7 points.

    They couldn't use Luol Deng, right? (Major Sarcasm)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Actually Garcia is starting at the 2 while Evans serves his suspension, so Garcia probably slides over to 3. He is kicking ass right now by the way

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    After 2 games, Fransisco Garcia: 58.3 % shooting, 20ppg,3rpg,3apg,2.5stls,1blk

  • In reply to ChiRy:


    Garcia is a SG, not a SF. And he'll come off the bench as a shooter.

    Believe me, the Kings' need a starting SF.

  • So if it was 4 to 8 weeks that boozer was supposed to be out he could come back like next week I doubt it but I just want him to come back and watch Roses assist numbers soar!

    Rose is starting to be a little cocky which isn't a bad thing; I dunno if anyone joined the live chat on eastbay on Wednesday??

    But he has talked said "why can't I be MVP next seaston?" And then in the live chat someone asked him what numbers he thought he had to average to be mvp and he said

    20 points 10 assists and 5 rebounds

    I seriously see this happening when boozer gets back he can easily average 10 assists and if he plays alert there will be 5 loose balls a game that he can get.

    But i doubt that even with those numbers he'll get the MVP the NBA has a way of making people that they want to market look better than they are

  • Doug,

    Didn't DROSE say he wants to be league MVP? Well...

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    To continue my point...

    - He has Boozer on his team, so going from 6 assists to 8 or 10 assists seems do-able.

    - He's an All-Star and a Gold Medalist, so I expect him to be getting more calls this year. I believe he averaged 4 FTA's a game last year. 5 shouldn't be out of reach.

    - As far as I know, DROSE is the Bulls' best player. He needs the ball in his hands in the 4th quarter. Therefore, 10 points in the 4th quarter is very reachable.

    It's time to RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS Doug.

  • Doug,

    No, but that doesn't mean that DROSE shouldn't watch video of DWILL, DWADE and CP3.

  • Ok, I should've said PLAYER AVAILABLE. We all know Howard is not available and seeing how the Heat handled them tonight, I wouldn't put too much into him either. Howard still needs to develop some low post moves.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Actually, Howard might be available in a few years if the Magic keeps failing to close the deal. They have a big payroll and once the newness of the arena wears off in a few years and if they haven't won anything...Howard might opt out and team with Rose.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    YYou can best believe, Howard ain't going nowhere.

  • I agree the Bulls probably never will win a title with this current group. But I do think it's at least possible Rose could become a 26-27 ppg scorer and all around solid player for a couple seasons. But even then he's still likely no D-wade I hate to say it.

    Watching Wade and LeBron against the Magic tonight I know one thing. With their talents and Miami's historically very good defensive system in place there isn't a team in hell except possibly the Lakers who is going to be able to compete with them.

    They just whipped the Magic's ass(who were a hot team coming in) with two domianting best of their generation players in their prime.

    But we can still enjoy this Bulls team on all the nights they are not playing Miami. Only Wade's injury history or some catastrophic injury to Lebron will derail there complete dominance. Anyone who watched Wade and Lebron tonight with the nice cast of role players, and Miami's excellent defensive system, rest of the league.. Fuhgedaboutit!

    And I am no Miami fan i.e I hate them and Wade and LeBron's asses both.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Although, I agree with you a lot about Miami....I would give a break to Orlando. They were playing their 2nd game in two nights. If Orlando is stupid enough to still depend on their 3pt shooting every night, they are due for another 2nd round exit.

    It's true though if a team is not clicking on all cylinders, Wade/LBJ can overwhelm you in a few minutes........

  • we'll have to disagree then. I think Rose drives to the hole often, and gets his fair share of contact, but its not getting called at the rate it should.

  • That's right. Also, Rose will never take the next proverbial step if he doesn't get to the line a lot more often.

  • Do you think Rose is, I don't want to say scared, but a little timid to take it strong to the center of the basket, hence all those floaters he does after beating his initial man off the dribble and driving?
    I think this is just a product from playing playground ball and never having a coach that tried to change that a little.

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