Bulls vs Wizards 7pm on WGN - The return of Kirk


Much like when Jordan returned to the court as a Wizard, I expect Hinrich's return as a Wizard to be similarly dramatic.  Probably encompassing a 10 minute standing ovation where Kirk will have to stop and give a speech afterwards.

Okay, the drama probably won't be quite the same, but I expect that he'll generally get cheers when announced.   I feel a bit bad for Hinrich, who's a starting caliber PG that ended up in another city where he'll primarily have to play out of position and primarily mentor another young superstar.

Strangely enough, Kirk seems to polarize much of the Bulls fan base.  I say strange, because it's hard for me to see why anyone would feel that passionately about Hinrich one way or the other.  He was a solid player, who played defense, handled the ball well, shot decently, practiced hard, played hard, and put in work to help his teammates.  He wasn't as good as you'd hope.  He seemed to struggle with open threes much more frequently than his shooting percentage would indicate, and he was paid more than a lot of fans liked.   Still what's there to argue about there really?

As for the rest of the game, it's a fun one merely for the Rose vs Wall sub plot.

One of the commonly held debates for off-season pundits was who would you take John Wall or Derrick Rose.  Wall looked somewhat more impressive in college, but Derrick's already stepped up to all-star status in two years and improved considerably from his college days. 

Wall's more of a passer, Rose is more of a scorer, both are fast athletic freaks.   Seeing them go head to head should make for some exciting basketball, and I'd imagine neither fan base would even remotely consider swapping guards with the other at this point.

We'll also get another chance to see what type of adjustments the Bulls are able to make playing on the heels of a back to back.   Which of our players are legit, and who's having lucky games?    Can any of the deep rotation guys establish themselves in any way?   Will Roger Powell ever make it into a game?

These are the questions that need to be answered!   Okay, really after Wall vs Rose, and seeing the crowd reaction to Hinrich, there probably isn't much interesting in this one, but that's enough for me for a preseason game.  


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  • I feel bad for him, too. He was a hard-working, loyal guy, and it seemed like he really didn't want to be traded (he grew up a Bulls fan). I guess that's what he gets for sucking.
    I like DC; at least he didn't end up in Utah or Oklahoma City. And he's still a millionaire.

    Doug, it looks like your Bulls Articles Around the Web page is freaking out. Seems to be pulling all articles on all topics from one of your sources.

  • It's the Daily Herald. Northwest Suburban over-reporting.

  • Gringo Rican lol Thats funny....hes a good guy but he sucked lol His first couple years, Kirk was a heck of a shorter an then after the thumb injury came, it was downward from there.

    Looking forward to see Rose vs Wall tonight.

    Also...last night Barcelona beat the Lakers in their exhibition game....Pete Mickael put up 26 points or something. He is a SG i believe....not sure if he scored against bums or what....but its something to note.

  • Really? It's hard to figure out why Kirk Hinrich is polarizing?

    I've always assumed it was the role (such as it was) that he played in Ben Gordon leaving town. I don't remember there being much vitriol directed to Hinrich before it became apparent that his presence was likely to play a factor in giving up Gordon.

  • In reply to Duke:

    There is nothing that proves that Hinrich had ANYTHING to do with Gordon's leaving...who cares if either of them leaves? They were both expendable...

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  • In reply to Duke:

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious, so I didn't have to.

  • i want to see more of what kyle weaver can bring. i really liked what i saw last night. hopefully he can deliver more of the same...if he can, i can see him being a legit rotation guy.

  • In reply to jumpmanjay:

    me too, I like to see him at least 15 minutes tonight. Just let him show if he can handle a few more minutes.

  • In reply to jumpmanjay:

    ill miss kirk, but not too much. i liked kirk playing out of position. him guarding pierce in the playoffs 2 years ago. he did a great job bothering him. he seems to guard bigger players better. i remember watching tj ford torch him as well. i just wanna see how he gaurds deng, prolly will dare him to shoot the 3 everytime, maybe even let him shoot the long 2 just because its only a 2. and with arenas at the sg, i want korver to just shoot over him every time.

  • In reply to jumpmanjay:

    No way Doug....Brewer is 6'7 plus a super athlete, Ill take Brewer an Watson over Klank Kirk any day of the week. Just wait....we have only seen Watson play 1 game...the guy is alot better then what he played an Brewer can defend 3 positions just like Kirk could, just better. Plus hes a better rebounder and better at finishing.

    I dont understand all the love for Hinrich....he was solid, but other then that, he wasnt anything special. He played solid defense on bigger guards that werent quicker then him, an he made a 3 from time to time. Other then that, he just dribbled the shot clock away and bricked almost every time he shot. For 10 mil a year??? Get out of town. He is the reason the Bulls didnt bring back Gordon. We didnt have the money to use on BG cuz we wasted it on Kirk. If we had someone that would of took Kirk's contract off our hands for expriring contracts, we would of got rid of Kirk no doubt.

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    Kevie C....exactly, he got torched by smaller guards all the time....I remember TJ Ford owning him too. We all just liked him because he tried hard and was decent lol Try as hard as you want....he just wasnt good enough. After the thumb injury he couldnt shoot into the ocean.

  • In reply to jumpmanjay:

    I don't think there's any mystery as to why people had problems with Kirk. And for god's sake let's not have another debate so I won't mention the reasons why, but his one year of shooting 45% gave false hope that's for sure. Nice guy, hard worker, but comitted silly fouls at times on late game threes and griped to refs on obvious fouls he committed.

    On the Rose/Wall matchup maybe it just seems like it, but every time Derrick plays soemone for the first time the other guy gets the best of him Chalmers, Paul, Williams etc. But once things become routine, and not a distraction then D-Rose represents himelf quite well. I hope Watson plays(well) tonight. And we see some more scoring from James Johnson preferably closer to the basket. I wish he would have replaced body fat with muscle instead of getting so thin. He looked best playing the four to me in the few times he did such as against Boozer in London. But I appreciate the work to lose the 12% body fat at least. He atcually looked like he can shoot last night. Luck..?

  • In reply to jumpmanjay:

    Yea lol Im hoping JJ continues to score and get THibs attention. He actually did pretty well on the offensive end last night.

  • I miss Klank Hinrich. But that said, you don't appreciate someone until you don't have them. After seeing John Lucas III, CJ Watson in a couple of games... I wish we had Hinrich as the third guard. I am not sure if Brewer can handle the ball as Kirk does.
    I was watching the Wizards camp scrimmage on NBA TV for a few minutes...Hinrich was hitting the rim with regular consistency;-)

    The only bad thing is the Bulls could have been a little more pro-active in selling Hinrich last season for a future draft pick rather than dumping him...That said, I don't know if they tried or not..

  • Maybe they were treated separately. But as far as I could tell the consensus (at least among fans) was always that once DRose came onto the scene, the Bulls weren't going to keep 2 other highly paid guards long term. So it was a case of either trade Hinirch and sign Ben Gordon, or keep Hinrich and let BG walk (we didn't trade him). It became pretty clear that management decided to keep Hinrich, which gave a reason for people who wanted Gordon to hate him.

    Yes, eventually they were both dumped. But it wasn't always thought that we were going to try for 2 max FAs. Through most of last season people thought we were going to go with Hinrich for the long haul. And that rankled the Gordon fans.

  • Well we never traded Ben Gordon, an even if we tried to, he would of had to sign off on the trade....he was a free agent when he left us.

    We drafted Kirk to be a PG and shooter for us and at the end of his stint here, he couldnt shoot. He was the all time 3 pt shooter at Kansas but his lost his touch after he had that thumb injury.He ended up being just a defensive player for us pretty much. Brewer never was a shooter, we didnt bring him here to do that....hes always just been a slasher defensive type guy. Ill take a guy that can finish at the rim and draw fouls over a guy that settles for contested jumpers like Kirk. Kirk is 6'3 an a so so athlete....Brewer is 6'7 and a great athlete.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Oh come on! Learn how to use the reply button underneath the post you're replying to!

  • I feel Brewer/Watson combo is probably better than Hinrich but that's assuming we have a offense minded SG such as Rudy. Hinrich's ball handling capability is a little bit overrated.

  • Doug, I find it hard to believe that anyone running this site, and especially someone like you(who I think has a fairly sophisticated world view)would be oblivious to the Hinrich/Gordon dynamic.

    If it were not for that dynamic(if it isn't obvious, just ask the resident race bater, KW)Hinrich would have been(and should have been)viewied exactly as you decribed him.

    If HInrich had been, say Jamal Crawford, and gotten the exact same contract there never would have been the hatred toward him.

    It had everything to do with Ben Gordon. It would have been very interesting to see what would have happened if their roles(so to speak) were reversed.

  • Well said, thought I think that everybody is way overreacting to one bad preseason game by Watson. I hope that he will become a fan favorite as the season goes on.

  • That depends on who we had starting at 2 guard ahead of Hinrich.

    If he is still the starter, then I want no part of him, and I'd rather go with Brewer, Watson, Korver and Bogans at the 2.

    That and we haven't even had any chance to see what either Brewer or Watson is going be for this Bulls team.

  • a solid pro, every team needs them. a better version of Adrian Griffin perhaps.

  • Exactly where I am at, except if you are twisting my arm, I dump Hinrich, precisely because I already know what I am getting from Hinrich, and it is not enough without a much better starter ahead of him.

  • It has only taken ~10 exhibition quarters to notice what a HORRIBLE coach Vinny really was.

  • I am high on Asik. His form looks good and can run pretty well for such a big guy. He will be good next year...

    Weaver seems to play a lot under control. He can easily be the 4th/5th guard on the team if he plays like that.

    Hope they win this game. It is good to win one game atleast during pre-season

  • Hell, I would take Weaver over Hinrich right now. Brewer will be good once he heals up....aren't they cheaper combined than Klank Hin-brick anyway?

  • I wouldn't get excited about that. He has a lot of brainfart-chucker in him.

  • The Bulls and Wizards are playing their main guys and the Bulls are winning. Good sign.

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