Bulls @ Mavericks 7:30 on CSN

Wins and losses hold little significance in preseason games, what matters is the execution on both sides of the court, and the players learning their roles from game to game and building familiarity that can carry over into the regular season.

The Bulls had some nice takeaways from the first preseason game, with plenty of things to work on, so with a single off day in between, it will be interesting to see if quick progress is made between the two games.


Points to watch for in this preseason game:

1: Can Kyle Korver do it again?   Korver played excellently, knocking down shots, coming off screens, and the Bulls ran lots of plays to get him looks to great success.  After one game, I think it's fair to say Korver's happy with his decision to come here as he was quoted after the game as saying he couldn't remember the last time he had so many plays run for him.

2: Can the Bulls defend the paint?   They struggled mightily with interior defense against the Bucks allowing all kinds of shots on the inside.   They also struggled on the glass on both ends of the court, something you'd expect to be a strength of the Bulls, particularly with Bogut not playing.  The Bulls rebounding simply needs to improve.

3: Will C.J. Watson rebound?   He had a fairly horrific game one, but he plays much better than that.  I expect to see a much better C.J. Watson this game.

4: Will we see the roster hopefuls get some minutes?   Last game John Lucas was the only guy fighting for a roster spot to play any minutes at all, and that was about seven seconds after C.J. Watson fouled out.  Is there any chance for Lucas, Powell, or Weaver to make the team?  I'd think so, and they should start getting minutes soon if that's the case.

Other than that, I'll, of course, watch to see which players step up, play well, and try to get a feel for the offensive and defensive schemes used.


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  • Doug I know that with Boozer being out it's not a good thing at all. But on the brightside isn't our defense going to be better with Taj in the starting lineup? Because i think we both can agree that Taj is a much better defender than Boozer.

  • In reply to ozzyk230:

    Yes but not for the reason you believe. Taj was going to play anyways, so it not a matter of who replaces Carlos, it a matter of who replaces Taj. I think there will be a lot of creative lineups, and some featuring a twin towers look which will be pretty intimidating to anyone coming into the lane. Paticularly I'm looking at Noah & Asik being on the court together, both excellent shot blockers.

  • In reply to ozzyk230:

    1. I would like to see how Taj shoots. I know he will be ok on defense but like to see his offense.
    2. Will CJ Watson be more effective or do we have a problem?
    3. I would also like to see some offense from Noah against some big guys - some jump shots, hook shots, spin moves etc.. We know his defense will be there during the season.
    4. Maybe Lucas III in the second quarter to see if he can play PG or shoot well in this offense.
    5. A little time for Asik and see how he does against big guys..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    1. Taj said he tweeked his shot this offseason, probably will take a little while to have confidence in it when the lights come on.
    2. CJ Watson will be fine, he just needs to adjust to this system, and probably more importantly to the new teammates.
    3. I agree, but would like for Noah to wait til the season begins before unleashing his post offense.
    4. Forget Lucas
    5. A lot of time for Asik, some at the same time as Noah & Kirk Thomas to see if they can play together effectively

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I thought it was pretty interesting to watch the offense, especially whn Korver hit that 3. A great designed playy where he flashes and get the ball in the post. Nice kick to CJ and then then the return pass at for the 3. Nice motion we never saw with Vinny.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    DENG and GIBSON:

    The two reasons I'm watching pre-season basketball.

  • I agree Doug, Boozer is physical & getting better at defense every year.
    I also think Korver is not as bad defensively as people think.

  • http://www.nba.com/2010/news/features/steve_aschburner/10/06/scottie-pippen-bulls-tutor/index.html?ls=iref:nbahpt1

    Not sure if this is old news, but this is encouraging. Successful or not, he's trying. Maybe it leads to nothing, but the effort is appreciated by this Bulls fan.

  • Working with Pippen can't hurt. A tall small foward who dribbles well, he at least has those things in common with Pippen. I'd love to see him become a good player, he has so much athletic ability that if he can just harness that into basketball ability he could be pretty good. He does look like he is playing too fast at times, perhaps focusing on the simple little things would work well for him.

  • fb_avatar

    Bet bubblewrap is sounding more and more sensible.

  • From the games i have watched Carlos Boozer played, the reason people knock his defense is well he is not really a very good man to man and a help defender stand point.

    He is not going to stop the opposing player, his foot work is slow which also doesn't help him become a better help defender.

    But you are right, he plays physical from the defensive glass stand point better than Taj Gibson will give. Which makes him a very good rebounder, he will play physical, box his man out and clean up the glass especially the defensive glass. As you pointed out, we needed that especially if the team gets stop you got to need someone to clean up the defensive glass. While it is only preseason but it shows from the Milwaukee Bucks game.

    But like I say, as a man to man and help defensive stand point that is where Boozer is not good at.

  • Agreed. I think Thibs at least has an understanding of where to put guys so that they can be successful, unlike VDN. JJ has good awareness of offensive passing lanes, when to shoot, when to hit the open man...I just want to see him play with some confidence. He won't have a quick hook in preseason, so hopefully he can estabish some sort of rhythm and find his niche.

  • Our bulls are looking good y'all were moving the ball well on offense everyone hitting there's shots so far n were playing solid defense ....lets go bulls ....there showing da game for free NBA league pass for pre season for us bulls fans that live outside of chicago

  • i'm really liking bogans today. although he was guarding a rookie, his effort on d is great, i feel hes really gonna help the bulls this season, though it prolly wont show up in the box score.

  • nice jj with a block on chandler, wish jj would see more time at the 4 this season when we go small ball

  • we already have brewer and bogans for defense, might we add weaver as well. at least as a practice guy for garbage minutes?

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:


    Weaver earned minutes tonight, but Thibs decided to play Dickey Johnson instead.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Eh? So letting JJ gain practical experience is puzzling and foolish?

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:


    Everyone knows that I wanted the Bulls to draft Sam Young over Dickey Johnson.

    Doug saw it the other way around.

    Everyone also knows that I wanted the Bulls to keep Acie Law, not sign CJ Watson.

    Doug seems to like the CJ Watson signing.

    So let's COMPARE.


    CJ WATSON (DNP) vs. Acie Law (19 points)

    Dickey Johnson (6 points) vs. Sam Young (13 points)

    Advantage: My guys...Acie Law and Sam Young

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    1. Good game by the Bulls...They lost the game because guys like Scalabrine, Lucas were playing against Nowitzki, Butler, Terry in the last quarter. Lucas probably played himself out of the rotation.
    2. JJ looked better than the last game. I felt Lucas screwed him up a little bit by his erratic shooting. He still has to learn to play with Rose.
    3. Kurt Thomas will be good for that 10-12 footer. Asik seems to have hands made of stone.
    4. Weaver is good on defense but so is Brewer. We need an offense first guard..

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:


    Please don't scapegoat for Dickey Johnson.

    6 points and 4 fouls...that's an improvement?

  • ODDS:

    What are the odds that the Bulls' management can get a 2nd Round pick for Dickey?

    And what are the odds that Luol Deng will stop disappearing after the 1st quarter?

    Just asking.

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