Bulls looking into Boozer injury?

Per the NY Daily News:

Bulls are looking into whether Boozer really suffered the injury to his
shooting hand - as he said he did - after tripping over a bag at his
home as he went to answer the door on Oct 2.

"It was just dark, my doorbell rang and I tripped over a gym bag,
tried to brace myself and it popped," Boozer said the next day, when it
was announced that he needed surgery.

"I jumped back up, opened the door and my hand was still a little numb."

Immediately after Boozer provided an explanation, red flags went up
around the NBA. After investing $80 million guaranteed in Boozer last
summer, the Bulls want to make sure that he's telling the truth,
remembering that he once famously reneged on an agreement to remain with
the Cavs in 2004. From what we hear, that may have factored into the Bulls' decision to check out his story.

I don't know if I'd go down this path if I'm the team.

What are they going to do if they find out the answer is that he punched someone out in a bar or punched his wall at home?   It's not going to bring him back any sooner.   Do they want to take their relationship with Boozer to this negative of a place before he even steps on the court?

I can see wanting to know the truth, so that if there's other issues, you can go back and say "well look this isn't the first time", but you also have to realize that you're paying 75 million to this guy, and you don't want to have him set negatively against the organization prior to even playing a game.  Otherwise you end up with a Ben Wallace.

A guy just going through the motions on a huge contract, untradeable and not helping you on the court.   That's the sad reality of today's NBA where you can obligate players to play contractually, but you can't obligate them to care.

Granted, this is all hypothetical, because:
1: Boozer could simply be telling the truth (though if he is, their suspicion may cause problems)
2: If he's not telling the truth, he could be contrite, and work just as hard when he comes back
3: The Bulls might find out something is wrong and file it away rather than confront Boozer
4: It may be mandatory (or policy) to investigate all off court issues due to league insurance issues.

I know the truth brigade will come out and say we have to know!  We have a right to know!   I agree that the Bulls certainly have the right to know the truth if they haven't been told it, but that doesn't mean the truth won't cause them long term harm if they pursue it in the wrong way or do the wrong thing with it.

Tread lightly with the Boozer situation, because the rumors of him not giving full effort were already there from Utah.   The concerns about the downside of this signing existed long before the signing was made, and while I completely agree with the move given the position the Bulls were left in, they need to protect their investment, and part of that protection might be just trusting Boozer on this one, even if he isn't telling the truth.


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  • I agree. There really isn't any good that can come out od pursuing this. It is kind of similar to what you said last week about reporters not asking him if he was 'lying' What purpose would it serve. Everyone is disappointed he is out, but he is out ess of what really happened.

  • I totally agree. Nothing good can come from it. If he were out for the season or something like that, then yes, it should be pursued. Given that he'll be back in December, you'll likely risk alienating him without accomplishing a whole lot in return.

  • The only one who should decide how to handle this situation is not some NBA league office or some greedy insurance company/dept. It's the Chicago Bulls. He's their player, and it's their $75 Mil.

    I completely agree with Doug that the Boozer injury should be laid to rest. Everyone has stated that last year Boozer turned the corner, and played hard consistently with comitted defense. I've liked pretty much everything I've seen and heard out of him since he joined the Bulls. If he did lose his cool and punch a wall or something over his impending divorce or whatever, I certainly sensed soemone who felt his injury was very unfortunate and was sorry it happened. Trying to take a negative media angle, and investigate this guy would just be the most assinine, vindictive cold hearted company move one could do.

    The Bulls want this to be a united team/family within reason. Boozer's demeanor has shown me there's no way he warrants this kind of intrusion/punishment which is what this investigation would be. The man wants to come back, and be part of a winning team. This story should be over if the Bulls know what's right, and what is good for them.

  • And I am sick of these meddling god damn New York reporters. You're not the world. You're just New York with the perennially suck squad Knicks. Peter Vescey and the rest of you blow hard headline grabbers should step off. Permanently.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I Second that emotion, very well said LOL!

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Doug what if Boozer did punch a wall in his Mansion and broke his own hand. Will the Bulls dock his pay for the games he missed, or will this get brushed under the rug?

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    i really hope this is some sort of formality done by the bulls. otherwise, i really dont understand what their aim is.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I hope the Bulls organization has some sense of practical awareness. This is the Wade allegation redo. Perception is reality. They did all these great things with Scottie(now he is an ambassador)but the reality was they didn't treat him well during the FA period. Forget about the Miami trio planning before and playing the other teams. This perception of Scottie's(probably the 2nd best player ever in Bulls history)treatment got more fuel during that time and didn't help them. Then after all that they appointed him as the Ambassador. Why couldn't they do the same thing last year...
    Now, don't screw up a remote chance of Melo being traded to the Bulls by beating up on a dead horse with Boozer. We don't care about the National Enquirer type of investigation...

  • Good for the Bulls I wanna know too.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    me too! You guys are so lame with your 'why find out IT MAY HURT THE SQUAD' nonsense. If it doesn't matter to you how he got hurt, then it shouldn't matter that everyone knows.

    Saying somehow the season would be drowned in negativity and the Bulls relationship with Boozer will be soured irreparably is just as zealous as any 'truth brigade'. And if so, it'll be Boozer that caused it, not the media or the team.

    If only this was something as innocuous as choking a coach, it could be successfully buried for weeks.

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    All well, good and ethical, but what practical good comes from investigating? How will that help the team? I can understand that argument that it doesn't or at least shouldn't make a difference, but then again, what does it actually accomplish?

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    I'm sure the Bulls are well aware of the public perception out there, and aware of the questions. They merely could be "looking into" this from a public relation standpoint.
    They without a doubt a doubt will determine that the story checks out, and will assure the fan base that there is no breach of contract or foul play involved.

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    and furthermore, what the alternative to lokking into the matter? Just brushing it off when you are questioned in essence saying you will blindly trust whatever a player tells you about an accident? Keep in mind the Bulls relationship with exception to Jim Paxson only extends 3 months or so.
    They simply have to say they are looking into it

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    sorry Doug, and sorry guys, I really need to view edit before posting a comment...so many errors

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    The Bulls would be fools not to investigate this. I understand the chemistry concerns but they're employing him to the tune of $75 mil. In the world of sports that includes virtually every aspect of a player's life, right or wrong. During his rookie season when Rose cut his arm while slicing an apple in bed the Bulls checked the story out, too. How they establish the truth is beyond me, they're not leaving themselves opened to be lied to either. As for this story the only reason we know about this story is through a NY reporter which makes me believe they were trying to keep this relatively quiet. Of course, the story could have been planted outside of the Chicago media to help keep their relationship with Boozer good but the Bulls front office aren't ones to be taken for fools.

    All this whining by about why the Bulls would investigate surprises me. We talk all this smack about spoiled athletes and holding them accountable but when a questionable injury comes up we're scared to learn the truth? *rolls eyes*

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    Being a Utah Jazz Fan and watching Carlos Boozer play on our team has been an real eye opener. I hope that the Chicago Bulls and their fans are able to gety used to his behavior (calling in sick).
    Maybe Jazz are spoiled by the work ethic of Stockton and Malone for so many seasons that Carlos Boozers work ethic while he was here was sickening. Don't get me wrong, Carlos is probably as good a power forward as ever played the game, but only when he punches the clock and comes to work. Just look back at last seasons Game #82 which had major playoff seeding implications. Where was Boozer? He was "Street Suited" on the bench because of some injury no one one the team had even heard of. All I can say to the Chicago Bulls and their fans is "Just Get Used to Carlos Booozer's sickness' and injuries and his big fat contract" !!

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    We are all assuming that the Bulls do not know what happened. It is also quite possible Boozer told them what he did and they created the story together and are handling it internally. The fact of the matter is they did invest $75 mil in him and probably asked him "are you sure you didn't do anything dumb?" Then he would be warned that he better not have another incident and that this would be covered up to save face.
    It's just as possible as anything else we have said.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    Doug, don't you see a benefit to starting a 5-year contract not lying to eachother? If the Bulls are legitimately suspicious it could serve them better to have Boozer come clean to them and reestablish some trust. If anything the length and money involved makes it more important. I'd suspect if this happened to (lets say) Tyrus Thomas last year they'd just vaguely call him a liar and realize it doesn't matter if they're on the same page.

  • well, we all would find out eventually, so I wouldn't be that upset about it. I'm sure KC Johnson would get right on it after determining the humanity of all parties involved.

  • 1) Boozer has absolutely no reason to be contrite about anything. Asking a player to apologize because he's injured is an ultimate insult to a player. When is this organization going to stop kicking their franchise cornerstones when they're down (Deng)?

    2)Don't see any reasong the Bulls' brass should be doing the Sun-Times job for them. This shouldn't be Paxson's investigation, it should be Sneed's.

    Really I hope they're just making this announcement to draw the press's fire, but I don't think it'll have that effect.

  • Doug..
    Watching too much football:-)... I guess you meant relationship with the Bulls

  • Remember he already has this reputation of big-time lying once with his contract. I guess his stories or confessions don't carry much weight with probably lot of NBA executives. But the Bulls have to do what's the most practical thing right now.
    One reason the Bulls might be doing this is probably to kind of warn him that this kind of things will not be tolerated in the future and give him a slap on the wrist..

  • Has anyone in the press made the connection between Boozer's "boxer's" injury and the fact that he filed for divorce the next day? I'm surprised more people don't mention it... seems like quite the coincidence... and the primary reason why I wouldn't ask any more questions if I were Bulls management.

  • The reason why they are looking into this, as a few credible sources have told me, is that they simply want to know if it will be necessary to provide him with a smaller gym bag or not...so it doesn't happen again. You guys are all such conspiracy theorists it sickens me.

  • Oh please... Just let us all know how he worked out for you at the end of this season... I would certainly hate to be the Workers Comp agent that handles the Chicago Bulls Claims with this player!!!

  • In reply to JAZZFAN:

    Why is a Utah fan on the Bulls blog? WHY??? Boozer is property of the Bulls now so there is no need for Jazz fans to be on this Blog. The Bulls and its fans will worry about Boozer, so all of you Jazz fans can worry about your team cause they have much bigger problems than the Bulls. The Jazz fans really better hope that their team win 40 to 45 games this year.

  • In reply to JAZZFAN:

    Agreed bullshooter. If this injury lingers (which it probably won't) why not find out if it was self-inflicted?

    On the other hand, I really just want all our guys to play well and stay out of trouble. Is it just me or is there way too much coverage of athletes' private lives and financial affairs. Just play ball.

  • That sounds good in theory but we live in a country with freedom of the press. They report the news and this is news. Carlos is a public figure who benefits financially from the interested created by press coverage. This is the system that he lives and works in so he should be held accountable to the press and the public interest that they represent.

  • Btw ... Happy Birthday, Doug!

  • First, I have a hard time believing the NY Daily News has the inside scoop on anything going on with the bulls. This could be negative publicity for free agents who might be considering between the bulls and NY. Second, I'd be shocked if the bulls weren't investigating this. If for whatever reason Boozer doesn't come back 100%, should the bulls just ignore it if Boozer broke his hand in a bar fight or an argument with a girlfriend? Hell no. These are the strings that come attached with a $75 million contract.

  • In the event that he did something stupid and it significantly hurts his future performance, I think they would try and void the contract. Kind of like Jay Williams.

  • First of all...I don't give much stock to anything in the NY Daily News. That rag gets only slightly more respect than the Inquirer. I'm sure the Bulls and every other team in the league "looks into" every injury that they don't see happen on the court or in practice. Linking this to an unofficial handshake deal 6 years ago that he wasn't bound to honor anyway really looks more like a made-up scenario to sell birdcage liner.

  • Maybe he punched Floyd Mayweather.
    Maybe he punched a wall because he found out CJ Watson was doing his babymama.
    I hear The Milwaukee Sentinel got the real scoop: he got into an argument with James Johnson and punched him in the nose. Boozer's hand was shattered. Johnson's nose just laughed.

    I agree, what's done is done. If they look desperate to dock his pay for a month to save a couple million, it could dissuade big names from asking to be traded here (not that they ever seem to actually end up here, anyway)

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