Bulls Beat #164 - MVP! MVP! MVP!

Bulls Beat #164 - MVP! MVP! MVP!

The Bulls start off 1 and 1, but the feelings are better than the reality after the Bulls pull off an impressive come from behind victory against the Detroit Pistons.

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  • Observations:
    1. Bobcats do suck and they are 0-3...so not only the pick looks good ....maybe we can snag Stephen Jackson after Dec 15 for a combo of Brewer and Watson if we strike out on Melo? I am guessing Brewer gets back to decent form in a few weeks but still his best is probably not as good as Stephen Jackson. Unless we get Melo or Rudy, Jackson looks like the best alternative(plays defense, has decent offense) and he probably will want if they suck.

    2. I hope Thibs plays Asik and Noah combo for about 8-12 mins

  • I wouldn't think about Fernandez anymore as far as a trade goes, he doesn't want to be in the NBA so why waste assets on him? This team needs an upgrade at the 2 or 3 positions very bad. I hope Boston don't beat the Bulls too bad this week and it's a good thing the Bulls don't play Miami til after the new year. Maybe by then another scorer will emerge. Had it been a better team last night, that would've been a big blow out lost. Not trying to offend anyone or Judge the Bulls play... just keepin it real.


    The Bulls need a WING PLAYER that can score.


    In theory it could work.

    Chicago - They get their scoring wing player.
    Denver - Gets good and marketable talent in return.
    Philly - Cuts salary and keeps Melo off the Knicks and out of the Atlantic Division.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I know it's only been a couple of games and I know Boozer will help once he gets back but if the Bulls keep playing like this, they really should consider trading a couple of the guys that they signed over the summer. When Boozer does return the Bulls don't want to put too much on him cause we all know how injury prone he is. Bulls need an upgrade at the 2 or the 3 in the worst way. I know some people want this team to succeed as but at this rate... that's not gonna happen with the lack of scoring from the wing players. If a player has been inconsistent over a period of time meaning years, we shouldn't look for too much of a change in the future.

  • In reply to Reese1:


    The Bulls' management has to make a move for a WING player.

    Philly might want to trade Iggy out West and keep Melo out of the Atlantic.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hopefully it will come down to that since Denver has had interest in Iguadola. I know something will eventually have to be done though. Deng has had his chance to prove himself and he has failed terribly.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    What after 2 games!! Deng is not an elite talent but to keep telling he has failed is panic. If he keeps doing the same stuff after 15/20 games...then off-course, there is an issue there. And don't start the Melo thing. Denver is not going to trade for Deng+Taj+picks even if Deng goes to a 3rd team as you envision. That package in any sort of form doesn't beat just going the FA route for Denver. Why would Denver take Igoudala...he is overpaid and actually can be bad offensively than Deng. He is a good piece if you have a more offensive type SG such as in Atl, Orl. He is not good for a rebuilding team like Denver or an offensively challenged team like Chicago.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Lets just look at it this way... anything can happen. Look how the Lakers got Gasol and how this Miami mess happened. If everyone wants to remain positive about Deng, Everyone should remain positive that the Bulls will get something done trying to make a trade. THIS TEAM WILL NOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP AS IS. SOMETHING EVENTUALLY WILL HAVE TO BE DONE. Or is everyone satisfied with being eliminated in the second or third round every year? Miami is not going anywhere for at least the next 5 maybe six years barring injury or they make some sort of trade to diminish the team and I really don't see that happening. Miami is rumored to want to make more trades to better the team even more than what it already is. I'm just looking into the future... Miami will be the team to beat in the east and if they continue to beat and shut down teams the way they did Orlando, regardless if it was a back to back for them... Miami will own the east just like the lakers have owned the west over the last decade give or take a year or two. All I can say is... 12 years and counting, NO TITLES...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Um the Spurs won 4 NBA titles over the last 11 years.. so I'd hardly say the Lakers owned the West.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    ok and the Lakers have won 5 over 10 years so they have the edge over the Spurs. I said give or take a few...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The lakers have won 5 titles in the last 20 years, the spurs have won 4, the bulls have won 6. No other team has as many titles in the last 20 years as the Bulls. Boston and L.A. historically have the best franchises, and both of those franchises went over 12 years between titles. Be realistic, Bull's management is doing everything it can to bring another title to Chicago. Its not easy when shit like your number one overall pick having a career ending motorcycle accident happens. And please don't blame Bull's brass for not signing LBJ Dwade or Bosh, no one had a shot in hell at signing them since they were set on playing together in Miami. I want a championship just as much as you do, and so does everyone else on this site, but I'm realistic in my assessment of whether or not Garpax are doing their very best. Please lay out the timeline as to what the Bulls could have done over the past decade that would have lead to a title.

    I'm sure you can draw out some dream scenario but it just doesn't work that way, you need an elite player to start and grow in your organization. Remember that many GMs would have taken Beasley over Rose, just as only a few GMs would have taken Noah where we took him. Yea Tim Duncan could have chosen to sign with us in FA, but he made a decision to stay in San Antonio, and there was nothing the Bulls could do to stop it. Eddy Curry was ordained as a definite elite pick coming out of high school, anyone would have taken him first overall. Just like everyone would have taken Jay WIlliams, but he ruined his career. This is real life business where you deal with bad and good luck on a daily basis. Yes excellent organizations put their teams in a position to win, but the fact is the cards have to fall in your favor to really break through and win it all. Just look at the Lakers, they are approaching a three peat that would have never taken place if it weren't for them being handed Pau Gasol for Kwame f'ing Brown. Yours as well as a few other's whining about the Bulls FO is repetitively annoying, and even worse, completely unfounded in fact.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    WOW... chill man, we are all just debating here. the Bulls old management screwed up when they tore down the dynasty the way they did. Any management that does something like that will eventually suffer in the long run and that's why you have guys like D-Wade who was younger back then watching the Bulls as a fan and wondering why did they do that. So he took that anger from the Bulls decision and tried to trash the Bulls as a franchise even though he backed from that. And it's another reason why the Bulls got shut out of the 2000 free agent signings but hey it's all in the past. The Bulls have basically had to start rebuilding about 4 or 5 different times by drafting either players that were busts or players that they keep for a few years and then trade them. I'm not saying that they are not trying but in order to contend for a championship in the next few years, they will eventually will have to bring someone in that can help Rose on the wing. I wanted Deng or someone to do good as well but there is just too much inconsistency there. If the Bulls are to someday contend for a title again, management will have to prove they can win a title without a guy by the name of Jordan cause he is the main reason why those banners are in the United Center.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Are you under contract or something to include a Melo trade in EVERY thread? Seriously it is getting old.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey Doug, whats up with Flip Murray? Why dont the Bulls sign him to a 1 year deal. I think he's better than CJ Watson. Flip brings a little more size, has ball handling skills, is a better defensive player, and is a tough player. I remember last year hearing there was an incident on the team plane between players that had a dispute, Im a assuming he was a part of it. I think he was decent last year during his stint with the Bulls.

  • Far from it my friend, I'm just a realist and if the Bulls don't get a trade to improve this team now or a year or 2 from now, they will be well on their way of proving that the management don't know how to improve this team without having a close to Jordan like player. I say Jordan like because we all know he was in a league by himself and thanks to him, that's why the banners hang in the UC. Can management prove they can win a championship without Jordan... that's all I want to know, do they know how to wheel and deal like Pat Riley, Jerry Buss, and the Spurs management. Can the Bulls brass get the Bulls back to the title???

  • Yes Portland can put together a good deal, but like you just said, Melo does not want to go to Portland. KNICKS OR BULLS IN THAT ORDER. POrtland not in the conversation, sorry for them.

  • There are such things as three way deals so realistically it can be done.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I said I am a realist, It can be done with willing parties.

  • And it's not about what Denver wants but what Melo wants whether it be the Knicks or Bulls or they lose him for nothing.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Mitchell has already explained in a different post that how Denver has an advantage of going with FA rather than getting average pieces from teams like Sacramento(Casspi, Thompson etc.. and don't dream of Landry for Deng) or whatever crap Minnesota has. If you tempt Denver with Favors, Batum ...maybe but why don't you understand that 15+ mil of cap space with other expiring contracts will give Denver the flexibility to sign or trade for what they need. They do not want to be saddled with a big contract or have average young players.
    I agree that the Bulls should be aggressive and try to get the best players out there. They had their chance this past summer and struck out except for Boozer. And I also agree that we need an elite piece to win along with Rose, Boozer and Noah. Unfortunately, you have to hope for a miracle.

  • I don't think so. You can believe that though.

  • Last thing I have to say about it... It CAN BE DONE. THANK YOU...

  • Ehh I doubt Portland is willing to throw away 4 players when the Lakers are standing in their way, even with Melo the Lakers beat that Blazer squad. Also ESPN reports the Blazers have no interest in trading Batum.

  • You are definitely right about how these clowns see the situation in their own reality. However, there is some reality to the fact that Melo pretty much can only be traded to 3 teams. Bulls, Knicks, Nets; so you can argue about whether or not we can put together a better package than NJ or NY. Doug's last Melo article seemed to argue our package with Deng, Taj, 2 first rounders is better than what the Knicks and possibly NJ can bring to the table. Also I think it should be noted that as time moves on Denver will grow more desperate. Then again I also read how players that were signed this year become eligible for trade sometime in december, so the trade possibilities change at that point.

  • True that on what they are saying about Batum. So are you saying they make the trade with hopes Melo resigns? My question is do they make this move as a gamble to win the ship this year? Or as a gamble to somehow resign Melo following this year? Remember they will be dealing with the same Melo rumors, there is no difference between Melo being at Denver or Portland, Melo's stance on not wanting to resign basically puts Portland in Denver's current position except they will have thrown away 4 players to get there. As you've noted its not exactly throwing away 4 players, but they could swing those players to get guys that actually have contracts and higher potentials for resigning.

    If Melo gets moved to somewhere he doesn't want to resign, he might just lay an egg and give them a piss poor effort.

  • I can't argue that the Portland deal isn't best for Denver, it absolutely is. But as I said earlier, Portland is taking a huge risk with this deal. Melo wont be happy if he gets moved to Portland, his focus will still be on getting to a team he likes for that 20 mil a year contract he also likes..lol. The trade talks will come with him to Portland, and he likely wont exactly be playing his ass off in a situation that will frustrate him more than the one he's in right now. Right now in Denver Melo is in a situation where he can at least try to force a trade in which he gets his big pay day. If he is moved to Portland, who will intend to keep him for the post season, the possibility of him making that dough becomes only obtainable by resigning with Portland. Are the Blazers really going to make this move and depend on a guy who will be pissed off and brings nothing but negatives to an organization that thrives by being away from the publics microscope. In the end, Melo isn't going to resign and force his bratty Boo to live in the state of Oregan. After its all said and done, Portland will have used up 4 solid trade assets for a pissed off underachieving Melo who will be gone by July 2011.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    I think Melo eventually force a trade to where he expects to win or compete for a championship and it can be Portland for a number of reasons. The West is going to be easier than the East in another year or two. OKC is the only looming future threat and it is a small market franchise while you have Miami, Chi, Orl etc..
    I don't know about his wife stuff and maybe his wife will travel around from Portland to LA..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    If Melo's main worry was forcing a trade to a championship contender, why were NY and NJ two of his three wishlist teams? Sure you can say, "well Chicago was on there too, and they would definitely contend" but remember, Chicago is a major market and while it doesn't have the star power of NYC, living here is pretty badass is it not? lol



  • They are definitely up to something, I just have doubts that all this asset stockpiling is geared towards such a risk laden Melo deal. I'd give them props if they pulled it off, but I'd also have some serious apprehension if I was a Blazer fan conscious of the long term state of the team.

  • My whole issue is that when you are talking about Portland and Denver, you're basically talking about the same situation from Melo's point of view. Sure he says all this crap about contending, but the Nuggets are pretty damn good. I'd give Portland the slight edge as far as who's better but both teams are playoff bound, and neither are being considered as possible champions.

    I believe Melo wants to win, but the guy wants to do it in a major market. Melo is a competitor so I doubt he's thinking, "hey I really want to be in the West to avoid Miami, Orlando, Boston." Plus consider his wife's career, she hates them being so far away from the places her job takes place. Is there even a single NBA franchise further away from NYC than Portland? Then again, the G6 can make some quick flights down to Hollywood from Portland...

    If Melo ends up in Portland via trade, its just one more stop before he lands in NYC, which I'd really like to avoid if possible, at least if the Knicks have to trade for Melo they give up some solid pieces. If he goes there via FA they can keep who they want, which is another indication its not about championships, if Melo wanted to win it all in NY, he'd just got there VIA FA so he could maximize the talent around him once he arrives.

  • Doug,
    You mentioned the foul disparity between the 2 teams in the 1st half, then a complete reversal in the second half when the Bulls seemed to get most of the calls. You theorized that the refs might have looked at the film & maybe made an effort to even the foul calling.

    From my experience playing, one half can make a huge difference in the officiating simply because of the basket you are shooting at. When the teams switch at the half, they are also switching backcourt & frontcourt refs if I am not mistaken. In the 1st half the ref who was working near the Pistons basket seemed to have a tight whistle. In the second half he should have been in the Pistons backcourt (making that ticky tac foul call on JJ), and when the Bulls were on offense he was making the calls near the hoop. Give credit to the Bulls some for attacking the rim, but the officials looked to have different philosophies also.

  • You're concentrating too much on Portland. Portland's not sending valuable pieces to Denver without a commitment from Melo, and Melo will not sign with them. The Bulls only chance of landing Melo is if he decides he doesn't want to go to New Jersey. The Bulls need it to be a two horse race with the Knicks. It would help the Bull's cause if Deng could play well between now and the trade deadline.

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