Bulls Beat #162 - Preseason week wrapup


Bulls Beat #162 - Preseason week wrapup


A discussion of the Bulls first three preseason games and the player evaluations of the entire roster over those three games.

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  • Thanks Doug, great to have the podcast back for some game analysis.
    Knowing what you've learned in the 1st 3 preseason games, especially about guys like Korver, and even the step up that Rose appears to have made, how would you re-evaluate this team now? Knowing this, & that Boozer is going to miss the first 12-18 games, and that Thib looks a real quality NBA coach, how many wins would you predict now?

  • You mentioned that James Johnson might have trouble finding a spot even if he is playing well, & also mentioned that we so far are greatly lacking a second ball handler in the stead of Kurt Hinrich... seems like there is a very logical solution here. I know you would hesitate to give more responsibility to JJ in the very area in which he has struggled, that of decision making, but why not give it a try. I think it could work. You'd get arguablly your 2nd best ball handler at point, and I think playing the role of facilitator could really streamline JJ's focus out there.

  • I didn't get to watch the WGH game/not available here unles it's WGNAmerica(which sucks). But I am getting NBA League Pass this year so I wont miss any Bulls games. And yes I'll have to check out a few Heat games as well(Lebron/Wade Public Enemy No.1).

    If you look at Kyle Weaver as a college prospect his rebounding and assist totals are exceptional/entre as a possible NBA contributor. His A/TO ratio is not bad at 1.6 and 1.7 on volume assist(over 4 apg). His defense is rated as upper tier which means also NBA at minimum acceptable. His ballhandling is rated as very good.

    All in all while he did not show the ability to hit threes, was not a scorer, and an inconsistent shooter; he also is not a terrible shooter. When I compare him to a guy like Derrick Byars who also looked at times like he's be viable as NBA player(though with very different games) one thing stands out. Weaver seems to be known as a solid attitude worker/professional. Unlike Byars who to me displayed an unreliable, not savvy, and often immature attitude towards the game.

    When you have an opening for a guy who is 6'4-5, can defend perhaps both guard spots, handles the ball well, and has a penchant for assists who is not a joke shooting/scoring(over 5 trips to the line pg as a Senior with 36% on threes though with just 66 atempts), and has a solid attitude and composure/feels he belongs then maybe he's a guy as Doug said who can acquit himself decently to nicely in reserve role around a talented, winning energy team.

    Again, if J.J. can shoot the ball mid range, and provide some consistency moving the ball and defensively then to me he becomes a viable rotation guy. But I still think where he's suited to play is at the four against other team's reserves. I wish he hadn't got so thin; lose the body fat/12% but not the muscle. He looked good/showed a glimmer as a PF against Booz in London and a couple of other matchups. I thought he looked terrible shooting the ball shooting off his palm at times, and not his fingertips. If his shot comes around, and he's reliable tempremant/attitude wise, and sticks to his defensive assignments/responsibilities then he absolutely becomes a viable player for the Bulls(or some other team).

    One last thing. Though I couldn't watch that last game, I hope Thibs displays some friendly report with his players at times to balance the needed taskmaster. If so, I see a coach who could last over the long haul, and a very productive team system for years to come(provided Reinsdorf keeps the talent/spends).

    Absolutely final thought, if Brewer and Watson are who we thought they were, then you add Bogans, and we have a nice group of Guards for this ballaclub albeit not a ton of perimeter shooting. Remember though Bogans has had several years shooting 35% or above threes and shot 400 TPA's a few years back at 36%.

  • Also I think going after Asik as opposed to CDR or Sonny Weems as bench guys was a mistake. As in FIBA he is clumsy wasting scoring opps around the basket, and is just too much of a poison pill with his horrid "I really don't belong in the game/NBA" free throw clanking. If he could shoot anything respectable 60% or up he becomes viable though.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    7 footers who can walk and chew gum at the same time are rare enough. I can live with his lack of an offensive game, if he just plays aggressive, physical ball, defends and rebounds, as well as giving us much needed size against the remaining true centers in the league(Ming, Bynum, Lopez, Bogut) thus saving Noah the beating and fouls.

    Without Asik, we would have had to find another bigman or end up as the smallest team in the league.

  • 1. I worry about Taj in both offense and defense. He is struggling with his jumpshot when there is a defender in his area and is committing to easy fouls. If we had a star type player at SG, we could have been ok with Taj. I hope to see more improvement from Taj in the next couple of games.
    2. Noah will be awesome if Boozer was what he was in Utah. He just has to develop some kind of move and play with Rose as a bread and butter play.
    3. Asik is still a little tentative and will be fine once he gets into a groove. He is definitely not a stiff.
    4. Rose/Deng have to take some 3 pointers in the remaining pre-season games even if they screw up the offense. They get to practice in a game environment.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Sophomore slump anyone?

  • John Lucas lll aka jannero pargo

  • Rose- This is his big time breakout year
    Noah- Hopefully he continue his strong play against the NBA's elite
    Boozer- Cant wait to get him out there, hes a great passer,scorer, an rebounder and even leader.
    Taj- He just needs to get a little more comfortable. He could turn into a face up guy and a decent fadeaway postup guy. ALA KG...but of course not as good. Keep playing D and block shots and rebounding.
    Brewer- bulls fans will like this guy. He is a bigtime finisher, very good defender and a big time athlete. He an Rose in the open court are going to make some unreal plays.
    Deng- If he plays like last night, im really looking forward to seeing him this year. Be aggressive, attack the rim, draw fouls. Dont be a nice guy out there. No long 2's, shoot the 3 if your going to do that. Hopefully Thibs helps take him to another level.

    Asik- The dude is only like 23 years old...i cant wait to see him develop. He is agile, an plays D...and he isnt soft like most euro players. I can see him also being a fan favorite lol
    Bogans and Kurt Thomas- Very good vets to have, you know what you will get out of them.
    Brian Scalabrine- Great team player, super fan. Also a very smart bball player.
    Korver- I didnt know he could score like he has. Hopefully thats a sign for more to come. He is playing the Ray Allen role in Thibs offense. Coming off all kinds of screens. Even a nice pass to Asik last night.
    Kyle Weaver- Im hoping he makes the team...he reminds me of John Salmons a little bit. Good decision maker and ball player.
    James Johnson- Im really hoping he starts to get a hang of it. He has tremendous athletism and pretty good handle. Hopefully Thibs makes him concentriate on like 3-4 things to get his game on track. Decision Making, Defense, Rebounding just to name a few.
    CJ Watson- I really liked when we signed him...im hoping he can fit in. He was very solid for Golden State.

  • I think you would have to keep Noah out there with JJ, & if they tried to press you could throw the ball up to Noah & he could dribble out of the press & swing the ball around to get an easy basket like you mentioned in the podcast.

  • Listening to your recap on each individual player made me think of these 2 questions.

    Did you paid any attention to Kevin Seraphin(the guy that the Wiz picked with our draft pick) during the game.

    If so, could you comment on how he looked.

    I haven't been able to watch(live in Vegas) but from what I read, I think that Asik(despite his lack of offensive skills) is going to be my kind of guy.

    Apparently he is big, strong, tough, physical, yet fairly athletic, goes all out, and has some basketball IQ. Any chance we get lucky and he turns into another(but bigger) Noah?

  • I am starting to believe that you are right about him being some kind of hybrid stretch 4, where we look to get a matchup advantage with his speed to strenth ratio at that position, except that instead of relying on perimeter shooting, he should take his man of the dribble.

    For what it is worth, Sam Smith seems to like JJ in much the same way that you do

    Personally, I think he is just missing somethng, that "it" factor and I am not sure that he can make it without it.

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