Bogans to start, James Johnson's option picked up

A couple minor Bulls related news items that you can see all over the net, but in case you missed them.   Keith Bogans officially named a starter at SG against Oklahoma City to tip off the season.

Also, the Bulls picked up the options on James Johnson, Taj Gibson, and Derrick Rose.   Obviously Rose and Gibson were no-brainers, but there was some school of thought the Bulls might want Johnson as an expiring.

In the end, I don't think there's much surprise with either move.  JJ had a good enough preseason to warrant another year of looking at him.  Right now, you can make the case that he's actually been the best bench player on the team thus far, scary as that is for the Bulls.

He also committed himself with his conditioning this summer, and he was at the berto center constantly working out with Thibodeau and the Bulls staff during the summer.   In short, he took his summer extraordinarily seriously and has shown considerable improvement in physique and played well in preseason.

A poor off-season, and the Bulls probably let him go, but he did everything you could ask for instead.  Nice work JJ, hope you keep it up.

As for Bogans, well, what else could the Bulls do?   Brewer's played terrible, and they want Korver coming off the bench.  No surprise with this move, but I doubt Bogans gets too comfortable in the spot.   Brewer likely comes in and takes over before too long, at least Bulls fans should hope so, because he's the more talented guy and if it doesn't happen then there's a problem.


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  • music to Mr. Happy's ears, his favorite player JJ got his option picked up. I bet mr happy is celebrating with some bubbly right about now

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    Yeah, I'm just drunk with excitement.

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    i knew you would be

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    The way Gibson played in preseason (terribly), I think he reached his ceiling his rookie year. Until Boozer comes back, if Thibs had more of a progressive disposition he'd begin the season with Deng at power forward and James Johnson at the three. JJ's got game, all he needs is some consistant minutes without looking over his shoulder. Let's face it, without Boozer the first month the Bulls are going to be a marginal team anyways, let's see what JJ can do. Once Boozer returns having him and Korver coming of the bench would be potent.

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    We'll see if James Johnson can EARN his spot within the rotation when it counts most.

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    That's they only way you get RESPECT.

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    Here's the thing about Bogans, he never really appears very busy. He's like that guy who's dinking around on solitaire everytime you pass by his cubicle. When he scores points, it's usually because the other team has forgotten he's actually on the court. He's very, very, very under the radar like that.

    By the end of this season Korver will be starting at shooting guard, and Bogans will be onto his next team. They call them journeymen for a reason folks.

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    Korver will only be starting at shooting guard if Bogans, Brewer and Watson/Rose are in street clothes.

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    What? Is Keith your cousin or something?

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    I'm in Mitchell. Richard and Troy's camp. I want to see JJ become a success and I believe additional minute would help a great deal. While I understand Happy's point about earning your minutes, I think squeezing additional time in would benefit his development greatly. Pippen working with him certainly doesn't hurt either. Go Bulls!!!

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    Awesome news about JJ! I like this guy! I wouldn't be so quick to judge him Happy Gilmore! I wouldn't judge anyone under Vinny. With JJs size, athletism, and hunger he can be a very good player for us. I can see him playing multiple positions SG-PF. Taj has had a disappointing preseason. We need him to get better and it's his chance now with Boozer being out to show his rookie year wasn't a fluke.
    Bogans was a starter for the Spurs so while he isn't flashy he is consistent. Taj wasn't flashy but was consident and gave us a good effort, that's why he is still here and Tyrus isn't. Tyrus has 1 of the best potentials in the NBA but he isn't translating it to his game yet, if ever for long stretches.
    We need a big still, Oberto wasn't the answer but the guys can play he just signed with Portland. I hope we have more beef then Richards to come off the bench and not have to rely on Asik as a savior. Would have liked Shaq here, Boston is just loaded and will be 1 of the best in the East along with Miami and Orlando.....

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    Hurray for JJ

    It's not that I'm some great fan of James Johnson because of his college career or his ability to break dance or do karate.

    I'm a big fan of people who can adapt and learn.

    JJ's lost 20-30 pounds and has worked out all summer with Thibodeau (and some with Pippen).

    You want all of your 1st round draft picks to be terrific. But I consider James Johnson's turnaround in conditioning and workouts to be a good sign. Here's hoping he gives us good value this year.

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    Yeah, JJ seems to have woken up to reality this year. This is his last chance to establish himself as a pro. He didn't show any interest in being ready for the season last year & made stupid mistakes.

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    Great point Richard...didn't know about his break dancing or karate but I can definately see it!
    His size, strength, and athletism could translate nicely on the court with some time and guidance. Working out with Pippen is one of the best things he can do along with listening and learning from the coaches. GO JJ...GO BULLS!!!

  • but in all seriousness, it better just be a matter of time until brewer takes over that role. hopefully he gets his conditoning back quickly coming off his injury and takes that job over after maybe the first few weeks into the season. although bogans has shot the ball well

  • Did you guys see that article saying the bulls should trade deng for crawford!! I was like wtf??? Id do it for our bobcats pick and maybe jj but not deng

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    The bleacherreport is all about fan opinions. That's where I saw that story.

    It's not happening.

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    bleacherreport articles are terrible, writing and opinions are bad most of the time, some are interesting to read but some of there writers dont know jack, as seen above talking about trading deng for crawford

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    Bogans as the starter...the Bulls will do just find offensively this season.


  • MISTAKE...picking up James Johnson's option.

    But common place when it comes to the Bulls' bad talent evaluation and $ management.

  • James has got more minutes so far in the pre-season. If he plays well, he'll be on the floor more. The Bulls don't need to lose games just so they can evaluate a third year player.

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