Why can't he be MVP?


Quotes clipped from the Tribune:

"Why can't I be the MVP of the league?" the Bulls star said at media
day festivities Monday at the Berto Center. "Why can't I be the best
player in the league?"

"That's why my expectations are high. Why can't I be the best player in
the league? I work hard enough. I dedicate myself to the game and
sacrifice a lot of things at a young age."

"With this team, I think we're good," Rose said. "I don't think we need
any more pieces. We have good guys who are dedicated to the game and
came from winning programs. They don't care about stats. They just want
to win games."

This got me to thinking, other than the obvious (he's not good enough), why can't Rose be MVP?  

It's  not going to happen this season unless his improvement is absolutely absurd.   He wasn't in the running enough last year to swing enough votes for this year.  He'll need a year of being an MVP candidate before someone pushes him over the edge.

This season, the award is Kevin Durant's to lose, however, with a look around the league, if Rose can make the necessary statistical jump, the idea of Rose as MVP isn't quite as absurd as it appears on the surface.

I started thinking, over the next five seasons who are the legitimate MVP candidates?  
The names I came up with: Lebron, Wade, Kobe, Durant, Paul, Williams, Howard

How can Rose top these players?
1: LeBron and Wade steal votes from each other, the team somewhat underperforms due to chemistry and people remain largely bitter towards them and think they took the easy way out.

2: Kobe's game is already in slow decline, so it's hard to imagine him getting another MVP at this point, the Lakers as a team aren't likely to improve, so his momentum will fall.

3: Chris Paul is in a lousy situation, and you won't win an MVP playing for an 8 seed or lottery team.

4: The Bulls will need to have better season records than both the Jazz and Magic for Rose to pass Howard, but over the coming seasons both those things are certainly possible if Rose steps up his game to the next level.

That leaves Kevin Durant.   Well, they won't give Kevin the award every year right?   Maybe he gets hurt one season?   

In the end, for Derrick to win an MVP, he's going to first need to raise his game considerably from where it stands, but despite the award apparently being for the best player in the league, I think circumstances could actually unfold that Derrick wins the award over multiple better players due to team record and the nature of how the media likes to spread out the award.

The Bulls roster seems set to take a considerable step forward.   Even without Rose playing considerably better, the off-season additions should add up to 5-10 wins to the team this season. 

However, in terms of Derrick's improvement, the stage seems set for him to take a considerable leap forward as well.   No longer will he be doubled off of every screen and roll.   He's going to get straight switches or opponents chasing him under/over the screen.   He'll drive through more open lanes off those screens which should lead to more fouls drawn against help defense.   

His assist numbers should improve considerably as well with Boozer as a more viable threat than the threesome of Noah, Gibson, and Miller last season.   While it's somewhat pie in the sky, its not hard to imagine Derrick putting up 25 points and 8 assists on the season.  

Figure he takes as many shots as last year, but better driving lanes cause him to convert 1 more basket and force the defense to foul him once more, and he's right there on the points while Boozer / Korver converting a few more baskets and the assists are there too.

Would 25/8 get him an MVP?   Probably not, but the East is a three team race after Miami.  I don't think the MVP will come from a Miami player after this off-season, so if Rose can push the Bulls to the two seed and Durant fails to impress (okay that parts a stretch, but I didn't want to root for an injury), then Rose could easily be the next guy in line even if he's not the best player in the league.

Of course, Derrick isn't thinking about how he can back into the award, he's thinking about how he can dominate the league.  It's hard for me to envision Rose becoming the best player in the NBA based on what he's shown so far, but I love the attitude.   Derrick's a star player, and it's nice to see him building some swagger into his game both on the court and in the media room.

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  • This kind of talk is something I couldn't have imagined from Derrick as recently as 6 months ago, so I'm encouraged about his leadership ability.

    Another factor that could aid his improvement is turnovers. Doug, do you think it's reasonable to expect a significant drop in turnovers for Rose? I figure he'll be getting more assists and that alone will aid his TO/Assist ratio, but can he cut down on TO per game too?


    I believe that's who Derrick Rose loved watching as a kid.

    Now, if Derrick Rose can play at his level, then YES, he has a shot at league MVP.

    Personally though, I think he should follow Tony Parker's lead and be an X-FACTOR, w/ flashes of being a DIFFERENCE-MAKER at times. The best DIFFERENCE-MAKER he could play with would be Carmelo Anthony.

    That would be a fierce duo.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    He couldn't have watched too much of him. Rose was 6 yrs old when Zeke retired!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Last season I saw Chuck Swirsky interview Rose on Bulls.com. In the interview Swirsky asked Rose, who is your favorite point guard of all-time? Rose replied instantly, "ISIAH."

    Not only is he hall-of-fame, Isiah's a home-grown legend amongst young players in Chicago. They don't care about his negative publicity with the Knicks, etc. They only care about his game.


    He's a fan of Devin Hester.


  • I'm a lot more concerned with how many Finals MVP's Rose wins.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I agree. Winning MVPs in regular season is like LeBron for the last couple of years. It is important they he preserves himself for the playoffs with less minutes during blowouts. That's why you have a good bench for the regular season blowouts to not allow something like the Sacramento game last year.

    Anyhow, he is at a minimum two/three years removed from being a MVP. MVP is more on reputation and he has that going for him.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Goal setting, my friend. If you notice, Derrick has been articulating his goals and checking them off in due fashion:

    1. Go to the NBA. Check!
    2. Win the Rookie of the Year. Check!
    3. Become an All-Star. Check!
    4. Win MVP. Stay tuned ...
    5. Win Finals MVP. Stay tuned ...
    6. Become a HOFer. Stay tuned ...

    I actually haven't heard him articulate #5 or 6 but ... stay tuned! LOL

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Doug, I'm interested to find out who the new Bulls captains will be. Its been Deng and Kirk for a while but with Kirk gone and this being a brand new team, not to mention the ascendance of Rose and Noah, who get's it? Rose and Deng? Rose and Noah? Rose and Boozer? Deng and Boozer?

  • In reply to jamatokwu:


  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Exactly sir. I hate the argument that MVP goes to the best player for the best team. No, thats what the finals MVP is for. The regular season MVP is for the guy with the best year. But if the Bulls beat the Heat in the playoffs & make it to the finals & maybe win, you bet the nation and all the voers would take notice and make Derrick a true MVP candidate in the future.

    Its pointless really to debate however because Rose doesn't even trully care about this, he was just illustrating it to demonstarte the confidence he has in himself & his team, his belief in his talent & dedication.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    If Derrick becomes a MVP candidate, & we stay healthy, why can't we win 60 games? I mean why can't we? We have a coach who is making us work hard, who has a very hands on approach to development, & who knows what he is doing, why can't we?

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    i think rose will be in the top 5 player this season he will make the allstar team as a starter and be the best point guard in the league but kevin durant is to much he's going to be the mvp!

  • Bulls have been naming 3 captains. It should be Rose/Noah/Boozer - but Deng is a returning captain & will expect to keep the title. So either Noah or Boozer will not get it

  • In reply to bulls6:

    Who was the 3rd captain last year?

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    I hope they have Boozer in as a captain. He is older, arguably the best player right now and has more experience in the playoffs...On top of it, hopefully it will hold him accountable to not sit for minor injuries..

  • Rose's confidence is very important if he has to become the alpha dog and the Bulls have to win. The question is does he have that extra talent and the will power to develop that extra bit of skill which separate the great ones from the really good ones. It is like the difference between Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon or I would say David Robinson to Tim Duncan(Robinson couldn't win on his own).

  • I agree. When I say alpha dog, I mean an assertive personality in a comfortable way. Honestly, I think the MJ, Kobe way wears on people and Kobe has been like that only the past few years after he was kind of anointed the great one. It probably turned off Shaq and created that feud with him with that abrasive behavior. Tim Duncan is probably the closest to what Rose is in terms of personality...Lead by example and get on people in a nice way and also let others(coaches, FO) do their job instead of suggesting trades..

  • This is why I think we need Melo as much as ev1 thinks...especially not at the expense of Noah! The maturation of Rose will be key but I am confident he is beggining to realize what he needs to do to be successful(play attacking D, know when to takeover games). What has been accomplished this off-season in the way of acquiring great complimentary pieces needs to be given a chance b4 we scream for Melo.

    These comments from Rose just proves he's ready...and we are all ready for him to take that leap! Cant wait for the season...3 more weeks!!!

  • Meant "dont need Melo"

  • Meant "dont need Melo"

  • Lets remember that Kobe etc wernt exactly MVP candidates for quite some time in their career. You are comparing a 22 year old kid to seasoned vets. He wont be in discussion for a few years minimum, but with steady improvement he may well be. I dont think anyone can Ms Cleo his future. He could level out as he is or get dramatically better over the next five years. Way to early to pretend you know his ceiling at this point. Keep his age relative to past MVPs in perspective. Also remember hes a PG. Just my two cents.

  • I have to agree with a few of you here. The Bulls have put together some impressive pieces here. If you really think about it the Bulls may not be a Top 5 team yet, but i bet they are closer than we think. Break it down by position or by team rankings.

    By position: Noah - probably a top 5 center or really close.
    Boozer - Top 5 PF no question IMO, Deng - Top 10, Rose - Top 5 and hopefully climbing. Taj - Top 5 back-up PF, Watson - Top 5 back-up Gurad. Korver - Top 5 3pt threat. The only player in the Bulls have in their best 8 or 9 man rotaion that isn't top 5 or 10 is Brewer.

    They should also have the ability to be top 5 teams in a few statistical categories: Rebounding (offensively & defensively) and overall defense.

    This is why the whole "get Melo at all costs" doesn't sit well with me. We would have to give up atleast Noah and Deng, and quite possibly Taj as well. Those 3 are 3 of our best 4 rebounders and 3 of our best 4 defensive players! (IMO) So the real question is wether more scoring > defense and rebounding. I think that answer is a simple NO! Actually, for the first time in several years, I am not concerned where our offense will come from. Rose, Boozer, Deng, Korver, Watson.... we have scoring from inside and out. Can't wait for the season to start!!!!

  • That's the only way that I see it happenning, assuming somebody else doesn't win 70+

  • If we win 60 games it will be because Rose played like an MVP

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