Scalabrine gets non-guaranteed deal with the Bulls

Per Adrian Wojnarowski:

After five seasons with the Boston Celtics, forward Brian Scalabrine has agreed to a non-guaranteed contract with the Chicago Bulls, a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau wanted Scalabrine as part of his first
season in Chicago and pushed hard for him with general manager Gar
Forman and vice president John Paxson, sources said.

First, it's worth noting this is a prove up contract, not a guaranteed deal, so obviously nothing is done yet that really means anything.

I do think Scalabrine can provide some intangibles.  He'll help teach
the team the defensive schemes in practice and that likely helps the
team take a step forward quicker in training camp.  He's a good
cheerleader for the team, a notable good locker room guy, and he's
obviously got Tom Thibodeau's trust.

That said, he'd better kill it when it comes intangibles, because his on court tangibles are virtually non-existent.

We've discussed the "stretch 4" before, but personally, I think the stretch 4 is meaningless if they can't also rebound, defend, and use their size for anything.   Really, what does Scalabrine and his rebound rate under 4 really bring to the table?

He's not even that good of a shooter.  His career TS% is under 50%.   His career 3p% is only 35%, and he's clearly not likely to hit his career averages.   He doesn't bring anything but shooting to the table and isn't that good a shooter.

He can't do anything big men do despite being tall, so why not simply sign Bobby Simmons, who's actually more likely to capably defend a power forward than Scalabrine despite being two inches shorter.   He'd defend better, board better, and likely shoot better.


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  • I do like the Bobby Simmons idea. Maybe he'll get an invite to camp.

    I'm supposed to be getting tipped off soon on who the camp invites will be.




  • Not looking to forward to hearing this every night:

    SCAL-UH-BREE-NEE dun dun, dun dun dun

  • Well, it doesn't hurt.

  • Don't really get this signing, I guess TT needed a security blanket.

    Whatever happened to Joe Alexander and Rob Kurz that we acquired at the end of last season for the end of the bench, both seemed like a better idea than Scal.

  • Doug: Kurz has signed a contract with a European team. I believe it is in Spain. He signed quickly - late July I believe

  • This doesn't crowd out Rudy Fernandez, does it?

  • lol

  • This was a waste of money for a guy that does nothing good other than act as a cheerleader, couldnt we find a girl instead. I guess the bulls had to fill out their Ginger quota right?

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