Off-season grades - Bulls fourth in the east? What the...

So Chad Ford put out an article for off-season grades in the East [need ESPN insider but if you have it, here's the link].   He ranked the Bulls fourth.  

No close your eyes.

Before continuing on to the next page, try and figure out what three teams rank ahead of them. 
#1 Miami - Okay, no duh.  If you didn't get this then you're probably not a basketball fan and got tricked into reading this blog entry.

#2 Washington - Certainly not going to argue much.  John Wall may or may not be a great player, but if he is, then they certainly helped reshape their franchise.   I'm not going to fuss much over that, especially given that Ford is a draft guy and thus always assumes every draft pick will live up to their full potential while handing out grades [though in Wall's case I won't argue].

#3 Indiana - In the words of the late Richard Jeni, if I had to describe my reaction in one word, that word would be 'I couldn't bleeping believe it'.   Indiana let go of Troy Murphy, a big man playing the valuable stretch four role who had an 18 PER last season.   They brought in Darren Collison.  

Outside of that they had peripheral moves like adding long time journeyman James Posey or late lotto draft pick Paul George.  

Seriously, are Indiana fans that excited about this?

The Bulls on the other hand, added a legitimate all-star in Carlos Boozer and better role players in Korver and Brewer.   They also didn't lose anyone as talented as Troy Murphy in the process either.

I think it's fair to say the Bulls had the second best off-season in the NBA.   I'm okay giving them third due to the allure of John Wall, but really, Indiana?   Please.


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  • This is a joke right?


    The team that David Aldridge ranked as second to last this summer ... not surprisingly, the Cavs were last.

    I don't care if they put Washington #2 ... I personally don't buy into the whole Wall thing ... if they haven't played in the NBA yet, you just never know. But at least there's an excuse.

  • So apparently CJ Watson is a homewrecker. A really ballsy one.

  • ESPN reporters have to churn so much material because of the blog proliferation .....they are going to screw up on their comments. Chris Sheridan wrote that Rose is out of 2012 team....How does he even guess that now..They just write something for the sake of it although Chad Ford is a little more thoughtful in his writings and a less biased.

  • Someone please copy/paste the entire ESPN Insider article. How can we blog about it if we can't read it? Thank You.


    Is the off-season done yet? NO.

    Last I checked, the Bulls still need to add players. Who they add (via trade or free-agency) could change their GRADE a bit. Everyone is a bit PRE-MATURE by giving out GRADES at this point. Besides, the only GRADES that really matter come at the end of the season, not the beginning of it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Random CAPS lock. Pretty pathetic, MAPPY.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Lakers adding Matt Barnes???


    As is, plus Lucas III...I'd say B.

    Trade Dickey for Fernandez, Young or Ellington...I'd say B+.

    Trade Deng, Gibson, Johnson and Picks for Melo...I'd say A.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    trade Deng for Lebron A+, trade Brewer for Wade A++, trade TT for Phil Jackson, priceless.

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    In reply to MrHappy:

    The Knicks gained a lot this offseason but also lost a great deal. If there's another team in the nba that had an offseason comparable to the Bulls, it's New Jersey. NJ got much better this year and didn't give much either. In fact, I'd say they had the 2nd best offseason with the Bulls 3rd.

    NJ brought in:

    Derrick Favors (No. 3)
    Damion James (No. 24)*

    Jordan Farmar (from Lakers)
    Travis Outlaw (from Clippers)
    Johan Petro (from Nuggets)
    Joe Smith (from Hawks)

    Anthony Morrow (from Warriors)
    Troy Murphy (from Pacers)

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    In reply to MrHappy:

    The only thing that would put the Bulls ahead of NJ in offseason acquisition is Tom Thibodeau.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    I would say the Bulls are ahead of NJ because Boozer is an all star and all those player are average and best, with Favors being an unknown rookie.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    I think NJ has capspace for a almost max FA next year. If they get Melo from that...then it is a good decision this year. Otherwise; Petro, Smith,Outlaw, Farmar are all scrubs.. Only Morrow, Favors are promising and it's not a given that they will do well. Murphy is probably the best acquisition in terms of impact this year in winning games. The Bulls added impact players like Boozer(definitely can be the best player on a playoff team), Korver and Brewer(Murphy like impact).
    And on top of it...the Nets added Avery Johnson...that is a negative because he was overrated in Dallas. You can even compare NJ to Bulls. I would say NY Knicks had a better offseason in terms of winning impact from last year.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    NJ had a nice offseason for themselves. But there is no way I take NJ's offseason over ours, unless Favors becomes a major star from day one.

  • Obviously, he likes his point guards.

    I took your test, did not pick either Washington or Indy.

    I thought that he might go with the Knicks, he could prefer Amare to Boozer, they upgraded at point, they stole Randolph, Azibuke, and Turiaf when they could have gotten nothing. I think the Knicks make the playoffs even if they don't get Melo.

    After the Knicks I might be tempted to go with the Celtics at least on name recognition alone, even though they lost their best defensive player Tony Allen.

    I would argue that the Bulls or Knicks had the second best offseason in the east.

  • You might note that in the final paragraph he basically quialified his rankings by saying that they are based on the opportunities that a team had vs what they actually accomplished.

    so teams like the Bulls, knicks and NJ with max cap space that didn't land Lebron, Wade or Bosh are likely downgraded vs teams that had no cap space at all, and had to rely on the draft and trades only.

    So it might not really be a ranking of best offseasons, it might be a relative ranking based on conditional considerations.

    Maybe that is his excuse, otherwise his day job is getting to him.

  • oh, the dreaded rouge Pacer's fan. You've done it now Doug. Sell me hhc, on this great Pacers squad? You know the one that wins about 33+ games a year? I give them an F for detracting from Birds goal of an all white roster. Collinson is barely an average NBA point guard. Enjoy the being bottom feeders in the Eastern Conference for the next decade.

  • the collison move was about more than getting a good player, it was about getting a good young player who the fans could get excited about. thats really important for the pacers, a team who in my mind ran away with the "team that gave its fanbase the greatest excuse not to care" award last year.

  • I am not defending the guys rankings just giving it a full reading. It is his article, he gets to make the rules.

    Obviously, I take the Bulls offseason in a heartbeat, and over anybody besides Miami.

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