Melo to Nets deal inching closer

Per Adrian Wojnarowksi:

The New Jersey Nets are working feverishly to acquire All-Star Carmelo Anthony and are in the construction stage of a complicated, multi-team trade, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.
Anthony is unhappy with the Nuggets' instability.

Nothing is imminent in the next 24 hours, but Denver and New Jersey are having ongoing discussions centered on No. 3 overall pick Derrick Favors and future first-round picks going back to the Nuggets. The proposed trade also would involve the Utah Jazz and Charlotte Bobcats. Under the proposal, league sources said the Nets would also send point guard Devin Harris to the Bobcats, who would move forward Boris Diaw to the Jazz, who send forward Andrei Kirilenko to the Nuggets to complete what one front-office source described as a "very complicated" deal.

One league executive said the Nets believe they're "getting there" on a trade for Anthony.

Anthony still has heart set on the New York Knicks, but a case is being made to him the Nets are a compromise he'll have to accept to get his $65 million extension and get into the metropolitan N.Y. market. The Nets won't agree to a deal for Anthony without an extension agreed upon.

Anthony also prefers a trade to the Chicago Bulls, but Denver refuses to do a deal with the Bulls that doesn't include center Joakim Noah, and so far Bulls officials have refused to put him into any deal.

Woj also tweeted that the Nuggets are trying to sell Melo on signing off with the Nets which isn't necessarily a done deal yet.

Personally, I think that Nets team more or less sucks.  You're left with Melo, Lopez, and a bunch of crap.   That's not the worst thing to build around, but it's certainly nothing that's giving you a great chance to win right now.

It's a borderline playoff team, and no where near ever contending.

Does being in the NY area mean that much to Melo?  I guess we'll find out.

If Melo signs off, forget Noah, that deal annihilates anything the Bulls will be able to offer the Nuggets.

Their lone chance would be if they could swing Deng in a three team trade to Minnesota, Toronto, Cleveland, or a team under the cap and offer Denver massive, massive cash savings in addition to Taj and a couple picks perhaps.

That seems like a stretch, and we've heard no rumors in that direction, so it's not likely to happen.   Now, we'll just sit and wait to see if the parties involved can convince Melo to accept NJ. 


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  • HA HA HA... If Carmelo accepts this trade he obviously doesn't want to win anytime soon. NJ will be giving up possibly 2 of it's best 3 players and he wont be winning nearly as much as he would've been in Denver. I'm sure The Bobcats will be loving this trade cause they will be filling the void of losing Felton.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I'll bet D-Wade and his two B##CHES will be laughing at Melo if he accepts this trade too. NJ 's team will consist of Melo, Lopez, and a bunch of journeyman players, sounds like Amare in NY to me.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If NJ/Den can put together a four-way deal, why can't the Bulls put together a 3- or 4-team deal where we give up Deng and Noah for Carmelo and also receive a decent defensive center in return? Sure, it wouldn't be anyone as good as Noah but it wouldn't have to be. Putting a big 3 of Rose, Boozer, and Anthony on the floor each night with Brewer locking down the opposition's best scoring guard and having some sort of big shot-blocker in the middle (and Taj backing up at both C and PF) and the rest of our nice role playing pieces would be pretty good. Losing Noah only seems like a terrible idea when you think of his replacements as Omer Asik and Kurt Thomas.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Let's see if he wants to sign there. I have my doubts.

    They can't win it all, even with him on the roster.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Don't discount Sacramento as a 3rd-team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Everyone seems to think NJ is still awful. I disagree.

    Obviously, the Bulls can only get Melo now if he refuses to sign an extension with the Nets, which seems like it would be a smart hard-nosed bargaining move because NJ was terrible last year. But looking over their re-worked roster, I'm starting to think Prok has a legit plan. Consider the likely starting lineup...

    PG: Farmar. I live in LA, and Farmar looked truly awful at times last year--even worse in person than on TV and especially weak in the playoffs when he refused to drive to the hoop. The thing I like about him with the Nets, though, is he really wants to be a starter. He put that out there, and now all he has to do is play hard, prove that he can bring the ball up court, and let the offense run through Melo and Lopez. NJ will be weak at this position, but that might be OK.

    SG: Morrow. This is the player Bulls fans were drooling over and whom many would rather have than Brewer or Reddick. He's a great shooter, which is exactly what you need in an attack not oriented around the SG position. With him and Terrence Williams splitting minutes evenly, NJ is fine here.

    SF: Melo with Travis Outlaw at backup. That might be the best pair of SF's in the league.

    PF: Troy Murphy. Five reasons to like him at NJ's 4: he's big, he shoots well, his numbers have always been solid, he wants to get to the playoffs, and he's back in his home state. This is beginning to look like a great offseason acquisition (for frigging Courtney Lee!) because it allows NJ to trade Favors (far from a sure thing) when his value is as high as it'll ever be (unless he becomes a break-out star). Check out Murphy's efficiency:

    C: Lopez. Extremely solid if he stays healthy.

    Admittedly, they'll be weak on defense and they need a stronger bench. Still, I predict if NJ ends up with Melo and only gives up Harris, Favors, and garbage, they'll be competing with Charlotte and maybe Philly and/or Washington for the 8th seed. And with Prok's deep pockets, they'll continue to get better ever year of Melo's prime. Bulls fans, myself included, are delusional if we think Melo and NJ aren't a good fit.

    The most intriguing result of this trade is the accelerating realignment of league power toward the East, which will be fulfilled when Paul joins Amare in NY in a year or two. By then, 7 or so of the Eastern squads that make the playoffs will be strong, and one of those will likely play OKC every year for the ring. The other decent West teams will be Sacramento, Portland, and the Clippers (if they can nab someone to start ahead of Gomes at SF), with Houston and maybe Golden State hanging around. That essentially makes the West the conference of Durant and weird (both good and bad) front offices. All the star power will be in the East. 2010-11 and 2011-12 (if there's a season) seem like the last shots for Kobe and Nowitzki in the West.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    You are right that NJ will be a better team than they were last year. But you are talking about championships and with Miami in the need 2 legit super studs and 2 more all-stars/near all-stars to compete. NJ has Melo as the super stud and Lopez as the near all-star. Everybody else is good to beat teams like Minn, Pacers etc...but in playoffs this team will be 1st round flameout. And Melo has 4/5 years to win and this team is not going to add super star types except maybe at PG if they have cap space and if CP3 opts out...That's the whole point...So eventually, it's like Denver re-incarnated for him for the next 5 years...and what tells that Denver will not be able to rebuild with all their expiring contracts... Being able to spend money is great...but if there is a hard cap, what's the point?

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    You might want to replace INCHING with IFFY.

    Others SOURCES are saying it's not likely to happen. We'll see.

  • In reply to bzoooty:


    Use multiple browsers to vote more than once.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I am voting for the Bulls, but really Norm Van Lier vs Magic means that I am voting with my heart and not my head.

    As much as I loved Norm(and I am old enough to have been a huge fan of those Motta era Bulls) this seems to be the matchup that seals our doom.

    I had to think long and hard in the Bulls matchup agianst both the Celtics and especially Wilts 76'ers, those could easlily have gone the other way, (Bulls lose in seven) as evidenced by the closeness of the votes 51-49 Bulls.

    I am actually surprised that sportsnation picked the Bulls over the Celts or the Sixers, since we had fewer famous name players(i.e. Gilmore and Van Lier).

    Doug, after the votes are over I would enjoy a post discussing the Bulls path to the finals and a likely loss to the Lakers in the alltime team championships, even if only Mappy and I seem interested.

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    I agree also, Even without Melo I could see NJ compete for the last 2 playoff spots.

    With Melo they will get stonger in the frontcourt but have no point guard, unless they get Augustine in the deal.

    Either way they should compete this year in the east. I also like the Wiz to make a big jump, they just resigned/extended their bigs, McGee and Blatch.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I say if Carmelo decides to go to NJ, then let him go cause they still wont win anything anytime soon and sounds like Charlotte will be sending Augustine to NJ as well. Still wont win him a championship or get past the first round of the playoffs but that team still wont be bad with a billionaire owner who wants to spend the money to bring in other good players. He just may accept the trade.

  • I think if this goes through....we know who is wearing the pants in Melo's family... Since he just got married, all that love is turning him blind and has him forget his work agenda.
    With the Miami trio, the worst team in history almost; needs a long time to compete ....and by that time Melo will be not even be able to dance to his wife's songs...
    Atleast NY has Amare who has proven in the playoffs..

  • There are two big ifs here in your theory..
    1. Brook Lopez...might have the stats...but for someone who couldn't take their team past 15 wins with another supposedly good PG on his team...I seriously doubt his ability to win in big games. Even Eddie Curry, Jerome James(I think) looked against mediocre teams sometimes.
    2. Tony Parker is also a little over-rated..IMO...He had Tim Duncan in his prime and used it to to his advantage. He is good but definitely not great and has a lot of NBA miles.
    I am not disputing your theory but if Noah was in place of Lopez with the same case, I am sure Nets would have been more competitive..

  • It's also being reported that Carmelo still would like for the Bulls and Knicks to make some kind of final effort cause those are the 2 teams that he really wants to go to. He shouldn't settle for NJ if he really doesn't want to be there.

  • Reesel,

    That's what Marc Stein is saying. We'll see what happens.

    How about Noah's SWAG?

  • True, Avery Johnson and Prokhorov might be selling him on big things like Russia and International marketing etc...and off course they are so desperate they will say anything to sell him on NJ.

  • Well, looks like Carmelo wont be winning a championship in the near future. Maybe he will only do the 3 years extension and who knows what will happen after that. I'm sure the russian will get Tony Parker or CP3 by that time to join the team.

  • It is kind of strange that for whatever reason that the Bulls cannot get an elite star in his prime as a FA. We can beat our chest and say the Bulls will compete. But it is a rare chance to have an elite star in his prime and looks like they will again settle for the consolation prize of Rudy F..and try to exit in second round of the playoffs..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    it's a very simple answer, the Bulls would've had to give up the main core of their front line and coach Thibs evidently knows that it will take a very big line up to compete in the more bigger eastern conference. The Bulls will still have the trading deadline to look forward to cause I'm sure there will be players available that can help the Bull in the playoffs.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Thibs is a first time head coach. He should be making the call on the big decisions like this. He can have his input but his opinion shouldn't be the decider and I don't think it was either. Yeah...there will be players available but not a top 10 player in his prime. You have to strike when the opportunity is available...otherwise you will just regret it. It is easy to rationalize and there are legit reasons but the bottom line is they failed..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    correction...Thibs should not be making the call on big decisions.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    This deal makes the most sense for all parties involved.

    Melo seems like a J-Z kind of guy, he gets to NY(Brooklyn) in 2 years.

    If I am Melo I could do worse than bet on the Russian billionaire, the new maybe crazier Mark Cuban.

    NJ figures to be able to set itself up to be the #1 player for Chris Paul starting next summer.

    What is wrong with a big 3 of Paul, Lopez, and Melo. Positionally it might make more sense than Miami's even if it is not quite as talented. Basically I take Lopez over Bosh, Paul over Wade in 2 years, and Lebron over Melo, so NJ wins 2 of the big 3 battles.

    Denver gets what is supposedly wants, a young potential mega talent, huge cap space, and maybe some #1 picks.

    The Jazz and the Bobs get better or save money.

    As an NBA fan I am rooting for this trade to happen, since the Bulls really have no shot, and I don't want him on the Knicks except to increase the hate factor.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


    Not a done deal.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I am not saying that I'll be pissed if this trade to NJ goes through, but I would think that the Bulls need to make a strong play to block another superstar from ending up in the EC. We need to have him land here. Although, it seems every time there is a big name player available we somehow come up short in what we have to offer! WTF I can't believe our luck! This is surely payback for the Jordan era! If he goes to NJ I hope we can be players for some free agent next year.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Actually there is an even simpler answer, if we had not resigned Deng to his assinine contract Lebron, Wade and Bosh would be playing with Rose and Noah this season, not with Humpty and Dumpty.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Yes, I agree too - though I believe Milwaukee will give Bulls some competition for the Central crown.

    Marc Stein's 4th in East ranking is accurate in that it highlights Bulls at present are not quite a competitor for the Eastern conference crown. Bulls need another true stud at one of the wing positions but, as the Noah/Melo debate shows, can't afford to give up any assets other than Deng to trade for one.

    We'll see what Thibs can accomplish and it will be an interesting season.

  • Mitch, you are on the right track, but it is Paul not Parker that the Nets will begin targeting next summer if not as soon as this trade goes down.

    I am sure that Melo is talking to Paul before he agrees to this trade.

  • Actually , I think that T Williams can provdie Brewer like defense on Wade.

  • With every passing deal it looks more and more likely that we are stuck with Deng no matter what until at least the summer of 2014 when he finally becomes an expiriing deal.

    It will be really intersting to see if he becomes better or worse with Boozer on board, I could see him becoming a ghost now that he will have no plays run for him.

  • I am virtually certain that this is true, for a multitude of reasons, the most likely of which is that Reinsdorf has no desire to be the guy paying Melo $83 million over the next 4 seasons, and I bet that TT doesn't want Melos punk ass bitch attitude infecting his team.

  • Yes, Milwaukee will be competitive. Scott Skiles will accept nothing less. To me their main question mark is how quickly can Bogut return to form. And next year they will have cap room when Michael Redd's massive salary expires.

    Many fans are assuming Bulls are a lock for the Central division, but I think they have a different opinion in Milwaukee. In order for Bulls to have home court advantage in the 1st round of the playoffs they must win the Central. I don't want Bulls going into the 1st round without home court.

    Completely agree about the Bulls need for an additional scorer, but it seems Portland won't budge on getting the Charlotte pick for Rudy. So Bulls are kind of stuck without options.

  • Shaum, Fenom, and all others who continue to bitch about the Bull's "inability" to land the "top guy": Stop it, just stop. This isn't about the Bulls "inablility"... Melo wants to be here!(or NYC) This is about Bulls Brass evaluating the situation and making a firm decision. They decided(accurately I might add) that making the trade proposed by NJ wasn't the best thing for the teams short and long term future. You all act like this was just a Noah for Melo straight up trade. WE have no idea what the Nets actually proposed. Multiple insiders were quoted as saying that the trade was blocked by us "not willing to part with Noah" AND "NJ unwillingness to take Deng". So if they were asking for Noah, what else were they asking for to match numbers if Deng's large contract wasn't included? I can only imagine. Probably Noah, Taj, charlotte's 1st rounder, our first rounder, and then even more. We would have been stuck with Deng and Melo at the same position, paying out the ass for both with Kurt Thomas at Center and an unproven foreigner at back up. We'd have NO back up PF to Boozer who is injury prone. So quit whining that the Bulls have a disability when it comes to signing the big dogs. We had a great shot at Lebron, Bosh, and Wade. They went to the only team that could sign all 3... what did you want GarPax to do? Wave a magic freakin wand?

    The way I see it, if Melo does indeed go to NJ, it doesn't pose an immediate threat to our team. Sure things could fall in magical place for NJ in the future, but you're talking about a 10-72 team losing its starting PG, lottery pick, and adding Melo(who didn't win a damn thing with a talented Denver team) and Anthony Murrow. So just chill out. Maybe Melo blackballs NJ's offer, then were in a position to possibly aquire him WITHOUT losing Noah.

    I'm not here to claim that Paxson is the next Danny Ainge, he's had his fair share of blunders, but occasional failure comes with the territory. I'm saying that this wasn't one of those occasional failures, this was simply put, THE RIGHT MOVE.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Agreed. Forget a superstar what has Melo won? He gives up as many points as he scores. Thibs already has to get Boozer to buy into playing D. Then he would have to get Melo on board...and Melo really seems like the kinda guy that goes to the beat of his own drum. So you mean to tell me we should just give up the HEART of our D to acqiure a volume scorer? How did that work for him in Denver? Like coach Singletary said: "I want winners!!" Noah is...Melo isnt.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Agreed. Forget a superstar what has Melo won? He gives up as many points as he scores. Thibs already has to get Boozer to buy into playing D. Then he would have to get Melo on board...and Melo really seems like the kinda guy that goes to the beat of his own drum. So you mean to tell me we should just give up the HEART of our D to acqiure a volume scorer? How did that work for him in Denver? Like coach Singletary said: "I want winners!!" Noah is...Melo isnt.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    You cannot compare Noah and Melo. Off course, we all love Noah. That's not the point. If we can keep Noah and get Melo...that's great. But Denver is not going to accept that. Which top player is known primarily for defense except for maybe Howard? Everyone (LBJ, Kobe, MJ, Durant, Roy) were all primarily first good on offense and became/becoming good defensive players.
    Also, with the new CBA ....lot of good role players will have to settle less due to cap space, etc.. The Bulls with Melo, Boozer, Rose will have a big advantage at attracting good role players with MLE.. With Melo, we have a chance of becoming an elite team ..if not this year, within a couple of years. Otherwise, we are second round fodder for a while..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I get your point about Melo Boozer And Rose but bottom line, the Bulls would be giving up far too much cause Deng Gibson and Noah are good for at least 30 to 35 points and 30 to 40 rebounds combined. Boozer is known to have injuries Gibson is good and young enough to fill in for Boozer. We have seen this past year, Rose can not do everything by himself, so I say that the Bulls have donr the right thing by staying pat. And who knows, the Bulls may still get lucky and get Melo cause ultimately... he is in control of his situation. All he has to say is he wants to be traded to Chicago and Denver would have no other choice but to work something out with the Bulls or risk Losing him at season's end. There's an article on Yahoo saying that Kobe has talked to Carmelo and told him to be sure that he makes the right decision. Here is the link;_ylt=Ah_UcD6eJS5ueEkHxptfRca8vLYF?slug=mc-bryantanthony092510 Hopefully Kobe told him that his best chance to win if he is leaving Denver is to come to the Bulls. If anyone would know, Kobe would.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The Bulls are not a championship team without Noah and They should still try to get Melo without trading Noah. I know it will be a long shot but Melo has not accepted the trade to NJ and to be honest if he is really serious about winning, he shouldn't accept that trade or he should stay in Denver to season's end and just sign out right with NY if he wants to be there that bad. Him being in NY wont get him any closer to a championship either cause that team will barely play any defense. He would probably be in the top 3 in scoring though and be a first round out in the playoffs. It's really a no brainer if he want to contend for a championship but we all know he is trying to please other people which Kobe told him not to do.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If Noah is in the trade, then Taj stays. Both are not going. Deng has to go because of the money. So, the backup for Boozer argument is irrelevant.
    The thing is if Nets do this deal...then we will be discussing what if for the next few years..This is a rare chance of an elite player wanting to come here..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    no, I do believe that Gibson would be involved as well and that's just to much to give up. It would be nice if they could keep him though.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    that might be true if Melo were a true elite player, he is not, he is an elite scorer, a better version of Ben Gordon without the ability to shoot 3's

    Denver has done squat with him in 7years, except make the conference finals once. He had excellent talent around him for most of those years, he did not deliver, why do you think that he will suddenly become Kobelike or Wadelike with the Bulls.

    The guy will ruin if not destroy what looks to be a great chemistry team that the Bulls with Noah will be this season.

    Great Chemistry likely wins more games than one individual great scorer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    That's your opinion... The fact is Melo is universally acknowledged as a top 10 player and there is almost zero chance that a top 10 non-PG being available in the next 3 years for the Bulls to add and they are very close to adding him unlike the Kobe rumors, etc. I agree that the current Bulls will be competitive but they will not be contending anytime soon with this roster in Boozer's prime. In another 3/4 years,...we have to depend on Rose being almost MJ, LBJ like to win.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    via NBCSports...

    We've been saying this since day one -- Anthony and the Nuggets don't have to like each other, but they need to be civil and play nice to get something done that works for all of them. Right now, that's not happening. So a four-team deal is in a holding pattern and may slip away. Both the Nuggets and Anthony may come to regret that. Anthony wants the Knicks but is he willing to risk millions on a new CBA to make it a reality, because that may be the test. For the Nuggets, they may find fewer teams willing to play ball and teams like Chicago more likely to take pieces out of their offer rather than add them in. The Nuggets will feel the pressure to get something done just not to be left with nothing.

    My take...

    If Melo doesn't want to go to the Nets, then Chicago has the best offer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Anyone have ESPN Insider? There's a headline on the NBA page that reads "Rumors: For the Bulls, now signs of trouble (Insider)." What is this shite?

  • In reply to bzoooty:

    It is just more speculation about the Noah contract negotiations, that they are not going well, they are far apart, everything we already know.

  • In reply to BigWay:


  • In reply to BigWay:


    It's still in play.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    It is not whether NJ gets good or bad. They have a bad core compared to the Bulls to begin with and they are not going to be elite from being a historically bad team anytime soon. It is the chance of Bulls getting to be elite. Off course, I have no idea if Bulls offered Noah or not..The point is all reports say Bulls did not want to talk about Noah and if they include him, the deal is done. If Melo was 29 years old..then we don't do the deal. I am not saying we should panic and offer Noah...But Pax doesn't have a history of making big deals like this and that's what a Bulls fan should be concerned about. Off course, as you say...he has inside information and is trying to play the Denver GM...
    Let's wait and see what transpires and then we can pass our judgement. But sometimes, you have to be a little aggressive to get what you want...otherwise you lose.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    You are on the right track here, the Bulls cannot make salaries match without including Deng(with or without Noah)

    If Denver will not take back Dengs contract there is no deal to be made by the Bulls(with or without Noah)

    That is it in a nutshell, even if the Bulls said yes to Noah, Denver is saying no to Deng.

    As I have said before, the Deng signing may end up being the single worst(even worse than the big bum)move we have made since the Jordan years.

    Had we not signed him, we would have had over $40 million in cap space this past summer and could have been one move(dumping JJ) from signing Wade, Lebron and Bosh to the exact same deals that they signed in Miami.

    They would have had to chose between partying on South Beach and playing with Rose and Noah.

    This is why contracts do matter when evaluating players, before,during and after the fact.

  • Ditto, The Bulls along with the Magic, Celtics and Thunder are in the next group after the Lakers and Heat.

    Not trading Noah for Melo unless Nene or better is coming back.

    Bulls will be a ton of fun to watch this season for serious basketball fans, not sportcenter highlight fans.

    I expect to be watching into at least May, and we have a legit shot at the ECF.

  • Ok let's hold up a minute... l never said Carmelo would be like Kobe or Wade but I would like to think that we would all agree that Melo would be a better scorer than Deng. I really don't think Melo would be that bad of an option as you are putting him to be. He has been on a championship team in college and he has helped to win a gold medal so again I really think he would help the Bulls as far as a go to scorer goes. So before you try to put words in my mouth you need to think about what you are saying. I doubt that he would kill chemistry with the team and coach that he would have around him.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I forgot to mention that Carmelo is a 7 time all star as well so I really do think that he would score more than Deng as a go to scorer and that's with Noah on the team. The Bulls still do need as you say, an elite scorer.

  • Not in any way suggesting that they are a 50+ win team, just that they can compete this year with the bottom feeders of the easts playoff brackets.

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