Melo still wants out, Bulls deemed unrealistic destination

Per Ken Berger, CBS Sports:

The two sides remain locked in a stalemate over
Anthony's future while a three-year, $65 million extension offer
sits untouched in front of him. While Nuggets officials --
including influential adviser Bret Bearup and executive Josh
Kroenke -- continue to rebuff trade inquiries while hoping to
repair the franchise's relationship with Anthony, privately the
team is beginning to examine which teams would have the most
attractive combination of young players, draft picks and expiring
contracts to complete a deal. And the team currently viewed by people
close to the situation as having the most realistic chance of
putting together a blockbuster, perhaps multi-team deal for
Anthony is the New Jersey Nets.

"They're working the hardest to get a deal done," one of the sources said.

With No. 3 overall pick Derrick Favors, multiple extra draft picks, and Devin Harris,
whose $8.98 million contract could be parlayed into a serviceable
replacement for Anthony in a three-team trade, New Jersey has the
makings of a package that would appeal to Nuggets officials, one
of the people with knowledge of Denver's strategy said. The key,
according to the person, would be involving a third team to
convert Harris into something the Nuggets would view as "decent
replacement value" for Anthony.


The Bulls are viewed by one source as "not a realistic candidate" due to the team's unwillingness at this point to include Joakim Noah in the deal. The Bulls and Noah are currently negotiating an extension.

The full link goes into great deal on how a deal could work for Denver through New Jersey and Philadelphia.  On the surface, it makes quite a bit of sense.  Iguodala + Favors + picks to Denver.   Harris + filler to Philly and Melo to NJ.   As well as discussing new GM Masai Uriji's tough spot as he doesn't want his first move to be fleeced in a trade of the Nuggets cornerstone, but also came from Toronto and saw how much worse waiting could be.

The framework proposed leaves NJ with a team of Melo, Lopez, and crap on a stick.  Is Melo really signing an extension to play in that situation?   If so, his move is more about getting back to the NY area than winning, because that group is far worse than group he's presently with, and the Eastern Conference is now top heavy and the tougher of the two.   The Nets, Bulls, Knicks, and Magic were his preferred destinations initially, so maybe he'll go to NJ to lose, but simply to be in the NY area.

The Bulls are viewed as unrealistic because they won't include Noah, but as I noted earlier, I don't think the Nuggets ultimately would view Noah as that big a throw in given his new contract demands and the fact that they have a quality center on the roster already.   Looking at the four teams he initially listed, our package is better than Orlando's, debatable with the Knicks, and clearly behind the Nets.

In other words, it's going to require Anthony to force the action to end up in Chicago.  Is that a possibility?   Sure.   He can control his fate by deciding whether to sign the extension or not, and of the teams he could go to Chicago and Orlando offer him the best chance to win, but his NY ties simply may play just as big a roll in his choice as winning.


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  • I give NO CREDENCE to this report, what so ever.

    JerseyChaser said again yesterday that Chicago is Melo's #1 desire via trade and Yahoo's Marc Spears continues to back that story as well.

    Ken Berger is based out of New York, so of course he has to write about NY/NJ teams.

  • As I have stated previously, we all don't know what Carmelo's motivation into wanting out of Denver, but if it is to challenge for a championship, him going to N.Y. or N.J. would be a lost cause. I mean yeah N.y. could make other trades to go along with Amare and if it were to happen Melo, but with the system that the Knicks play he may as well stay in Denver. And a team of Melo, Lopez and journeying players in N.j. he would have a lot of teams laughing at them. Orlando in my opinion really wouldn't have too much to give up either cause outside of Howard the players that they have need to play with an all star or they are useless and I don't think they have picks to give up. And who knows, maybe Denver's management is dumb enough to strengthen another team in their conference by trading Melo to them only to have Melo and his new team kick their ass for the next 5 to 10 years in their own conference. To me the Bulls would make the most sense to deal with without making my front office look incompetent and without setting my team up to get their ass handed to them for the next 10 years. But Bottom line, It's up to Melo with where he wants to be traded and if he really wants to challenge for a championship for some years to come. Oh and one side note, the Bulls need to keep Noah along side Boozer so if they would have to wait on the deal with Denver then so be it, just so long they try to hang on to Noah.

  • Bulls could replace Philly in the three team deal. Melo to the bulls, JR Smith and Deng to the Nets, Gibson, Favors, and Harris to the Nuggets. Throw in cash and picks to make the Nets and Nuggets happy.

  • I am guessing this is LBJ theories all over again. Every statement/surmise a Carmelo source makes or theorizes, then a reporter says that might happen and it is all over the web. As a lot of people have analyzed/realized, there has to be a double match of Denver liking the pieces and Melo liking the destination unless Denver accepts scrubs. Melo will go to a destination where there is atleast one superstar(multiple all-star in his prime) and another star(all-star or all-star in the making this year). Melo is not going to win a championship in 2010-11.

    The Bulls are certainly on the top for Melo's destination if you analyze but they are not there in terms of pieces for Denver's satisfaction. The only hope for the Bulls is during the trade deadline; if Deng and Taj have performed very well and their value is higher than today, Denver might get desperate and fall for them.

  • I am not sure how the salaries will work. If the Nets can keep Lopez, get Melo and then still seem to have space for CP3, then he might think of going there. But, this was almost the worst team ever with Lopez. He might look good, be talented and analysts might praise him etc...but to be the worst team ever in the history of NBA...that says something about Lopez, Harris(when they were healthy for most of the season). The Knicks with essentially trading almost everyone on their roster and everyone jacking up shots were better than them. And filling a roster with average players like Calderon, Morrow is what Melo already has in Denver. I would draw a parallel to LBJ/Bosh even if Melo is still not a FA yet..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    That still wouldn't be enough to beat Miami. The object of him leaving Denver is to win a championship, I HOPE.

  • Philli is NOT parting with Andre Iguodala. All the talk during the World Championships was how Doug Collins took the job in Philli because of what he seen in Andre Iguodala. He is expecting to turn him into a all defense type player. I don't see Phili trading away the one All Star they have in exchange for Devin Harris.

  • In reply to CPBuff22:

    Agree. Philly already has a young PG they like(Jrue). If the best player coming back is Harris(PG) doesn't make sense.
    Turner/Igoudola might be a good offensive/defensive combo. The only thing they are doing is dumping Igoudola's contract and I don't think Philly wants to get rid of their best player for an average starter like Harris.

  • I don't agree that NJ has the most/best to offer. Also would NJ want to lose Harris? That would leave a gaping hole at PG. Also Philly has to prospects in Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday. So they wouldn't want Harris, unless one of those two were sent to NJ. As far as Denver is concerned, why is Iggy a better deal than Deng? Iggy is owed almost $57 million over four years while Deng's contract is only $51 million over four years. While Iggy's a better defender/ball handler, Deng is a better shooter/scorer. Both are best suited as the 2nd or 3rd best player on a contending team so arguably their value to a team is about equal. Albeit, Deng is $6 million cheaper over four years. As far as Flavors and picks, Bulls have JJ or Gibson plus Charlotte's plus their own picks to offer. (Though I would not offer Gibson as part of the deal). So I think the Bulls offer is as solid or better than NJ intangibles aside. And the intangibles in NJ's favor is NYC/Brooklyn and the possibility of acquiring CP3 after a season. But it would mean Melo would have to bide his time for a year and hope that a deal can be made next summer. In Chicago's favor is that they would be a legitimate contender for a title this season, and the next few seasons, provided neither Noah or Taj are included in the deal.
    Of the teams mentioned, I think the Magic and Knicks can make the better offers. Here is why. If Denver has decided to part with 'Melo, (however reluctantly) then they would probably decide on rebuilding rather than replacing 'Melo to remain a contender. None of the players they would get back from Bulls/Nets/76ers, (Deng, Iggy, Harris) would make them a contender. In fact they would probably drop from playoff contention is the deep West. The Magic and the Knicks however have expiring contracts of Curry and Carter to offer, each of whose deals expire at the end of the year. Neither NYC or Orlando has pick to offer, however, NYC would have to include Gallinari and Chandler to make the salaries work. And both of those players are young talents with a lot of upside and low salaries. And Denver can start the rebuilding in earnest. And the Knicks of course have the intangibles of playing in MSG plus the possibility of adding CP3 next year. So IMHO, I think the Knicks can make the best offer in a straight up two team trade. Unless Denver can find a willing third party to take Billups off their hands as well.


  • In reply to treeshanku:

    Going to the Knicks with Amare and what ever point guard they have still will not be enough to beat Miami.

  • In reply to treeshanku:

    Like I said from the beginning Melo only comes to the Bulls if he makes us his one and only choice, and even then Reinsdorf may not want to pay him, and Kroenke(Denver owner) might just be cranking and rich enough to tell Melo to F himself and ignor his demand.

    Other than those minor issues, I would say that Mappy is right on as usual, we are the obvious leader in the clubhouse for obtaining Melo, and the only logical destination in the minds of any and all NBA observers.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If he is serious about contending for a championship the Bulls should be the logical choice of his destination. If I were Melo I would push the issue of coming to the Bulls so he can watch his buddies on South Beach start to get nervous and squirm cause A line up of ROSE BREWER MELO BOOZER AND NOAH WOULD BE A BEAST TO DEAL WITH and all the Bulls would have to give up is Deng JJ and picks, that would be the biggest trump card to Miami's team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    That team would be very good. When playing Miami the Bulls wouldn't have to double up on nobody.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    That is too much wishing from you. No way does Denver give up for Deng, JJ and picks and not even Taj...C'mon, they would get the cap space next year and sign somebody else or tank to get a good draft pick to build around. Getting Deng with their current pieces screams 30/32 win team with less chance of a top 3 pick and also cap space hell. Deng is a unique player who will be good for a contending team like the Bulls, Lakers, Portland etc...but terrible for a rebuilding team because he is a 3rd/4th option at best and he is being paid as a 2nd option if not the 1st option. If you don't already have a 1st or 2nd option on your team, nobody will take Deng and if you already have a 1st/2nd option, then you probably don't have cap space to take Deng. That's why he is so un-tradeable...

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I know it is wishful thinking but hey... lebron going to Miami proved anything can happen with these players today. Just like the Lakers got Gasol for nothing, anything can happen. I do understand what you are saying though, but as I said anything can happen with how these players think today.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    LBJ going to Miami was solely because of Wade. Cleveland, Chicago, NY, NJ, LA(other competitors for LBJ) did not have anybody like Wade. In a time-machined NBA world, if Rose was 25 years(with 4/5 years of NBA experience)old and would have improved as we expect, LBJ would have come to the Bulls. Hey, if NO Hornets had cap space, I am sure LBJ would have thought of going there. In hindsight, his decision doesn't look so bad at all..MJ's Bulls won without good centers and PGs...It is the same with Melo...If Melo thinks Rose is good, he will force a trade here. But for all our optimism about Rose, if Melo thinks Rose is not going to be a top 8/10 NBA player in the next 3/4 years, he is not going to come here.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Whatever happens, I'm fine if Carmelo comes here or not, although it would be nice to have him, the Bulls will be fine either way. It's just having Carmelo now would prevent the Bulls from having to wait another couple of years to continue to improve the team cause Miami will be a hard team to beat, they will get better over time.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Amen..Completely agree. That's why the trade deadline is crucial...There is no other superstar like Melo on the horizon in the next one/two years available for a trade/FA. The Bulls FO have to be the vultures and swoop in. But do not count them out. They dumped Hinrich/18th pick for nothing to try to get LBJ/Wade. That was a bold move by GAR/PAX. Also, as you say..the Miami trio has upped the challenge for all FOs in the league because atleast with the Lakers you had Kobe getting old

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Doug, saying "Harris missed 18 games of the season, all losses" is like saying Dennis Rodman missed 18 games in 95-96 and they were all wins. The chance of the Nets winning games with Harris wasn't all that much better. The team had 12 wins for the entire season.

  • Harris was a major part of the worst team almost in the history of the NBA and he has 8/9 mil for 3 more years. Jrue is very young and he has shown a lot of promise. Off-course, nobody knows if Igoudola/Turner combo will work. But they seem to complement each other's skills and they can play two different positions possibly. Harris is useful if they get rid of Jrue or kind of allow Jrue to develop slowly. Why would they want to do that...I am not sure it makes sense.

  • The vexing thing about this story, and with the Bulls' pursuit of any trade or free agent, is that this organization is so tight-lipped about negotiations that nobody really knows what's going on until it happens. In a certain sense that makes even the wildest speculation about Carmelo or other stars seem plausible, while at the same time it's just as likely they might not be pursuing this (or other deals) very seriously anything at all (with the exception of certain free agent "sweepstakes" like the LeBronapalooza when there is some inherent transparency to the proceedings). We may never know what, if anything, is being offered for Anthony by the Bulls -- just as there was never any clear insight into what was offered for Gasol or Garnett in seasons past. And who knows how close we have come to trades that we've never even heard about and never will. I think all teams practice some sort of discretion but the Bulls take it to a higher level than most.

    On a side note, Doug, congratulations, this story has the two top hits on Google for the word "deamed". (also, while I'm at it, your favorite Chicago pizza place is actually spelled "Pequod's" like the ship in Moby Dick) That's my last-ever comment relating to spelling, I promise.

  • The best deal for Denver isn't likely to meet Melo's preferred destination if he really wants to challenge for a title any time soon so this is likely to come down to the trade deadline. A lot of us are understandably looking at this from a Chicago bias, but realistically, the only way Melo comes to Chicago is if he refuses to extend with any other team and Denver caves to keep from losing him for nothing. I just don't get the impression that Melo wants to come to Chicago that badly.

  • Some of the guys that I hear being mentioned as trade bait is crazy. If Melo says I want to be traded to the Bulls, what then would Denver be forced to take back in return? This is why if Melo is still a Nugget when the season starts it will be in the Bulls favor barring Deng doesn't get injured before the trading deadline. Deng is the closest comparison to Melo, he just doesn't score as much, he is a better defender and a better rebounder than Melo. Denver will not get back equal value in any trade that Melo is involved in. If Denver is considering rebuilding 2 first round picks, one which is unprotected, the Bulls pick, Deng, and JJ would be more than enough to give up for Melo. Yes they can get cap space from other teams as trade bait but who's gonna want to go to Denver after all of this is said and done. And after all these veteran players have seen what D-Wade and his boys have done what good veteran player is going to want to go to a team to rebuild. We have all witnessed what happened to some of these teams with massive cap space, they got left out in the cold. Melo should be smart enough to figure out that there are now 2 power house teams in the league with one being in each conference, Miami and L.A. He should know that if its a team in the eastern conference that he wants to come to it needs to be 1 of the more stronger teams that has assets to give back to Denver that will help them rebuild and that improved team with assets sounds like the Bulls to me. And we all know that Carmelo really wants to be closer to the east coast.

  • like I've stated all along I dont think Carmelo will be going to Chicago, but New Jersey? really? Why would he go to the worse team? He wouldnt have any better chance of winning a championship.

  • Just like we all didn't see Lebron going to Miami, anything can happen. All depends on what Melo wants.

  • I sure wish that we had drafted that non quality NBA player(holiday) with the 16th pick instead of JJ, Holiday went 17th or 18th right after the Bulls pick.

  • If he wants to go to N.J. I say let him go cause even if they can get Paul in another couple years, they wont beat Miami.

  • Does Denver want Iggy and his massive contract any more than they want Deng and his lesser massive contract?

    That is the question, to me if the answer to one is no, then the answer to the other ought to be no also.

  • Paul is not a free agent for 2 more years. Miami by that time I'm sure will be even stronger.

  • I think the NY/NJ media is pushing their homer wishes too much. We saw how LBJ had so many connections to NY(billion dollar athlete, Yankees Fan, MSG etc..)and saw what happened. Carmelo is 26 with 5/6 years of prime NBA life. We are assuming he likes to live in NY while sacrificing winning. I think for all the criticism the new era of players get...the prime star players now have grown watching MJ and his accolades through winning...and they want to win. They obviously want to be in a big/glamorous city if possible but their number one priority is winning. Even though I didn't like LBJ's move, I feel that's all he was worried about when he went to the maximize his chances of winning and that's what Carmelo will be looking for too.

  • If he's not all about winning then let him go to N.Y. or N.J. and continue to play in the shadows of his buddies. The Bulls shouldn't want him if he just wants to be in the N.Y. area.

  • If Denver says ok go there then they lose out, they get nothing in return. Like I said before hopefully they're not stupid like Cleveland and Toronto were.

  • No worries, Doug - your prolific output and articulate, well-reasoned posts (and replies) more than make up for any occasional spelling lapses.

    On the subject of the Bulls' secretive approach, it's ironic that the Chicago team that allows the MOST transparency into their dealings (and internal drama) shares a common owner with the Bulls. The whole Vinnie/Pax altercation almost didn't make it into the news (we all found out about it weeks later) but when someone looks at one of Ozzie's sons the wrong way we are all informed within the hour.

  • In reply to petefogarty:

    And I spelled "Vinny" wrong as a sign of solidarity.

  • trust me that will not be enough to beat Miami not if Pat Riley has anything to do with it and like I said before, this Miami team will only get stronger in a couple of years.

  • That's fine you are entitled to your opinion my man as I am, but they still would not beat Miami in a 7 game series.

  • Ok... and what happened this past summer with some of these teams that had a lot of cap space, they did not land the players that they wanted. It all comes down to where a good player wants to go not unless they are desperate for money.

  • Ok then let him believe that, that's fine too. I bet he wont win anything going to either place though. You can believe that they will beat Miami too in the next few years and You will be 1 of a very few.

  • I am not saying Jrue is going to be a star. He seems to show promise of being a starting PG in the league. He is super young.. Whatever you say about Harris, Lopez...except for a handful of teams in the history of NBA has performed so badly and he did play 62 games.
    Turner is an unknown...all we know is his potential/promise like John Wall. Igoudala doesn't need the ball in his hand...he can play like Deng too and is versatile enough to play any role as we saw him in the FIBA tournament. He was the defensive stopper..and what tells you that Turner as a SG will not be a decent shooter which complements Igoudola's defensive skills as a SF..

  • Yeah, in my opinion, a lot of other people would agree as well of my opinion.

  • That's true but the better players in the league I'm sure are trying to win or have some kind of exposier, players that have been in the league for a while and have made money in their career. Denver's options of star players will be limited for some time to come. Deng and a young player like Gibson would not be that bad for them. Or they can become the Clippers and warriors of the league while trying to rebuild.

  • Exactly, unbiased people would say Miami will be better than N.J.

  • NO THEY wouldn't but They would be good pieces to keep from falling to the bottom of the league and try to keep some of their fan base.

  • Yeah ok you keep thinking that.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I kind of agree with Mitchell. If you think Boozer,Rose and Melo can have a chance of beating Miami...why not them? All they need is a defensive minded center like Dampier to help Lopez and they have Morrow and other shooters..Definitely Paul >Rose, Lopez=Noah(no defense, but offense)..Melo>Boozer in offense..We saw how easy it is to add other pieces and with new CBA, there might be marginal talent available more easily..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    The Miami 3 is just too much talent for a team like Melo Lopez and Paul to handle because believe it or not those 3 for Miami do play pretty good defense and we all know melo and paul really don't excel in the area that much. And lopez would probably get into foul trouble trying to deal with Bosh and Haslem. It's not a good match up for N.J.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And that's why I say the Bulls need to keep Noah cause without him the Bulls will have a hard time with Miami.

  • In reply to Reese1: is not a great matchup. But they have a better chance than anybody has now except for the Lakers...Off-course, nothing is guaranteed when Lopez was part of a 12-win team...which shows his effect on winning..Replace Lopez with Noah...and I think NJ would have been pushed to atleast 18/20 wins last year.
    But Bosh is not a great defender either...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Maybe Denver wouldn't want Noah back, but some team must. Maybe the problem is that the Bulls' reluctance to give up Noah is preventing 3 team trades from forming?

    Also, I thought Anthony was from Baltimore.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    These are timely/good posts by Doug, and it's hard to believe, but he's basically filled up all the empty hours until pre-season for Bulls addicts(myself included - which this site is eveidently full of). But I've been busy, and not had time to post.

    Bottom line: Melo IMO will go with NBA made dudes/buddies like Lebron and Bosh did - guys they feel comfortable with. Melo will probably go to the Knicks with Amare or possibly New Jersey, and hope Paul will complain his way there as well.

    Either way as I've already said unless Derrick just explodes along with Noah, then he aint coming to the Chicago Bulls.

    And if Derrick(24-25 ppg, more FTA's/few more threes) along with Joakim(13-14ppg, 12 rebounds, two blocks, and much better/stronger low post defensive anchor) do blow up, then we are going to have a fantastic f-ing team anyhow/either way.

    And that's the point. The Melo situation shouldn't be a fight or creating tension. It's simply an unlikely, but possible occurrence if what we want to happen happens(D-Rose and Joakim are the true studs we're hoping they will be). I'm pretty confident if Thibs can command the players respect(a somewhat big if as the head coach) then C.J. Watson, Ronnie brewer, Korver, boozer etc. are a quality cast in waiting.

    So lets hope the two franchise studs truly become just that, and then whether Melo comes or not will be sitting pretty with a great team. And if he still don't wanna come, then f-ck him.

  • When you put it like that, it does sound silly. But Favors is a project, at least two years away, if not more. And he may never have more value than he does now. Maybe Gibson goes to the Nets instead.

    It would make more sense if Outlaw went to the Nuggs as well, but his contract sucks and he can't be moved until Dec. 1, right.

  • If they want to gamble with hoping cap space will get them good players then that's on them. Sounds like they will be going down the same road as Cleveland and Toronto if they do take that gamble.

  • So..what does it say about Harris. Even if the season was over, he could have teamed up with Lopez(apparently a 2nd best player on a contending team)and made them win 8/10 more games to a respectable 20 rather than hang around the worst record in history. With so many bad Clipper teams, expansion teams, bad coaches.. there have not been many teams which were in that range. And they had a decent coach whom the Bulls were considering hiring for that matter. It shows that these guys are losers and which team will pay 8/10 mill to take him on top of it.
    The point here is if you are Philly, would you take Harris + picks for Igoudola just to dump his contract and help NJ. Igoudola might thrive with Collins's coaching...

  • Yeah pretty much, I'm also realistic too. But good luck with your N.J. hopes and dreams of beating the Heat in the near future. I'm sure they will have a hard time beating the Bulls as constructed now even with Carmelo. You must be a closet Net fan? sure sounds like it. You have a good day.

  • We are all speculating on how Rose will develop and we hope for our own satisfactionthat he will be a superstar. But it is not a given...Rose's career until now has been more like Steve Francis(no outside shot and just athleticism). We are putting him on a pedestal before he deserves...We just have no other answer other than waiting. Chris Paul is proven for almost 5/6 years that he is an elite player.

  • The problem with Rose is his outside shot. Unless he improves that he will not get to Paul's level or respect. And Paul was playing in the Western Conf compared to the bad East until now. There is nothing to say Rose will move towards Paul or move towards Steve Francis(who was great in his first few years with great athleticism). But I think Rose is different from Francis and will eventually overtake CP3.
    Two things have to happen for Rose to improve:
    1. Improve his outside shot
    2. Keep up us his work ethic

  • I mean 3 pt shot. And defense is something which should improve with work ethic. But I am concerned with his shooting and going to the line. He was practically left open during the FIBA tournament(although Bulls Fans says that doesn't translate into NBA) but if he done well...we would proclaiming that he will be an MVP candidate this coming season. I am just a little cautious about Rose and look at Igoudola's comments(only Rose, Durant, Chandler had similar roles to their NBA careers)which means Rose struggled mightily.

  • Iguodala said only three members of Team USA played the way they do for their NBA team: Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, and Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler.
    That said, with all the hype Rose was getting before...FIBA performance was a case of humble pie for Rose. Hopefully, he has the edge and determination to keep building on it. It is also because players might be thrilled to come to the NBA in the beginning but after a few years it can trail off in their work unless they are super competitive which I hope Rose is.

  • But, I have read earlier too than Coach K..told him to score when he got a chance and also run the offense. I don't think Igoudola is upset...he wouldn't pick Rose to single out if he was upset. I think Rose struggled because he suddenly had a better scorer/shooter than him(Durant) and wasn't sure to shoot in crucial times or pass. He was wide open and missing shots...forget Billups(he was playing a SG role). What I worry more is if has any carryover effect for a while with Boozer being around and also the respect he will gather from the referees as Road Warrior writes when he goes inside.

  • Hey Doug, I have a good idea for a post.

    Try to come up with a big three good enought to compete beat Miami's. It has to be reasonably doable, you can't have Chris Paul and Dwight Howard join the Lakers, unless you could come up with real trades that both teams would do.

    Personally, I have said since the schmucks all ended up in Miami that you probably cant out big 3 Miami to beat them, you have to beat them as a team and with a scheme and matchups, i.e. giant front court.

    Bosh is by far Miamis weak link. Lebron and Wade are top 3-5 players. Chris Paul, Durrant and Howard might be the only combo that might match the big 3, but I see no way of getting those guys together now that Durrant has signed his second contract.

    This is why I find all this Melo madness so amusing. I say there is no big 3 that includes Melo that is better or equal to Miami's

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I say if the Bulls get Melo and Rudy F and keep Brewer, Korver...they match up very well. I guess that's a doable dream which GAR/PAX might be having every night and realize it how improbable it is every morning...

  • In reply to BigWay:


    Denver or Chicago...I still think he ends up on the Bulls, because they are a younger version of the team he is on right now. Melo would obviously make the Bulls even better than they are projected out to be.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Some very nice comments here. I love the Stevie Francis comparison as I made the same on "Bulls by the Horns" blog. Rose's game right now resembles Stevie's game a lot or Tony Parker's game with out the 3point shot.
    Anyway what no one mentioned about 'Melo is this: He just got married to the very attractive "La La Vasquez" who is in NYC. She is anchored in NYC with her ties to MTV. Now 'Melo said on George Lopez that he is a Nugget. But if he is going anywhere it is to the Knicks or Nets first before anywhere else. And so soon after the marriage, it might just be his heart talking more than his head. Looks like he is just keeping his options open by not signing the contract.
    I just looked up the CAP situation for Denver and it is not as bad as it seems at first look. I am bursting my own bubble here as I would love to see 'Melo in a Bulls uniform if we could get him without losing Noah. However, Denver's CAP space improves greatly after this season as K-Mart's $16.5 million comes off the books and if the Nuggets don't pick up Billups' $14+ million as a team option, they'll only have $42 mil in committed payroll. So if 'Melo opts out as Wade did, it brings the Nuggets' payroll below $24 Mil. This puts them in a similar position like the Heat to entice CP3 to sign with them. With both CP3 and 'Melo taking slightly less than the max money like LBJ, Wade and Bosh did, Denver would be able to sign both CP3 and 'Melo, and still be under the cap. With Harrington, Nene, J.R.Smith, Ty Lawson and the Birdman they'd have a very solid team to contend for the title. So if 'Melo does decide to leave Denver, the Knicks NOT the Nets can offer the best package of expiring contracts with promising young talents with low salaries that would be to Denver's liking.
    The best hope Chicago has of enticing 'Melo to join the Bulls, is if Rose and Noah develop into bonafide All-Stars this season and Boozer remains healthy so that the Bulls present a team ready made for title contention with the addition of 'Melo.


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