Chris Broussard tweeting on Melo situation

Per Chris Broussard's twitter:

CHI can get Melo if put Noah in deal. Bulls not willing rt now.

More Broussard on twitter:

Neither NJ or Den been told Melo will re-sign w/NJ. Until then,
Melo-to-NJ all speculation. One exec told me Melo won't sign w/NJ.

I don't really believe the first line.   Though, I guess it depends what goes in addition to Noah.  Is it Noah + Gibson + Deng + Johnson + 2 1sts?   I guess maybe that's believable, but that's also insanity on the Bulls part.

As for the second tweet regarding NJ, I think that's very believable.  I'm quite interested to see what Melo thinks of NJ.  In theory, Melo + Harris + Lopez is a pretty good core, and Morrow would make a really nice role player with those three as main pieces, but that team is really short on role players and Lopez/Harris probably are short on secondary star talent as well.

Of course, if you're looking at talent then why does NYK make any sense whatsoever?   Amare + Felton + crap after the trade?   It seems like it'd be a very weak grouping in the big apple.  Now it's been known for a long time that Melo just likes New York and wants to play there, so maybe he's willing to overlook any hope of ever winning to sign there, but I don't think I'd want to go to New York. 

If Melo wants to win, Chicago still has to be the most inviting destination, though that may change by the trade deadline.


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  • This is what I have been saying all along, why would Melo want to play for 2 teams in NJ and NY and not compete for a championship. Besides him wanting to be home, I just can't understand as to why he wants to play for either one. If he wants to be back at home that bad then let him go, he wont win a championship, but he will be at home. Chicago should be the place where he wants to continue his career and compete for a championship. I still say it will come down to what Carmelo wants because of his up coming free agency. Denver can trade him to where he wants to be, or lose out, plain and simple. Things are starting to look like it will come down to the Bulls and Knicks competing to trade for Carmelo and if it's the Bulls that he chooses then The Bulls brass should not give up Noah. Make Denver wait til the trading deadline and hopefully Deng can stay healthy.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Direct from the horses mouth, Roundball mining company the Nuggets blog.

    They don't seem to be overly enthralled with Melo in Denver.

  • I hope this deal to anywhere or some decision happens before training camp. Otherwise, it might impact the Bulls season with all these rumors. And Deng did not do too well with the rumors last time.

  • AGREED!!!

  • could we trade deng to NJ? and send a package of taj and jj and picks to Denver? We get Melo out of the deal, Den gets to avoid Deng and maybe NJ could send murphy to Den. Den gets picks, young talent, Taj and cap space. Not as sexy as the NJ deal but if Melo won't sign with NJ it might be attractive to NJ and Den.

  • The bulls are in the drivers seat, they dont have to give up Noah just yet to get Melo, they could just wait and have Anthony force them, I bet you New Jersey detracts their trade offer once they see Melo wont resign with them.


    To Bulls: Carmelo Anthony
    To Kings: Luol Deng
    To Nuggets: Omri Casspi, Samuel Dalembert, Taj Gibson, James Johnson and Picks


    The Bulls get the SUPERSTAR SCORER and DIFFER-MAKER they need to compete for a title. The Nuggets get a bunch of young talented players, an expiring contract and future picks to help rebuild their team. The Kings get a quality starting SF to add to their young and talented core group of players.


    The Maloofs can afford Luol Deng's contract and Omri Casspi has had a SAC-TOWN mural of himself vandalized TWICE during the last month. A change of scenery might be good for him.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    If I am Denver that trade makes me puke. I take Deng or the Knicks deal over that pile of crapiocrety.

  • Any thing that gets Melo to Chicago short of trading D. Rose is okay with me. In the last couple years I didn't want to see Ben Gordon go, I didn't want to see Tyrus Thomas go, and I don't want to see Joakim Noah go either. That all being said Gordon & Thomas are both gone and the team is better, and I can totally live with that. Carmelo Anthony is my FAVORITE player in the NBA currently (D. Rose is a close second). I would love nothing more than to see him in Chicago. Plus it would be nice to have a Jordan Brand guy on the team again. Tired of the Adidas crap for sale in the store.


    The Bulls have reached some kind of a deal with Brian Scalabrine.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Yahoo had the original story about Scabs...haha.

  • Agree about the trade deadline, unless Melo really becomes an ass.

    Don't know if I understand the second part of your argument. Makes it sound like you think we only do a deal then if the season has gone badly.

    I say that no matter how good the team is doing or how well Deng is playing, you still would make a trade with Deng as the basis for it, unless money is the overiding concern(for Reinsdorf).

    By the trade deadline, Noah will have become virtually untouchable for the Bulls(particularly in a Melo trade), unless Orlando offers Dwight Howard

  • This seasons Jack Haley or Linton Johnson.

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