Bulls offered Noah 60 million?

Per Alex Kennedy's twitter:

The Chicago Bulls offered Joakim Noah a five-year, $60 million extension
two weeks ago. Hard to believe that they're ready to move him now.

Well that's a sobering thought for anyone who thought Noah would come cheaply.  That's more than I'd offer this season, it could be the max contract next season, and depending how the cap rules change that's not such a hot deal.

This is part of the reason I'm willing to part with Noah for Melo, even though I absolutely love him as a player, when his extension kicks in, he's going to be very highly played for a guy who's relatively limited offensively and isn't a shut down defender.

He's an elite rebounder for sure, a good help defender, and probably underrated on offense but don't be surprised if you're looking at him as a bad contract in two seasons if he makes 5/60. Especially given that his build makes him an injury risk at the center position.

As for the offer, if legit, it would continue the Bulls trend of making very strong, market value, offers to their rookie contract players in their third season in order to get early extensions.  It didn't work out for Deng/Gordon while it did for Hinrich [in terms of acceptance, not necessarily in terms of how we feel about the deals ultimately taken].

Quite frankly, I'm a bit surprised Noah would turn down such an offer so I question the source, though I have to admit, Alex Kennedy has been right on with the few stories I've seen him break recently.


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  • That's a crazy amount of money, though I guess we've been bracing for this. I was in favor of moving Noah if it meant getting a premier player before this figure came out, so this only further solidifies my opinion.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    It may seem like crazy money at first, but didn't both Curry and Chandler get about that kind of money way back when.

    Are/were either of those guys anywhere near as good as Noah is now, or will be during the course of the contract.

    the number is on the absolute high end of what I think Noah is worth, and more than I thought the bulls would offer now, I expected 5/50.

  • Thats about 12 mil/yr...not that bad of a deal imo esp if he becomes an all-star.

  • Just don't understand this. Are they scared of Noah not resigning...
    Why can't they see how things shake out this year and wait for the new CBA to resign him. This shouldn't happen unless the Bulls think the new CBA will somehow make Noah more expensive. And Noah is unique because he is already a multi-millionaire who is not looking for security money but looking for the home run money probably....

  • Agree...with the emphasis on offensive numbers for the all-star game, it will be doubtful for Noah to make the all-star team. He will probably not have not the top 4 offensive numbers in the EAST(Howard, Bogut, Horford, Lopez)...so basically he has to beat out a minimum of those three to be an all-star.

  • 12 million sounds like a very fair offer to me ... of course I don't think you should be making fair offers when you're trying to get a guy to sign an extension early.

  • Does this contract extension for Noah mean is it some kind of parting gift to Noah since he probably will not get that money in the next CBA similar to what Melo is getting 3-year $60 mil extension before being traded?

  • MW, the question would be projedcting out for the next couple of years, who could you get to put up let's say 15 and 12 per game? I think that's realistic. Also we tend to forget Noah's strength other than rebounding and defense. he can run the floor. He's an excellent passer in the post and you don't have to run plays for him. He gets his hands on a lot of balls. He can get out and defend in backcourt pressure situations. and undeniably, he's one of their youn leaders. It will change the dynamics of how they play. So you just can't look at "D" and "glass." It would be much more than that.

  • In reply to AlgernonHPenn:

    I agree on all the other things that he does.

    He is likely the key to TT creating a great defensive team. That kind of ability is not easy to replace or quantify.

  • I think we don't have the same type of mental makeup or lack of it with Tyson Chandler. I felt that if he had not gotten hurt, Noahs numbers would have been higher than they were. I feel that the Bulls are looking for these kind of numbers from Noah and feel that he can give it to them. Plus any contract this size is also a reward for his hard work, improvement and leadership. You all have to agree that he has come a tremendously long way since his rookie year. The Bulls want to keep him. They also know that there aren't any guys out there who can anchor the middle. If he's not there, they are just a good team that will stall somewhere in the second round or conference finals. This is why I believe the Bulls wait out Denver because even though he makes the deal work in terms of numbers, they are a far better team with him than without him. Plus if you include him i the melo trade, who plays center this year or even next year?

  • In reply to AlgernonHPenn:

    Any comparisons to Chandler as a player are off base.

    Noah is simply tougher in every imaginable way, pysically, mentally, emotionally, lets face it Chandler was a pussy, otherwise he would have been a beast.

  • Doug, do we know he turned it down? Maybe it's still on the table.


    He must really love LBJ and Dickey Johnson.


    Get into reality Doug. LBJ was never coming to the Bulls. Melo can be traded here.

    When you get rid of your crushes on LBJ and Dickey let me know. And stop hating on Melo.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Actually the biggest problem with Melo and paying him the highest salary in the league other than Kobe is that he has so many hateable personality traits.

    Fat(out of shape), lazy, selfish, arrogant, petualant, and probably dumb, basically just a punk ass bitch.

    whatever his gifts on the court he is almost certain to be a chemistry killer, and at over $20 million per a very expensive one.

    That is why I am not certain about acquiring Melo, and especially if it means losing Noah.

  • My guess is that fair is as much as he can get, just like everyone else.

    Although, I certainly hope that he doesn't think he is worth 15 per. I'd be surprised if he thought that he was worth even 12 per.

    The new market is the $14 million plus that Wade and Lebron got, which is likely to be the new max in the new CBA.

  • I agree that he might not make an All Star team, but he could still be an All Star calibre player for the Bulls.

    While Howard is in a class by himself, although not as great as people want to make him out to be.

    Depending on who you are, you might or might not trade Noah straight up for the next 3 best centers in the east/league, Bogut, Lopez and Horford, or Yao, Bynum, Gasol, and who, Oden?

    and Noah would still be among the lowest paid of that group, when everybody has signed their second contract.

  • At $12 million per, if he is leaving money on the table, then the rest of the league values him even more than we do.

  • if ben wallace can be an allstar, i dont see why noah cant

  • fb_avatar

    I wonder if there's any way the Bulls can include Portland and Denver in a three way deal so they can consolidate all their trade talks and turn this into the truly colossal cluster*&$% it deserves to be.

  • Not everybody, and I have never been and never will be everybody.

    I have absolutely no anger toward Chandler, I rooted for him from day one(unlike Curry, who I knew was a bum from day one).

    I was among the few who hated the Ben Wallace signing because I knew that it meant dumping Chandler for crap.

    I wanted to keep Chandler, and I continued to root for Chandler after he left, but lets face it, he never measured up.

    You are looking at just the physical side of the argument. As is always the case the difference between success and mediocrity or outright failure is in the head and in the heart.

    Noah has it, Chandler does not, despite our hopes that he might some day get it. They never really do, they either have it, or they don't.

    Michael was Michael not because he was the most physically gifted guy in the history of the league, but because he was the most maniacilly driven guy ever.

    Once they get to the NBA, I'll take that guy everytime over the most physically talented but mentally challenged and those lacking heart.

  • Doug, you are 110% correct!

    Noah does not have the skills or strength to become an all-star, he disappears against strong players. He is not a go to guy and he may be more frail than

  • Melo will be much more likeable in a Bull's uniform Chicago with the ball in his hands and the game on the line.

  • If this is true, I wonder if that's going to be as high as the Bulls go this summer. It should be. It's a very good offer for what Noah brings to the table and it shows that the Bulls are not playing games and are serious about keeping him. After 3 years in college and 3 in the NBA, he's not likely to get that much better. With a new CBA looming and a real good chance that he's about level off production-wise, Noah would be smart to take that deal... again, if the story is true.

  • With Rose, Boozer, and Deng being the primary scorers and Korver bombing from long range, 15 ppg for Noah will be a stretch. An improved Gibson and the presence of Boozer is likely to cut into Noah's rebounding numbers. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if his rpg dipped a little in the coming season. Of course, if Noah turns down this deal and somehow finds a way to significantly spike his production, even with Boozer on the roster, then he'll definitely deserve $15 mill a year. It'll be tough, though. It's not all about stats, especially with a guy like Noah who will be the defensive anchor and emotional leader, but stats can't be completely discounted, either. The only way I think the Bulls should go higher than a deal averaging $12 mill/year is if they add some incentives.

  • Your concern about Noah getting hurt is understood however, Noah wont have to OVERPLAY his position now. He has help and can be the monster rebounder that he is. Also, Noah can improve his defensive skills and be what Rodman was during the Air Jordan Era. Plus he's become a fan favorite for his hard work and dedication.

    carmelo is just another unprofessional street baller and should join the knicks. We have enough street ballers on the team i.e. derrick rose..ugh.

    Tyson SHOULD have played college ball and then come out early. He was ill prepared to be a professional player.

    Keep Noah and NO carmelo.

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