Bulls name assistant coaching staff; Final assistant is Rick Brunson

Per the press release I got in my email, and also likely up at Bulls.com somewhere:

Chicago Bulls announced today that Ron Adams, Andy Greer, Rick Brunson and
Adrian Griffin have been hired as assistant coaches on Tom Thibodeau's
coaching staff.  In addition, Randy Brown has been named Special Assistant
to the General Manager and Pete Myers has been named a Scout.  In
accordance with club policy, terms of the contracts were not announced.

38, a former Bull, returns to Chicago as he makes his transition to the
sidelines of the NBA.  In 2009-10, he served as an assistant coach at the
University of Hartford.  Prior to his year in Hartford, he spent two
seasons at the University of Virginia, where he was the Director of Basketball
Operations.  A veteran of nine seasons in the NBA, Brunson played for
seven different teams, including two stints with the Bulls (2002-03,
2003-04).  A native of Salem, Mass., the 38-year old former point guard
played collegiately at Temple University under Hall of Fame head coach John

I'm not one to get too worked up about assistants one way or the other.  I think it's awfully difficult to judge a head coach, and you're really just making stuff up if you think you can judge an assistant when you don't get to see what he's doing in practice.

That said, I'm fond of the way this staff was put together.  =Vinny Del Negro had no experience as head coach.  As such, it made sense to give him some assistants who could also help serve as mentors.  Depending on who you listen to, that undercut Vinny in the locker room some and may have hurt him, but you can understand why the staff was the way it was.

With Thibodeau, this is also a great staff.   Thibodeau isn't lacking in coaching experience.  He may be lacking in head coaching experience, but he's, by all reports, a brilliant Xs and Os guy.   He doesn't need someone to come in and help him figure out this thing, he's been in the coaching game forever.  

He also doesn't need assistants who are looking for head coaching jobs right away ready to step in if he falters or try to put their own stamp on the team.  What he can use are some high energy assistants willing to go out and work their butts off implementing his ideas.   Guys who don't have a lot of preset plans on how things need to be run.  

Rick Brunson and Adrian Griffin are those guys.   Greer and Adams still provide the staff with the experience it needs so that it's not entirely green.   It's not as star laden a coaching staff as some where hoping for, but I think the assistants chosen are guys who will be able to reach the players, show energy and enthusiasm, and implement Tom's ideas.

Quite frankly, if you believe in Thibodeau than this is a nice staff.  If not, then we're in trouble regardless of who was on staff.


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  • Any word on Lindsey Hunter. Would have been great if the Bulls hung on to him for player development.

  • I was going to ask the same question about Lindsey Hunter, but I was also wondering if Sidney will continue to be the Bulls big man coach or planning to hire someone else to filled that role. He must've do something right when he was with the Bulls so I would not mind keeping him.

    Boy I would love to have Robert Parish, Antonio Davis, or Kevin McHale to be the Bulls big man coach.

  • The Brunson Burner is back!

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