Bulls looking at stretch fours

With their final roster spot, the Bulls are looking at adding stretch fours.   Power forwards with three point range.   Now the players available in free agency who can fill this role are obviously not top players, but they might provide some utility on the bench.

Per Sam Smith:

Scalabrine is a guy the Bulls have talked with a lot this summer and
especially with Thibodeau I can see him as possible depending on what
goes on regarding Fernandez.

Per ShamSports twitter (older tweet, I'm slow):

Bulls worked out Steve Novak, and I'm on board with signing him. Out and
out specialist, indeed, but we need an out and out specialist.

I think the Bulls are generally waiting around this summer trying to maximize their opportunity to use the remainder of their cap room.   A trade for Rudy Fernandez has been in the rumor mill for as long as I can remember and still feels like a very good possibility.

However, if a Fernandez trade isn't going to happen then a move for a stretch four like Scalabrine or Novak makes some sense.   Both guys can give the Bulls a little extra shooting while still keeping size on the court.

Now my opinion is that if your stretch four is Scalabrine or Novak you're probably just as well to find a guard or small forward who can shoot the ball.   Both of these guys have rebound rates under five, so they aren't really providing you any benefit to their size.   They don't play big, and their lack of speed probably hurts you more defense than the lack of size would if you went small.

Also, their odds of getting open for threes with their footspeed is much lower than the odds of a guard who could run off of screens.   When you have a big man who doesn't use his size to do big men things, then I'm not sure how much it really helps you.

I don't expect either guy to play enough (if signed), to worry about though.  They both fill a need (shooting), and despite my theory about going small with a guard who can shoot, there really aren't a whole ton of options for guards who can shoot either.   In that sense, these two might just be among the best shooters left of any size.

I'm still hoping that we trade for Fernandez, but these types of workouts and discussions highlight the fact that management knows where the remaining weaknesses on the team are, and want to work to correct them as best they can.


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  • They also once had Rob Kurz, and looked at Anthony Tolliver earlier on.


  • In reply to MarkDeeks:

    Tolliver is another guy that I am somewhat msystified as to why he never crossed the Bulls radar. Although, I am not sure he does much stretching, does he shoot 3's

    I want no part of having to ever even look at Scalabrine.

  • In reply to MarkDeeks:

    Why did the bulls even bother to make the trade late last season to acquire Rob Kurz if they seemingly had no intention of even giving him a shot at being the stretch 4.

  • In reply to MarkDeeks:

    I wish they give Kurz a shot this season, oh well I do not mind Scalabrine but I do prefer Novak.

    Another guy the Bulls should take a look at who is a stretch four is Nick Fazekas. I believe he play oversea last season, not sure this season or what his current status at this time but I think they should take a look at him and give him a shot.

  • In reply to MarkDeeks:


    Did anybody else see this story? I guess Team USA wanted/wants Joakim Noah.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    he usually plays for france

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Scalabrine shoots .463 from behind the arc in the playoffs for his career.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Don't look for me and Mark and Doug to be having an extended debate on whether or not DERRICK BYARS deserves to be on the Bulls' final roster again.

    via his Wikipedia account...

    "In September 2010 he signed a one-year deal with Greek club Panellinios BC.[15]"

  • In reply to MarkDeeks:


    The Bulls do need to add more OFFENSE and a another PF to the mix.

    (Melo and Mensah-Bonsu?)

  • Offensively, a stretch four really just needs to hang out near the perimeter, and set a few screens, to be effective in opening up the floor more for penetration. They really don't need to beat anybody out with foot speed - their presence alone brings a big man out of the paint; and if not, they'll hit the open three our swing back to someone who will if the defense tries to rotate and cover up for leaving him open. Defensively, there' may be a a lot left to be desired, but at least Scalabrine knows Thibs system and could play decent team D.

  • they are both honestly useless..
    we need a center if anything & i dont even think we need that.

    can we sign or trade for a 2 guard already..

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    Novak wouldn't be a bad pickup since the two guys ahead of him at PF do have injury histories and Taj is a hot trade commodity. And yes he could be useful a couple times a year on key out of bounds plays.

    Scalabrine? Um, don't we have a no headband rule or something?

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    Anybody know where the Bulls are at with the cap? At this point is there room for Rudy + a close to minimum stretch 4?

  • Scalabrine scouting report:

  • If we get Scalabrine I hope people boo him every time he steps on the court. I hate that douche, we've had a good offseason why add them moron?! I'd prefer Adam Morrison!

  • Going small doesn't pull a big out of the paint to clear up penetration space.

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