Bulls Beat #159 - Mayweather vs Johnson

Bulls Beat #159 - Mayweather vs Johnson

Some fun discussion on whether Floyd Mayweather could
take James Johnson in a fight to protect C.J. Watson, the latest trade
news on Carmelo and Rudy, and the Bulls are looking at stretch fours.
Also a special congratulatory note to my best friend Micah and his new
wife Kerri on their marriage this past weekend.


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  • I don't know if you changed the format or if it's because of the software update I just installed, but your podcast is now iPhone compatible. If it was on purpose...thanks!

    This is the first one I've listened to (on a plane from Chicago to San Juan no less...you gotta love technology)...good stuff, Doug!

    I agree that JJ would dominate in an official match, but if Mayweather had a chance to start the fight and caught him off-guard with a punch to the face, it'd be over. One hit KO.

    Oh, CJ, you dirty scoundrel.

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    Let's get real for a sec. Not only would Mayweather beat JJ silly, he can probably cross him over too.

  • Dickey lacks HEART. He wouldn't get out of the 1st Round.

  • FYI:

    via DERRICK BYARS' Wikipedia account.

    In September 2010 he signed a one-year deal with Greek club Panellinios BC.[15]


    Denver is officially listening to trade offers for Carmelo Anthony.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    This report is just an accumulation of thoughts on various blogs/other reports/rumors. The softening of stance by Denver which is the news can be just a way of telling Carmelo about his trade options. Denver will be able to say for ex: We like the package from NJ only and you are going to NJ and Carmelo might balk at going there. So,no trade happens. Basically, Carmelo doesn't have much of a choice and if he threatens the other team and claims he will be a FA...he will be losing money. I think Denver management holds all the cards and the chances of something like Cleveland/Toronto happening is very less.
    1. There is not many teams like Miami next year plus Miami really didn't have anything to give up for LBJ/Bosh except Trade Exceptions
    2. Melo cannot say screw you to Denver and sign with NY(for ex) because of the salary/new contract....

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    anyone got a link to that Bulls background Doug posted a couple months ago?

  • LOL!

    U pretty much summed it up.

    Mayweather would lose to Urijah Faber in a fight. Sure, Money would probably win in a boxing match.

    Good off-basketball topic LOL.

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