Adrian Griffin to become Bulls assistant?


Per Gery Woelfel's:

But Bucks coach Scott Skiles, who also had coached Griffin as a
player in Chicago, was impressed with Griffin's work ethic and
conscientiousness and hired him as a behind-the-bench coach.

Now, two years later, Griffin has beaten the odds again. Monday,
he was on the verge of being hired as a bench coach for new Bulls
coach Tom Thibodeau.

At 36, Griffin will become one of the youngest bench coaches in
the NBA.

"I am very fortunate,'' Griffin said. "I was just a player two
years ago and now I'm a coach. It's very competitive to make an NBA
team as a player, but it's even more competitive to become an NBA
coach. There are only a few of them (usually five) on each

Interesting that the Bulls are making Griffin the youngest bench assistant in the league, though I suppose that's not too unusual given the Bulls like to promote from within and have long hired assistants that were former players on the team.

I'm a proponent of Griffin.  I think every team needs a guy like Griffin who can still connect well with players and management to help be the go between when issues arise, and issues always arise.   Having a guy the players and management both trust and can relate to bridges the gap.

Obviously, the Bulls have been fans of Griffin for some time given that they brought him in for two stints in Chicago, vastly overpaying him the second time.   Equally as obvious, he impressed Skiles during his stays here as Skiles brought him to Milwaukee.

I know many people will rip on the signing due to frustrations with Griffin as a player, but I like it.  Thibodeau is our coaching genius here.  He's the one designing the offense and defense.   The other coaches are working with players to help them on their game in various ways or helping with specific niche areas.  Griffin can fill a niche as player/coach liaison while helping guards on their fundamentals.


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  • I might be the minority here, but I do like Adrian Griffin as a player back in his days when he was actually a solid defender and can contribute back then.

    As for an assistance coach role, I am not against it even though I prefer Eric Musselman and Terry Porter over him since I think they are a better option than him.

    I don't know how good or bad he is but I think the main reason for the hiring is probably that he related to the players very well, from what I read about him. You need that on your coaching staff.

  • This is a perfect signing if you ask me. I've loved Griff as the player & I'm sure he'll be great taking over Myers role as the assistant/player relations coach. Griff is well resepected around the league & is the perfect type of calm personality you need in this role. Porter, though a good coach, is not the most personable guy which is why I think the Bulls are going this route. Plus they have to help out their former players cuz D-Wade said so.

  • More LOYALTY from the Bulls.

    But it could be a short-term move with a long-term agenda in mind (Mo Cheeks).

    We all know who Thibs wants. It's Cheeks. I believe his contract is up after this year.

    Stay tuned.

  • Griffin is a better hire if the main role of that assistant is a liaison to the players. Mo Cheeks, Musselman, Terry Porter are all a little older and Griffin probably has some newer ideas too.
    I hope basically Thibs has coaches who complement on his skills and weaknesses.

  • Wasn't Griffin one of the primary guys (along with Ben Wallace) who was instrumental in the player-given suspension of Joakim Noah during his rookie season? I wonder how that will work for a guy who is being brought in the relate to a squad of mostly younger players.

  • In reply to punkedgepc:

    Exactly. Sounds like he lacks the ability to relate to young players.

    Being instrumental is that suspension just means Griffin is a bully that uses his position of power to get his way. In other words, he's not much of a communicator.

    Plus, he's been in the league at the same time as a lot of the current roster. And he wasn't nearly as good as a lot of these guys. So... none of the players will care what he has to say.

    I'm guessing Noah and the rest of these guys have already tuned him out.

  • Great move!!!

  • Wasn't Griffin one of the 2 douches(Ben Wallace) who added a game to Noahs suspension in his rookie year for berating a coach.

    It will be interesting to see how Noah reacts to Griffins hiring.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Water under the bridge.... MJ use to punch and bully his younger team mates all the time (Griffin's no MJ); my point being that players grow and don't really have time to hold grudges when a team has this much potential. They were two different players back then, on a team with way less potential than this one so it will be a non issue. If they haven't already, they'll work it out because too much is at steak... Griffin needs a job and Noah has now become the vocal leader he tried to be 3 or 4 years ago. Noah has everyone's respect now! As a rookie, he had no stoke because the team was just turning the corner and becoming respectable again... Griffin and Noah will be a non issue....

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I like it. Hopefully Thibs and Griff can help JJ get his act together and contribute this year. Is it Oct 30th yet???

  • In reply to CN71:

    oct 27th first away game at OKC, oct 30th first home game. 56 days and counting....

  • This is a great signing because coach Tom Thibodeau has his own offensive and defensive blueprint that he'll be teaching players and his assistants. He needs clean slates as assistants and not coaches who will second guess his every move. Previous head coaches might have a mindset of what works and what doesn't. If a previous head coach (brought in as an assistant) sees something he's never seen before, he might want to challenge the first time head coach (Tom Thibodeau) and bump heads. A fresh young core of "hungry students as assistant coaches" is perfect for a professor of the game.. I think the Bulls have done everything right this off season!! No regrets........

  • word to your motha.

  • Seems nice and relatively articulate

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