Your Chicago Bulls tileable wallpaper

I made this wallpaper to remove the boring red from my twitter account.   Since wallpaper that's set to tile, but doesn't tile seamlessly pisses me off, I took the time to turn it into a seamless tiling wallpaper.   Thus, no matter what resolution you have, if you choose this as wallpaper and set it to "tile" it will look nice across your background.



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  • Awesome wallpaper, thanks!

  • Noah dunking on Pierce would be sweet.

  • love it! thanks, doug!

  • Really nice Doug! Rose's block on Rondo in '09 playoffs would be sweet.

  • Thanks, Doug! I'm using the current one as my desktop background, but an updated one would be great! The pictures really gets me pumped for the upcoming season.

  • brilliance

  • Where is the Rose over Greg Oden dunk? Lol

  • Yeah I noticed those. That play could make it's own wallpaper.

  • Awesome. Got it as my background right now. Thanks :)

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