Yes I'm running the blog again

Mark did an absolutely fantastic job running the blog in July for me, but much like my podcast in the past, I simply couldn't quit, so I'm running Bulls Confidential again. 

I wanted to thank Mark for his understanding given my Indian-giving-Brett-Favre type behavior on the issue.   He's truly the best, a great writer, and a great guy. 

That said I'm happy to be back posting every day and giving you all of your Bulls news.

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  • Nice! I love it when you share your Bulls knowledge with us.
    But I will miss Marks britisch humour I guess I have to got to a little more often!
    Or does Mark still do the capspace and salarystuff here too? That would be a very sweet combination!

  • I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away. :-) If not now, you would have certainly returned during pre-season or the regular season. Glad you're back fulltime. Now if we can only get through the down period before training camp ...

  • POWER MOVE by Doug Thonus...haha.


  • welcome back, doug. i appreciated marks thorough analyses on things, but found myself more inline with your opinions on things.

  • Thank god your back. I'll miss Mark like a Saab in a coal mine. Kidding.

  • Although I liked Mark's blogs....he knows too much information sometimes for simpler souls to read...He knows every detail about the 3rd guard on the 8th place team in the Taiwanese League:-)
    But we enjoy both of your blogs as long as MrHappy doesn't take us on his favorite repetition theme of Wade, Mo Cheeks, Melo...

  • Welcome back Doug! I liked reading Mark's blogs as well, but was sadened with your departure in July. I'll get on Sham Sports as well now! Great Pod casts I've listened to a few of them as well!
    Great Job...keep it up! :-)

  • Biggest acquistion of the offseason of the bulls. Welcome back Doug!

  • Awesome news! Good to have you back...

  • I remember when you 'quit' Bulls Beat too. Really, you don't need to do this for us to appreciate you :)

  • Doug takes a page out of Pat Riley's playbook. This can only mean one thing... T-mac's coming back, and Doug couldn't resist the opportunity to write about him.

    Welcome back, Doug (not like you ever left though). Even though we're kinda in a dead spot in the offseason, this coming season is going to be really, really fun.

  • Good to have you back Doug! Keep the good stuff coming!

  • Doug, you have a problem.

    I say this because I care. I know it when I see it.

    I named the family dog Michael Jordan. (At the playground, he was great at defense, not so good at offense. Fouled a lot. If biting counts.)
    I watched at least 70 games in the year 2000.
    I have League Pass on my phone.
    I had season tickets in 2007 and 2008. Despite living in Puerto Rico. Just in case I was in town for a game. With no fulltime job.

    But you, you have a problem.

    That said, I'm glad you're back. This blog is fun during the winter but desperately needed in the offseason for our Bulls fix.

  • And I never made it to a game as a season ticket holder. There was one year I literally couldn't give them away.

    Mark can tell you...those of you that live in Chicago, don't take it for granted! You'll miss everything but the weather if life pulls you away.

    Two requests:
    -How about setting up a thread or e-mail address to post suggested topics when things get slow? Kinda like an Ask Sam or KC Mailbag....
    -Are you able to post Bulls Beats in Quicktime or on YouTube as well, for those of us that are iPhone-dependent for the Internet?

  • On a side note, the term "Indian-giver" has always bothered me. Not just because it's racist, but because it's so very wrong. Factually, not ethically. It'd be bad enough if it was just racist but based on some small kernal of truth. But since the Americans kept giving land to the Native Americans and then taking it's like the exact opposite. Shouldn't it be "WASP-giver?"

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    Rascist things are funny, I make fun of everyone, including my own race, religion, cultural, creed etc...aslong as its in humour its good to me, if the point of it is to make someone feel bad, then i agree, because rascism alone is bad, but rascist humour, I love it, shying away from the humour seems to drive people apart, remembering that people are different instead of just laughing with eachother and not taking anything personally.

    But yah on the original point Indian Giver I believe is a bash at americans, saying to indians this is your land, and then taking it away, so it's not bashing indians, so your oposite of it is what it actually means.

    And Doug, great to have you back, I love when you post like 3 articles a day sometimes and I read em all even though I don't usually post much because you usually get like 80 comments per page and I don't feel mine aren't anything special or insightful compared to the people who surround you on the blog (except mr happy, im more insightful then him I think) so yah love the bulls beat, love the blog, and thanks for staying on it with all the dedication you bring.

  • In reply to Matthew:

    Wow sorry that post had alot of grammer and sentance fragments, even more so then usual for me, my bad...

  • In reply to Matthew:

    I am not sure how long that you have been doing this blog, but in the under 2 years that I have participated you have indeed been Farve like in your emotions toward doing it.(nothing really wrong with that as long as the media isn't following your every breath).

    Appreciated Marks information, not sure I liked his style as a moderator, maybe it was those British sensibilies.

    Glad that you decided to come back, again. Hope that you stay for a while, especially since the Bulls will finally be fun to watch again, even if not true championship material yet.

  • In reply to Matthew:

    Mark Deeks is the man, even got bulls confidential linked to on Ball Don't Lie. Doug = chris paul. Mark = derron williams.

  • In reply to Seth:

    Mr Happy = Derrick Rose

  • In reply to Seth:

    Or maybe Lindsey Hunter.

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