Shaq becomes the Big Leprechaun instead of the Big Shoulders

Well, I had hoped the Bulls might consider Shaq, though the idea was unrealistic and may have sucked anyway.  However, those hopes are over as Shaq has signed with the Celtics:

Shaquille O'Neal has signed a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum with the Celtics.

In the wake of the injury to Kendrick Perkins, the Celtics signed
rookie center Semih Erden and later, veteran big man Jermaine O'Neal.

I loved the idea of Shaq giving us a second offensive look in the low post against weak centers, terrorizing whomever Miami put in front of him, and giving us a big body to help handle Dwight Howard.

That said, with his personality, it's easy to see how signing Shaq could have been a disaster as well, so I'm not too hung up on the loss.  

He's a great fit in Boston with Perkins out, let's just hope that the Celtics aren't behind on their medicare dues with that roster.


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  • He is probably very valuable to the Celtics. Don't you think with Shaq in Game 7 vs the Lakers last year, the Celtics would have defeated the Lakers? Shaq would have thrown around Pau Gasol and Bynum for 20/25 mins.
    I think the main problem with Shaq last year was he didn't really get into a rhythm because of his injuries. If he is healthy, he should be a productive player for the Celtics. Obviously, the Celtics aren't sure of what to expect from Perkins or the other O'Neal...
    The Bulls should get a 3-pt shooting type of big man if they can.

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    Brad miller is gone, who do you want Steve Novak? So Doug does this mean the bulls arent filling the final roster spot? and why has Iverson been so quiet? Is Mcgrady done or is a team going to take him just because of his name recognition.

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    Celtics know what to do....get bigs! When playoff time comes, having guys like Perkins, Shaq, Jermaine are all going to help out great for them. I kinda entertained the deal too...who do we have that can guard Dwight, Yoa, Perkins,Shaq,Jermaine, Bynum etc...

    I think Kwame Brown wouldnt be a bad signing right now...all he has to do is try to keep those guys out of the paint.

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    It looks like most teams are signing a bad big player against another bad big player. Except for Howard, Bynum and Yao(if he's healthy), there's nobody else who are decent big bodied men. Noah, Bogut are a little different.
    But having somebody like Brown in the back-pocket so to speak is not a bad idea. But I am not sure, if the Bulls want to spend that money now. Chris Richard probably can do what Kwame Brown can do and he will be available in case of an emergency requirement.

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    Ya i agree, i like Brown a little better then Richard though just because he has more size and more athleticism. I think Kwame is like 6'10 275 or something. Hes a pretty big body and if he can at least muscle Dwight out of the circle a little bit, he wouldnt be a bad option.

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    I would be okay with signing Brown and West....why not?

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    I still say the Bulls should sign Louis Amundson or Anthony Tolliver for trade insurance.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    While I might like either or both of those guys, neither is a truly big body banger type of player. Amundson is the more physical of the two, but more of an energy guy, Tolliver is more of an athletic scorer type.

  • Heat haven't won anything. Lakers are the 2-time reigning champs. They are on the top of the hill.

  • I despise the Big Ego. And the way he's literally destroyed his ties to every team he's ever played for makes it pretty clear why he should never be allowed around the Bulls.

    Minus the attitude and ego, sure he'd probably have fit the Bulls okay. He could have given us a different look for 15 minutes a game. And even if it seriously takes him 15 seconds to get up the court, he'd be another six fouls for guys like Howard and Bynum ... which undoubtedly was Boston's thinking as well.

    But let them have him ...
    I don't see the Bulls being championship material this year ... close, but not quite there. Give us another year.
    So what does it matter what Boston does in their swan song year. Let them give it their last gasp at a championship. At this point, I still don't see Boston winning it all ... even if they are all healthy when the time comes.

    It might be fun to see Shaq smack around Lebron and Dwayne a few times though.

  • I think Boston got lucky last year. LBJ gave up, Vince Carter was a bad change from Hedo for Orlando. I think they are walking on needles and pins...too many important players who are injury prone and old. It is not just an old team but very injury prone team except for maybe Ray Allen.
    If a team like the Bulls, Mil, Atl are clicking in the playoffs, Boston is probably done not mentioning Miami and Orlando.

  • Kwame Brown would be a useless pickup. He's been getting abused since day one. That's not going to change in a Bulls uniform.

    The Celtics are looking like the "HOF waiting room".

  • I wonder if Kwame Brown has figured out what dry cleaning is...

  • Almundson would be fine but he's not out there to take the min. he wants a pay day. plus Acie Law is going to the grizzlies, would have liked the bulls to pick him up as a back-up guess thats not happening. There arent too many options available out there.


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    Did Wade change his mind and coming to the Bulls?

    It is not a break or make signing. If healthy, Shaq can be a great fit for the Bulls. We need a real big body to just be nasty for 10-15 mins with Howard or even if Heat has those guys like Anthony, Magloire...

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    Word out of Denver is Carmelo is not going to sign his extension. Denver's front office is saying they will try to trade him if he's not going to sign the extension. Hopefully the Bulls can get something done with this story.

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    Bulls need to try to keep him away from N.Y. since we all know now what these guys are trying to do in building these so called super teams.

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    I think Derrick Rose needs to reach out to MELO and indicate he wants to play with him. You have to know that Amar'e and CP3 are doing the very same thing.

    It could be a two team (Chicago or New York) for his services.

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    The Celtics are definitely not going to be pushovers this year. They'll probably be healthier than last year, and deeper. So, here's a fun thought...let's talk legacies. If the Celtics can get it together for one more run then that means that Shaq has a chance face the Heat and Lakers in the playoffs, a chance to beat Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant on the way to a title in what's probably his last season.

    Wouldn't be a bad parting shot.

  • Doug,

    I'm sure the Bulls could get one of those guys and still trade for a SG.

    That's if they are persuasive enough.

  • Doug,

    Not trading for a SG.

    I'm thinking the Bulls would have to give up Gibson as part of a MELO trade, if it comes to that.

    Having as deep a roster as possible couldn't hurt.


  • There isn't one.

  • IMO i think the Celtics the best team now....Jermaine, Shaq, Perkins, KG...they have the best and deepest bigs in the league. Shaq was hurt last year an that kept him out of a rythm for a while...i really like what the Celtics are doing. Ill be rooting for them.

    As for Carmelo, if there trying to trade him now...DO IT! But i think most likely they will trade him at deadline though. But if they do that, the offers might not be as good.

  • Mitchell,

    What young (proven) talent do they have besides Collison, who Denver doesn't need, and Thornton?


  • I agree...New Orleans can deal Thornton, other picks from this year and some expiring contracts. The Bulls should get Rudy so that hopefully he is available for a deal like this. I would say Gibson, Rudy(if we get him), Charlotte pick, another 1st round pick and maybe Deng picked up a 3rd team and Denver getting pieces might do it for the Bulls. It will be complicated and the probability of that happening is less than 15% though..

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    Nobody knows what the %'s are when it comes to getting Carmelo Anthony. I still like their chances, if he becomes available via trade.

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  • Mitchell,

    You seem to forget that the Nuggets have Ty Lawson.

    Getting Deng and Gibson from the Bulls would give them a nice young core at each position.

    Just a thought.

  • The only way to beat the Heat will be to kill them with size up front, you won't be able to beat them on the wings or with guard play.

    The Lakers are perfectly structured to beat the Heat because they are big upfront and they have Kobe and Artest to match up with Wade and Lebron while the heat have nobody to match up with Bynum, Gasol and Odom.

    Gearing up to match up with the Lakers size also puts a team in the best position to beat the Heat.

  • Isn't that what Thomas was supposed to be.

  • Given his size, Kwame Brown is probably the softest big man in the league (Eddy Curry is right up there).

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