Seriously, do these guys want to look like douchebags?

I posted a couple days ago about Dwyane Wade continuing to raise his level of douchebaggery.  I mean seriously, how dumb do you have to be as Wade to say the stuff he said here?  

You've got LeBron James keeping mental notes about all the people who pointed out he's a douchebag.  Hey LeBron, every look back at this and think that people might not call you such a douchebag if you weren't being such a douchebag? Who has their own hour long show to tell their hard core supporters to f 'off.

Now Chris Bosh, who had, up until now largely been just called Wade's bitch because people had hurt feelings while not really doing anything too negative has stepped up his game when it comes to douchebaggery.

"If you think about how many times somebody asks you, 'How are you,'
that's how many times I was asked, 'Where you going? So it's like, well,
in my case, I'm going to have fun with it. I'm going to play with
people's emotions. I'm going to be high and low."

"I wouldn't call it a game because it's serious, but, I mean, it's
entertainment at the end of the day . . . "It's entertaining to see
people react to your real emotions because if it wasn't fun I wouldn't
do it."

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So, a good time to Chris Bosh is screwing with peoples emotions?   Look, I get where you are coming from.   It's aggravating to have people all up in your face asking you about your plans all the time, but show some respect you m----- f------ a-----.  You know those people who you're screwing with?

They're the ones who make it possible for you to be paid an outrageous sum of money rather than to work some minimum wage job, so maybe you should back up the truck and appreciate them a bit more.

I'm trying to go back in my mind and think of three guys who were extremely popular, who managed to combine forces which in and of itself should have created something wonderfully popular, but instead completely assassinated their own brand and popularity.

To put this in perspective, they have turned Kobe Bryant, who was at a minimum an adulterer and possibly a rapist, into a hero.  Think about that for a minute.   These guys have lowered themselves to a status which falls beneath alleged rapist (which says something fairly horrible about fandom in general).

Should LeBron have gotten flack for leaving Cleveland?  Not really.   He
made Dan Gilbert a couple hundred million dollars.  Gilbert should
certainly be upset that LeBron left, but LeBron didn't owe Gilbert or
Cleveland anything.

Should Bosh be hated for leaving Toronto?  No, heck, Toronto fans didn't
really seem to even want him anymore constantly calling him soft and
complaining about him.

Should Wade be hated for staying in Miami and recruiting talented
players to play with him?  Heck no, that's exactly what I hope Derrick
Rose does in Chicago.

This story should have been so good.   Three friends who came together, only caring about the championships rather than the individual accolades or maximizing the all mighty dollar.  The story line is set to make them likable, and yet somehow, these guys have managed to take a situation designed to put them on a pedestal and come across as objects of disdain.

Sadly, they don't even qualify as respectable villains, because they come off as such insecure, ego-centric, douchebaggy cowards.   You hate them, but also look down on them at the same time.  I'm sure they're locked into their own little ego-centric bubbles too much to care, as well they should be.

However, for the rest of us, I don't know if the Bulls will beat the Heat, but I do know they'll be a lot easier to root for.  Anyone is easier to root for now.


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  • Good post, but was Kobe really a rapist? I personally believe from all the evidence that this girl let Kobe have his way with her, regretted it 3 days later and then called rape. I mean I guess only Kobe and her know the truth, but I think its likely he just was cheating on his wife (which is bad, but not "rape" bad)

  • In reply to engies:

    I agree...whatever Kobe did, it was not about acting arrogant. He was cheating on his wife(which millions of people have done) and he was not convicted in a court of law. But that said, the reality is he forced himself on that public opinion he committed a rape.
    Look, nobody is perfect. But what these 3 guys have done is stupid but Wade more contrived on what he did. As a Bulls fan, all I care is how Wade screwed our team. I don't give a damn about Bosh....he will fade into oblivion in 4/5 years anyhow

  • In reply to engies:

    Dude, you don't know what happened. Nobody does. Either way if he's going to somewhat, at least force sex, or screw a psycho who will basically lie to possibly have him imprisoned that is some dark shit. How many guys do you here choosing chicks who accuse them of forcible rape? Sure you've got other examples Rothlisberger etc. but still not something that happens all that often. Either way that's some dark shit he was involved in.

  • In the old times, there was no texting/emails/blogs about how great these guys were. The NBA stars were not bombarded with information every sec on how important they are. This has really gone into these guys heads. These guys are just a-holes who already had big egos and now they think they are going to be champions, there's no stopping them. Imagine, if they win 3 or 4 championships...I would definitely stop watching.

    NBA has to be careful. The interest might be there because of all this drama for a couple of years. But, then it will taper off big time in most cities.

    BTW, according to me, Wade is still the worst of the three...because I think he was spying and was on the borderline of breaking rules but got away with it and then he talked about his kids as if they are a part of his decision. He is the biggest douchebag. I sincerely hope he is rendered useless in the NBA...

  • "To put this in perspective, they have turned Kobe Bryant, who raped someone, into a hero"

    fwiw, Kobe was never convicted. Just throwing that out there.

  • Whether or not Kobe actually raped is beyond the point. The fact he put himself in a situation to be accused speaks to his character, as well as any number of his tantrums over the years. But anyway

  • In reply to BullsMan:

    "Sure, I respect trying to assemble good talent to make a run at a championship. But these morons have taken poor character, no class and lack of basic decency to new lows. Screw these sissies, and their spoiled-brat, ego-tripping run to glory. Maybe the Bulls won

  • Karma tells me that somebody gonna get hurt real bad...

  • In reply to zachmanisback:

    I don't wish it upon anyone, but LeQueen and Bosh are over due for a serious injury. And we all know Wade's body can't take a beating.

  • In reply to zachmanisback:


    It's hard to escape (BAD) KARMA. Those three are definitely creating some.

  • In reply to zachmanisback:

    The thing that's really a kick in the teeth to those rooting against Miami is that the 3 stooges are, for the most part, insulated from any real consequences. People will shout obscenities from the stands and say bad things on blogs, but unless someone is crazy enough to risk jail time by attacking them on the street, fans really have no recourse.

    They'll go out to see them play against their home team in the hopes of watching the Heat get beat. But if fans don't go out to the games in protest when Miami comes to town, they're only hurting their home team's bottom line. I suppose people could refuse to watch them on TV to bring their ratings down, but the players are still going to get paid. It just pisses you off that much more!

  • In reply to zachmanisback:


    The LIVE W.C. Festival webcast has started.

  • Kobe is a rapist? Give me a break man...that is just irresponsible, and sad. You come off as a bitter, scorned fan.

  • In reply to Houston:

    He was talking about his perception to some NBA fans...get off of your high horse and R-E-A-D. Jesus....

  • I honestly hope Kobe comes in and kills them the next two-three years. Thats will make me so happy.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    This will make Kobe great in everybody's eyes if he wins two more. He has seven championships and he beat a three star team to do it...there is no stopping Laker fans of proclaiming he is the greatest ever. It will be better if a new team hurts what happened to Cavs last two years...Orl and Boston.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    You changed the language...and made it even worse! Kobe is not a hero because he is an adulterer, but Jordan should have his number retired league wide...because he was such a faithful husband? Give me a break...

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Honestly - accept for the "Kobe's a rapist" crack, I agree with this article 100%. I've actually been hoping a group of players would do this for years. But wow. The WAY they did it was so freaking tacky.

    No matter what, people in Toronto and Cleveland - as well as the other teams that cleared cap space for them - were going to be upset. But the shameless self promotion and contrived drama were completely OC (outta control) and deserving of ridicule.

    This drama will bring more fans to the NBA, though. Like it or not. I don't know how much longer ABC and their little sister ESPN's TV contract will last, but if it ends anytime soon, CBS and NBC will be chomping at the bit to get the NBA back.

  • In reply to magestew:

    Since Doug re-worded his original post, I officially strike the first part of my sentence. I now agree with this article 100%. I know nobody cares, but in the spirit of responsible "bloggery" I had to put this out here.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    BTW, I know ESPN is a business but they keep telling they are a news org.. but they promoted this whole thing. And how about David Stern...he is in so much love with this egomaniacs because of the publicity. The way he dismissed off what happened in Miami compared to fining Kerr, Cuban etc...shows he is afraid to do the right thing as it might backfire on him. If the Heat win through some questionable calls, the conspiracy theories will come back too...

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Speaking of calls Wade and Lebron get 9-10 FTA's/fouls called per game, and especially late in games. NBA refs/Stern indirectly could be their greatest edge in winning.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    That's what I mean. If a team like the Bulls/OKC/Boston/Orl end up losing in the playoffs(ECF/Finals) because of questionable calls at the end...the NBA will lose all its respect after a few years. And hope there is some kind of replay in the last few minutes of the playoffs to offset these mistakes.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    It's getting a bit heated in here, hopefully Mr Happy can stop by with and cheer us up with another asinine trade proposal or another rant about how great Sam Young is.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    ...mmm. Just what we need.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    I'm a rockstar on here. Thanks Jon.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    More like a super-villian...:)

  • "'believed to be a' rapist" would've probably been a better choice words in this instance... Unless, of course, you really do believe he raped that woman. But hey, it's your blog!

  • Oh come on. Who gives a damn? Do you live in LA? If you're in Chicago I seriously doubt you'll hear it once.

  • It really doesn't matter what "many people" think, that's just an opinion. He was never proven guilty. "Many people" also think she was lying, which is another opinion. Unfortunately, the lawsuit never went to trial, they agreed to a settlement and a good deal of evidence called into question her claim, character and motive. Whether this was a false accusation or a case of a superstar buying his way out of trouble, too many REAL rape cases go unreported. At the same time, too many false accusations get made or are threatened. In both cases, one is "too many". In Kobe's case, the only thing we know for certain is that he was an adulterer.

  • ALL of these players have transgressions. People deify who they want...Jordan for instance. But he is not a better person than Kobe. What was said was completely unnecessary. Had the statement been made the way you said it, it might be different. But what was said was out of bounds. Sensitivity has nothing to do with it. Blame the author of this blog for being overly sensitive.

  • In reply to Houston:

    Doug already admitted his mistake and edited it. Grab a tissue you freakin pansy.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    I apologize for not being a ass kisser like you might be. I call them like I see them. Point blank. You don't know me, so watch what you say...

  • In reply to Houston:

    Big, scary man.....Houston = Chuck Norris

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    I am on too, I have seen your over the top ranting up close, you should be the last to levy any criticism of this sort...

  • In reply to Houston:

    I was mocking, not criticizing, you....lighten-up, Francis.

  • In reply to Houston:

    Jordan might not have been faithful to his wife. But, he didn't get sued for rape like Kobe. Face it, even if Kobe is a great player...he was seriously on the verge of his NBA career stopping. A few well paid lawyers and probably a scared girl did the trick. We don't know the truth but if she put out the allegation, there must be something to it. BTW, in our society even alleged rape is considered a more serious transgression than an affair or being a playboy..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    No he didn't get sued, he got divorced, because of his indiscretions...nothing exemplary about that either.

  • In reply to Houston:

    Ah!!That's the big difference. Jordan was not tried for doing anything illegal while Kobe was in trouble for what was illegal. And as you said earlier, nobody is perfect but there is a line where you cross from stupid to illegal. That line is a time tested line and people who do go to court,prisons rather than interact with fans and family. Kobe got away with this and has shown good behavior after that and learnt his lesson. So good for him...

    So, the bottom line is it is not a question of not being perfect but an alleged rapist is a serious deal compared to adultery. We don't really care about Kobe either(he might be a worse person than LBJ, Bosh and Wade in a way...ask a good young lady about how she feels..) but just for basketball karma we want the Miami trio to lose and Kobe's team has the best chance to do it.

  • "Alleged" is a perfect addition. Thanks. It reads much easier now.

  • The accentuation was on the word "rapist" and "rape". It was not a wise crack, the blog is not a wise crack, it was unnecessary.

  • In reply to Houston:

    Should the accentuation been "kisser" and "kiss"....Give me a break...he was sued for rape and not a "kiss" or a "hug"....Don't try to re-write the truth even if you are a Kobe fan

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I don't think I have to be a Kobe fan to dislike the statements. Nor do I have to be a Lebron or Wade fan to think some of the criticism is over the top. I have to be an objective fan. Plain and simple.

  • In reply to Houston:

    Ok, how's this,"rapist or spur of the moment fornicator with a girl so pyschotic as to try and have him falsely imprisoned." It's is some dark sh*t indicative of his character either way. Go back to the ACLU, Rapist portective League, or A More Loving Kobe Foundation or wherever you get this perfect world categorization of a horrible moral blunder/misstep. The guy is most likely a creep. Get over it.

    And the only reason you hammered on it is because the moderator said it so you thought you could bust him out in some damning power play. Get a life. If you really have to harp on and on about the deplorable mischaracterization of Kobe frickin' Bryant then you need to go nack to the Kobe man love web site you came from, and stop harping on this dead f-ing horse.

  • i don't know if koby is a rapist what i know he is the best player in the league right now and he's not a quiter like LeQueen! bye the way a hate the lakers all my life but if there's a final between Lakers and Heat i will love see Koby kick there asses!

  • Agreed. (Kobe)Being invloved with someone who A) you at least somewhat had forcible sex/assault/rape, OR B) jumped into bed with someone so psychotic as to try and have you wrongfully imprisoned is some dark shit, and indicative of very poor character either way.

  • Doug, I for one admire your straight talk. Either the guy at least somewhat forced sex on someone at the drop of a hat/on a whim, or he had sex with someone at the drop of a hat who was so psychotic as to try and have him falsely imprisoned. That is some dark shit, and is indicative of Kobe's character/who he is. That's why you said what you said.

    If he was any other player/of a lesser monetary/elite of the elite NBA status he would probably be written off as a scumbag for this sh*t.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    "Doug, I for one admire your straight talk"...go back to the Blue Oyster, ass clown!

  • In reply to Houston:

    When you start personally attacking the posters, you lose your credibility.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Really??? Go back and read the attacks on me, I attacked nobody personally, I was critical of the author's words in his blog, people took the liberty to be critical of me to a personal level.

  • There is no comparison between Jordan and Bryant. Shaq won Kobe

  • In reply to BullsMan:

    To prove the point even more, look at Jordan's 2 seasons with the wizards...a mediocre team at best, Jordan was not at an elite level anymore, and yet every stadium that team visited sold out simply so people could catch a glimpse at a living legend. You think anyone

  • I don't think the rumors would have exploded anymore than how Kobe's rumors exploded. They are both high-level players, and ultimately people will overlook the questiobale activities. As fans of the Bulls and Jordan, it's probably easier for us to get down on a guy from L.A., but likewise I'm sure fans in L.A. are more apt to bring up Jordan's off-court issues when having discussions concerning him. In either case, the focus should be on who was the better basketball player. Maybe I don't like some of the crap that Kobe has been involved in, but he is still a great basketball player and a winner. He's just not as good as MJ.

  • In reply to BullsMan:


  • M.W., the ACLU reference meaning he's so worried about Kobe being libeled/his civil liberties being infringed that it's ridiculous after a point. It's not a slam on the ACLU per say.

  • You're doing fine, man. Enjoy your blog. Looking forward to your Bulls vs. EC opponents analysis.

  • What these three morons appear to be doing is building the "us against the world" pride-hate relationship w/ the basketball world the Pistons had in the late 80s... except the Pistons did it on the court, not by being huge douchenozzles.

    I don't wish injury on anyone, but it would be great to see the Heat have to man-up and handle a 20-game stretch w/out one of the three morons. They're roster's 3 players deep and a bunch of 6th-7th men, and they think the league is going to hand them the trophy.

    My only comment re: Kobe is that he shut his mouth and earned respect back on the court. Of these three jags, only Wade has done anything on the court in the postseason that's worth caring about. So until they have rings, they can all go play in traffic.

  • Doug, leaving aside the Jordan debate, do you still think Kobe from a karma/justice standpoint, if he did committ such a crime, deserves to win championships? Or don't you believe in that sort of thing? And how about LeBron? I maintain what he did prolonging the agony of Cleveland fans for days/weeks, and then making a TV "special" to dump them was just horrible.

    If you think karma/being a person who does some admittedly bad things knows no bounds/has no cutoff where that person is no longer entitled to success then fine.

    But I think many people feel otherwise. If Kobe did indeed committ that crime, he most certainly does not deserve the glory of NBA championships.

    Though in my sublime hypocrisy there is a part of me that would still enjoy seeing him(or anyone else) denying LeBron/Wade championships.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Dude you just asked a question as if you are talking to the Dalai Lama! Give me a break...stop licking ass and generate an original opinion for a change.

  • I certainly understand the current rancor directed towards the Miami 3, and I know personally for me that it will last throughout their careers. I hope they never win anything. Not a church raffle...nothing.

    I wonder, though, if there is a possibility in the future of it softening amongst NBA fans outside of Miami. Maybe after a few years America's penchant for second-chances extends an olive branch. ESPN saturates the airwaves with idol-worship and more impressionable viewers are swept up in blitzkrieg hype. I would be immensely disappointed if I started seeing Miami jerseys in visiting arenas...but could it happen?

  • In reply to zentastic:

    I am sure if they win one or two championships, ESPN will be all-aboard 24 hours a day how great the Miami team is and how they compare to the great teams. That's what they do. One thing is for sure, the NBA analysts on ESPN, NBA TV, TNT have their jobs secure for the next few years...

  • To be fair(with my favorable viewing of Jordan) you could parallel the kit gloves,bury it, preferential treatment of Wade's orchestrated/ instigated/unprecedented collusion with Jordan's gambling/hanging with a notorious felon like Slim Boulier. Stern, you are beyond compare in your "all about the money"/league titan cover ups.

  • If Kobe is innocent then I don't so much begrudge him his championships(although having Shaq does distort his importance/legacy) with Phil except that his slamming his hand down in players faces after he shoots as if it's a follow through is phony and a cheapshot. Also, he certainly looked very un-Jordanlike in this year's playoffs against the Boston Geritols. If not for Fisher, Kobe would have his legacy severely tarnished, and be looking like quite the goat right now.

  • Ultimate Defender I and II along with Power and Grace are very good ones from that Youtube list(as I posted in the Pippen HOF Intro'd by Jordan post).

  • I think fans would have hated them regardless. Cleveland fans were going to hate LeBron if he left no matter how he did it. His jersey's were going to be burned, everyone was going to call him a punk for not trying to win one there, etc. If they had all at the opening of free agency announced their plans they would still be hated because people would say, like they do now anyway, that they long had this planned and are avoiding competition.

    They haven't helped their cause by any means, they've done and said really stupid things, but that's not the main reason people hate them. That's the reason fans give for hating them when reality it's jealousy and a realization that they are going to be dominate.

  • In reply to MADman24:

    What a joke. Every super team has had fans hate them out of jealousy but super teams have generally had a lot more love than hate: the current Yankees, the current and past Lakers, the Jordan Bulls, the recent Patriots, the '90s Cowboys... the only exceptions I can think of are the Pistons of the late '80s, because they played dirty, and the current Heat team, because they're douchebags.

  • In reply to romanfarraday:

    Not only do I disagree with your generalization that super teams have "a lot more love than hate" but even if it were true you would have to wait until the Heat actually start to win before you could tell. The type of fans that live outside of the super team's home and like the team are bandwagon jumpers but bandwagon jumpers wait until they have a known winner before declaring support.

    As of now the Heat are only probable winners but I fully expect a lot of people to support them once they start winning, especially after their first title.

  • In reply to MADman24:

    I don't remeber any kind of hatred towards Shaq or the Lakers when he bolted Orlando for LA.

    You said it yourself, the hatred comes from "that they long had this planned and are avoiding competition".

    I personally don't hate any of them, but I have lost respect for Lebron, I am disappointed in him and I am disappointed for the NBA.

  • In reply to romanfarraday:

    No I said the hatred comes from "jealousy and a realization that they are going to be dominate."

    I too am disappointed for the NBA. I'm a huge NBA fan and they have pretty much locked it up for the next 5 years. I was upset with LeBron's decision as obviously this was the worst situation for competitiveness of the league and the Bulls. But I really don't care a lot how much of a douche he is and it seems awfully convenient that everyone else seems to care now a awful lot when they didn't care before. Kobe is a douche, especially to his teammates (or at least was for a long while), MJ was a douche to everyone especially his teammates. Shaq has been quite the jerk to everyone at times. Countless other loved athletes appear to be terrible people.

    The overwhelming majority of the love and/or hatred of a team or player doesn't come from their personality it mostly comes from their talent and dominance (of course there are exceptions). All the stuff they do and say off the court are just later justifications and rationalizations for loving or hating them.

  • In reply to MADman24:

    well, some people never understand what is the main issue out there......

  • Agree. Kobe messed up in his personal life and he is probably terrible as a person. I have no respect for a possible rapist. The good thing he has is, he is a damn good basketball player, mentally tough player. But that said, as a basketball fan there are plenty of rapists in this world and I don't worry about them. I am upset about how my team got screwed and that's why the hate is more towards Wade, Bosh and LBJ...

  • Definitely understood. I wasn't as concerned with the initial comment in and of itself. I was just dreading the way it was going to make the discussion branch completely off topic when people latched on to it and ignored the point you were trying to make. But that was likely to happen anyway. Props to you for the effort! Can't wait for the Kobe vs. Lebron vs. Jordan post. It should make for some interesting responses!

  • I agree with you 100%, great article. The Kobe thing is nearly forgotten, but fans will never forget how they got ridiculed and got kicked in the ass by these douchebags. Completely off any reality, it seems they really create their own world of partying and having a good time. Hopefully they will have a lot of orgys during the season so that they can get raped on the court by all the lesser teams. And since they are

  • What transgression? He slept around on his wife! What NBA players haven't done that? You can probably list them on one hand. There is a reason Barkley has stated that they are not role models. However, like any other human being, these people are innocent until proven guilty, no guilt was proven. And again, very few people I know of think rape when they think of Kobe Bryant, hell, many don't even think that way of Tyson, and he was convicted of it! Rapist is not the first thing to cross people's mind. Kobe Bryant is the most popular basketball player in the world! It seems that nobody here has a clue as to how the public views Kobe Bryant.

  • In reply to Houston:

    Well, in your own little world what you said might be true. But if you take a step of that bubble i.e. Lakerland, you will know. How many NBA players get sued for rape...I guess it happens everyday. Kobe is a great NBA doubt about it but you can keep arguing the whole day. The truth is he was accused of rape and FYI, sleeping around which Wade has been accused off is different than an accusation of rape. Again, Kobe is one hell of a a-hole when he did this forcibly and that can never be forgiven even if he settled it without any consequence. So stop the nonsense of trying to protect Kobe as a person and he is probably in the bottom 1% of NBA players as a crappy individual....try Kobe as a basketball player where he is in the top 1% in basketball skills and we can have a good argument.

  • The accusation of bitterness was concerning those 3. Yes.

  • In reply to Houston:

    By the way, I refrained from calling you or anyone else on here out of your name or being disrespectful, my problem was with your opinions. You can brush them off with them being "a reflection of how people feel"...I don't buy that for one second. The tone and sense of the article is how YOU felt. And your statements reflected that.

  • A lot of people hated Kobe because he spent to much time trying to emulate Jordan as if infused with Jordan's DNA. That is the problem that most Chicago fans have. I am NOT a Kobe fan, I am a fan of greatness. And I enjoy watching it. I have never rooted for Kobe to win anything, including the last 3 years. When he cried in 2003 after losing to the Spurs, I was ecstatic! And in my naivete. I wanted him jailed for his actions, as many others. Guilty or innocent. That said, I have grown to respect Kobe's abilities, though I am not a fanboy. I have defended Wade and Lebron on forums like this from bitter fans because these players didn't do what people wanted them to do. And I have been critical of both for how they handled the situation. Again, I am being as objective as possible.

  • In reply to Houston:

    You are completely wrong. I don't hate Kobe for trying to emulate Jordan. And nobody is arguing about how great is Kobe as a basketball player. Your argument defending Kobe was mostly on his personal characteristics especially the rape accusation. That is where lies the problem. Stop thinking you are the only person being objective and everyone else is some kind of fanatic fool....I am a basketball fan...I don't care for Jordan either...Again, the problem with Wade/LBJ is not what they did but it's on how they did it. So if you have an ounce of ethics, integrity,care for other human beings while still being a great basketball player you don't do what Kobe did or for that matter what Wade, LBJ did(which is far less worse than what Kobe did BTW). As I said earlier, ask any woman about it and you will know your answer...even if it is again an accusation(if there's smoke, there was some fire)

  • I have read your blog on more than one occasion, and have made comments, agreeing, and disagreeing. However, from your past blogs, I never expected you to make a statement like you made this morning. I have heard it stated many times, but I though that beneath you. I argue with a Bulls podcaster on the forums about Kobe vs. Jordan. He has many accusations against Kobe for being a loser in life pretty much. He has never called Kobe a rapist. I would be shocked if he did. But nobody hates Kobe because he is an adulterer. He comes off as smug and arrogant at times, though he has calmed that down in recent years, I believe that is one of the main reasons he is disliked.

  • Dont worry Doug, I have a friend that calls Kobe a r*pist all the time he's even taken as far as going to games, only to get kicked out of them for holding up signs calling Kobe that. The local radio stations out here make jokes about him when he comes to town even as far as making it a re-occuring segment to make sure the woman are safe because a rapist is in town. So its not just your perception. I personnally didnt have an issue with your article without the correction but obviously the lakers fans decided to read a CHICAGO BULLS blog. go figure. Dont take any offense I agree with what you were saying, and the fact that the article is calling out the *ss clowns not Kobe, was the main point. The little respect I had for these three have diminished. I had very little for Lebron before the whole hoopla of him possibly going to the bulls and I always thought Wade was only a superstar because of the referees and his only championship should have an * next to it and the referees should have been there holding the trophy with them. Bosh he's been the Rupaul of the NBA for a while so I'm surprised any beat writer reports anything from him.

  • My questions are: How does the league combat that? Do they try to ban players from hanging out? Do they hire spies with hidden microphones? I'm being facetious, of course, but really, how can you prove it? It might be obvious that it went on, but unless one of them admits it, how can it be proven to the point where they can be punished?


    He wants on LBJ's list of mental notes.


    We ALL need to MOVE FORWARD and put these douchebags behind us.

  • The biggest problem I have is "Houston" is coming off as trying to defend rape(even though Kobe was not convicted of it)...he doesn't seem to understand or has forgotten the magnitude of that event as time has passed. But these three seems to even have upstaged "rape" in a way as you said... but that said Kobe's event is more putrid.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Your biggest problem is that you don't know what you are talking about concerning my statements. I have never defended rape sir and don't appreciate being accused of it. I have had family members who were raped/molested and I don't take it lightly. But I do think it is a damn shame to accuse a man of rape WHO DID NOT RAPE ANYONE!

  • In reply to Houston:

    Unless you think you are typing in Latin, I understand exactly what you are writing. You type conflicting statements against every statement. Well, you can keep your opinion and a lot of us will glean what we think is the truth...All you are doing is yelling at everyone that you are right and a lot of us are wrong. Well, that speaks for itself about your comments...

  • im startin it right now.. even though this is obvs my opinion .. deng for rudy & joel and ? or go after Gerald Wallace.. wallace is the perfect pippen to roses's jordan.. 2nd best defender in the league and is the best rebounding small foward.. imaginw him with brewer n noah & thibs? deng,jj & bobcats 1st for wallace .. realize melo isnt coming and theres no way granger or melo will be traded for deng.. if we want to win a championship they upgrading deng is key.. i.e we talk about melo or granger.. if defense & hard work wins championship then gerald wallace is on a different planet than deng.. plus wallace brings more scoring and better 3.. adding g.w would mean were a scoring sixth man and rose development away from winning a title.. instead of a mega star..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    he injures a lot!

  • Amount Doug's mistakes was letting MrHappy have access to his blog.

  • In reply to UnstopaBull:

    Amoung not amount.

    Amoung my mistakes are not proofreading before posting.

  • In reply to UnstopaBull:

    Some would say giving MrHappy access was worse than rape.

  • Wade has been an asshat, but I have seen some horrible things stated in the last few weeks. But yes, they are vilifying themselves, but at the end of the day, its basketball. These are young men antagonizing the fanbase to generate more income for themselves. These cats watched the NWO, they know what its like to polarize yourself. It could backfire, it could make them millions more. From what I heard, Lebron's new jersey is going to be top seller. So we will see.

  • You damn right I am lashing out, its called self defense! I stated my opinion and did not disrespect anyone, I gave honest criticism as I always have. I am all kinds of upset at the accusations brought against me on this subject. I am not a Kobe fan, I am not a proponent of rape...and really don't like being attacked...I will attack back. I have no problem doing that.

    I think if anyone is all kinds of upset, its you. That was the original statement I made, you sounded like a bitter, scorned fan. You might not be, but from the blog you certainly seemed to be one.

  • Doug- cheers on your use of the word "douchebaggery"- I couldn't have said it better myself! You were rooting for injury, I'm rooting for hurricane season- only kidding (partially)- these guys made a joke of this offseason and it will be readily apparent once Bosh's doc comes out just how big of drama queens these guys have been.

  • It was whispered in Colorado where the Kobe incident occurred that the women in question was agreeable but that Kobe sodomize her which she fought against unsuccessfully. So, if you are of the view that "no" is "no" regardless of far along in the process one is, then Kobe qualifies as a rapist. Of course, the charges were dropped and she probably was paid some hush money. Still only those two and perhaps Kobe's "posse" know what really happened.

  • In reply to takdan:

    Weird....I heard this too from someone who lives in Denver.

  • I think we can all agree that Kobe and The Miami SH%TBAGS are definitely confirmed douche's. Only in LA or Miami would these retards be looked up to.

  • In reply to thegreatlie:

    Yes we'd be psyched if Lebron had chosen Chicago. But... the thing is had Lebron made that "decision"(a word that has slipped down my verbal totem poll due to its nightmarish reminiscence effect) it would have meant Lebron's motives were completely different then what has now become reality. Had he chosen Chicago it would have meant his will was to go out and lead a team of young talent. I was in love with the idea that this was Lebron's wish. To go to a team with a logical situation and lead that team to greatness. I was convinced that this had to be Lebron's mindset as a competitor. But that reality never came to fruition, simply because that was never Lebron's thinking. Instead the proof is in the pudding, Lebron's actions have revealed his wishes, his inner logic is to team up with his buddies and win. Sure his desired path still ends at the same ultimatum, winning. But he doesn't reach that end in the means I envisioned. My experience looking back on the Lebron saga taught me that there are many paths to winning, and having that assassin mentality, that leader mindset, that "greatness" is only one of them. Just sad Lebron didn't choose it, even sadder since the truth is, that just isn't Lebron James. Not the seeker of greatness, not the Jordan like champion I thought, or at least hoped he was. What a let down, what a douchebag.

  • We will be psyched to have them but it doesn't take away the fact about what Kobe or any of these guys did. If LBJ had come to Chicago after the "Decision", we would have been happy to have him as a basketball player but have kind of an empty feeling though about how he did it. And you might say the feelings would go away once he won a title ....a little maybe but we still probably not feel good as the Jordan titles...
    And this villain thing is different....other team fans hated MJ for his basketball skills and we are hating LBJ,Wade for their non-basketball antics..

  • neither of those are winners wade only win because off shack koby is a winner and that make he better than le queen and the traitor! only mike beats koby!

  • Perception proof right here...

  • Imagine if it is more like the Olympics/World Cup Soccer...just because USA keep losing games in the Olympics/World Cup, LBJ would have jumped to the Brazilian team so he has good weather/beaches and the chance to win a championship and forget nationality. I know this is a business and he had the right etc...but it looks so hollow for such a talent to do that. Cleveland couldn't assimilate Jamison and Shaq quickly and if LBJ had given them a chance...

  • I would like to count how many times the word "douche" or variants of it have appeared in this thread. Rarely has the word (or variants of it) been so appropriately used.
    One point that seems to be slipping by: aren't there injury issues with all three of the super-trio? Granted, Bosh was apparently malingering, but what about LeBron's elbow? Also, has Wade been healthy through a season over the past few years?
    Of course, Boozer on our side is no iron horse himself, but then again he hasn't been announced as one-third of a dynasty. Deng, we know, can miss a stretch of games, but no one has claimed he will be wearing rings on all five fingers anytime soon. Miami could end up being a very expensive, very talented bust due to injuries.
    Now, if start talking about potential ego clashes on that South Beach team, then I'll have to use the word douchebag (or variants thereof) about another hundred times.

  • "Douchebag, or simply douche, is considered to be a pejorative term. The term refers to a person, usually male, with a variety of negative qualities, specifically arrogance and engaging in obnoxious and/or irritating actions without malicious intent." --Wikipedia As I said above, sooo appropriate!
    May I list a few variants? Douche, douche-water, douche-nozzle (thanks Doug!), douche-splash, douche-drip...I'll stop there because they just get disgusting.

  • After reading this article all I can do is pump my fist and say Yes. Thank you Doug for allowing me to reinforce my perception of these clowns. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • Would love to see Skiles coaching the 3 Messiahs in Miami!

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