Scottie discusses Miami Heat's odds at 72

Per ESPN Chicago:

"Those guys' biggest goal is to win a championship and not try
to win 72 games," Pippen told reporters. "But if Jeff Van Gundy wants
to take a bet, I would bet him that they won't break it."

"You can put a lot of great players together, but it's about building
chemistry," Pippen said. "There have been a lot of great teams put
together. But that doesn't really seal the deal.

"I think that Boston is still the best team in the East. Miami has to prove themselves."

I agree fully with Pippen on the Miami will struggle to break the record thing.  However, I think this idea of "the Celtics are the best until someone beats them" is just silly.

Yeah, having great talent doesn't seal the deal,  but to put this in perspective, since the 2003 season when these three entered the league, there have been a total of 31 seasons put in at a PER over 25 with over 2000 minutes played (just to weed out anomalies). 

The Miami Heat own 9 of those 31 (Bosh 1, Wade 3, LeBron 5).

Of the remaining 22 seasons, they're split amongst 10 players.   The only other time two even two of them played together over this stretch was Wade/Shaq and Kobe/Shaq (and both won at least one title).   Yes, the Heat need to prove it on the floor, but Vegas isn't taking the Celtics, and neither should anyone else.   Van Gundy's premise about the total talent level seems quite fair to me even if asking for 73 wins is quite a bit.

The Miami Heat is definitely amongst the best trios of all time in terms of raw talent though, and I expect them to put it together on the floor.   So I certainly agree that they need to prove it on the court, but if you're going to Vegas to bet your house on who wins the finals, I wouldn't pick the Celtics.


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  • If Lebron takes over the point guard position and sacrifices some of his scoring along with trying to rebound more, the Heat will be very difficult to beat. That's why I have been saying for years that if you have big guards in the back court that can handle the ball and hit shots when needed, any team in the league can have a good season. The Bulls will eventually have to get a shooting guard that can defend, not saying that Brewer wont but he will have his hands full with trying to guard Lebron. The Bulls also need to look into trying to get a forward that can guard a Miami's back court as well. This is why Pippin was very valuable for the Bulls back in the day because of his versatility.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Oh and as far as Miami breaking the record, a lot of things will have to fall into place for them to accomplish that and it will be difficult for them to do because for 1 there are a lot of improved teams in the league this year and every team in the league will be coming hard at this team every night. 72 wins will be hard for them to beat.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Isn't the PER based on stats..Bosh, LBJ and Wade took a whole lot of shots and were the centerpiece of their offenses. If Bosh had played in Cleveland or Boston, what would it be or if LBJ had Bosh, Larry Hughes(to screw up his stats)?

    And Kobe/Shaq were lucky a couple of times with Sacramento(bad calls) and Portland. I know all champions have that....but it was more obvious with the Lakers once and San Antonio once(when Amare was suspended). And whatever anyone says, Kobe looked great in those championships because Shaq was like a monster for a few seasons.

    I agree with the Boston being the team to beat. We always look back at last year but who is going to be better this year is the issue here. But that said, we never almost see any young teams achieve championship success in the NBA although the HEAT might be coming together at the right time of their careers.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    72+wins...not going to happened...but celtics the best team in the east? come on pippen lol i wouldnt be as mad if u said orl, heck i think our bulls team is even better than the celtics...but today is ur day so ill let u win that argument haha on another note im excited to have scottie with us i think our young core is definatley going to benefit from it...i think scottie was one of our biggest off season pick ups from a defensive and mentor stand point other than thibbs and i think d.rose and luol and the whole team is going to raise their level of play all around especially with pippen around to take advice better player to learn from then one of the toughest and best all around player of all time...

  • Sorry...I meant Miami is the team to beat rather than Boston..

  • Scottie didn't really say anything all that contraversial, he was just defending the Bulls record in a fairly cliched way. Certainly nothing like the obnoxious 72 Dolphins.

    As for 72, or even 70, I will be sweating it out every year until they lose that 10th or 12th game, or either Wade or Lebron gets hurt(just a little bit).

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I totally agree with everything you say.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Scottie was simply saying don't hand them a crown yet alreay which is what it sounded like Jeff van Gundy was doing, and regardless of how true it might be it's still annoying. Say those two are unguardable. Say the way they filled out their roster is excellent. But don't proclaim they will absolutely break the Laker's 33 wins in a row, and very likely the 72 games. We get your point without the overkill Mr. Media.

    That, IMO, was Scottie's point. I just wonder if really Jeff isn't setting those guys up. I think it hurts if anything not helps Miami making those comments. Though probably it does neither.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I also wonder if Jeff hates Riley/Miami organization a lot because of how they treated his brother. He is a smart guy and the only thing he can do as a broadcaster is say outlandish things(he is not a coach to devise defensive schemes).
    He may be playing mind games knowing LBJ and Bosh's weak mental strength...
    That also makes me wonder what all mental games will Phil Jackson come up with the Heat already knowing so many have crowned them and especially if Heat reaches the finals against the Lakers. I hope Thibs has picked up some stuff from Phil about mental games with the referees, opposing teams, coaches etc..

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    "I think that Boston is still the best team in the East. Miami has to prove themselves."

    That's just old-school basketball and, in general, competitive speak. Old-school ballers don't give you props for something until you actually DO it. Once Miami wins the east regular season - and especially post season - then he'll say they're best team in the east.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Even orlando has a better team than miami. They only have 3 player what else they have? Whos going to run that team with no bench? Look in l.a. Koby runs the team in boston is rondo the magic have a great team but they don't have the chemestry like pippen said we have to see whos going to run that team and if they have chemetry and if the role players they have can support them if not boston will win the east!

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    In reply to BigWay:

    Wade and Lebron are going to be dominant for sure, but I have my doubts about Bosh in this situation. I'm too tired, to give any kind of real analysis behind this. But, if there are questions about chemistry, I think they're about him. Are the Heat one of the greatest trios ever, or one of the greatest duos with one of the tallest spectators?

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