Rose is player of the game against Greece

Rose is now Team USA's second starting guard, and he delivered today against Greece coming up with 13 points by hitting six of seven shots including a three.  For his efficient offensive efforts, Rose earned the player of the game award.

What impresses me most about Rose and his team USA experience is his improved defense.  Coach K has challenged Rose to become a disruptive defender, and given Rose's length and athleticism that's the type of defender he can play in the NBA as well.

Derrick is playing physical, attacking defense.   He's generating steals and looks in the open court.   I think Rose is going to actually take quite a bit away from his international team experience.   Whether he has the endurance to play this same physical attacking defense while carrying the load offensively is another question, but most star players need time off on the defensive end at times while cranking it up when it's most important.

We've now seen that Derrick Rose can ratchet up his defense when needed and that's going to help the Bulls significantly next season.

Also, while the international three is shorter and Rose hasn't drilled tons of them, the extra arc in his jump shot is apparent.   He's obviously worked hard on fixing up his form to become a good three point shooter and whether he's all the way there this year or not, the process has begun.

I'm actually starting to get excited about the Worlds.


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  • Welcome to August & September Doug! Nothing to get excited about but the worlds!


    Used to be since Miami & Orlando play in the Southwest together, only 1 of them could get a top 3 seed. Also, they did not re-seed. So under the old rules Chicago, assuming they got a 2,3,6, or 7 seed & won their first round matchup, could not face either until the Conference Finals.

    Did this change? I know the better record has always gotten home court regardless of seeding.

    If the rules are the same, NO WAY we miss out on the conference finals!

  • Its scary how good Rose can be in his 3rd year, when considering all the factors. I see a Durant like 3rd year jump.

    Arc on a 3point shot is so important for shooters. Glad to see Rose has developed that arc, and therefore a consistent long range shot.

  • Glad coach K is working with Derrick. That can only add to his game.

  • I can't believe this story isn't gaining more steam in Chicago. Team USA is becoming Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant's team. DRose is becoming the go-to guy on a team of some of the best NBA players not named Lebron, Wade or Kobe (Dwight Howard isn't a go to guy down the stretch). The man has only played two NBA seasons, he's become a leader for a team that looks like it can roll through the world- which hasn't been done much in the last 12 years, and he's obviously vastly improved in his two biggest areas of need- defense and 3 point shooting (or just shooting in general; his shot looks totally money from every on the floor, including improved free-throw form). Looking forward to some good games with DRose in his hands down the stretch.

  • In reply to mcooper81:

    I like the young genereration stars like Rose & Durant than the duechebag generation of Wade, LeBron, & Bosh!

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    too bad Durant signed that extension already, like to see if DR could pull in some young stars with his high level of play and his humble personality too come to the Bulls.

  • I understand home court is based on record as opposed to seeding, but if we win the Central, Miami wins the Southwest, we finish with the 3rd best record, and Orlando has the 2nd best record behind only Miami, then we still get the 2nd seed right? And then in the 2nd round we would get someone like Boston or Atlanta, but not Miami or Orlando right?

  • You do realize you put "nice thing" and "OKC" in the same sentence, right?

  • Just watched the game against Greece. Well, I fast-forwarded when Rose wasn't on the court. He looks great. I'm really excited about this experience for him. In the first few games he was trying to be facilitator and looked timid at times. I think he's realized that NO ONE can guard him in international play and he's just started blowing by guys. That first three looked nearly perfect in terms of shot angle and arc. His feet looked a little Reggie Miller with the patented kick out. Maybe that's his new thing. Doug, you are right that he looks completely changed defensively. The whole team looks like ball hawks. So excited to have meaningful basketball in August!

  • In reply to johnbegone:

    They said he couldn't shoot coming out of college, before his first season was over he had an above average mid range. Last year it turned into a knock down, automatic shot. Then they said he couldn't defend or shoot the 3, now it looks like he has added both tho his this kid is gonna be GOOD!

  • In reply to johnbegone:

    This is why I am ready to see my Bulls! D~Rose is going to be lights out!

  • Watching Rose play brings to mind a bow with an arrow knocked and the string pulled back, ready to launch an arrow. He always seems to be holding back, trying to be the classic facilitating point guard instead of turning his offense loose. John Calipari once said Rose (I'm paraphrasing) "could score 30 points a game if he wanted to but he'd rather play the team game." I can see that.

    When he does take over he gets to the rim almost at will, collapsing defenses to either score or find open shooters. But instead of attacking every time he's more than happy to run the offense. This isn't a bad thing, of course, though I'd love to see him attack more often just to knock opposing defenses back on their heels.

    I don't think he's decided what kind of PG he's going to be just yet. With just his improved mid range jumper - not even the 3 pointer he's working on - he could be an elite scorer. He really wants to be a true PG, though, so he doesn't flip the scoring switch until the offense gets bogged down. Hopefully, with Boozer and Korver on board, Rose can be more effective for the Bulls as a facilitator since he'll have more scorers around him.

    He's about to start only his 4th basketball season since high school, so he may still be 1 or 2 seasons away from really taking off. But however he does it - either as a passer, scorer or a combination of both - I can't wait for him to let go of the bowstring. When he does, both he and the Bulls will soar.

  • It is clear that Rose is a player who has the ability and desire to add dimensions to his game in the off-season. That is rare! So many players remain the same year after year. We are very fortunate to have Rose on our team.

  • Oh ok, I get it now, sorry.
    I still think we are a 50/50 bet to make the conference finals

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