Rose and Noah hooping it up with Obama on his birthday

Rose and Noah hooping it up with Obama on his birthday

The Guest list?:

*Carmelo Anthony
*Shane Battier
*Chauncey Billups
*Kobe Bryant (not playing)
*Derek Fisher
*Grant Hill
*LeBron James
*Earvin "Magic" Johnson
*Maya Moore
*Alonzo Mourning
*Chris Paul
*Derrick Rose
*Bill Russell
*Etan Thomas
*Dwyane Wade
*David West
*Joakim Noah
*Pau Gasol

Kind of an interesting list.   You've got one collegiate women's player, a bunch of present superstars, and some superstars of the past.  EDIT - So after reading your responses on Etan Thomas, he sounds pretty awesome.  Now I'm going to have to go out of my way to get an Etan Thomas interview some day.   

Anyway, good to see a couple of Bulls get invited to this type of event.    Anything that gets the Bulls as central figures around other superstars is a-okay with me.  Especially in the new era of players colluding with each other to play together.


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  • Etan Thomas use to play for the Wizards and did a lot of community activism in D.C.

    I think that's the connection.

  • FYI:

    via E. Thomas' Wiki...

    Thomas actively supported President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign. On August 16, 2008, he appeared with Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean at stops in northern Virginia as part of the Democratic National Committee's "Register for Change" bus tour to encourage local voter registration drives. Thomas gave speeches at two stops in Fairfax County (Lee District: Etan Thomas speech) and the City of Alexandria.[6]

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Thomas is also a political poet who has put out a book. He's a serious activist (meaning not just a b-ball player who supports or endorses various politicians)


    President Obama had a private meeting with Derrick Rose, Joakim and Carmelo Anthony.

    I guess he is actively recruiting MELO to the Bulls...haha.

    (Did that work with LBJ?...Nope)

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    In reply to MrHappy:

    Oh man we've got to get this rumor started. Tweet the hell out of this until KC picks it up.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    That is a great photo. I have to say his(Noah's) guns and back muscles look noticably bigger. He looks just bigger which is what he needs to be that immovable/unbumpable defensive anchor. What an authentic dude Joakim is. And hopefully Derrick and Joakim like to hang with each other a little bit too/some sort of friendship/bond developing.

    When I see real guys like this as opposed to the constantly projecting Mr. Cool image of LeBron and Wade I can honestly say while I'd love to have their talent on our ballclub it would come at a price. While Jo and Derrick as people are guys you are actually glad to/enjoy having around.

    All the talk about Carmelo, but as Doug says with the new collusion/texting/buddy system it really comes down possibly to who he wants to "hang" with. I will say that if Derrick takes the next step and becomes a 25 ppg or more superstar(with solid D hopefully as well), and Joakim emerges as a true force/second best center in the East i.e the Bulls start kicking ass then possibly by the trade deadline maybe D can talk to Carmelo, and tell him to get his ass over here.

    I could forsee Deng having a great year and Taj also, and if Carmelo says Denver send me to Chicago with an extension to play with D-Rose or at the end of the season I walk, and you get probably way less or nothing because that's where I'm going. Not that I want to see a player do that to his team, but if he feels Chicago is the place he can compete against the Big Three for championships who can blame him. So Denver gets way the hell more then what Miami sent to Toronto and Cleveland. Deng with a legit possible 19 ppg on 48% with seven boards, and Taj 12 ppg with eight boards on 49%. If Taj quits getting jobbed by refs/thrown out of games/Thibs and he fight for his right to play D then I could see his confidence and jump shot/offense going through the roof. The dude can score.

    But we keep Joakim. There's no way we trade Joakim. He's the heart and soul of this ballclub. If Carmelo would see Derrick as more assertive, and a superstar/stud scorer 25 ppg, and Derrick has the balls to talk to him about coming to Chicago, I'd say it's possible it could happen. It would certainly at that point be the best place for him to come, and join/create his own Big Three to battle Wade and his South Beach Lackeys.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Speaking of LBJ, is it possible that he still wasn't impressed with Rose and Noah? After all, he defeated them in the playoffs. I know the 3 FAs had all planned this long back but I have doubts that LBJ had it planned compared to Bosh and Wade. He might have been recruited and had leanings but probably not committed.
    I am thinking is it possible that LBJ thought Rose is too young and not asserted in the playoffs and Noah has just started to blossom and he wasn't sure if they are sure bets compared to Wade/Bosh...So, if Melo has to come to Chicago....Rose and Noah need big years to prove that they are elite, otherwise Melo will go for the big market/hometown or stay back.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    That was the whole point of what I wrote Derrick scoring 25 ppg with maturing assertiveness/fight towards refs and other players, and Noah becoming an immovable 13-14 ppg with 12 boards and near or at all defensive second team(behind Howard) stud. With the Bulls kicking ass 52 win pace, and screamingly one player away.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Agree...That's why I think it is ridiculous that some posters think Melo will come here because Denver will trade him. Denver will not trade him until the deadline unless you blow them away like a Rose for Melo trade. MrHappy thinks just because Melo has no choice, they will trade him to whoever gives them the best return players. There are a few factors in this:
    1. Denver will not trade for low level pieces now. Other than Rose, Noah we don't have the right pieces now.
    2. Obviously, if Melo says I am not resigning with the new team...the new team will have no incentive to trade for him
    3. As discussed, if Noah/Rose step up and become elite...and Melo really wants out, we "might" have a chance. This is all things coming together at the right time... and then we might be able to make a trade during the Feb deadline or during next summer as a FA in a S & T kind of thing..

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    What is your source on this one, World Wide Wes, no that would be yourself, wouldn't it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    And I just heard Obama with his Chicago ties is talking Wade out of his signing with the Heat. Obama just signed a bill about the Heat signings was against the constitution and as per law "Home" town comes Wade is coming back to Chicago, LBJ to Cleveland and Bosh to Dallas. Since Alaska doesn't have a team, Boozer stays with Chicago.

  • why do I know where the rumor started, hmm.

    What do you bet Obama was matched up against the chick.

  • I have a feeling Thomas would have been there regardless of whether or not he played in DC. He's generally regarded as one of the most intelligent/articulate players in the NBA. He had a semi-regular column on the Huffington Post, and has written for several other publications on a range of topics, both political and social. Seems like something Obama would could have already been aware of.

  • It is a good thing that Obama invited the token white guy(Gasol)even if he isn't American.

    Otherwise, people might think that he is substantiating a racial stereotype by inviting only black players. Either that or is he himself a racist who only likes to hang out with black guys.

    I thought that this guy was supposed to be post racial.

    Notice how when blacks obtain power no one accusses them of racism when they chose to only hang out with people of their own race. Jordan has done the same thing as an executive and an owner.

    That is what strikes me the most about his list.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Are you seriously upset that there is only one white guy on the list?

  • In reply to MrSwAgG:

    I am not upset in the slightest way, just pointing out a statistical oddity that a president of another color would not be allowed to get away with.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Or NFL owners for that matter.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    That's complete BS. Obama's appointees are mostly white. Let me know of a current white superstar. Most of the guys in the NBA are black.
    BTW, Jordan has Larry Brown as his head coach and LB is white too..
    Anyhow not sure...why I am even responding to such inane comments...

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Wow. How'd you even notice that.

    You're an asshole.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Seriously, you knew this was just a divisive, ignorant hate comment that everybody woud be offended by right?

    "I will say this about race," said by the guy who wants social damnation just for the hell of it. But PC(political correctness - which is largely born of white hate and racism which I understand, but has gone too far like any powerful case/ideal is want to do) today has mad a lot of our culture media and otherwise shallow and phony.

    Beyond PC it does take guts(which don't exist today) to say, "Hey what happened to Bird and McHale and Mullins etc.?" But the bottom line is whatever the answer, it's not racist that the guys who are stars today are just by far predominantly black. That's just the way it is.

    Honestly, it would be nice to have a few more white guys to root for. That's honesty. But it has nothing to do with a conspiracy or racism. There just aren't many star American born white guys out there right now. It's just the way it is at least for right now. I do like Luke Babbitt as a possible excellent NBA player or beyond. But I'm not going to like any white guys more then I liked Scottie, Michael, Horace, Bill Cartwright, Derrick, Joakim. I am glad we had Luc Longley, Pax, Steve Kerr. And there's nothing wrong with a white guy enjoying seeing other white guys play. But if you resent black guys who are cool people like all the guys I mentioned and many, many more who have and do play in the NBA then that's racist and sad.

    Really up until now the cool thing about sports is that it brings people with different backgrounds, races, and creeds together. I've seen black guys especially from the 60's, 70's, 80's. and 90's who "quote" acted more mainsstream/white, but beyond education and before drugs and some cultural breakdown and male abandonment, you could say some of that mainstream/white attitude was close minded, anglo repression too. But I don' think some of that mainstream possibly commonality/American(?) attitude is all bad either.

    Today politician's( i.e exploiters) want to say something is all bad or all good like we are bunch of gullible cavemen. "PC all bad. Or PC is the only answer after white repression. You question PC, you bad, you racist." It's hard to use our minds, but otherwise we become exploitable, and fall into divisiveness/weakness eventually calamity which is where I think we could be ehaded as a country.

    Anyway after all that blather, and I realize people don't want this to be a political forum, but race once in a blue moonm maybe is appropriate to broach if only brought up usually by an ignorant, fearful sentiment.

    Finally, Derrick Rose is a perfect example of a guy from an urban, by far predominantly black or african-american background who is appealing to everyone because of who he is as a person not his race. And so it goes with most people who are open minded, and have not been raised in ignorance or abandonment white and black.

    I do think it's a shame that the veil of PC(political correctness) has made people put on a phony facade, and afraid to say what they really think sometimes. But it's not something healthy people get overly obsessed with because they take people as individuals wihtout pre-conceived bias. And they themselves aren't brining hate because they are happy, like themselves, and are not living in ignorance.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Maybe you are trying to stir up some controversy like a certain poster although his comments are at-least basketball related or I am naive not to understand that somebody's brain works like this.
    I don't think you are a Obama hater even because you disparage Jordan who is probably anti-Obama in his policies.

  • I can't see them doing anything under the current CBA, especially with a lock out looking more and more likely next summer. It's nice that they're talking, but I'd take it more as a reflection that they have a good relationship than it is that they're moving forward on a deal.

  • Doug, let's just say for the sake of argument that Carmelo said(as Bosh and LeBron did) "Look, I'm going elsewhere - Chicago with Rose and his 25 ppg and Bulls 52 win stud defense team/piece away - so sign and trade me there."

    You don't think they sign and trade him, and take what they can get the way Cleveland and Toronto did? Which, by the way, if the Bulls were not involved, I would applaud them for not giving that extra $30 Mil/sixth year the way those enabling pussy hypocrites Colangelo and Dan Gilbert.

    As for rooting for Joakim and Derrick I still think they do bring something to the table that Wade and Lebron don't, and that's my values/opinion not something debatable. I agree on the Boozer possible hypocrisy, but I see him as someone who wanted to come here all along for less money/committed to the Bulls for a reason. We'll see.

  • Lol. Agreed on Booz. My phony, hypocrite side does wonder though why he was committed to the Bulls all along, and wasn't he also willing to take less money then he could get elsewhere? A career playoff rebounding average of 12.5 pg doesn't hurt either with 20ppg.

  • Ooooh to be a fly on the wall just to see the interaction between Joakim and Lebron ;)

  • Good lord that has to be the dumbest post Ive ever read. And thats saying something.

    I dont even have to specify which post Im referring to. Thats how dumb it is.

  • Exactly the response that I was looking for, and you chumps fell for it, especially the name callers, wonder if race played any factor in that. Point made, exactly as I expected, hypocrits all.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Only ONE person called you a name. Everyone else was just surprised how you read into the situation.

    Most posters made valid points. The fact that the NBA is dominated by black players is just a fact. Gasol is one of a few white players that is a real star(Lee? Used to be Turkoglu...and Nash are the only ones coming to mind right now). Did the correlation between those who supported his campaign and those who were present enter your mind? Do you even care?

    Interesting how you simply seem to use the event to spread your apparent dislike or hate for the current president w/o even looking at the facts. That is what is ridiculous...

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Yes I do care, which is why I am surprised that Steve Nash a 2 time MVP and huge Obama supporter was not on the invite list, nevermind how much fun he is to play ball with.

    Funny you mentioned Nash but appear to be unaware of his support for Obama.

    Also, given the state of Rose's personality development, I highly doubt that he is even politcally aware, nevermind active, so I doubt that he made the cut on the basis of the work he did in support of Obama.

    I have no personal animus toward the President(actually on a personal level he seems quite likable and charming), I may not like his policies(Love the drone attacks on Al Queda in Pakistan by the way), but nothing I said was hateful in any sense. I simply pointed out the statistical oddity of his list, and sarcastically wondered about the motives in an effort to point out the hypocrisy of the racial and politcal debate in our country.

    Sorry that nobody got it, and took it all so literally.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I called you a name. And I stand by it.

    You're an asshole.

    And race played no role in calling you an asshole. I'm guessing you're a white guy who thinks that all his problems are someone else's fault.

    But the color of your skin doesn't matter. You're still the chump who hasn't yet realized that the source of your misery in life is a result of your own actions.

    So you blame others, like people of another race, because it's easier than acknowledging that you're pathetic. You might be happier and more successful in life if you would take responsibility for your shortcomings.

    It's not Obama's fault that you suck.

    And by the way, I don't care for Obama either. But it has nothing to do with the color of his skin and has a lot to do with his economic policies.


  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    Sounds like your describing yourself. YOu were obviously looking in the mirror as you wrote this post.

    You should stick to wasting 200 to 300 posts going back and forth with Mr Happy calling each other childish names as if you were still in 3rd grade.

    Small minded weak people always resort to name calling because they have no substance to stand on.

    Stick to attacking Mr Happy because you are not in my league intellectually or as a human being.

    Your response is proof positive that you are a nothing more than a feeble minded vulgar racist, which by the way is the reason that you have been banned from for months now if not years.

    And you wouldn't stand by anything if we were standing face to face.

    Have a nice day and read a newspaper for once in your life and you might have understood my original post.

  • Which NBA team does Maya Moore play for again?

  • As I point out below Steve Nash was/is a huge Obama supporter and a 2 time MVP. I am sure that I could easily find others. Given the makeup of Rose's personality at this stage of his life, I highly doubt that he is even politically aware, nevermind active.

    I am not preoccupied by anything or anyone, but I don't much care for PC hypocrisy. As a public figure you cannot play the race card when it is convenient for you and ignor it when it is not.

    When everyone stops screaming racism everytime that someone disagrees with anything that this administration says then we can all look past the color of our skin and get on with out lifes, which is as it should be and as I have always lived my life.

    Funny thing is, I bet that I have had more roomates of another race than any of you people responding to my post.

    The point of my post was to engage in a conversation about hypocrisy and a lack of intellectual honesty in the race debate in our country today.

    The vitrial and hatred directed toward me in most of these responses basically proves my point.

    Unfortunately the POTUS does not have the luxury to do as he pleases in any forum or arena. Every move he makes makes a statement of some kind, that is the responsibility of the job.

    Sorry for pointing out the obvious.

  • Well, that wasn't any fun.

    I want to apologize to everyone on this site.

    Everyone not named KenyallAHole, apparently you are still the same raging racist scumbag that you were on

    Clearly this was not the appropriate forum to make the point that I was looking to make, which unfortunately, no one really got.

    I would, however, like to relate a story from my experiences as a Cadet at West Point(The United States Military Academy).

    At the Academy we are not allowed to chose our roomates, they are assigned to us. I had several black roomates during my 4 years at the Academy. 2 of whom became my best friends at the Academy.

    Although I never saw it or experienced it directly there was always talk of an undercurrent of racial disharmony/segregation among the cadets.

    At different times and on their own both of my black colleagues expressed to me that the disharmony/segregation, if it existed at all was really the result of the black cadets preferring to hang out with each other and not the result of the white cadets excluding them. It really wasn't a race thing, it was just people hanging out with people that they felt comfortable hanging out with mostly due to their life experiences.

    That was fine by me, we should all be free to choose who we want to hang out with, but then stop running around crying racism all the time(If you read the paper at all, or watch the news, it is practically non stop).It is not racism it is just human nature, we all do it and most of the time it has nothing to do with skin color.

    In just the same way, it is not racist to disagree with the policies of a black president anymore than it is racist to disagree with those of a white president, and it is assinine and racist to suggest that it is.

    I was using sarcasm to make a point. As I have learned before, sarcasm does not always work in print as it might in person.

    Sorry to have caused such a fuss, at least on this forum I will stick to basketball.

    If nothing else Obama's list reminded me of the wise observations of my 2 friends, Bernie Bouldin and Archie Davis.

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