Reinsdorf calls Marrioti a pissant

Per Chicago Breaking News:

Jerry Reinsdorf finally fired back at Jay Mariotti.

The White Sox and Bulls chairman was a favorite target of Mariotti, the ESPN personality who was arrested in Los Angeles last weekend on suspicion of felony domestic assault, when Mariotti wrote a column for the Sun-Times.

Reinsdorf was on a panel with Cubs owner Tom Ricketts on Friday at a WGN Radio event called The Business of Sports at a downtown Chicago restaurant when host David Kaplan asked him about his former media nemesis.
"Jay Mariotti was and is a pissant," Reinsdorf said as the place filled with laughter. "A lot of the people who were laughing here probably have no idea what that means. You can look it up in the dictionary; it has a very definite meaning."

First, this is obviously awesome.  It's kind of odd to hear Reinsdorf say such a thing simply because you typically don't think of owners lashing out that way.   It sounds like something I'd call Mariotti on the ranting version of my podcast.

Whatever negative thoughts may cross your mind about Reinsdorf, I think we can all get behind him on this.

It's interesting that as you see comments around the web about this article (or the original report of the arrest), you won't find a single person disagreeing with Reinsdorf's declaration or expressing surprise about Mariotti's actions.   There doesn't exist a Mariotti fan anywhere that I've found.

The guy basically has made his entire career out of trying to capture the negative Howard Stern audience (people who pay attention just because they hate him) without ever capturing the corresponding positive audience.  

It's always made me sad that there exists such a large segment of people who pay attention to stuff they hate to allow ass hats like Mariotti to find jobs.   As a side note, I was discussing what a douchenozzle Mariotti was with a friend who works in the media, and said "Sometimes guys just play that role for the paper/tv, but they're really nice guys".   He responded "Yeah a lot of guys you'd think are jerks are really cool and vice versa, but Mariotti's a asshole in person too".  

Anyway, I can't say I'm glad this happened, because I'm never glad that domestic abuse happens, but I am glad when domestic abusers get caught.   If only you could be thrown into a Chicago prison, that would have been the ultimate justice for the ultimate hypocrite.



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  • I have always been a Mariotti fan. Why? Because he speaks truth to power and he is entertaining. Can he be annoying? You bet. But Chicago sports beat writers in the past (since my youth) have always been sycophantic homers. Guys like Mariotti changed the culture and now beat writers are much more likely to actually take owners and management to task when they screw-up. In this respect, Jay has been somewhat of a pioneer.

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    Ha, is this sarcasm?

  • In reply to hgarbell:

    I read a few Mariotti columns a few years ago and then had to stop. I never was a fan of guys who are seem negative just for the sake of being negative. Even when I agreed with what he wrote, the way he wrote it just irked me.

  • The problem with Marriotti is he never actually goes to games, interviews players or has a truly informed opinion

  • Mariotti to be honest I've never read a column of his in my life because I always thought the Sun-Times was an inferior, sucky newspaper. When the Bulls were good I read the Trib(une). Bernie Lincicome could be an ass, but his column was often entertaining/well written. Then you had Sam Smith etc., and you definitely had depth/knowledgable reporting. And all their photo work of the Bulls was very good too.

    I saw Mariotti on TV one time back then/early 90's, and I could tell right off he was just a "mouthpiece" saying things merely to get a reaction rather then for substance. I never want anything to do with guys like that so for me he didn't exist/I paid no attention to him.

    Off subject, but Doug to your last reply on my BustABulls post. Can you ever just let a very large if not consensus opinion that Hinrich and Gordon were highly offensively flawed players just stand/respect fans/people's opinions? So many Bulls fans feel Gordon's 38%! against Boston means one great game does not erase the other half lousy performances that absolutely kills your team. Can't you just ever let that widely held fan view being expressed without righting the wrongs of us ignorant Bulls fans by rebutting always that these two were good players? As rotation guys they would have been good players. As starters top lotto picks they are hard workers and nice guys, but also dissapointments. Marginal players that's what they do. You know them when you see them because they set you up for dissapointments which is what both of these guys did their whole careers. Just give a widely based fan view some respect, and cease the obligatory rebutt every single time. Please.

    I said in my last post please didn't I? I said please let's not revisit these guys/analyze them aagin. Just let someone have an opinion of a past/over with situation. Thank you.

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