Kevin Durant becoming a Derrick Rose fan

From the Team USA Q&A:

On the team in general and the camaraderie:
It's been more like brothers here.  Even
though we have been together such a short time, it feels like everybody
has been knowing each other for years and years.  We play against each
other so we respect everybody's game but I think that off the court ...
for example, I didn't know Lamar Odom was that cool ... I didn't know
that Derrick Rose was that cool
... it's kind of easy ... everybody's
personality fits.

Thanks for noticing Kevin.  It's at this moment where I notice the sad contradiction in the fact that like Rose, I love KD for his personality, but that same personality will prevent him from forcing a trade to Chicago.

Still, this is the type of bonding which makes Team USA a valuable experience for Derrick and potentially for the Bulls in the future when FA recruitment goes through player connections as much as management ones.

Derrick had some quotes as well:

Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls)
On the game:
It was all fun.  The crowd was definitely into it.  We
were just out there playing.  It definitely tested us to see where we
were at as a team.  We came out and we answered that challenge.

How did the team react to the turnovers in the first half?
Just knowing that we just got to take our time.  When we have
patience, that's when we had good baskets or good looks.  This game is
totally different from the NBA where they want you take shots like that
- like wild shots and push the ball hard and stuff like that.  You
just got to have a group of guys that are in control.

On the early defense?
We wanted to get them out of their sets.  We know they are a
team that if you let them just run around, they can definitely hurt you
by the pick action and going in to their bigs.  We knew we had to play
physical and let them know that we were there.

What are the focuses for improvement tomorrow?
We got to look at film.  We saw (Brazil) play against Spain. 
We got to look at film and really key in on the guys and make them do
things that they can't do.


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  • KD and That would be sweet. But oh well. I hope D. Rose shows the same kind of love for Chicago that KD showed to OKC and extends for the maximum years allowable next summer. Based on Rose's own words, I'm sure he will. But it would be nice if he could get another top young player to come to the Chi.

  • Maybe a trade down the line may be in order who knows? But this is exciting. This season can't come soon enough! Rose should come back from this experience as a true leader on and off the court...which will be great!

  • Strange, I was under the impression that Rose / Westbrook / Durant were all really good friends already. I thought they worked out together the past two summers?

  • In reply to Vohaul79:

    I think Rose worked out with Westbrook, not Durant.

  • In reply to Vohaul79:

    Title of this article should have been:

    Kevin Durant: Derrick Rose is cool

  • In reply to Vohaul79:

    This is what I've been saying, although it seems like Rose & Westbrook & Durant can be close, they are not the guys that LeBron & co. are. You really have a duechebag perfect storm there in South Beach, and I don't think it will repeat itself anytime soon. Rose's generation just seems like such cooler dude's, a little more down to earth and laid back.

  • In reply to Vohaul79:


    Kevin Durant needs to tell Derrick Rose to be more ASSERTIVE.

    9ppg by Rose isn't going to get Team USA the gold medal at the W.C.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Yeah. Rose is doing the same thing on Team USA that he did in Memphis and most of his first 2 season with the Bulls: playing facilitator and deferring to more experienced players instead of taking the lead assertively. Rose has go-to player ability but a facilitator mindset. I wonder if Coach K will - at some point - tell Rose to be more assertive and look to attack more.

  • In reply to magestew:

    We saw him get more assertive in the tournament at Memphis, as we have over last season as a Bull. I think that's just how he learns, taking a step back and slowly taking more and more control.

  • In reply to magestew:

    You guys who want Rose to be more agressive you need to stop. it seems that you know nothing about Rose. Here he is with a team full of players that can score and you want him to shoot more? I dont understand the kid is a point guard and knows exactly how to be one and people want him to be more aggressive lol for what?

  • In reply to BullySixChicago:

    Agreed. He's been doing everything the coaches have asked of him.
    I wouldn't mind seeing him push the issue a little, but not so much as a scorer, more as a playmaker for others.

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