Keith Bogans now official, so we get some quotes

From Nick Friedell:

"A realistic goal is this team can definitely win a championship,"
Bogans said during a phone conversation Wednesday after officially
signing with the Bulls. "There's no ifs, ands or buts about it.

"Physically, I'm going to bring the toughness defensively first and
foremost," he said. "I'm not a terrific spot up shooter, but I will spot
up and knock down open jump shots.

"So my main goal will be to bring the energy on defense and hit the open shots when they're there."

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Some other good quotes including the "I used to watch Jordan as a kid and ran around pretending to be Michael".   Makes me wonder how many more FAs are going to have grown up as Jordan fans.  That era is slowly coming to an end as we distance ourselves from the dynasty and in another five years, the majority of the players will not have grown up watching the dynasty Bulls.

Anyway, Bogans is talking the talk we'd expect and want from him.  He says he's going to come in, play defense, and hit open shots.  That's what we signed you for, let's hope you can deliver in the chances you get.


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  • I guess the dynasty is getting some closure this weekend with Pippen going into the HOF. But it is very strange though with all these players who were fans of MJ but not many want to play in his building. It is always the money which matters.
    As long as Bogans doesn't look like Devin Brown last year...he should be fine. Do you think this team will be better than the team which beat Miami in the first round? If we can get Deng from that team...Wow!! His Jumper was so automatic...

  • I'm hoping that Bogans can provide us some of the defensive toughness we lost in the backcourt when we traded away Captain Kirk.

    If Coach K is on the money with D. Rose playing shut down D on the Olympic Team...imagine being able to go from Brewer to Bogans at the 2?

    Sure...we wouldn't be able to throw a golf ball thru a truck tire from 3....but defensively...we could be a PROBLEM.

  • Actually he/Rudy said, "I was pretty f-ed up psychologically" Any time I here someone sying things like that I think immaturity, and someone who is going to be a pain to deal with. The more I've heard his "talk" of going back to play in Europe as 50/50, the more I think he doesn't really want to be here/can't hack it.

    I would absolutely pass on this guy at this point sheerly based on attitude/his comments and actions.

  • The Rudy Fernandez thing need to die. The Bulls now have some solid option at the 2 spot; not all-star caliber players, but guys that can hold their own, and based on Bogan's quotes, guys that know their strengths and weaknesses and what their role on this team will be. Bulls fans should be excited about this revamped team, as it's going to be a great season.

  • Now im concerned, If he comes in and says he is not a terrific spot up shooter, that means he cant shoot threes. That pisses me off. He better work on it cuz if not he can be replaced. Easily replaced.

    We need shooters and we need them now. Where is James Anderson when you need

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Another 3pt shooter would be nice if he could play decent D. We'll already have Korver in the regular rotation, so I'd rather have a solid wing defender that shoots 35% from 3 (which Bogans is) than a turn-style on defense who shoots 40% from 3. If only there was another Shane Battier or Bruce Bowen type out there that could play lockdown defense AND hit clutch 3's.

  • In reply to magestew:

    Bogans was just being modest about his shot. In a system like the Bulls, all of these guys will shoot lights out because they'll all be wide open due to a Rose and Boozer in / out game. Bogans is as close to Bruce Bowen as you can get. Brewer or Bogans playing beside Deng is going to be a defensive nightmare for other teams, and adding Boozer and Noah in the paint just make it tougher for other teams to score! C J Watson off the bench at shooter or point / Korver dropping 3's, Thomas as a back up defender; all being coached by Thibs... This is why the Bulls get 2 out of the 15 games on ABC this year! Teams will not look foward to playing this team! As an added bonus; Thibs and Wallace were pretty close in Boston so don't be surprised if that other big the Bulls need isn't Wallace after a few months of rest. He'll fit our system way better than what Boston's doing. I like what's coming because management tricked this team out!

  • In reply to magestew:

    I'll keep simple.

    Welcome to Chi-town Mr. Bogans.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Thanks for not repeating yourself

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I think Bogans is a perfect fit for that low in the rotation. Keep in mind, may not be quite the shooter we need but plays defense well and cant ask for more than that from your 12th guy. I think we have plenty of scoring. Boozer, Rose, Korver off the bench. Noah will raise his scoring average. Brewer will get you 12to14 as a starter. Deng, may be paid to much, but will be a solid player on this new team, 16 to 18. I think the suprize, will be Watson scoring more than we think and play alot of minutes at SG because of that.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    2 solid defenders at the 2 guard is going to be to be a tremendous asset to our team....rotating brewer and bogans through out the game should keep them fresh and their defense intensity up....i like what i hear from bogans..i guess d.rose can add another fighter to our team....lets go chicago bullys

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Bogans is saying the right things and will be here to work his butt off for us off the bench. Rudy is a headcase and will probably go back where he came from (under a rock in Spain). LOL

  • In reply to smiley:

    Agreed. Rudy sounds like he'd prefer to live under a rock where he can be the "star" as opposed to the NBA where he can't do better then 8ppg on 38 frickin' percent. Yet complains about playing time, and ditching the NBA for his homeland. Good riddance.

  • The last three seasons Bogans shot 409, 218, and 196 attempts at 36%, 34%, and 36%. Any guy who's comfortable shooting threes in volume relative to the time he's out there(409 threes bombed in 26.8 mpg - minutes per game) that's not bad production. Taking into consideration he's considered a great atitude guy/has played for winners, the Spurs and Magic, and a fundamentally sound defender who won't let guys into the lane I actually think he's possibly the best pick-up we could have made at this stage of the game.

    You know, I think a lot of these guys we picked up Boozer, Brewer, Korver, C.J., and now Bogans actually might be excited about coming here knowing almost everyone sees D-Rose on the rise as a legit top ten player(of course he's still got to do it/prove it). Throw in a coach who relates very well with players and is the defensive mastermind that just about stole a second NBA championship from the Lakers/Kobe, a legit post big in Booz, and there could be a lot of energy and talent being thrown into the mix.

    My question is, thinking of the three shooters/game we needed to pick up/drastically improve upon, how have we succeeded in shoring up that area?

    For me, it seems volume production means guys who actually increase the amount of threes at an acceptable rate(35% and up). Last year the Bulls attempted a woeful 1,066 threes while opponents shot 1,680. Further the Bulls shot 33% while opponents shot 35%. Compare this to the Celtics who launched 1,433 threes while allowing 1,375. Boston shot .348 while opponents made .342. That's really not much of a difference in percentage less then one, but still they did get off nearly 60 more threes then there opponent as opposed to the 626 deficit of Chicago.

    Granted Boston didn't have their starting squad playing much of the season/healthy until the playoffs. So what about the other Finals team the Lakers? L.A. shot 1,562 threes allowing opponents 1,585 attempts. However, percentage wise L.A. shot .341 while opponents made .328; over a full percentage point better.

    It may not seem like much but, but shooting two percent lower then opponents(Chicago 33% and opp. 35%), but that does mean something. But the disparity of 614 attempts is despicable.

    You talk about a perimeter disparity/ass kicking look at Tom Thibodeau's 2007-08 world champion Boston team. 1,564 attempted by the Celtics with 1,535 shot by opp. Nearly identical. Yet look at peercentages. Boston shoots .381/38%, and opponents, are you ready? Opponents shot .316/31%. A disparity of seven percent. That is an unqualified perimeter beatdown!

    Anyway, the Bulls this season before they can even worry about percentage disparity good looks vs. defending the three, have to correct the deplorable, dysfucntional disparity in attempts i.e 600 shots = no perimeter game/shooters.

    So who are those shooters going to be this year? Korver and Bogans are the only volume shooters historically. C.J. Watson did shoot 40% two years ago, but on a paltry 120 attempts. Those successful volume attempt teams had four to six shooters of 200 or more often with two players at 300 shots.

    So where is this major increase/new three shooting volume going to come from? As I said before as a legit scoring force Derrick is going to at least have to have the prerequisite 300. Say Korver gets 330. That's only 660 shots.

    A good team that opens the lane has viable threats/shared production on the floor at all times. Candidates? Luol Deng 230. C.J Watson 198. Bogans(who strategically speaking may need a little more time on the court) 187. So that's around 1,200 3pt AT's. If Bogans seems unrealistic with that number then Derrick and/or Luol is going to have to step it up even more. And do the Bulls have the minutes/need one more shooter or are these guys mentioned going to have to ramp it up even more then I've detailed?

    Either way if the Bulls do get up to 1,300 to 1,400 attempts and lmit opp.'s to a similar amount that will mean they playing winning basketball within the confines of the three game. And will be a sure sign that Thib's can orchestrate the knowledge he possesses as an assistant into action as a head coach.

  • that's the mentality we need ! defense wins game and i don't have any doubt we going to be the best defense team in the league so that means we don't have to score a lot to win games. do you remember the pistons?

  • fb_avatar

    The Fernandez thing was fun while it lasted but there's no way they go after him.

    As things currently stand I'm estimating the Bulls minutes per game something like this:

    Rose 36:00
    Boozer 32:00
    Deng 32:00
    Noah 28:00
    Brewer 28:00
    Korver 26:00 (16sf +10sg)
    Gibson 16:00
    Thomas 14:00
    Watson 12:00 (at pg)
    Asik 6:00

    That leaves 10 min/game at shooting guard for either Watson or Bogans. Where does Rudy fit? Squarely on the bench most likely. Plus he's discontented, lousy in the playoffs, etc.

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