Joakim Noah work hard, improving jumper, and other random notes

I was talking to a source inside the Bulls organization, and I was told Joakim Noah is living at the Berto Center this summer.   He's had an outstanding off-season, and we can expect him to come out really strong this year.  

He's still throwing up the sidewinder, but he's knocking it down at an excellent rate, and it may be more of a weapon this year than in the past.   We had started to see Noah knock down this mid range jumpers last year, and if he can take one more step forward with it this season then he'll become much more deadly on the court.

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Overall, the mood around the team is very positive and everyone is excited for the season.   There's no doubt the team is better, and they know it and are ready to prove it on the court.

There's a much better vibe around Thibodeau as head coach than there was around Del Negro.  Ever dating back to the initial hire, Del Negro never had the players on his side the way Thibodeau appears to already.   Sources had told me even early on in his first season the veterans on the team thought Del Negro was a boob.

Thibodeau commands much more respect, he's simply a much greater basketball mind.   I think of all the players on the team right now, Luol Deng stands the most to benefit from the switch and is probably the player most happy to see Del Negro leave (though the departed Gordon/Hinrich also disliked Del Negro).

This season marks the beginning of a new era for the Bulls.   New head coach, significant roster turnover in terms of role players, and a new star player added to the team.   The talent on the roster now exceeds anything the Bulls have thrown out there since #23 suited up.  They bring a post offense, a slashing offense, defensive intensity, and balance to the table.  

The only fear is a lack of three point shooting, but all of the other places are in place to have a 50 win season as a reasonable guess with upside to play even better if everything falls into place.


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  • ...and it's bodes well to say that, to ease our biggest fear a little bit, we have added the deadliest 3-point shooter in the league in NBA...

  • I think Noah and Gibson might benefit the most from this summer. They had the experience of playoffs but have not played any significant ball in summer like Rose, Deng. They should be doing this and is Thibs working with them to point out their weaknesses which they can work on. Working in sync with Rose/Boozer would still be the main issue to make the season a success/failure..

  • Doug, did you source mention how Noah's foot is coming along? I know a few weeks back, an article was written how Noah didn't play in the World Championships because he was coming off this major injury. Thanks.

  • The vets thought Vinny was a boob. I'm shocked. And people wondered why Paxson would try and throttle him...

  • Joanie loved him though.

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  • I know Noah doesn't have a good jumpshot and forget a three pointer. Many a time he stands on the 3 point line with the ball and trying to pass to a cutting Rose or Deng. And Rose was not so good at it to catch and shoot. Hopefully, Thibs works on this part of the offense and make it more efficient and maybe use Korver/Deng or have some kind of move for Noah...

  • I find it hard to believe that Hinrich didn't like him. I say this because during a game last season, Vinny got tossed. I remember Kirk saying to the rest of the team to "win it for Vinny."

    Of course, Noah made fun of him and that was the story in the papers. But if Kirk disliked him so much, I doubt that would have come out of his mouth.

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    I believe that was said in jest

  • I hope Noah works on his footwork as well for a post up game. B/c his release on his shot is so slow that even if he can hit it well I can see opposing C's closing in on it and beginning to disrupt it more as they get used to it. Some nice counter moves i.e drives, back-to-basket post game, etc. would be nice as well.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Opposing C's are going to close in? Seriously? He'll have space from 15 feet until he proves he can make it... just like last year. And what makes you think his release is slow? Have you ever watched him play???

    And if he consistently makes the 15 footer, he'll still have space because he's quicker than anyone who will be guarding him. They'd rather have him take that shot than drive and dunk. And he's already shown the ability to drive and handle the ball. You seriously hadn't noticed???

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    Yes, and once he shows he can hit it then opposing C's will close in/play him tighter. But his shot was not used all that much last year. How many jumpers did he take like maybe 1 or 2 a game? If that? Also, yes his realease seems slow to me(it starts low and ends very unorthodox). Plus, he hasn't taken enough jumpshots to really give him the benefit of the doubt. Bargnani, Pao Gasol, Lee those are C's with valid jumpshots w/higher, quicker releases.

    He can drive to the hole fairly well but it would be nice for Noah to add "post moves" to his game. Plus, again how often did he really do that last year? Not very often. Most of his points came from off rebounds and put backs or assists from others around the rim. Right???

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    So Doug, How against are you for bringing back Jamal Crawford if we could get him for cheap.

    I dont think there is a deal out there we could make that would work or even make sense if they were giving him to us for scrap.

    In reality, he could be a huge player for us with his shooting skills.


  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I would wait til the deadline before seeing what we need

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I don't think he'll come cheap anyway...I think he's looking for around 10 a year.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I wouldn't call 3 pt shooting a weakness anymore.
    Average, maybe.

    Korver-elite 3pt shooter added

    Deng-the last 2 years has shot 40%, just needs more volume, sure he has been working on it.

    Rose-Worked tail off before leaving for Istanbul, its evident he has added a 3 to his arsenal, we'll see just how good it is this year, but you know with his quickness he will get spacing whenever he wants.

    Watson & Bogans- Average at the longball

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I admit I would like at least 1 more shooter, but I'm against the convential wisdomthat says we need it at shooting guard. I would like a stretch 4. Maybe the minutes wouldn't be there, but you never know how things are going to shake out. I would love a guy like Ryan Anderson f/ the Magic, Orlando will not give him away easily though.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Of course he is having a great summer, he told us all he would after his initial 6 weeks off "enjoying life", and if Joakim says it, you can believe it.
    I expect another 10-15 lbs of muscle, especially some more bulk in the leg area to hold his ground better, and I expect his 15-18 footer to be near automatic. Teams will soon find out that they can't leave Jo so wide open anymore, & both Noah & Boozer are going to make us SCARY on the pick and roll.

    I think a 1st team all defense (voters will put him alongside Howard), and 15ppg & 12rpg (to place him 2nd in the league) season is in store for him, I really do.

  • Depends on your definition of "deadliest".
    There's not a better shot in the game right now ... though there are a handful that are close.

    59 makes isn't a lot, but he only played in 52 games.

    The only question is, can we find ways to get him more shots when the other team knows that's pretty much all he's in there for.
    Utah put him in a few times last year to be the one getting fouled at the end of the game ... and he did pretty well. 88% career FT%.

  • Noah comes out before games and practices his short game for up to an hour sometimes.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    I believe it! This kid is such a hard worker, hard to really not love this guy unless you cheer for another team.

    No way I give him up in a deal for Melo

  • I agree. FYI, Anthony Morrow is the deadliest shooter in the NBA.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I believe, given his size advantage and the fact that he has more guns than Gilbert Arenas, Brad Miller is the literal "deadliest" three point shooter in the league.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    To bad that thought never crossed the minds of GarPaxDorf. I think that every Bulls fan would have preferred Morrow to Korver, or in addition to Korver.

    I would like at least one media member to directly question Gar or Pax on Morrow.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I know, no media member asked them about that, total crap!

    Bulls should have gotten both Korver & Morrow. They tied their $ up in the wrong resticted FA (JJ Redick), Morrow proved more easy to sign, Bulls should have known the filthy rich Magic owner would match any offer.

  • I wasn't aware of this, but it makes sense. Guys that have been around the block don't like guys who don't really know what they are doing.I think Tibs is going to use Dend to his strengths more, you know, because he'll have a real offense.

  • Hey Doug, congrats on being a Pequods fan, the greatest Chicago Pizza that most Chicagoans have never even heard of.

    I grew up in Morton Grove and went to the original Pequods down the strett from our library throughout my childhood.

    I never miss a trip to Pequods every time that I return to Chicago.

    We might never agree on Ben Gordon but we can certainly agree on the innate greatness of Chicago pizza in general and Pequods in particular.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    While I have never had Pequods, I prefer an Auerlio's thin crust to a deep dish when I come back home.

  • Probably the only time in history that I will agree with Ben Gordon about anything.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    ha ha, yeah me too

  • Gee, I wonder why KW cant believe that Hinrich disliked Del Bimbo, something to do with his worldview perhaps, hmmmm.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I explained I was confused due to a quote that I had read in the paper. It's not that complicated. You see, something I read ran counter to something Doug had said. Seriously. That's the extent of it... well, for most people.

    But then things get complicated when filtered through your racist mind.

    It's quite sad really. I'm sorry your father didn't love you.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    I am sorry that you never had a father(just like your untouchable hero, Obama), which explains your always being angry at the white man.

  • If that happens it would be great for Noah and the Bulls. I would also like to see Noah upgrade his low-post game as well...that's all.

  • What is a true definition of a deadliest three point shooter? As Silverwulf says, depend what is your definition of "deadliest."

    My definition of a deadlist three point shooter, is when a player can knock down the three in a high percentages shot but very efficiently. I will say a player that shoots 50% or higher from the three point line maybe to extreme?

    Anyways, I will say the adding of Kyle Korver does help and he provides teams need. He is a three point sharp shooter specialist, he is the best three point shooter on the market.

    Before his injury, when he play with Philly he was knocking down the three in a good percentage shot.

    Without me looking he was shooting I believe 40% behind the arc which is pretty good. Keep in mind he was averaging at one point almost 14 ppg one season before and that is when he play with Philly and play off the bench.

    Now with me looking, look at this link

    If you notice the pattern, when he stay healthy and play more games and a bit more playing time he'll knock down the three in a good percentage. I am trying to make an excuse but since the injury it actually take a tow out of him.

    I remember watching him play when he was with the sixers he is a sharp shooter. When healthy he can knock down the three but need him to play more games and given a bit more playing time.

    I do agree, we need at least one more shooter but a player that play the shooting guard position to knock down the three. Thats what we need, we actually got two players who is known that can knock down the three. Korver and CJ Watson, I do not want to have CJ play some at the two or even have Rose at the two. If both CJ and Korver can knock down the three in a good percentage will be ok. That same goes with Rose and Deng but that is a big if.

    But regardless we still need at least one more wing player(a shooting guard.), that can knock down the three.

  • In reply to pduh:

    pretty good does not make Korver deadliest. He needs to prove he can do that multiple years. I think fans who are expecting another 50% year will be let down.
    Still love the Korver signing, don't get me wrong. But Morrow had been in the NBA 2 years, and each 2 seasons has shot close to 50%

  • Tahts all I'm saying, there will be improvement. Hopefully Korver will play more than 50 games, which I think is skewing your data. Deng needs to shoot more. Rose is guaranteed to shoot about 100 more, maybe higher. CJ Watson will get more consistent minutes....sorry Doug love you but don't believe your numbers here.

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