Joakim Noah discusses extension and French national team commitment

Great article up by Nick Freidell:

"I came off a pretty tough injury with the plantar fasciitis
and we're negotiating my contract right now that's basically going to
get me financially set for a little while so I can't really mess that
up," he said. "My priority is definitely with the Bulls right now.

Olympics is something I'm definitely looking forward to, and it's
really tough because I know the French team is playing in [Madison
Square] Garden against Team USA [this Sunday in New York] and that's
kind of something that I want to do. But I understand that [playing for
the French national team] wouldn't be the right thing to do right now
because I still came off a pretty tough injury with the plantar
fasciitis and I want to be a hundred percent for the season."

First, I think all Bulls fans are excited by the fact that Noah is prioritizing his health and commitment to the Bulls above his national team interests.  It's certainly been a sticking point with some that Luol Deng has a fanatical commitment to Great Britain when many feel he should be resting and getting healthy.

I don't blame Luol for his commitment given his personal history, but I'm certainly happy that Joakim is putting his professional career first on his priority list.

As for the extension, I think this will be tough to get done and likely to leave a sour taste in Noah's mouth when it does.   If you are Joakim Noah do you take less than the 13.3 million per year that David Lee just signed for?   I don't think I do.

However, if you're the Bulls do you even consider paying 13.3 million this year?   No way in hell. 

If I'm the Bulls the absolute max I'd consider offering is probably around 11 million a season.   This isn't a shot at Noah, whom I love, but the facts are that he has an injury prone frame, and could easily have a rough season.   There's likely a lockout and a CBA that might make the absolute max he can sign for next season less than what you'd have to pay him this season.

If you gamble and wait until next year, how much worse can it really get from the 11 million you could offer now?   Your downside is simply extremely limited.  

That said, if I'm Noah, I'm not taking 11 million a season.   I'm laughing at that.  There should be enough cap room out there and few enough decent free agents that Noah will command a near max contract on the open market from some desperate team.  If he has a healthy seasons and shows some improvement, then he could make 13-15 million a season starting next year.

All in all, this is a situation where  both sides have every reason to not given in to the others demands, we'll have to wait and see how it plays out.


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  • I would sign Noah on a 3 year extension with a bigger amount so it is a fair deal for both sides. With the new CBA, Noah will definitely not get so much money as he would have got this year and the Bulls don't want to pay too much for a guy who might lose a year/significant time if he gets injured but wants to reward him for his value now like a Durant. But what has Atlanta done with Al Horford? Should the Bulls set the market when they don't need to?
    They should pay him a little bit more so that it doesn't linger in his play somehow although I think he is a pro. But he is human...

  • 11M sounds about right. i dont see why noah should make more than rondo, who is a more accomplished player.

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    Joakim stayed in college an extra year to help keep the Florida championship team together. Talk about a "glue guy". Granted, in his case it probably helped his draft prospects. But even so, I just don't think he's in a mercenery frame of mind. He'd refuse to play for a losing club - even for an extra 2 million a year. Not when he's got such a greeat situation in Chicago. Not when a contract gives him security against injury. And definitely not in this new era of colluding superstars.

    Call it just over 12 mil a year for Jo.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    Noah was the consensus #2 pick after his sophomore season (whom the Bulls were presumed to be taking instead of Aldridge + trading him for Tyrus). His decision to stay that third year cost him millions of dollars. The only thing I hope is that he's from such an affluent family that he will put "winning" above making up for those lost dollars. Hoping winning truly is a higher priority that money (I'd be surprised, but you never know).

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    In do time. A deal will get done.

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    Let's see how good his sources are.

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    Doug, really? David Lee money? I have been following you a long time, but Noah is not as David Lee. Lee is a better shooter, scorer and rebounder which commands salary over the superior intangibles that Noah brings to the table.

    I would think he is closer to the Luis Scola or Andris Biedrins contract than Lee contract.

  • In reply to Dionysus:

    Waaaay off on saying Lee is a better rebounder. Way off. He is a better shooter, though.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    I agree. Jo is not like these other guys who have thier agents gold mine claws around their decision making.

    Jo is unique in today's NBA as he is his own man. The common sense number that pops up to me is four years $11, $11, $12, $12. $46 Million is still a lot of money to a down to earth working man like Joakim. He isn't a big scorer, and those are the guys who get it into their head's that they have to go for their max potential. Joakim Noah is not that guy.

    I think Doug is more guaging on what the market will bear rather then on the unique individual that is Joakim Noah. If I had to I'd go $11, $12, $12, $13. And they will do it if they have to to because Reinsdorf loves guys like Joakim. He's not going anywhere.

    Unfortunately as Doug and most others suspect that means dumping other valuable players because Reinsdorf likely won't pay luxury tax, Unless we make it to the ECF, and raise hell their with Derrick emerging as a full flung superstar along with Joakim taking his beefed up frame to the next level. But it could happen. Yes, it could. And then I do believe Jerry would have to go luxury.

    But D-Rose and his Bulls have to get it done, and we'll just have to wait, and see. But there's no sense in worrying about J.R. cutting the cord right now. Let's just enjoy the ride/upcoming season first, and then see where we're at.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    I have a hard time seeing Noah getting anywhere close to Lee money. He's got only the most basic post moves and a grade school jump shot. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy's attitude and effort, but the NBA unfortunately doesn't pay for that.

    Noah puts up numbers based on outworking and outhustling other guys. As the nagging injuries start to pile up, his numbers are going to come down. And he's always going to struggle against the Dwight Howard's of the NBA, so the bulls are always going to need another quality defensive big if they truly have title aspirations. I'd say something along the lines of 6 years/$50 mil is a lot more realistic, especially given the way the bulls negotiate. Remember this is Noah's first year of eligibility to negotiate, it's likely that the next CBA will have contracts shorter than 6 years, and Noah has yet to play a full 82 game schedule and is noted for enjoying the "finer things in the NBA life..."

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    I wouldn't make a judgement call on Noah right now. We have to see how he performs this year. He really took 2 years to understand the NBA and with Ben Wallace in front of him...he didn't mesh. He really played with all his capacities in a way last year. But he lost that valuable time because of his injury. Let's hope he's healthy this year and see how he performs before we judge him. He will never be offensively a stud but his offensive game will probably be better than Dwight Howard as well as his Free Throw shooting. He has to develop some offensive skills. You are right though about his defense that it has less scope for improvement.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I doubt his game will ever be better than Howard's. And remember, we're not talking about a guy who came out as a 19 year old kid with no real coaching. He's turning 26 this season. He's pretty close to being what he is.

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  • Doug you indeed are a businessman, a sucessful one, and so understandably the business perspective. But some guys come along who are not all about that. I don't think Joakim compares to Luol that way, but we will see. You could be right, but I hope I and other fans are right on Joakim. After say $40 Mil it shouldn't always have to be all about the money.

    I don't think too manyh fans really care that Joakim was drafted lower, and didn't "realize his full potential earning." That's just what makes Joakim who he is. And that's why he's a Two time national champ, and not one. Notice the champ thing. Something he just might bring here, and if not the champ then damn fun to watch anyway.

  • Hi Doug,

    I don't know where you got your erroneous Real Estate info regarding Luol Deng, but he paid $672,000 for his home in a gated community in Northbrook (near Nocioni). It is now listed on the market for $639,000.

  • In reply to Dionysus:

    And since this is a Noah thread, he paid $1.5M for his swanky pad with a basketball court in the backyard.

  • In reply to Dionysus:

    Some think Noah is putting on enough muscle to defend premier centers/bigs. Really will just have to watch this year, and see.

    If he can become an anchor down low then his defensive value to me reaches another level. And his boards could even improve. Plus the guy hits clutch free throws in game winning situations over and over again. It's possible that right hook with more muscle to gain seperation becomes money even against the big boys. I doubt Joakim bcomes somebody who has a consistent offensive game, but I wouldn't rule out his scoring average going up to 14ppg or so with 13-14 boards. You take that with a defensive ace that can stand his ground, and thwart premier defenders, excellent passer(high post etc.) and then that is a guy we can't afford to lose. Not to mention in the playoffs he's shown his game rises/heart of a champion.

    And I don't believe Reinsdorf will let Joakim go. They might be able to sign him for $12 Mil a year for four years now instead of possibly by the end of next season it's not inconceivable that a perfect situation/fit team might go $12, $13, $13, $14. Again, if they choose not to sign him, then I hope either way his game reaches the next level. And then good for him because then that deal will be one he deserves.

    Honestly, other then getting a Lebron, Wade, Carmelo, I don't see Jerry(gar/Pax) parting with Joakim Noah. There is a picture where Reinsdorf is looking up at a smiling Joakim in the gym/Berto, and he is just glowing/endeared with him. Again, unless they can get another marquee scorer/Carmelo(besides what hopefully Derrick is becoming), Jo will be a Bull for a long time. And rightfully so IMO.

  • In reply to Dionysus:

    Noah should get 10 to maybe 12mil at the most.

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    Great choice.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Best choice possible...other the Phil Jackson I guess.

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    Great pick....MJ is the perfect guy to do it

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Dare I say, LOYALTY.

  • If Noah were an unrestricted free agent this summer, then he probably would have received David Lee money. Since he will not be on the open market for two seasons, and there will be a new CBA, I doubt he gets that type of offer from the Bulls this summer (especially given their history of negotiating these early offers).

    In looking at their advanced stats, Lee is a marginally better rebounder than Noah. I will give you that Lee does not defend well, but he does score very well.

  • 1) mark cuban would sign me to a 4 year 5M contract.
    2) noah doesnt really have a market per se because he isnt a FA, and if he waits that long, he risks the new CBA mystery box.
    3) noah has player 30mins/game only once, barely (30.1/g). and that was in a year in which he missed 20-something games. his overall production isnt even close to lee, who produces more and also plays more and doesnt get hurt.

  • 1) maybe they do that, but they also are developing anthony randolph, who plays PF/C.
    2) Yep.
    3) Wait, so Lee gets punished for being on a team with a .353 winning% and a -3.8 point differential, but noah gets uplifted for his performance on a team that dropped 4 out of five in the playoffs and lost by an average of 9 points to a team that was defeated handedly in the second round?

  • Don't get me wrong, I like Noah, and want the Bulls to sign him to an extension, but he averaged 10.7 points per game. Lee averaged twice that and not much less in rebounds. I don't think Noah is worth quite that much unless he improves his offensive game in the post.

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