Is Carmelo worth 20 million per season?

With the new collective bargaining agreement around the corner, an agreement most experts feel will have the players absolutely crushed at the end, there comes a fairly big risk in trading for Carmelo Anthony even if the details are worked out and he signs an extension.

Anthony will be paid roughly 5 years 100 million after signing that extension, and given the new CBA may impose a hard salary cap, lower cap/tax thresholds, or some method to lower spending, the Bulls would immediately be behind the eightball. 

Go out two years into the future, Melo's making 20 million, Boozer's making 15 million, Rose is making whatever the new max is (say 12 million), Noah might be making the new max, and if not is probably close (say 11 million).   You're at 58 million right there for those four players.   That's the present salary cap, and their salaries are going to escalate at roughly 10% a year for the next three seasons afterwards.

If there's a hard cap, that team is simply screwed.   Someone has to leave, and Carmelo makes the most sense of the group because of his massive salary, but at this point, no team will be able to take on such a massive salary anymore, because of the hard cap.

If there's a lower cap / tax, then we all better collectively hold our breath and hope the Bulls will go deep into the luxury tax, because it's coming.  It's probably coming in a big time. 

Is Melo worth it?  

Well, the answer in the second case is yes.  He improves the team by a great enough margin that Jerry should pay the tax as we'll be legit title contenders and raking in far more money with extra playoff rounds and merchandise than losing due to the tax.

The answer in the first case is probably no.  A lot depends on your view of Carmelo Anthony as a player, but with a hard cap, his contract would be a killer.   Both impossible to move and making him overpaid.  The thing is with a soft cap, overpaid just means the owner loses money, but with a hard cap, overpaid means your team is screwed.

In his prime, Anthony has become a legitimate #1 scoring threat.   However, he doesn't have a top 5 NBA game, nor will he ever.   Carmelo is who he is at this point, and that's probably a guy who will be in the 6-10 range (closer to 10) for most of his career.

Whomever Melo gets traded to, assuming this goes down, will have one of the league's most expensive deals on it's hand.   Only Amare and Joe Johnson will really compare in terms of both years and dollars.    Even Bosh, Wade, and LeBron will make a couple million less per year, while Dirk matches the dollars, but not the years.

From a team success standpoint, Melo's led the Nuggets to some decent records (50+ wins the past three seasons), but he's only made it out of the first round once in his career.   There's an aspect to the way he plays that makes me think his impact isn't as great as his numbers.

You still make the trade.  You have to.   Much like the Boozer signing, though there aer a lot of ways it can go wrong (largely with the new CBA which is also why Melo wants a deal now), but you take those chances and see what happens.

That said, it's awfully hard to imagine this getting done.  Deng + Gibson + Johnson + 3 1sts?   Maybe it's enough, but I doubt it.


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  • We saw Miami fit in decent pieces for cheap so fast. With the new CBA, there will be more decent role players working for min salary to fill the roster. If you have a good starting 5 or 4 top 10 players at their positions, you go for it. Plus, having two superstar kind of players is almost the one way to contend.

    BTW, I don't think they will do the hardcap where you have to get rid of one of your star players to go under the cap. That will create chaos..because even one of Miami's three has to go in that case.
    But that said, I don't know if Melo will look at Rose as we all look a budding superstar. He may want to go where there is an established star like LBJ did.

  • YES!!!

    Year 1 - $17
    Year 2 - $18
    Year 3 - $20
    Year 4 - $21
    Year 5 - $22

    As far how Melo looks at Rose, I can't tell you what he sees. However, put Melo on the Bulls for Deng, Gibson and Johnson and the Bulls could have a top 5 Point Guard, a top 5 Small Forward, a top 5 Power Forward and a top 5 Center over the next 5 years.

  • The tipping point for me is that Melo is probably the best closer in basketball, better than Kobe or anybody at actually making the last shot or getting fouled. Sure his defense is suspect and he may have a drinking problem, but to this point he hasn't lost anything on the court. I actually think Melo to the bulls for something like Deng/Gibson/and filler draft picks and money makes the bulls the favorite for the championship.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    in 2008-09 mark blount shot 39% from 3 point range, which if you have ever watched mark blount is simply unbelievable. that is, until you realize that he only took 44 3s that year and anything can happen in such a small sample size. why am i saying this? because melo is called the best closer because he shot 48% in 48 tries. in other words, i wouldnt put too much confidence in that, especially when melo has never shot that well during a season.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I agree with much of what I have read here. However to those who like to comment about Melo's Defense. Carmelo was the defensive stopper for his entire time with Team USA. Kobe came on the team and asked to guard the other teams best Guard, that is true. But Melo was facing in most situations the best non-guard on each team. Exceptions would be Pau Gasol and Yao Ming. But watching Melo guard Dirk Nowitzki was a pleasure. I think that the reason his defense lacks is because of the old Jordan rule. You know, where Phil put Scottie on the other teams top player so MJ could save energy to score with. I think its the same thing except the Nuggets don't have a Scottie Pippen. So instead Melo matches up with whomever the other teams SF is and just doesn't put forth as much effort on Defense. I think you would see a much more defensively sound Melo with players like Rose, Boozer, & Noah around him. The reason being is that one it takes some of the offensive pressure off of Melo and two if his man does get by him he has backside help from Boozer and Noah. If we bring in Melo, defense will not be an issue.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Just read the Noah ranking from Mr. Dwyer...#7? Are you kidding me? Ahead of him: Bynum, Horford, Kaman, & Brook Lopez? Are you kidding?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Sounds about right to me ... what's the problem?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    20 Million? No ... absolutely not. I don't know what the hell you guys see in Carmelo that in any way says he's worth that much, but I think you're all freaking crazy.

    18 Million ... No.
    16 Million ... Now we're talking more realistically.

    I can't believe so many people are drinking the McHappy Punch on this one.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    As I have mentioned before, the proper question is does Reinsdorf think that it is worth paying Melo $100 million over the next 5 years vs something less than $50 million(whatever the deferred portion of Dengs money is) for Deng over the next 4.

    I say no way in hell(Reinsdorf's perspective), meaning the Bulls don't even pick up the phone to make an offer to Denver, nevermind if Denver would take any deal involving Deng.

    Deng Melo Diff
    2010 $11.3 $17.1 $5.8
    2011 $12.3 $18.5 $6.2
    2012 $13.3 $20.0 $6.7
    2013 $14.3 $21.6 $7.3
    2014 ($14.3)? $23.3 $9.0
    Total $64.5 $100.5 $36.0

    Does Melo contribute more than 60% more than Deng does, I'll leave that to you stat geeks. Obviously the only stat that he is even close to 60% better is scoring average. I don't think that stats are a linear thing, nor are they judged in a vacuum.

    If Melo were Lebron, Howard or Durant absolutely, Wade, Kobe or even Chris Paul, almost definately, just about anybody else Gasol, Bosh, or even Nowitski, tough decision. Is Melo worth more than D Williams or B Roy?

    The risks of the new CBA are too great to commit more than curent max(never mind future max)money to a player who is not a sure fire alpha dog in the Michael, Kobe, Wade, Lebron(?) category.

    All of this comes from a self confessed Deng hater. However, as the 4rth or 5th best player, I may only dislike him rather than hate him as the 2nd best player. He will still be payed too much for his production, but with Rose, Boozer and Noah he won't seem as useless. A situation which will also worsen under the new CBA.

    Since it is not my money, obviously I would take Melo over Deng, even though I think that Melo is a serious threat to the team chemistry that the Bulls seems to be building, in the same way that Ben Gordon was.

    But it is not my money, it is Jerry Reinsdorf's money, and we all know how he feels about that.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If the Bulls traded for Melo and then extended Noah and Rose, Reinsdorf would be so far up the luxury tax totem pole he'd have a nose bleed.

    Reinsdorf doesn't want to be the last owner paying a $20+mil salary which will become extinct after the new CBA.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Not quite but close,

    Buss will be paying Kobe $30 million in the last year of his deal

    Cuban will be paying Nowitski over $20 million four years from now

    The Knicks will be paying Amare over $20 million for most of the next 5 years.

    Other than those guys you are correct the $20 million dollar salary will dissappear for a while, maybe Lebron, Wade and Bosh just make it back in year 6 of their new contracts.

  • In fact, the bulls could find a way to pry somebody like Gortat from the Magic (maybe for Taj), I'd do Deng and Noah for Melo. That's got to at least put the bulls in the running doesn't it. How good would Rose/Brewer/Melo/Boozer/Gortat be? The bulls would have some work to do to fill out the bench again, but that would be at least as good as Miami's starting five if not better balanced.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Not so sure about that. At that point you'd be building your team around three guys that are basically purely offensive players. The nice thing about what we have going now is that Deng and Noah are both very good defenders. You need that if you want to win big. While building around Rose, Melo and Boozer sounds awesome, I'm not so sure it takes us to the next level.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    I'm inclined to agree with you, but I think Melo's offense when motivated is as good as anybody in the league. He's the best outside shooting forward in the league and he has a post up game. How good would the bulls offense be when Rose has the choice of pick and roll partners between Boozer and Melo?

    Also, while I absolutely love what Noah brings in terms of hustle and energy, if he gets a deal more than about $8 mil/year he becomes a much more questionable value. He's an injury risk and a bad matchup against the legitimate good centers in the league, like Howard and Yao. Sure that's only a couple of guys, but I think the bulls could do a center by committee thing and be just as good.

    I agree it's a risk, but I think the team is more prepared to win the big game whereas now I think they are more geared to do well in the regular season.

  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    ugghh...these Carmmelo topics are like a lightning rod for Mappy. Detail it out for us, the plan to trade a 2nd round pick for Melo? You seem to have it all worked out buddy.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:


  • In reply to Juiceboxjerry:

    Reinsdorf is primarily a 'bottom line' owner. Yes, he wants to win, but not at the expense of a major luxury tax penalty.

    With Boozer and Deng plus Noah and Rose extended Bulls will be in/near tax territory even without Melo. Adding Melo would make Bulls a major luxury tax payer. Then add in the unknown factor of the new CBA...

    I think Melo would be an excellent addition to Bulls if we could also keep Noah. But Melo at $22mil while Wade/LeBron/Bosh are making around $15mil is not a good bargain. And Miami is nowhere near the luxury tax.

    Bulls are still an elite scorer/wing away from being a true title contender. But logistically its going to be challenging to add that next all-star player.

    Bulls have a good team now - best Bulls team in a long time. Reinsdorf may play this coming season and wait for the new CBA before he makes any big moves, in my opinion. He's a conservative businessman, not Dolan or Cuban.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Um, actually Miami is only about $5mil from the LT threshold this year and their payroll will increase and for fewer players each year after that, so they will be in the LT in the near future. And their big three are all making $20 mil/year at the end of the deal. Don't be afraid to look this stuff up...

    And as far as Reinsdorf only being a bottom line owner, give it a break. He spends for winners.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I never said Reinsdorf is ONLY a bottom line owner - those are your words. I'm saying Reinsdorf wants to win, but with the caveat that he is extremely wary of paying the luxury tax.

    In fact, in the past 10 years, just four NBA teams have not paid a luxury tax and likely won't pay tax this year: Clippers, Golden State, Charlotte, Bulls.

    I believe Reinsdorf is not looking to add a $22mil salary with the new CBA looming. The extensions of Noah and Rose are the priority with the Noah extension being tricky because it comes under the current CBA with the new CBA looming.

    In my opinion, Reinsdorf plays this year with the improved Bulls and waits for the new CBA to make any major deals.

    But I like Melo and think he would move the Bulls to contender status.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Edward you have hit the nail on the head, the argument centers on Reinsdorf, not Melo or Denver.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I've mentioned the conundrum of paying Melo $22 million while Lebron and Wade are "only" making $15, $16, $17 million per.

    Do you want to be that team.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    Doug, speaking of the CBA would a hard cap eliminate Bird Rights otherwise it's really not a hard cap/teams could still exceed the cap right? I mean would a hard cap that fell between the current cap and the luxury tax threshold say $63 Mil make Miami have to give up one of those three guys?

    If we sign Joakim before the new parameters hit couldn't that give us less cap room? And ratings wise won't the league make so much money off the playoff draw of superteams likie Miami, L.A., perhaps Chicago if we miraculously get Melo, that there's no way they will disable that with a hard cap unless it really goes up closer to the luxury tax number anyway?

    If I had my choice I'd say go with an NFL type franchise tag but one that lasts say five years, and then expires. That way if a team is not competitive the marquee player eventually has some control over their destiny/right to a free market. I'd also tell the players to take these gaurunteed contracts of five or six years and stick it. I'd reduce them to three years tops(preferably two).

    I hope whatever new CBA scenario develops Pax/Gar forecast it's parameters accurately. If so, we might be one of the few teams with superteam potential still being in a viable situation with respects to payroll/caps.

    Really, it is entirely possible that Derrick does emerge this year as a true top ten player at 25ppg, 8-9 assists with much improved defense/all around quality production. Also Joakim at 13ppg and 13-14 boards with anchor defense that can truly negate/contend with other top scoring centers. Then Booz with 20 and 10, a legit supporting crew behind them, and Thib's team D becoming elite(top 3-5 in defensive field goal percentage and top ten in opponents ppg).

    All this could definitely happen. If so, we would be getting a lot of attention nationally as the next big thing, and might be able to attract Melo, and become one of the Supers(teams). It is possible. Hell it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Deng could expand his three game, and Ronnie Brewer could go off, C.J. Watson hits his stride etc. and we could be a near super even before Melo comes to town. But we would need to attract him or another prolific scorer to go over the top/win multiple titles.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    The Franchise tag in the NFL is year to year, even the NBA players would not agree to a five year tag.

  • I'd say it is closer than you think. Bosh and Boozer is a wash. Rose is coming on and Melo is as good offensively as LBJ. Can anybody on Miami guard Rose? Brewer can guard Wade. It would come down to coaching and keeping Melo focused for the entire time. Again a risk, but the difference between the two teams is marginal at best.

    As it is now, I think this bulls team absolutely has to be playing at the top of its game to beat Miami or Orlando. There is no room for error, and you kind of have to hope that the Miami's and Orlando went out to Rush St. the night before.

  • Also on the Melo trade front I do see Taj as young talent/all rookie team. If his pedigree/draft slot was higher, and he showed what he did last year he'd be ranked much higher as a trade assett.

    Other then a Taj and Deng package I think New Jersey as a likely destination makes sense . With Devin Harriss, Brook Lopez, and marquee coach Avery Johnson in a major market/N.Y Melo might like that setting. They'd have to give up Favors which surely they would.

    With the CBA looming/money numbers falling, Carmelo may not be in a position to name his team or I walk scenario like Bosh. Instead of buddying up with the texting pal of his choice he might just have to go along with a viable trading partner for Denver. Unless Denver is sold on Favors as a future star, I think Chicago might have a shot but again the rub may be that Taj and Deng are not enough, and they wil want Joakim Noah. I just don't know man. Joakim could break out with 13-14 ppg and 13-14 boards as a weight/muscle added anchor that can shut the big boys/centers down. That would be an extremely valuable assett to lose. Plus he wants to be hre, and has earned respect with his playoff step ups and standing up to LeBron's punk ass sideline dancing. I just don't want to stab a guy like Joakim in the back, and dump him.

  • If we get Melo, the assumption that we are going for a win this year is invalid unless they do the ridiculous deal of Taj, Deng, JJ and picks.
    If we give up Noah and others, there is going to be a 1 to 2 year rebuilding/refitting period. But Melo will definitely will keep LBJ honest on defense and not let him roam around as he would do with Deng.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    It would have to be Deng and Noah for Melo, and Taj for somebody to start at C. Amundson is still unsigned and he could be signed to be a backup at PF/C.

  • I liked how your plea to become a title threat spoke to Reinsdorf in terms of more jersey sales and playoff revenue, instead of, like, wanting to win for the sake of it :)

  • I'm sure he'd take a 3 year deal for about $2 mil/year with player options to play for the bulls over Ind or GS.

  • I like the analysis and the dream of getting Melo (who I think would fit here as well as any top 10 guy), but no one actually thinks we have ANY chance of getting Melo, right? This is just blog commenting fun, right? Because there is NO WAY Denver takes an overpriced 3rd tier player, 2 bench guys, and low end 1st round picks. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a total homer. This smacks of the alleged Kobe trade in 2007. Every iteration of the deal was a bunch of glorified role players (Deng, Gordon, Hinrich, Noc) for the best player in the league. And Bulls fans just kept saying "I don't know why the Bulls don't pull the trigger on that deal," as if it was the Bulls holding back. Please. Bulls would have done anything to trade that garbage for Kobe.

    Same thing here. Bulls fans are saying "I would definitely trade Deng, Taj, JJ, and 1sts for Melo," as if the Bulls front office is even debating this. No chance they are. If Denver idiotically says yes to that deal, then the Bulls do it so fast they injure themselves. But I think the chances are between 0% and 0% that Denver does. I hope I'm wrong. And when the deal doesn't get down and Melo either stays or goes elsewhere for a better package (e.g., Griffin) that Bulls fans talk themselves into being worse that our offer, I don't want to hear anyone claim it was the Bulls that didn't want to make the deal. Because I refuse to believe that.

    Here's the way I look at it. If there are 100s of Bulls fans/blog commenters that all fully support a deal for a the Bulls, chances are that deal is unbalanced in the Bulls favor and not realistic. This is one of those deals.

  • In reply to rorypshea:

    You bring up valid points that I largely agree with. However, whenever a big star changes teams the trade is unbalanced. Garnett, Gasol, the S&T's of LeBron and Bosh. The Carmelo trade will be unbalanced as well.

    But you are correct that Bulls don't have the pieces to make an attractive offer to Denver. Deng's $51 million/4 years is just too much. Denver wants young players and draft picks to rebuild.

  • In reply to rorypshea:

    While the essence of your argument is valid, Melo is not Kobe.

  • For a plea to be effective with Reinsdorf it must emphasize monetary considerations. You were very correct in crafting your plea in that manner, Doug. Reinsdorf wants to win, because its good for business. Which is different than why us fans want to win. Now Michael Jordan is wary of paying the luxury tax as well. Ownership is a different perspective.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Despite how we view all owners as rich. Most of them are not in a position to lose money year after year. Jordan is one of these owners.

    There are only a handfull of actuall billionaires who might not care.

    I believe that most owners would gladly breakeven every year just to be an owner. But some of them, like Reinsdorf have a bunch of investors who actually want a return on their investment.

  • The Bulls have no chance unless Melo threatens NJ, Houston or some other team he is not going to sign with them even if they trade for him and they back-out after that. They would want a high upside young player like Favors, Williams from NJ, Jordan Hill, Patrick Patterson and the NY pick from Houston, Batum or Aldridge from Portland, Griffin or Gordon from Clippers plus picks, other decent players etc.. The only reason is if Rose looks more attractive than the other superstars he wants to join for the next 3/4 years. He is looking at things through LBJ's glasses on what team to join.

  • fb_avatar

    Funny that we'd expect Reinsdorf to take a wait and see attitude about the next CBA consideting he's probably got a draft of it in his back pocket right now. He's not really the wait and see type. In fact, if the Bulls make a play for melo (which won't happen anyway) the that pretty much guarantees there won't be a hard cap.

  • I understand all of the trade proposals but the bottom line is... Carmelo will decide on what team he will sign with and who knows, maybe he will look at the Bulls situation and realize himself that if he really wants to win a title that the two teams that are already talented enough to do so without giving up a lot is The Bulls and Orlando. And who knows, maybe he will do like his buddies on South Beach and take less money to sign. The Bulls Management should just sit back and see what happens with Carmelo and they should let it be known to him that they would be willing to get something done if he was interested in joining the Bulls. Carmelo has to know that unless he goes to a strong team with a strong core already intact, that he will not be winning a championship any time soon with the Lakers and Miami being as strong as they are.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Agree... Denver probably has a good chance of clearing cap-space next year and get better pieces and pay him too. He is probably looking at his buddies in Miami and wants to do a similar thing but the challenge is different. Those three had it easy with almost max cap space for 3 guys there.
    My guess is he will go to whichever team has two young all-star players at 2 spots other than SF and still has young pieces to make a trade with Denver. But is that available and this becomes a bigger will be interesting to see.

  • Yeah, just about every ranking I've seen now has the Bulls in the top five or six behind the obvious top four(Miami, L.A., Boston, and Magic) with the Thunder just ahead from the serious cred they got in last year's series with L.A. Plus the K.D. becoming the league leading scorer factored in as well.

    I'll tell you I remember when Boston made that buddy trade with McHale and Presti was it, and everybody immediately had them pegged as favorites and I was like 'what?!'

    Sometimes conventional wisdon when it is constant has to be given some credence. Right now the Bulls being placed in the top five or six in the league means any way you want to look at it there's a very good chance we're going to be watching a very good team this year(meaning min 50 wins).

    And speaking of top teams/the new Big Three Heat with President Riley gutting Beasley and his other players ad hominym, as a side note, ESPNClassic had an NBA "all time great Finals" series show featuring the 83' Lakers and 76'ers where Doctor J beat Magic and Kareem for his only championship. Reason I mention this(Classic from the why Pat Riley is an a-hole infinite list) after beating L.A. at the Forum for the title 'good sport' Pat waltzes into the visitor's lockeroom for a congrats. And what does he say to both Doc and head coach Billy Cunningham, "Hey Doc/Billy, well you finally got rid of all those skeletons in your closet. [Reiteration] Just brushed em' all outta there by defeating the team that won two of the last three championships." Doc, "Uh.., thanks(Dickface)."

    If ever there was a backhanded, disengenuos congratulations that was it. Funny how innocent and naive people used to be. You could see Doc sort of flinching confused as somehow the words were subtely defiling the gesture and the moment.

    Rather then pity guys like Doc and Billy I comismerate with them as this is the same way I have found msyelf dealing with phony prima donnas who really respect nobody they don't own/manipulate. This scene is Riley in a nutshell.

  • I'm not going to count, but it seemed most of the defenders in the pictures for the other positions were from Cleveland as well. So the photographer lives in Cleveland? haha.

  • Also, I realize people don't really care much about the old days, but if you are a Michael Jordan fan(lived through that era 87'-97' as an adult fan) you hopefully DVR'd the ESPN 30 for 30 featuring Michael's run at baseball with the Sox farm club following his dad's murder/retirement. It was certainly a good show if you still like Mike.

    It's just funny how the Sports Illustrated reporter who wrote the scornful story "Bag It" meaning stop this desecration of baseball admitted that when he came back and watched Michael at the end of the summer he saw a completely different swing and player who at min belonged/was not a fraud. Even though he only batted .200 by the end of the season he went to the Fall league where the top AA prospects played together, and there hit at least a respectable .250. And he also had 7 game winning hits.

    And this reporter goes on to admit like many reporters of that era and now, that he was kind of smarmy/cynical/full of himself, and he was wrong. Dead wrong about Michael. Yet when he wrote the follow up on the startling news/change he'd seen in Michael Sports Illustrated refused to print anything that contradicted their well publicized damnation of Jordan.

    Too much. And it's a wonder why the media whores today with one or two mega million and Billion dollar chains(granted readership has plummeted and rightly so, pssst blame it all on the interent not the souless corporatism, nationalized/consolidated interest agenda), but it's no surprise why so many ESPN "reporters" who are paid and owned by corporate partners with the NBA were willing to make money off hyped interest in their cash cow off of what were largely just plain unsubstatiated lies about LeBron, Wade, Bosh etc. God, what a f-ing joke the media is today.

    And I don't include Doug in this as he's frankly said he does not believe Reinsdorf is the guy who will bankroll a luxury tax for anything less then LeBron/Wade/Jordan meaning most likely in the near future the team will be dismantled, and we will rationalize how we don't need a C.J. Watson etc., and will have some lame ass replacements, and we'll be screwed like we have been for the past decade. But I'm not bashing Jerry here so much as giving Doug his due on not being a corporate schill. And if Derrick explodes, and the Bulls do look like contenders J.R. might actually pay the tax for a year or two.

  • I made this point at the beginning of this Carmelo thing. Until Wade is in obvious decline it will be hard to create a better big 3 than Miami has.

    The only big 3 that I can think of to rival Miami's would be Paul, Howard and Durant, even then they probably lose 2 of 3 head to head. I suppose that you could substitute Kobe for either Paul or Durant.

    The way to beat Miami(if there is one) will not be to out Big 3 them , but to field a better overall team, particularly your bigs and team defense.

    Can that $100 million be better spent on 2 or 3 players that help the overall team vs one guy who is inferior to 2 of Miami's big 3 and on a par with the third or at best slightly better.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    It's really a question of whether you get the Melo from December of last year or not. Melo can be as good as Wade and LBJ and I'd argue that he's the best closer in basketball. But I'd also argue that he needs to step up his consistency.

  • This is not the first aritcle of this kind.

    Is Melo in Denver, like Boozer in Utah.

  • This is my line of thought, meaning that we have to spend our money wisely on 5 or 6 guys vs lavishly on 3.

  •'re leaving out Noah. You just described "advantage Heat" in a 4-on-4. Sort of left out Miami's biggest weakness.

    If there was some way to trade Carmelo for Deng straight up (which there's not), I think we instantly become legit title contenders. Miami's still scarier, but we'd win 4.5 out of 10 matchups against them.

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