Dwyane Wade, center of the universe, or so he thinks.

Per Waddle and Silvy (1 hour 6 minutes in), he supposedly took credit for the Bulls hiring Scottie Pippen as an ambassador in a Sunday NBC interview which I couldn't immediately find.

Seriously?   You think you are involved in this?

Did you not know that the Bulls had already tried to bring back Pippen as a broadcaster?

Did you not know they gave him a fluff job writing for already?

It's not like Pippen has been ostracized from the organization or something.   The Bulls have been working with him fairly consistently since he retired.

Btw, that's not all!

We also all have to thank Dwyane Wade.

``I understand people are going to say stuff. And we accept it with open
arms,'' Wade said. ``And even on the road, because every place is going
to sell out when we come to town. So [opposing teams] can thank us

No offense Dwyane, but teams probably already sold out their road games when LeBron played by himself.   They probably did better when the two of you were on different teams and had more stars to market. 

If you think the league is amped because they've got 41 marquee road games now, I think you're quite mistaken given that the number hasn't increased and has probably decreased.

I suppose it shouldn't surprise us that these guys are ego-centric, but it feels like as soon as you can begin to forget what a group of ass hats they were over the superfriends gathering, something happens to bring that feeling back up the forefront again.


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  • I seriously hope there is a 2010-11 version of Tonya Harding somewhere...maybe one of those South Beach girls who is mad at Wade.
    Whatever anyone says about LeBron and Bosh...they were kind of Wade's lapdogs..This guy not only played the Bulls management by trying to understand their FA strategy and talking about his kids, he is trying to tell that other stadiums will get full because of him. For his information, the UC was getting sold out even when the Bulls were winning 15 games and were playing the Clippers.
    I don't mind if Miami wins the title with LBJ and Bosh but without this garbage of a guy....

  • Between Wade's seemingly endless stream of narcissistic comments and LeBron acting like a victim on Twitter, these guys are making it pretty easy to hate them.

  • About this loyalty stuff...whether we like it or not...I think Wade made a big impact on some guys on this. From Noah's comments, Bosh was not sure of anything and this might have been a part of Wade's selling point to Bosh. Also, I hope this loyalty thing doesn't impact Carmelo..he is not attached to the Bulls in anyway(I don't know or I haven't heard) like LBJ(he was a fan growing up). He might not even consider the Bulls if he is stupid enough to listen to his friends...

  • Today's episode of the super-friends has been brought to you by the letter "D".....for Douche-bag. Let me be the first to official thank D-Wade for representing a douche so completely, for lacking class, for proving how far out of touch you are with reality and for giving me yet another reason to cheer against this team. I will throw a party when you suffer a season ending injury....karma's a bitch.

  • Looks like Miami will be sweeping their way to some Championships this summer. And by that I mean sweeping the Douche Bag awards. I don't think any one is going to out Douche "LeDouch" and "D. is for Douche Wade".

  • I think this post needs to be tagged "asshat" also. "Douchebag" doesn't seem enough. "Jackass" comes to mind, too.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    I prefer douche bag to asshat. Douche bag has such a real connotation to it. Hopefully the league douches all over them, literally.

  • These guys are lucky they play in the era they do. If it were the '90s or earlier teams couldn't wait to foul the shit out of them when they got to town. They're talking a lot of crap right now, but would be thinking twice after getting wrecked night after night. I'm not a proponent of thuggery for thuggery sake but sometimes you've got to send a message: STFU!

  • I know it's wishful thinking but I hope this Miami team is the biggest bust in NBA history. These guys are just too cocky for me and I know individually they should be but they don't know how they will work as a team. The Lakers tried to do something similar in 2004 and even though Payton and Malone was old and past their prime they could not win in the championship series. Even though I am not a Lakers fan either, I hope they are in the Finals if this Miami team does make it out of the east. Like I said earlier Carmelo will eventually decide on where he wants to sign so the Bulls need to have a very impressive season and a good showing in the playoffs so just maybe Melo will consider signing with the Bulls. Even if he does end up getting traded, he will still be a free agent if he doesn't sign an extension either with Denver or the team that he gets traded to so he will still decide on what team he wants to play for. This is what his buddies on South Beach decided to do so trust me... he probably has the same idea in his mind. BOTTOM LINE, the Bulls need to be impressive this coming season.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    We do not have the money to sign him. Forget about it.

  • Thunder vs Bulls...we can hope can't we?

  • What else do u expect from a person that prefer his career than his family ?
    What else do u expect from a person that humiliate his club on national tv broadcast ?
    What else do u expect from a person that say want to be man but don't have the gut to do it ?

    So they can eat shit and die for all i care.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    I say that is the quintessential American. We like to have our cakes and eat them too.

  • First off I wanna say I'm new to this post thingy but extremely excited to find a website that talks bulls 24/7...Being a bulls fan from the bay area I can honestly say bulls fans are the most passionate fans in all of the NBA....sorry kind of off topic but that's how juiced I am about signing up n for the bulls coming up season LOL lets go to work this season Chicago bullys

  • Just another example of (1) an athlete who should be seen not heard and (2) the downside of 24/7 coverage of sports (present company excluded).

  • LeBron is working pretty hard to convince himself he's a victim.

  • People have seen the movie the fan or Celtic pride right? maybe there's real life people out there like that and Wade and Lebron will be kidnapped when they play the Bulls or Celtics in the play-offs.

    I also know there's some fans out there that will say Rodman said and acted the same way when he played for the bulls talking about the bulls were like the beatles and everyone wanted to see the rock show, but these #sshats havent proved or won anything, Wade couldnt sell out his arena before and guess what Lebron's former team the cavs were selling out before and now I hear they are still selling out after he has left, not sure if thats true or not but I read it somewhere. Fact is these guys think they've won the championships multiple times. Karma is a b*tch, just be ready....

  • It is strange that LBJ is trying to be the victim. Everyone ripped him for his "Decision" on ESPN. So, he will do the opposite and be more humble.
    Everyone ripped him for jumping on Wade's team and being a second banana instead of being the main guy. So, will he try to be the MAN disrupting chemistry?
    Everybody is saying they will win 70 games, will he not care for the regular season or try to win 80 games?

  • I thought it would be impossible to root for Kobe, but the whining, constantly bitching C's and now the Miami Egos somehow have me pulling for the Lakers in a Finals...

  • FYI:

    I already brought Dwyane Wade's comments up before on here, but I guess it deserved it's own topic. You could include LeBron James in on the topic too. Here are his latest comments.

    All three of those CONS (of South Beach) should SHUT THE HELL up already!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    again trying to copy Jordan from his HOF speech. Didn't he say before the playoffs last season that we are going to see a different animal than the regular season and how focused he was. Yeah, screw him. Noone gives a shit if Lebron is taking mental notes.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The Heat have become the Nikolai Volkoff or Iron Shiek of the NBA. I know I'm dating myself with these examples but I haven't watched pro wrestling in 20 years. It's just that this whole circus LeBron put on with his announcement as well as all of the celebrating Miami's doing before the 3 stooges have even played an NBA game together reminds me of pro wrestling. Bosh is just glad someone's paying attention. Wade is going to embrace the role of "villain" and use it as motivation. LeBron, on the other hand, will likely chafe in that role.

    Winning usually cures all but the more Miami wins the more they'll be hated. It's hard to grow your "brand" when almost everyone hates you. The best thing LeBron can do for his brand right now is shut up and let D. Wade be the mouthpiece. Wade has less to lose. He's already burned his bridges in Chicago and since the other 2 stooges came to him he's not viewed as a coward ran to someone else's team because he couldn't get it done on his own. If Miami falls short of a title LeBron can blame Wade for providing the bulletin board material that motivated their opponents.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Where's SGT. Slaughter when you need him? HAHA.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Forgot about Sgt. Slaughter!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Mr.happy Wade really from Chicago? Bcuz if that square was he should of said "opposing teams except CHICAGO should thank us". Check the state u fool (d.wade) , our #1 ranked home attendance last year proves how loyal bulls fans are n that we don't need the Miami south b****es to fill up our seats. Jamaal magloire could be your best player on ur team n we'll still fill up Da seats @ UC. So Wade wat I'm tryna say is know your role n shut ur mouth

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I meant to say stat not state. ..tho he could check that to since he forgot where he came from...

  • Yeah let's do it!

  • I told you guys that wade distracting teams at free agency and he even come to chicago to predend he was interested after he talk all that bull....t about the club he did not want the bulls to sign other free agent that was part what i call the "The Conspiracy" he and "The Queen" had

  • In reply to Richy:

    I doubted either LeBron or Wade were coming here when both criticized management after Ben Gordon sign with Detroit. I remember thinking: "oh well, I guess they're dropping hints that the Chi ain't in their plans." Whenever you hear players 2nd guessing a team's front office on camera it's usually not a good sign. I'm not gonna lie and say I'm glad neither of them chose the Bulls, but seeing the way they're acting definitely takes much of the sting away from their snub.

  • In reply to Richy:

    Can someone please remind Mr. Wade that the Bulls have been and, will continue to sellout without the Heat being in town. And it's true that more stadiums sold out when Lebron came than they did when he came.

    Can you imagine the pressure on them in the playoffs to not lose? Especially to teams they're "supposed" to beat which I think is anyone they play.

    I love our team's confidence and swaggar. Just in hearing the interviews from Rose, Noah and, Boozer, you can tell they don't fear Miami and they really believe they can compete and, even beat them. I feel the same way. It'll be interesting. Let's do this!

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